—Muslim-Trojan Horse welcomed into Christendumb

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This is genocide and war.  How many hundreds of millions, billions, trillions is this costing Christendom in money alone, just to increase border, build camps?  Just shoot them when they enter illegally and they will stop coming.  If you pamper them they will only keep coming in their millions... and destroy Christendom.  It is a war.  We should not have to apologize for defending our homelands, our race, our faith, civilization, life.  What is happening in Germany is clear to see when a town of 150 people is forced to take 750 Muslims.  They can take over whenever they want.  They litter, vandalize, steal, assault, rape, and murder along the way.  They are not "refugees" and it does not matter if they are.  Their lands are big enough for them and if their lands are not big enough for them tell them to stop breeding.  They want us to stop breeding and they want to rape and defile our women to mongrelize us out of existence; to destroy us.  It is a hate crime.  It is genocide.  It is WAR.  Shoot them at the border and they will stop coming.  That is what nations do when armies invade their borders.  They shoot them.  No nation can retain its sovereignty if it does not preserve BOTH its people and its borders.  To not do so is HIGH TREASON.
They can't get along in their own countries, they fight on the way.  They will destroy us from within.

I wrote this in my book Uncovering The Mysteries of Your Hidden inheritance 24 years ago:

People will behave in another country even as they behave in their own land.  This fact was clearly presented by one of the most least-likely individuals, Paul Harvey, the well-known radio news personality: On his radio program on June 26, 1993 he drew parallels between the movie Jurassic Park and the current Somalian “crisis.” Harvey stated,

Our nation with the best of intentions is creating a human Jurassic Park, USA.  With only the best intentions we have been seeking to rescue the refugees of self-destructing societies and endow them with a new lease on life.  We invite subjugated Haitians to make their new homes here.  Members of sects that practice voodoo no longer welcomed in Nigeria and Cuba, we invite to Florida.  Somalians who cannot tolerate one another in Somalia, we transplant here.... The result is an inevitable collapse of the past and the present.  Jurassic Park’s mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm tells the scientists they were so busy seeing if they could, that they forgot to ask if they should....  Today’s nations, with a greater depth of experience than ours, overwhelmed by uninvited [peoples] who can’t or won’t assimilate, are now sending them home.... You cannot housebreak a dinosaur.  And that irrefutable jungle law remains singularly unimpressed by any Supreme Court of any era.  Should I tell you how the movie ends?  The Americans, their good intentions having boomeranged, ended up running for their lives.


Though Lithuania is attempting to resist, its traitors within are working; and if being a member of the EU means Lithuania's borders would be " the interior lines of the EU and will have just symbolic meanings" then Lithuania needs to get out of the EU and Poland too!

Lithuania sets up illegal immigration defense

"Last week I spoke with professor Edvardas Gudavicius, the biggest authority of Lithuania's history. He told me, 'After some centuries many Lithuanians will have dark skin and hair. And I don't see a problem in it. They will speak Lithuanian anyway.' And I agree with Gudavicius," Dubonis said.
They hate God and their own people and do not honor their mother and father.   These two "Lithuanians" (traitors or tares sown in among the wheat) ought to be arrested for sedition for making such statements, desensitizing the people just embrace the tsunami; the subconscious message they send is: “Don’t resist the rapist-murderer.  Don’t resist the African-Arab Muslim smear upon humanity.  Don’t resist the destruction of your nation, your culture, your heritage, your faith, your people.”

These alleged Lithuanians (who probably have a Jew or Tatar in the family woodpile), who appear to be subversive “scholars” and media personel, recently (in order to desensitive and program-shape / brainwash the people into helpless acceptance) are FOOLS!  These future "Lithuanians" will not be Lithuanian and there is no guarantee that they will be speaking Lithuanian—and if they do still speak "Lithuanian", it will be reduced to a degraded form of Lithuanian similar to “Ebonics” [black ghetto degraded English, or like Yiddish is a corruption of German] that will be a disgrace to the oldest, living Indo-European language that has survived the past 3,500 years and retained its purity, and that of its people.  This will be a disgrace to the Lithuanian language, history, religion, and culture—and genocide of the Lithuanian people.  When the Soviets took over during the Stalinist Era, the Lithuanian language was outlawed.  Did these “scholars” forget that?  Don’t these “scholars” realize that once Sharia law is imposed and the flag of Islam replaces the tricolor and the Vytis (armed rider on a horse) that Arabic will replace Lithuanian even as Africans and mongrelized Arabs, Persians, and Syrians will replace the Baltic peoples?  The people will not be Lithuanian because they will not the same race.  It is genocide and the theft of an entire nation.  What price tag can you place on the entire nation of Lithuania? the buildings, roads, property, the entire geographic nation, as well as the lives of its people, its culture, its history?  Why did the Lithuanian people endure such hardship for three-quarters of a century under brutal occupation of the Bolsheviks, only to surrender to Africans and Arabs?  Those who talk about this being a "good thing" are traitors against Lithuania and are guilty of future genocide and war crimes and all the crime and degradation, immorality and corruption that comes to Lithuania and Latvia.  Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness BUT REBUKE THEM!


Latvia and Lithuania Deal with Immigration




The blacks in south africa want to take down all the monuments of those who built the nation

Wwhy do we put up with this...? the same thing is happening in all of Christendom.

Princeton University president caves in to a mere 30 black students (HOW MANY THOUSAND students attend Princeton?) and is thinking of taking down the statue and painting of former Princeton President and president of the United States Woodrow Wilson.  Now, I am no Woodrow Wilson fan, but it is merely the further attempt to undermine our culture, our faith, our nation.  Princeton was founded by the Puritan Presbyterians.  It long ago departed from the true Christian faith, but now they want to trample on us further and wipe their feet on us.

HOW MANY paintings or statues are there of white people at WILBERFORCE University in Ohio, or  any other all black university.  If you Princeton "quota" negroes don't like walking past a picture of Wilson, here's a thought—go to Wilberforce! or go back to Africa!

We are allowing ourselves to be neutered.  The confederate flag, crosses, bakeries forced to bake fag-cakes, changing names of towns, streets, etc. has been going on for decades.  It only will get worse.  As the old saying goes, give them an inch and they will take a yard.  If bullies are not stood up to they become bolder.  If criminals and invaders are not met with lethal force, they will only become more violent.

It is a sin to ignore sin.  You reap what you sow.  Those who continue to remain silent and look the other way God will judge by having them suffer irreparable damage and loss to the very sin, immorality, injustice, inhumanity, barbarism that they chose to ignore.

Siener (Seer or Prophet) Nicolaas Pieter Johannes Janse van Rensburg ( 1862 1926) was a Dutch South African minister and prophet like Nostradamus.  Most of what he "saw" has come true, nearly 100 years later.