—Obamacare Bubble Will Burst and Those Who Believe the Mythical Illusion that they Needed it Will Fall

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What these “experts” fail to realize is called the conspiracy theory of history (and history is merely past current events, so in reality it is the conspiracy theory of politics and big business).

Everything that modern “government” does IS INTENDED TO FAIL, TO DESTROY THE NATION, and TO ENRICH THE ELITE, to empower our enemies to then further weaken us and all of Christendom. That is the only explanation for why allegedly intelligent / competent (a broad-based assumption) individuals to whom the reins of the government have been entrusted FAIL at EVERYTHING that they do and destroy everything they touch.  Having the “Anti-Midas” touch, they turn everything that was golden into toxic lead.

[Additionally, they commit crimes that would land them behind bars in the private sector, which shows the real reason that they enter politics—so that they can commit crimes for which they will not be prosecuted.  Those hired as public servants now consider themselves the untouchable ruling elite.  How is it that these politicians, for the most part, who entered politics as paupers, and retire multi-millionaires, who won’t even have to pay for their own health care for the rest of their lives and will continue to receive a pension although they are already filthy rich...?  Since when do servants live better than their masters?]

Anyone in the private sector who was hired to do a job and FAILED at everything he did, would be FIRED.

[He would also be arrested and prosecuted when it was realized that he was selling off the company goods and stock out the back door and pocketing the money for himself, and selling the company out from under the owners, embezzling, etc.]

When “everything goes wrong just right” in the enemy’s favor, every single time, time after time, it is no freak coincidence.  Conspiracy is the only answer.  NO ONE is THAT stupid and NO ONE has THAT bad of luck.  It is all planned.  The elite pretend that “there will be a few hiccups along the road to recovery” but it will aright itself in time if we all (“all” meaning “everyone but the elite”) tighten our belts (by taking multi-million dollar vacations at taxpayer expense?).  They repeat such mantras over and over, pretending that everything is fine*—when it is anything but fine—in face of their prolific and profound and perpetual failures. The only thing that they have succeeded at is destroying a perfectly successful nation.  What’s worse is that the stupid lobotomized populace simply tells jokes about the corrupt politicians (which serves to desensitize the populace of the severity and immorality of the politicians’ crimes) and then repeats their own sterile mantra, “We’ll show them in 4 years; we’ll vote them out” (even though that has never worked in the past 150 years).  They may even, if they are brave, wave little tea bags by the little strings just to show the politicians that they mean business...!

[* Sort of like the story of the commercial airline pilot who came over the intercom and said, “Hello, this is your captain speaking.  We have experienced severe engine failure... —but don’t worry, the crew and I are going to parachute for help...!]

“My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.”  The conspiracy theory (make that conspiracy “reality”) of history, politics, big business, and economics is only made possible by the “DUMB-ASS” theory of history and politics by which people shirk their SACRED DUTY to God and each other to indict, try, convict, and sentence each and every politician for his crimes the very first time he steps out of line.  You don’t “vote out” treasonous, seditious criminals.  You try them for their crimes and treason and execute judgment to its fullest.

WHO has benefited from “A-bomb-inable Care”...? —not healthy people; not moderately sick people; not healthy people who have injuries.  This is communism in action.  The only ones who benefit are the elite and the lowest class (and MILLIONS of imported aliens) that will never produce anything in their lives but only be an eternal drain on the producers.  Thus, the worthless nonproducers (ironically) reproduce and reproduce ad infinitum to serve as a continual cancer eating away at the healthy host body.

[Am I saying that nonproducers should be executed?  Of course not.  It is not a crime to be worthless—but it is not to be rewarded...!  The Bible says, “If a man shall not work he shall not eat”—and that was part of the PURITAN Work Ethic on which this nation was FOUNDED (no wonder the Puritans are derided and slandered and demonized).  If the worthless will not work, they will starve to death, or they will commit crimes for which they will be executed (not warehoused at $50,000 / year for the rest of their lives at taxpayer expense).  It is not a crime to be a worthless individual merely wasting food, space, water, and oxygen.  That is any person’s right (though he will answer to God for it, he owes man nothing for his own worthlessness to the same degree that taxpayers owe nothing to support those who are worthless).  However, it is a crime to steal from those who do work.  The Bible says that if someone steals and cannot repay what he stole and if he refuses to work to pay off his debt, then he is to be executed.  That is the Law that God established.  It works quite well.  Those who don’t like it, shut up and work for the things you want from life.  Life, Liberty, and Property occur in that order.  Those who are alive have the freedom to work and keep what they have worked for (property).  But neither liberty or property are not free.  They have to be worked for—vigilantly.]

The book Atlas Shrugged* has the answer.  When will Atlas shrug...? —or will he simply wait until his strength has waned and collapses under the weight of the world, allowing himself to be crushed and killed because of his misguided sense of duty and altruism?

[* A superb book.  Inquire.]

There is no philosophical, moral, Biblical, or Constitutional justification for the Welfare State (which includes “A-bomb-inable Care” and 95% of modern so-called “government” which would more honestly be called “enslavement”) or for so-called Foreign / International Aid.  It is all unconstitutional and illegal.  It is treason.  It is communism.  It is the redistribution of wealth and the building up of the enemy.  It is like breeding wolves and bears and “re-introducing” them  into civilization.  It is like breeding disease and spreading it around to assure that the disease never faces extinction.  This is the modus operandi of modern politicians: Take from the producers, keep most of it for the elite, give some to the nonproducers so that they can continue to reproduce more nonproducers like themselves, and give some of it to our enemies so that there will always be a threat to protect us from, which will require more taxation and more regulation and more politicians and more police to enforce those regulations.  Welcome to the endless circle of self-destruction.  OPT OUT.  Exercise your God-given inalienable rights and stop contributing to criminal enterprises (the “government”).

WELCOME TO COMMUNISM.  We were established as a REPUBLIC.  Any politician, historian, law professor, author, journalist, etc. who refers to us as a “democracy” is either part of the conspiracy or a complete ignoramus!  Our Founders SPECIFICALLY TOLD US that they did NOT give us a democracy because in their great study (not imaginary fabrications of “truth”) they learned that DEMOCRACIES ARE SHORT LIVED and do not last, but QUICKLY DEGENERATE INTO DESPOTISM due to corrupt, powerful individuals who undermine and subvert the government due to their own perverse avarice, hubris, and hatred of all that is good.  Our Founders gave us a Constitutional Republic; yet 99.9% of society is BRAINWASHED into touting, even worshipping “DEMOCRACY”—and it is “democracy” that is DESTROYING CHRISTENDOM! 

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government.” (Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution)

Democracy is simply a code word for TRANSITIONAL COMMUNISM.  The U.S. follows the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto—not the U.S. Constitution and not the Law of God upon which American and English and Saxon and Frankish and Scandinavian Common Law were founded.

[See my printing of The Communist Manifesto (with detailed, additional information, illustrated introduction), 132pp. total, pb., 12.50 + P&H; and A Bolshevik Primer, 176pp., pb., 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H.]

The goal of modern corrupt pseudo-government (the only kind in existence) is to drain the wealth of the nation from the producers, keep them in fear, make them THINK that they need health insurance—and FORCE IT DOWN THEIR THROAT if they disbelieve the Almighty All-wise State (that fails at everything it attempts).  It is the old game of the “protection racket”.  Forced insurance violates many Constitutional rights and is not enforceable and is not lawful and no one needs to participate.  

The seditious politicians’ plans are to bring the people to the point of economic and personal financial bankruptcy as well as moral bankruptcy—fueled with fear of terrorism (which the government continues to import and breed, at home and abroad) and also the fear of the need for health insurance.  But if doctors and food producers did not poison us, and if the corrupt government didn’t import disease from the Third World, and if the corrupt bastards did not manufacture diseases in their laboratories, there would be little need for health insurance.  The world existed for 5,900 years without health insurance, but now all of the sudden it is considered a necessity of life and even a “right”.  Health insurance only raises the costs of medical care (if not in the premiums, then in taxes) and does not improve the quality of care; and the socialization make the medical panel “GOD” to decide who lives or dies, who needs an operation or medication or nothing at all.  But like a con man, he is waiting with baited breath and sweaty palms, wearing his best poker face while doing cart-wheels inside his heart and mind... just waiting for you to sign on the dotted line—signing over your entire life!
If the godless state had not destroyed the people’s faith in God, the people would realize that if they trusted God and lived as He commanded, they would be blessed.  Instead, the corrupt government thinks that it can replace God, and if the people worship and pay tithes to and sacrifice to the GOD-STATE that the GOD-STATE will take care of them and give them health insurance (until they realize that the god is a capricious, cruel, and lying god who will slaughter many of them at its will, once they have complete power over them after seducing them to sign over Power of Attorney to the All-Powerful State).

The world existed for THOUSANDS of years without health insurance.  If medicine has made such vast improvement, why then is insurance needed?  Why are people sicker than ever?  Insurance is a communist ponzi scheme that robs healthy responsible people and gives it to perverts, nonproducers, and irresponsible people so that the sick, weak, corrupt, polluted blood can continue to reproduce and spread like an untreated infection.

If people want insurance because they want to live irresponsibly and immorally, and because they don’t  neither trust nor obey God, then they have every right to purchase insurance—and if they were not overtaxed then they could easily afford it.  The lowest class, those who have been on welfare for their entire lives, generation after generation, if they actually worked for a living would be healthier, instead laying on the couch eating candy and soda and chips, smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol, doing meth and pot, and watching tv.  NEWS FLASH!: Health is not a constitutional right.  Free Health care is not a constitutional right.  Life, Liberty, and Property* are God-given inalienable rights that the Constitution was developed to preserve—the legitimate job of the politicians is to defend the Constitution and the people’s rights.  However, corrupt government bureaucrats / politicians think that they are the origin of life, and they think that they “own” the populace of the nation (as slaves on their plantation)—the nation that they have hijacked.  They steal your liberties, steal your wealth, steal your property, steal your nation—and now they want to steal your health.  They want unlimited and exclusive power over every single aspect of your life.  That is why they want to confiscate and outlaw all firearms... because a small percentage of people are still refusing to surrender and enter the matrix—and the criminal politicians, like most bullies, are cowards by nature; they will only fight when they know they have the overwhelming odds; and they will engage in sabotage, guerilla warfare, propaganda, and terrorism until they do have overwhelming odds in their favor.

[* More specifically, life is an inalienable right: If you don’t commit a crime worthy of death no one is allowed to lawfully put you to death or injure you.  With that life you then have the liberty to work and by that work obtain property.  That work is an extension of your life, which you own, and that property that is developed from that work that you do are inalienable, God-given rights that no one can lawfully take from you unless you commit a crime.]

The purpose of “A-bomb-inable Care” is to make a handful of medical corporations richer, and like Wal-mart gobble up all small businesses so that price can then be controlled and kept high, and so a stranglehold is maintained over health and life itself.  It is also intended, just like Obama’s “Quantitative Easing” and bail-outs and $10 TRILLION added to the national debt and the importation of millions of hostile antichrist aliens—to cripple the nation so severely that it can never recover.

“A-bomb-inable Care” is unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal.  It cannot be called either a tax or a fine.  You cannot be forced to contract against your will and you cannot be forced to take a benefit that you do not want.  You cannot be fined for something for which you were not liable.  It is a corrupt, uncontitutional bureaucratic scam.  It is treason.  That was established beyond doubt when Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill before we can find out what is in it”.  Every member of Congress was a co-conspirator in her and Obama’s treason when they did not cry out “TREASON!” and have her arrested and dragged away in chains, to be tried, convicted, and hung.

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