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Someone emailed me this link and asked my opinion:



Off the bat, the problem is a defective concept of God and also of Christ (a mere indefinable, ethereal energy, concept, feeling, "goodness"—my favorite cat qualifies for all that; maybe that is why Egyptians worshipped them? but I've encountered many cats that are nasty; the Egyptians also worshipped dogs, and crocodiles, and flies, they worshipped just about everything).

However, he sees that Christianity is the reason for the greatness of the western nations, yet anti-intellectually relegates the reality of God to a mere idea; not and does not recognize an actual Divine Person, Creator, Lord, Saviour.  Similarly, true Christianity is DIVINELY REVELATED DOCTRINE PRESERVED IN THE HOLY BIBLE and nowhere else; and yet he relegates that which made the West great to a mere folkway / myth that happens to be successful if you believe in it. 

That notion alone adds to the destruction of Christendom: "good", "evil", "God", etc., are all rendered into something like Hinduism with a billion different Gods depending upon how each individual person views such concepts.  Black Pastor James Manning and also  Jewish fellow whom I know who is sincere and embraces not only Christianity, but the Christian-Anglo-Israel truth (even realizing he is on the outside, but praying for Mercy and the overflow of blessing) realize that white Christian societies are the only ones in the world worth living in and the more they absorb the Third World and antichristian religions, the more they degenerate and cease to be civilization.  Pastor Manning visited South Africa before and after its "liberation" and he boldly admits that the blacks destroyed one of the most-prosperous, safest nations on earth.  He said, "Black folk ain't got no business runnin' no nation".  The Jewish gentleman concurs across the board with Manning on this point.  White Christians developed white nations and all other peoples who want the BLESSING of being in a free, white, Christian nation need to just sit down and shut up and stop demanding rights and let the white people be in charge because they know what they are doing and because to attempt to alter it will result in the destruction of a safe, free nation and there will be nowhere left to move.

I have written this for years.  Aliens come here, fleeing from their nations—then go about turning our nations into the type from which they fled.  Parasites are mindless.  They feed off host after host with not scruples or thought or realization of the predicament that will arrive once they feed off the last host to the point of extinction.  The only course of action after that point...? —parasitize each other until there is only one parasite left that will then starve to death.

King David said, "I had rather be a doorkeeper in the House of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness." (Psalm 84:10)

God reveals, "...it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this The judgment." (Hebrews 9:27)

Power and riches are evanescent.

Furthermore, God FORBADE us to set over us a ruler ANYONE who is not a KINSMAN (no alien) anyone who is not a MAN and anyone who is an IDOLATOR or IMMORAL or who does not obey what God commanded.  Therefore, all foolish notions of "tolerance" and "equality" and "fairness" and "multiculturalism" and "gender fluidity" and liberalism are sins and abominations before God and will incur God's Wrath and Curse.

Therefore, on a pragmatic humanistic level, it is foolish; and on a truly Christian level, it is sacriledge and blasphemy and mutiny against God.

Nonchristians are free to go form their own nation.  Which nonchristian "model of success" will you choose to pattern your nonchristian utopia after?

Furthermore, it is completely irrelevant what someone "identifies" with.

Of course if a Jewish person's ancestors married numerous white people, as a result of living for centuries in Europe, having invaded Christendom, he would want to identify as white.

BUT, no, Khazars were not white, but Turko-Mongoloid.  Jews are Asian.  Yellow in addition to being highly mixed, having absorbed the populations of all nations they ever lived among—whereas God forbade that of His true people and historically the Anglo-Saxon peoples kept to themselves; the only real violation of that was by force in the invasion of the Huns, Mongols, and Tatars, who like a massive genetic mudslide or volcano flow absorbed all in its path that it did not outright destroy.

[Professor Leonard J. Fein (political scientist who spoke at the REFORM RABBIS ’ meeting at the MASSACHUSSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT) disclosed,

“We are not white symbolically, we are not white literally... we should not permit ourselves to be lumped together with white America, for that is not where we belong.”  (Jewish Post & Opinion, June 28, 1968)]

The term Caucasian was developed from the ORIGINAL inhabitants of the Caucasus and more specifically, the Cimmerian and Scythian tribes who migrated through the Caucasus into Europe, developing new names, after the period of their captivity as Israelites expired where the Kings of Babylon and Asssyria had placed them after conquering them c.722-586 B.C.  As I record in Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance:

"Further, the book of II Esdras (Ezra) of the Apocryphal 20 books of the Bible reveals that these Israelites then left Assyria and migrated into a new country, where never man had lived; a land with which Israel’s fathers were unfamiliar:

'These are the ten tribes that in the days of King Hoshea were carried away...into captivity, whom Shalmaneser, King of Assyria, made captives, and carried beyond the river [Euphrates]; they were carried off to another country. But they formed this plan among themselves, to leave the heathen population, and to go to a more distant region, where the human race had never lived , so that there perhaps they might keep their statutes, which they had not kept in their own country....they went by the narrow passage of the Euphrates River.  For the Most High then did wonders for them, for He held back the sources of the river until they had passed over.... it was a long journey of a year and a half to that country, and that country is called Arzareth...' (II Esdras 13:40-47). (Emphasis mine.)

Herodotus confirms this account in every detail."

However, the true meaning of the term Caucasian is not altered (except in the minds of confused or dishonest people) by subsequent waves of people who may have moved into that area (the Khazars were actually north of the Caucasus, not in it) or by those who live there today.  The people who today live in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the 7 '-stan' nations (not to mention Bulgaria and much of the Balkans) are like the Turks, Hittites (a powerful tribe of Canaanites, the Edomite-Jews themselves being of Hittite origin).  Does the racial demography of the United States in 2018 change what the meaning of "American" meant in 1776...?  What about "Goodness"...?  In 1776 homoperversion, race-mixing, loose-sex were consider evil.  Because the "majority" (who are godless and immoral) consider all such things now to be "good", does that make it so? 

He also denies the fraud of the Holocaust and buys into that hysteria, though mildly in this article.

He also subtly infers that no race is pure, thus attempting to legitimize the fact that Jews are not pure, and that he is mostly white (because he so considers himself to be), without using the word "mostly" and thus buys into the anti-intellectual notion (to some degree, which is a slippery slope) that a person is what he imagines himself to be.  That notion used to be called PSYCHOSIS and the solution was usually a psychiatrist and drugs.  Today it is declared "normal" by the wave of a legislative and judiciary and psychological wand.

Indeed, Makow and Kapner put out some really good information—boldly and uncompromisingly, I might add.  Indeed, also, however, if their theology (if it can be called that) is defective, any information they put out that touches upon theology, even indirectly, will be in error to some degree.  But they also invalidate their very premise that Christianity and the PEOPLES of Christendom are responsible for the greatness of the West by the very notion of "assimilation".  Assimilation infers that anything other than white Christian have anything to contrinubute to Christendom and that any other race, religion, culture are equally as valid and important and thus the inevitable result of assimilation would be the contamination and corruption of that which made Christendom great.  The only solution would be, instead of "assimilation" would be "contented, submissive segregation" within the borders of Christendom.  That worked quite well even in foreign lands under the hated word "Colonialism".  Civilization comes at a price, and if a little "exploitation" is necessary for law, order, infrastructure, peace, safety, and prosperity—what were they bitching about?  They want their cake and to eat it to.  Again, we are back to psychosis.  However, Political Correctness is a mental disorder—and what is even worse, all mentally stable people are legislatively ordered to enterer the mental delusions of others and celebrate their delusions with them!  Maybe soon it will be legislatively ordered that women smile while being raped and thank their rapist afterwards—maybe even pay him!

However, such nonwhites who want to identify with being white want to be assimilated—because they don't want to be segregated with their own people because they really don't want to be like them and certainly don't want to be around them.  Whenever certain black or hispanic people become successful and wealthy, what do they do...? —they move away from their own people (while declaring how much they love them and think there ought to be equality).  How many of them build a $5 million house in the ghetto? or invest their own money in urban renewal?  They move as far as they can away from their roots and want as deeply into white neighborhoods as possible.  But, again like the parasite, the reality is such a person cannot get away from himself.  By declaring equality, he then ruins the very neighborhood in which he sought refuge, as it will eventually be reduced to the type from which he fled.  This is merely the same dilemma of the invasion of Third World peoples into Christendom, then turning it into the type of nation from which they fled, though on a microcosmic scale.

However, to then infer that anyone who "identifies" with Christianity / Christendom / Caucasians are actually Caucasians and Christians, is anti-intellectual.  Even identifying with Cacuasians cannot change his DNA (but intermarrying among them will help blend in better and add greater force to the claim of his descendants being "Caucasian"), so also identifying with Christianity does not make one Christian—especially if one rejects the very Doctrine that Christianity is.  That's like fondly enjoying the thought of a paycheck without actually having the job that earns it.  That's like identifying with the Little Red Hen and wanting to eat the bread, but not really believing in the work required to produce it.  It is a "Spiritual Welfare Mentality" that seeks to piggyback on the coat tails of those who are blazing the trail of civilization while fondly cherishing the notion of assimilation.  Indeed, Makow is no slouch.  He is intelligent, talented, industrious.  That is not the issue.  The issue is that you cannot embrace the thought of Christianity and champion its benefits if you reject its actual doctrine in favor of a feel good humanistic superstition about some "good energy floating around" which is the essence of what God and Christ and Christianity is.  One might as well fill his car's fuel tank with cotton candy and think that fuel is just as good.  The result with the car will be the result of civilization, as we are painfully experiencing.  Watching what is happening to Christendom is like watching a loved one be emaciated—eaten alive—by cancer or some other degenerative disease or injury (stroke, heart attack) and watching him slowly deteriorate and vegetate; all the while remembering his former glory, youth, strength, and genius.

[* —more properly, GOD is responsible for the greatness of the West and blessed His people when they honored Him.]

I have nothing unkind to say concerning Makow and Kapner; except that I find it very odd that Makow says he has nothing but great respect for black athletes and jazz players (and whatever an "Adam Clayton Powell" is: and I won't even Google it; I have no desire to know)...!  He does not qualify this.  Therefore, the inference is, that he has great respect for the leftist, whore-mongering, violent, race-and-culture destroying, anti-christian element that has taken over sports and music within Christendom.  I certainly cannot agree with that.  It would take as much qualifying such a statement to make it barely acceptable, on the order of tightly tying down a tarp to survive a coming hurricane.

[And why sports?  Why Jazz over some other genre of music?  Is this not merely personal subjective fondness that is then imputed unto an entire class of people as if that legitimizes them?  What about those who don't like sports or Jazz?  or at least the way that blacks conduct themselves in sports or Jazz...?  Again, we return to the core issue that God, Christianity, morality, is not a subjective experience based upon what each individual determines is "good".  Sado-masochists think that pain and brutality and abuse in sex is good.  Does that actually define "goodness"...?  Homoperverts think that their lusts and activities are "good".  Good is not subjective or relative; either is God, Christianity, or morality; those who think they are, again we are back to psychosis.]

It is rather hypocritical and disingenuous that black people, Jews, and Indians, etc., think it racist, when whites think they have the right to define what white is, but it is not hypocritical when blacks, Jews, or American Indians reserve to themselves the right to define what is black, Jew, or so-called "Native" is.  Where is the "equality" ? and where is the "love" ?  It must be a one-way street and we are on the wrong side.  It seems that Christendom is now caught within a psychotic (and psychopathic) nightmarish racial-"religious"-genderish perverted game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"—and if you are a straight, white, Christian male, you lose in any combination; every time.  What is the only solution?  Realize that it is not a game and stop playing.

Mere identification with a group that you like does not make you one of that group in reality, though it may by association.  It may determine loyalty if indeed you are actually loyal and not merely a shape-shifting opportunist; however, it does not change or create your identity.

Mere historical European ancestry does not make someone white any more than a tiger cub being born in the elephant pen makes the tiger baby an elephant.  The tiger baby may grow up to be "pro-elephant" and an elephantophile, but that will never make him an elephant.

I had a dog whom I put in my henhouse, I built a corner loft with a view and a small set of stairs to it.  She lived aloft in the henhouse, going up and coming down the stairs as she pleased, and served as den mother and guardian angel and I never lost a hen to an opossum or a coon; she would steal an egg for herself every now and then, if they laid one on the ground and it suited her (she told me she was just keeping the area tidy) and they would steal some dog food (they never developed a palpable excuse; they aren't called "birdbrains" for nothing).  She would break up fights when one would break out among aggressive roosters.  Sometimes the chickens would perch on top of her when she was hunkered down, in colder weather, to share body heat.  SHE EVEN BEGAN CROWING IN THE MORNING WITH THE ROOSTERS...!!!  Funniest thing you ever heard!  It was hard not to break out laughing even though rudely awaken by a crowing chicken-dog; I regret I was never able to capture it on tape.

BUT... she never laid one egg and never sired one chickie.  She never grew wings or feathers; and even though she would eat some chicken scratch every now and then to fit in (or to see what everyone else thought was so great about it)... she still always liked dog food instead, hands down, no competition.  She'd eat a little grass after a meal to neutralize the acid, but she would not make an all day meal of it like chickens do.  No hatcheries wanted her DNA for breeding stock... though I did have one local hillbilly when I showed him my setup declare, "That dog's worth a million dollars".  I said I'd let her go for half price, but he wasn't interested.  I tried.

Certainly the violent/vulgar comments Makow receives are by ignorant people; though there is a ring of truth to them, the comments themselves are off point.

It is true that the average Jew, just like the average Mason, does not have a clue what the elite and rulers of the Jews and Masons do.

However, the greater truth is that they support their corrupt, criminal leaders (who do know of the evil they are committing) by paying their dues, supporting every cause they are told to, sticking together with their boycotts, all shrieking together on cue, lying to protect each other, donating money to their synagogue or Masonic temple, voting for other Jews or Masons running for political office simply because they are Jews and Masons, etc.  By so doing they share in their guilt.  By not publicly denouncing them and separating themselves from them as Makow and Kapner have done, means that they are complicit in their crimes against God and against Christendom.