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Trump should not have caved in, in not honoring McCain after McCain died.  That was cowardly and damaged the truth.  Had Trump held to CONVICTION then detractors would have to have heard the EVIDENCE of McCain’s evil, if they pressed the issue... thus, another COVER-UP resulted instead.  When Hillary dies, instead of lowering the U.S. Flag to half-mast they should raise the Jolly Rogers to full mast; it would have been appropriate for McCain too.
John Mccain Traitor - By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s
The below is about 2 minutes long.  It is a recording that was intercepted by the U.S. and “misfiled”.
Let’s name a garbage barge after him.  “U.S. Sh*t of State Port-o-John McCain”.
McCain should have been REMOVED from office when he was not competent to fulfill his duties... this is treason pure and simple... the voters should PROTEST and bring any official up on charges.  The PEOPLE are supposed to elect their representatives, if an official cannot maintain his position or if he is OUSTED there should new vote... not a dictatorial appointment of someone not fit for the job by someone not in his right mind and someone by who is a traitor.  Politicians should be tried for TREASON when they break campaign promises, violate the will of the LAWFUL CITIZENS and cater to ANYONE or ANY NATION that is not their lawful constituents.
Ralph Nader Demands McCain to Come Clean on Israel’s 1967 Attack on the USS Liberty
The below is written by a socialist site.  While the info is true, I believe that some of it is misinterpreted and not all the facts are given.  McCain is called “right wing” which is untrue.  He certainly was not right wing; nor even a conservative.  He was what is called a Neocon or a RINO (Republican In Name Only); he masqueraded as a Republican, but he was not (neither are the majority of most other Republicans, true Republicans; they don’t even know what the word means).  McCain claimed to hate communism, but he himself was a socialist—most every U.S. politician (and citizen) is a socialist and doesn’t even know it.  Nearly every vote McCain gave was in favor of socialist regulations and his own self-enrichment and the destruction of the U.S.  How did he vote concerning the so-called “Patriot” Act (whose name alone is treasonous)...? immigration? Congressional salaries, benefits, budgets?  Did he oppose Obama? demand proof of his identity?  Did he cry out “Treason!” when Obama lied about the future Obamacare and then when Pelosi said without blinking, “We have to pass it to find out what is in it”...?  Did he betray his own party, that is, in reality, THE PEOPLE who elected him, in how he voted, in how he did nothing to oppose Obama but everything to oppose Trump (including treasonous meetings with enemies)...?  Did he cater to the Israelis?  Did he ever travel to the State of Israeli? meet with Israelis? put on a yarmulke and bow before the wailing wall?  Photos show that he clearly did.  If even half of the accusations against him in the links that I list are true, he was neither a hero nor a Christian—but a liar and a traitor; and despite anything that he may have generically said about his “faith” in God or what he prayed or anything else... anyone can say words.  “Window dressing” does not reveal the inner workings of any company.  What one truly believes is evident in how he lives.  Liars cannot be trusted.  Traitors cannot be trusted.  Neither deserve any honor.  
He grew incredibly wealthy by both marriage and by being a “career politician”.  How does a person become wealthy by “serving”...?  You don’t; but you do become wealthy by “self-serving” (or more properly, doing the bidding of your handlers).  Did he waive his Congressional salary and benefits (including the-sky’s-the-limit health care paid for by the people, and certainly not what Obamacare would have given him) due to the fact his second wife was daughter of a multi-millionaire and therefore, did not need to feed off the taxpayers?  How “patriotic” and how much of a “hero” is he if he wants his wife (WHOM THE PEOPLE DID NOT ELECT) to succeed him for the next 5 years to finish his term, rather than THE PEOPLE VOTING whom THEY WANT TO REPRESENT THEM?  The people should appeal that decision and revoke that unconstitutional law.
The U.S. should not spend another penny on McCain, his family, his “honor”, his papers or anything else.  His true life should be exposed and he should be vilified along with all other “government” traitors.  All the other traitorous politicians are jumping on the halo-polishing bandwagon because it is “good for their reputation”.  The chameleons don’t care if anything is “good” or “moral” or “lawful” or “constitutional”, but only if it is in accordance with the modern political wind and if it is good for their career and bank account.  Trump should not have caved in.  It shows cowardice (or initial pretense) and bad judgment knowing McCain’s guilt in the affairs of Ukraine, Syria, and terrorist organizations.  It legitimizes and glosses over his treason.  It paves the way for more.  Just like the “blue wall” among police and the “black wall” among judges, politicians surround their own and protect and defend and honor the GUILTY, when politically correct and politically expedient.  It is immoral, illegal, and treasonous.  They whore their souls out to the highest bidder.
See: Why the US ruling class mourns John McCain  
Personal testimony: Yes, U.S. troops often acted savagely; however, the real question (not justifying it) is was it spontaneous or provoked and retaliative?  Was it any more brutal or savage than the Vietnamese themselves in their treatment of POWs or of their own people?  When I worked in Maryland in the late 1980s an employer I had, the president of the company was Jewish.  He told me that he was in Vietnam.  He said he was on a death squad and that he and his cohorts were paid either a bottle of whisky or case of beer for each enemy head they brought back in a gunny sack.  He even said that when he filed his tax returns while in Vietnam (something that sounds a bit suspicious) he put, “Occupation: professional murderer.  Employer: U.S. Government”.  He said he got a visit from some men in suits.  They told him that he could not write that.  He replied (paraphrasing), “Come out in the field with me and watch what I do and then you tell me what my occupation is; and you already know who pays me”.  Of course he could have been lying or exaggerating; but I had no reason to disbelieve him.  His point was that he didn’t let people push him around or back him into a corner, and he gave that story as an illustration; so it was not bragging for mere bragging’s sake of those events, but he was documenting, spur of the moment, that what he was saying was true by an example.  He was a millionaire and clearly had real things to brag about, if that story was not true, and if he wanted to brag.  Unless he had used a fabricated story so many times that it was habitual, or unless he was a world-class “bullshitter”, it seems unlikely for him to have invented such a story spur of the moment.  Furthermore, the above link mentions American soldiers trading enemy ears they cut off for cans of beer.  R.A.B.

Here is a brief synopsis of the truth about “War Hero”, “Patriot”, “Conservative” McCain in one specific area:

—yet how much did McCain vote to spend on War, in the influx of illegal aliens / welfare for illegal immigrants, foreign aid, raises for politicians, etc...?


Nam demands Monsanto pays compensation for Agent Orange victims - by Erin Elizabeth | Aug 28, 2018



My comments:

What part of “WAR” don’t they understand?

This is sad... but War is Hell.  That’s why it should be avoided.  This does not justify one nation oppressing another just because it is bigger / stronger / wealthier and because it can; though that is how things naturally turn out in an evil world.  Hidden motives aside, it seems as if the U.S. was attempting to save one segment of the Vietnamese people from another segment of the Vietnamese people.  If that was actually the true reason for the war (which is doubtful: It seems more likely it was an “experiment” toward and testing the waters for future American Hegemony), that indeed was altruistic—but it was still unconstitutional and therefore, illegal and treasonous to carry out such a war beyond our shores, with U.S. taxpayer funds, not in defense of our people.  Americans who wished to volunteer as mercenaries certainly had that right if it would not involve divided loyalties to the U.S., but the U.S. “government” had no right to spend one penny of taxpayer money or one American life.  Regardless, this war is ancient history.  The American people of today are not responsible.  I was like 10 years old and remember my dad praying each day that God would end the war.  I didn’t have a clue what it even meant, but I then prayed it too, since if my dad thought it was important, then it was.  The only Americans who could be held accountable for that war were the corrupt politicians who voted for the war—and if anyone should pay reparations, it is the politicians who voted in favor of the war and all U.S. companies that profited off war (including the media).  The politicians perpetrated an individual, personal (not judicial or executive) act “ex officio” because it was unconstitutional and they were not authorized by the Constitution to engage us in such a war.  However, Vietnam can get in line for reparations to be paid individually by those politicians—once the U.S. War debt is paid off by from the personal bank accounts of those corrupt politicians, and once those politicians themselves compensate the families of the American war dead, maimed, and wounded.

What did the Vietnamese communists do to their own people in torture and murder, and to American POWs?

Is Vietnam going to compensate the families of American soldiers killed and compensate all those wounded?

If you don’t want to suffer the consequences of war, then don’t cause the circumstances that will result in war.  What about the millions of Vietnamese in the U.S.?  Vietnam can have all of them back too.  What about all the goods that the U.S. buys from Vietnam?  That can all be cancelled—and should be.  Why would we enrich our enemies and take their toxic food?

The U.S. taxpayers are not the world’s piggy bank!

1 out of 10 Americans military (of the 2.7 million that served) in Vietnam was a casualty—

58,148 killed

304,000 wounded

Amputations or wounds that resulted in permanent crippling were 300% higher than during World War II.

75,000 Vietnam veterans are still currently severely disabled.

Note carefully: While I don’t believe that we had any business in that war (or any other war in the past 175 years), I can only imagine that the Vietnam communists were warned that war would ensue if they did not stop their encroachment.  They didn’t heed the warning.  So suffer...!  What other nations build their enemies back up after destroying them?  What other nations absorb their enemies after defeating them...?  It is not “Christian” and it is not “magnanamous”.  Political correctness is insanity; it is a mental disease.  Only the (subverted) Christian nations engage in such STUPIDITY and TREASON and GODLESSNESS!  It is NOT the “Christian” thing to do.  It is NOT Biblical.  The only way that it can be considered “Christian” or “Biblical” is if Christ is divorced from Christianity and God is expunged from the Bible—and effeminate, wishy-washy, double-minded replacements supplanted in their stead.  That is a picture in words of the Apostate Church.  Now that Christendom has been neutered and we are told that we are not a Christian nation and never were, they cannot claim that we must do the “Christian” thing.*  So, instead, they will probably switch to using the word, “civilized”... and say, “It is the civilized thing to do”.  However, based upon what authority? moral standard? rule? philosophy? —and how it is binding upon us and why do our public servants think that they have the authority to impose some philosophy and “moral” standard and “law” upon us that was foreign to the minds of our Founders and which is foreign to the Word of God upon which our nation was founded?

[* However, in their duplicitous ignorance and incompetence, they contradict themselves.  Obamahama contradicted his own beliefs, pandering (deceiving) for support when he declared his homo-agenda and then added that Americans should “do unto others”—though completely taking the Words of Christ in the Biblical passage out of context—after having insulted Christians by lying and telling us that our Founders did not establish a Christian nation and that we are not a Christian nation.  See: —Obama’s Jackass Theology .  Liar, liar—but it will be far-more than their pants that are on fire!  The problem with liars and “bad theology” is that it takes more of the same to cover the former, to the point that the liar / false prophet cannot keep up with all the lies, which results in contradition and “Mr. Potato Head” theology, which is a hideous creature that bears no resemblance to what God commanded or what our Founders established.]

Why do we rebuild and absorb our enemies?  It is done by traitorous politicians to indebt us to the point that we collapse, and they import millions of our enemies from each country to cause chaos and terrorism and division and weaken us from within.  The U.S. Colonies could only stand together against the world power of England because the Colonies were one people of one faith!  Divide and conquer is an age-old strategem.  Nothing in politics happens by mistake.  Politicians are not merely fools, but antichrist traitors and know full well what they are doing in destroying the U.S. and all of Christendom.  Their clear goal is to fragment white, Christian society with aliens and perverts and false religions so that our society cannot be cohesive; it cannot stand together.  Instead, not only does it fight among itself as the only natural conclusion—but it does not even recognize who the enemy is: confusing enemies with friends / compatriots / fellow-countrymen and confusing friends / family as being enemies (if the friends / family do not agree with the antichrist, Christendom-destroying politically correct agenda).  All the while we are told how “equal” everyone is (except those who do not agree that all are equal); even though “equality” of disparate alien peoples, alien cultures, alien “religions”, and perverted minds and consciences is a fallacy in both theory and practice.

We are seeing the fulfillment of the feet and toes of iron mingled with clay (which represents “integration”) depicted in Nebuchadnezzar’s great dream-image (in the Book of Daniel)—which integrated, weakened society represents the last kingdom of this earth’s age.  Iron and clay are not cohesive.  The feet support the weight of the entire statue.  Christ in disgust shall strike those feet, they will crumble, the statue will fall and 6,000 years of history and civilization will come to an end.  That is why Christ declares, “Come out of her My people that ye share not in her plagues”.  Those who are not Christ’s people are not the same as those who are Christ’s people.  Christ said “love not the world” and that He did not pray for the world—but only for the elect of His people whom God gave Him out of the world: which is the only “world” that God “so loved”.  The word “all” and “whosever” in Scripture is not universal, but limited to what God has already revealed.  There are different segments or populations in the world and they are not all the same.  If God loved the entire world, every last being in it, why does Christ say NOT to love it and that He did not even pray for its repentance?  God blinded the eyes, shut the ears, hardened the hearts of all so that they would not repent and be saved; and He opens only those of the elect of His people—and Christ spoke in parables so that only His people would understand; and He even spoked “hard sayings” to offend some so that they would STOP following Him.  THIS is true theology, not the modern caricatures of God and Christ, the “Touched By an Angel” theology, where God and Christ are “sugar and spice and everything nice”, cotton candy, and “Jesus meek and mild”—divorcing and amputating 90% of God’s Nature and Christ’s Character and discarding it in the rubbish been of “archaeic theology”.   Why does James say that he who is a friend of the world is the enemy of God if God loves the whole world?*  Those who have ears to hear rightly divide the Word of God and obey.  Those who wrench Bible verses out of immediate context and contextual harmony with the entire, unchanging, non-self-contradicting Word of God, PERVERT the Word of God and hash out humanism in its place, though dishonestly calling it “Christianity”—when it is NOT.  Christ’s people are not multi-racial, multi-religious, or gender perverse.  Christ’s people are not rebellious whoremongers and friends of the world.

[* For in-depth study, see my, S.T.E.C. on John 3, and my S.T.E.C. on Romans.  For those who don’t care about the truth, but only pretend to, and only if the truth is what they want it to be... “We now return you to your previously scheduled program”.  You are free to stop reading and leave.]

God send Your Holy Spirit upon Your people to convict them of the KNOWLEDGE of sin (that Your Law—Your Moral Code for Your people—was not abolished) and convict them of their guiltiness and send a pestilence on all the rest!

Why do we rebuild and absorb our enemies?

Did Japan rebuild Pearl Harbor for us?  The answer is:

After Pearl Harbor Japan didn’t pay anything to the U.S.

The “official” answer given as to why, is because both nations declared war on each other.

Kind of a limp answer, but how does that explain why the U.S. taxpayers were forced to help rebuild Japan? —and then the U.S. gave Japan our economy for the next 3 or 4 decades...!  Then we allowed how many million Japanese to immigrate to the U.S. ...?  Likewise with Vietnam.  That does not explain why Germany has been hamstrung for the past 75 years or so since losing WWII.  Germany didn’t declare war on the U.S., the U.S. (under false pretenses) declared war on Germany.

Again, when people act like cowards and don’t stand up to bullies, everyone gets in line to take a shot at the underdog for an easy buck, without fear of consequences.  If one monument falls, they all will if no one stands up.  If one totalitarian oppressive act of a corrupt government is not stood up to, the corrupt politicians will perpetrate more and more and more and not stop until they own everything and we are slaves on their plantation (and those who resist will be “liquidated” in good-old Stalinesque, Bolshevik fashion).  If one hateful alien or groups of aliens is not slapped down when they commit crimes, their crimes will only increase in number and barbarity.  If one group of aliens or perverts demand equality in our nation in which they should be happy to be second-class, temporary guests, every single hateful alien will then demand equality and preferential treatment and then hateful, intolerant, militant superiority.  This is what Scripture says: The Kingdom of Heaven (Christendom) has been reduced to Babylon (which means “confusion by mixing”—the socialist touted “melting pot” which God despises):

“the Kingdom of Heaven [that is, the colony of Heaven on earth] suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force....” (Matthew 11:12)

“2Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils [demons], and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.  4For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her.” (Revelation 18)

[Whores and whoremongers are those fornicators who first cross all the moral boundaries of race and gender that God established.  It results in Babylon—confusion of race and gender and every other conceivable corruption.  “As in the days of Noah... eating, drinking marrying, and giving in marriage”.  There is nothing wrong with those activities in and of themselves, so the clear implication is that they were “eating, drinking marrying, and giving in marriage in complete violation of all the moral boundaries that God established”.]

The recent court judgment against Monsanto was DRACONIAN.  $200+ million judgment or whatever it was—it was is obscene!*  

[* As I refine this Rumination in May of 2019, another lawsuit judgment was just handed out against Mon-satan-o to one couple for $2 BILLION: Yes, ALL toxic chemicals released into the environment and laced in food and medicine cause damage and the drug / chemical companies and politicians and government agency officials (not the U.S. government, that is, not the U.S. taxpayers) are ALL responsible to those who are damaged... but $2 billion is quite ab$urd.  If the judges / juries give away all of Mon-satan-o's money to the first 3 plaintiffs, there will be nothing left for anyone else, or for the cleanup of the environment.  All medical expenses and $1 million each would seem to be fair.  A billion each is ob$cene.  Would this couple, had they never been poisoned by Roundup (and were they poisoning themselves with vaccines, tobacco, processed food, cell-phones and other devices that emit harmful radiation leading to brain cancer and tumors, shortening their own lifespan—showing their own contempt for their own life and eventual pain and suffering through inevitable cancers?) ...would they ever have become billionaires?  Judges and juries think that they are gods and that needs to stop and reality and morality needs to rule instead—not draconian totalitarianism.

$2 Billion Verdict Against Monsanto Is Third to Find Roundup Caused ... “May 13, 2019 - A jury in Oakland, Calif., ordered Monsanto on Monday to pay a couple more than $2 billion in damages after finding that its Roundup weed killer caused their cancer — the third jury to conclude that the company failed to warn consumers of its flagship product's dangers.”

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/13/business/monsanto-roundup-cancer-verd... ]

How many other victims have there been to Monsanto chemicals...?  WHO HASN’T been harmed by Monsanto’s chemicals?  I’ve read reports that the chemicals in Round-up are found in breast milk in mothers in Canada—in a nation where such chemicals are not legal; so the chemical transfers from the grain to the cattle and is present in the body of people who eat American beef.  How will the other victims be compensated if the courts give so much money to the first victim, a black janitor?  How much is one life worth?  If that person worked the rest of his life before retirement at his job, at his standard wage how much money would he have made (after “taxes”)...?  Double that amount and then add some amount for pain and suffering and cover all his doctor bills.  THAT would have been a FAIR judgment—and I am no friend of Monsanto or drug companies!  But “not liking” someone is not a legal consideration for perverse judgment.
Now the entire nation of Vietnam is in line for a lawsuit.  However, their suit is not against Monsanto, not against the U.S. taxpayers, but against the communists in their nation who brought war to Vietnam—and against any U.S. politicians who are still alive who unconstitutionally voted in favor of the war, because they perpetrated individual, not official acts; and they themselves are responsible, not the people of the U.S.—the only true government of the U.S. is the true people (not imported aliens).  JUST SAY NO!

See also: Bayer needs more than an aspirin to cure its Monsanto-sized headache



Also, so much of the news is so poorly written today by “journalists” who don’t even know the English language that well; even though it is their first language—the English language has been debased and error is not considered “proper English” because the journalists have been taught English by those who don’t understand the English language, as the result of the politically correct corruption of our language to the point that improper English is now considered the only proper English.  

Journalists tell you the Headline 3 or 4 times in a story and little else (and most of what they do tell is socialist indoctrination), and the little that they actually tell you about the facts of the story is convoluted and confusing (and they are well paid to produce such shoddy work).  Not all journalists can be lumped together in this category, of course, but it is becoming all-too common and the majority of stories that I read from various mainstream news are of this calibre.  

[Note clearly: I will of course have mistakes in my Ruminations posted at this section of my website.  However, understand the difference: I am not paid anything, I do not have a team of editors or even an assistant; and I don’t have a “sugar-daddy”.  I write and publish what I do freely as a public service to Christendom.  There are only so many hours in the day and there is only so much of me to go around and I cannot devote the time that it would take to polish every Rumination.  However a professional newspaper, magazine, or journal has the resources to so polish their articles; and yet they pay (mostly alien) journalists very good money to produce, for the most part, very poor writing.  I publish things for people to think about.  I do my best in the time I have, considering all of my own responsibilities, limitations, and difficulties.  As able, as time permits, I go back and attempt to refine each Rumination.  I don’t conern myself with whether I will receive a reward or be vilified or if people will like what I write.  I don’t attempt to jump on the bandwagon at the politically correct parade and try to become noticed among all the sycophants and political prostitutes.]

All that such “journalists” really need to say concerning any story is:

“Someone did something to someone else but we are not really sure—stay tuned until we can make it up...”

Now all news sources seem to engage in something akin to “price fixing” or “insider trading” and reveal that they are all mouthpieces for the subversive, renegade “government”, in that every single story is practically cookie-cutter scripted at every single news source—and they have all agreed upon a long list of words that none of them are ever, for any reason, to use.

Regardless, this below is a very good presentation... very revealing.  How the media is controlled from start to finish... watch the first minute and most likely you won’t be able to stop.  Very well done.


Also see this:

This is worth watching; I wonder if this guy still has his job or a pulse).

American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t” - YouTube