—Murky-Merkel — U-turn or Detour and sleight of hand?

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If Merkel has truly made a U-turn (highly doubtful), then that may be a sign that like the trout thrashing wildly about trying to dislodge the parasite while in the throes of death, the German people are resisting her evil and she is fearing backlash.  Sources say that she is an avowed socialist and some reportedly claim she is decended from Jews from Poland.  Why does Germany let aliens rule over them?  Did they not learn from WWII (Hitler was Jewish, as was most of his cabinet).  However, stopping more immigration, while wonderful, will not solve the problem.  All those who have entered need to be deported.  If allowed to remain they will continue to reproduce, bring in 5-10 more family members one way or the other and their stated goal is the destruction of infidels and sharia law and the symbol of Islam to rule.  They are the enemies of God and the enemies of Christendom, as are the jews (Edomites)... whose goal is the same: world domination and everyone under their feet.  Only the nations of Christendom want peace and justice and for all peoples to be separate and retain their right to their own ways in their own countries.  However, as our government was subverted because Christians trusted the running of the nation to vile aliens and antichrists as well as corruptible traitors who betray their own people and commit treason thinking that they will get away with it and live the good life of the new black nobility.  The U.S. has become hated by the world, not because of our nonexistent righteousness, but because of our self-righteous militaristic domination... well, not ours, but our corrupt renegade pseudo-servants (who think they are our masters) whose real goals are the destruction of Christendom and self-enrichment by stealing the national resources of the world and indebting all of our nations to the illegitimate international bankers through economic and currency fraud under the guise of government.

May God open a hole in the earth to receive the flood and may God’s people see His Power in unmistakeable ways, as in the delivering of His people from Egypt, so that God’s people give Him all the glory, and continue to repent and to seek Him, for when He does open a hole in the earth to receive the flood, it will only be the lull in the storm, giving the elect a little more time to repent... as Jefferson said, “Peace is that brief, glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading”.

And even if it seems as if Merkel has taken a U-turn, it is not; trust me; it is a diversion, stalling to gain momentum and return with full force... the “Syrian army in Europe” is not going to “just leave and walk home” when told to.   German soldiers were kicked out of their barracks and told to sleep in tents so the “refugees” could have the army barracks.  Why not just give them a battleship to sleep on?  This was an “in your face” to the German people—the way a cat or dog shoves its butt in the face of another and forces him to submit—that they are neutered; that the military is neutered.  The dogs sleep in the master’s bed and the master is kicked out to the doghouse.  German citizens kicked out of their homes or have their properties taken from them—just like after WWII.  

[Around 14 million peaceful German citizens were killed after WWII; mostly starved to death and their property stolen.  Over 180 million white Christians in Europe were exterminated by Bolshevism (see The Human Cost of Soviet Communism (1971) U.S. government report, 44pp., 4.00 + P&H).  Has there ever been one penny of reparations to us...? weekly miniseries?  book after book?  special after special?  woven throughout the fabric of all history, all politics, all of life (the only place I have not seen the Holocaust mentioned is in cookbooks, but I have not looked, though I am sure there are some that mention it).  But the real Holocaust is not only never mentioned, but the general populace is utterly ignorant of it!  A real Holocaust 30 times larger than the phoney one.  (Eustace Mulllins in his The Secret Holocaust, 32pp., 3.00 + P&H, only numbers the Christian-European Holocaust at 66 million, just over half of the greater number).]

And yet the corrupt politicians, like corrupt doctors, just continue to bleed the patient of all his blood and then harvest his organs all under the insulting guise of “humanitarianism”—what a joke!  “Humanitarianism” from the very same people who start and carry out all the wars!  

Tell the africans and arabs and chinese and indians to stop reproducing if they can’t provide for their families and if their nations cannot contain them.  It is not our duty to absorb them and defile ourselves and sacrifice our heritage, our faith, our government, our race to them, and simply lay down and die and let the bats and rats inhabit the former cathedral.  God command us to be separate and not make ourselves abominable.  Until we repent of violating God’s Law in this and every other area, He will continue to cause us to reap what we are sowing... or He will cause us to reap what we stand by idly and allow to be sown, and passively allow ourselves to be robbed of “tax” money to fund all these evils being against ourselves and others.  
Liberation Theology was the communist false doctrine that first perverted the thinking of Christendom, also founded upon the false doctrine of the “universal brotherhood of man”.  God commanded no other gods and He commanded us to remain separate from all other peoples.  But the Harlot Church has seduced God’s people into doing the very opposite that God commanded us, and as a result, we are about to lose all of our nations to the Third World antichrist masses.  To receive those peoples is to recognize their gods and to to reject our own.  

When God destroyed Egypt with the 10 plagues, many of the things that God used to destroy them were the very gods they worshiped (flies, frogs, etc.).  You reap what you sow.  In our sinfulness we have allowed aliens, alien “cultures” and alien gods to be placed on a pedestal and subsidized by our money (which is our sacrificing to those gods).  God will allow the invading alien hordes to destroy all those of His people who do not repent of their own part (complacency as well as contribution) to all these abominations.  Those who remain silent and say nothing contribute to the problem and are accomplices in these crimes against Christendom and against God.  The majority of those who won’t to stand up are cowards because no one else is standing up.  Just stand up.  Let your voice be heard.  Stop worrying about being a friend of the world—the world is no friend of yours: It only wants to be your friend until you have no money left.  You don’t need to ask the Devil for permission to obey God.  Just do it.  As I wrote in my Who Is Responsible for the Destruction of Christendom...?, every time that a Christian sees evil in his family, church, community, nation and does not stand up and speak out and denounce it he denies Christ!

“Good” people don’t make the catastrophically destructive and evil “mistakes” that all the leaders of the nations of Christendom are making.  Evil people make such decisions and they are not mistakes, but have been carefully calculated and crafted.  Germany and all nations need to take back their nations from their seditious public servants and then try them for treason, confiscate all their ill-gotten wealth from bleeding the nation dry while subverting it, and then administer the appropriate sentence for High Treason and destroying our nations and all of Christendom, and for their offenses against God and humanity.  All their confederates, family, friends, relatives who have benefitted from their crimes should then be arrested and put to hard labor for the rest of their lives to pay off their debt.  Any so-called “debt” that is claimed to be owed to international bankers (if computer digits that never represented real money can be considered “debt”; real money cannot be invented out of nothing; it is an illusion and fraud) is the debt of the corrupt politicians and their heirs and those who have received money from them.  The debt is not the National Debt.  It is the personal debt of corrupt politicians and those who have received stolen moneys from them or benefitted in one way or another).  But in reality, nothing real was ever actually loaned.  The “money” that was “loaned” never existed, it was just invented, pen notations on a ledger sheet, digits in a computer file... just like printing paper money does not create money, only illusion and fraud.  No action or obligation can arise out of fraud.  If the nations who think they are in debt to the international bankers want to pay off the debt, all they have to do is print a $18 trillion dollar bill backed by nothing and mail it to them and mail them a picture of a ledger sheet showing paid in full, or mail them a JPEG of some computer digits.  Case closed.


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