—No Honor Among Thieves —it explains a lot more than you realize

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Someone emailed and asked:

I find it interesting [concerning the 3 books you reprint, listed below] that General Erich Ludendorff says all three (Papacy/Jesuits, Freemasons, supernational jews/soviets) were struggling against each other for control of the world but at the same time he says jews were involved in everything.  So wouldn’t that mean there was no “real” struggle?  The same group was really behind all of them.  I know there was a struggle between jew bankers and non-jew bankers (Barings, etc vs. Rothschilds and the Frankfurt/Dutch allies, etc.) but we all know how that turned out.

[- The Coming War (1931), 176pp., pb., 18.00.  All 3 are very rare; all 3 he unabashedly exposes Jews, Catholic Church, & Freemasonry; the great thing, he did not like Hitler at all, so the enemy cannot honestly denounce him as a “nazi.”
- Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of Their Secrets (Rebel or Reactionary) (1927, 3rd edition 1957) 142pp., + about 10 pages of illustrations; pb., 16.50 + P&H (about 350,000 copies of the first 2 editions sold; 2nd edition was 1937)
- The Nation at War (1931) 189pp., pb., 18.00 + P&H.]

I replied:

Movies like ...
- “Three days of the Condor” (1975; Robert Redford)
- “The Gauntlet” (1977; Clint Eastwood)
- “Hopscotch” (1980; Walter Matthau, which is a dramedy)
- “The Man With One Red Shoe” (1985; Tom Hanks / John Belushi, which is a dramedy)
- “Conspiracy Theory” (1997; Mel Gibson)

...all clearly show that there can be competing factions in an organization like the CIA or other such groups or “governments”; the same thing occurs in “Banana Republics” and other unstable regions in the Third World in which various local gangs, drug lords, communist-funded military, etc., all compete for the same territory / oil / poppy field / town etc.

Of course these superb movies show that there is a good faction and bad faction; but in reality, for the past 100 years or so they have all all bad factions competing against each other, like different packs of wolves fighting over the same herd of sheep; which “Enemy of the State” (1998; Will Smith / Hackman) superbly shows.
While these are fictional movies, as Lord Byron, George Gordon said, “Truth is strange; strange indeed—stranger than fiction.”

Just because 2 or more powerful and wealthy people / organizations are Jews doesn’t mean that they like each other or want to share the power / loot.

Like the excellent movie “The Italian Job” (2003; Wahlberg / Sutherland / Norton) shows, and as one of Bronson’s (Buchinsky) movies was even titled, there is (no) “Honor Among Thieves” (1982 VHS title of the 1968 French-Italian movie, Adieu l’ami, [“Farewell, Friend”) and “The Mechanic” (1972; Bronson / Jan Michael Vincent; Mechanic refers to a hit man).

Though most people don’t realize it, in a lot of movies, like those of Bronson or Eastwood’s westerns, there really wasn’t a hero, but what is called an “anti-hero”.  Basically, the anti-hero is a bad guy, but he fights the other bad guys to protect the innocent; not necessarily out of the goodness of his heart, but he just doesn’t like the other bad guys, or he had nothing better to do so he decided to do a good deed, or the bad guys inadvertantly wronged him in their attempt to kill the good guys, and he takes it person and wipes out all the bad guys, not to help the innocent, but for his own reasons.  This probably explains most of politics and the history of governments in their intrigue, wars, and evil.

As these movies show, once they have been successful against a common enemy or in pulling off a heist, the bad guys liquidate each other so that they don’t have to share the loot and power.  Or, since they know they cannot trust their co-conspirators to keep their mouths shut if they get caught, or in case his co-conspirators are thinking of killing him, it turns into an unofficial game of “wack others before others have a chance to wack you”.

Just because they are cut from the same cloth does not mean that they like each other or “play well together”.

The Catholic church and the Jews and Islam might be considered more like 3 mafia families attacking each other (the upper echelons of each are reportedly run by the same cabal family, even though the underlings / pawns / foot soldiers of the 3 groups don’t have a clue).  Of course, if a group of Irish Protestants, Syrian “Christians” or American Christian patriots are standing in their way of global domination, they might have an “unofficial truce” against each other while they fight the common enemy.  It may seem that the Vatican does not have the troops to compete, but even as the corrupt British paid the American Indians to massacre, rape, and kill white settlers in the U.S. Colonies, don’t be surprised if the Pope / Vatican tells the hundreds of millions of hispanics that they should rise up and kill all the white people in the U.S. and Europe and that the Church will “absolve” them of their sins, because they are doing “God’s service” in exterminating the “heretics”.  Remember that little thing called the “Inquisition” or “St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre”... or 1,001 others tortured and burned at the stake...?—well, most Protestants have never read a book on the history of the Reformation or Reformers, such as Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, so they probably don’t remember.  As Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Like the t.v. reality show Survivor, or others like it, individuals may form a pact to work together to make it to the later stage of the game, working as a secret or open team to eliminate everyone else; but each knows that when it comes down to just their little group and no one else is left, it is “every man for himself”... however, some without honor (not that the others have honor either, but they are simply gullible for trusting the others) will secretly sabotage even those who are in their “pact” if they consider them a threat and feel safer helping to eliminate one of his own sooner, if he thinks that he can easily take care of the lesser competition later on.  Backstabbing is a way of life for such.

Parasites, once the host is dead, then parasitize / predate upon each other.  Tiger sharks are so vicious that often in the womb, the dominant tiger shark fetus, before even being born (they are live-bearers, not egg layers) will kill and eat all his womb-mates!

Their goal is to control all factions of all countries... in medicine, law, economics, industry, government, church, media, etc., in each nation.  But as several Jews have noted, Jews need a common enemy (or an illusion thereof), and without so-called Antisemitism (or the illusion thereof), Jews would cease to exist, because without an outside enemy they attack each other.  Once a dictator is “put in place” he then likes the power and actually thinks he is the boss; then the ones who put him in power try to kill him and he them.

[Note: I haven’t rented a movie or turned on the tv for 5 years, and haven’t been to a movie theater for 10 or 15; but the movies I did watch in the past, I remember vividly.]