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Oil Pulling Therapy

Oil Pulling... why does everyone need to do it daily...?:

—bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities, gingivitis, plaque, tooth pain, loose teeth, asthma, diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis and other joint pain, fibromialgia, migraine headaches, allergies, cancer, heart and cardio-vascular disease, stroke, immuno-suppression, and more... bascially any chronic illness or degenerative disease.

All disease starts in and spreads from the mouth! Good-looking teeth is not necessarily the same thing as healthyteeth. Much dentistry is "cosmetic surgery" (like giving a termite-riddled house another coat of paint).  People who have poor dental health, invariably, will have other serious health problems (whether they realize it or not: even as termites will continue to do their silent work until they are discovered or the house falls apart).

However, most people do not realize that they have dental problems.

Further, even those people who do not have dental problems (which is a very small percentage of the population, due to our modern, western, unhealthy, sugar-ladened, highly processed, artificial diet) are at great health risk due to the fact that the human mouth is saturated with billions of bacteria, as well as other single-celled organisms (like protozoa), and all the toxins that they produce—and people do not realize the seriousness of the situation.

Even though many people religiously brush, floss, use mouthwash, and regularly see a dental hygenist for cleaning and a check-up, 98% of the population has some degree of gum disease or tooth decay.  Most people don’t even realize they have dental infections until the infection gets so bad they feel pain and go to a dentist (but until that time, deadly bacteria and toxins will have been leaching into their bloodstream, even for years).  Quite often, after visiting a dentist (many of which are incompetent) the dental problem is not really cured (even by many of the competent ones*), it is merely cosmetically repaired and though the pain may disappear, the problem continues sinisterly with serious health ramifications and the majority of people don’t even realize it (like drums of toxic waste secretly buried under a park which has a children’s playground, slow leaching into the soul has gravely hazardous health risks).

* For important information concerning dentistry by the pioneer in the field of digital x-rays and laser dentistry (the lasers are used to vaporize all bacteria in any dental work), see: Dr. Richard T. Hansen’s book, The Key To Ultimate Health, and his work, Laser Dental Wellness Center (Fullerton, California):


Modern research is now just beginning to "catch up" with the research from nearly a century ago,which proves a direct link between oral health and chronic, degenerative illness.  Improving the environment in your mouth can cure many serious, chronic, even life-threatening health problems.  Bacteria can never be completely eliminated.  At best, they can only be controlled.  Like a garden, if you pull weeds for a few minutes each day things will be under control.  If you neglect that responsibility, the weeds will take over and choke the life out of all the good plants.  To regain control of the garden will then require an entire week's worth of hard work.  So it is with the "weeds" in the mouth.  A few minutes a day will keep the population down.  A daily vigil must be maintained.  It is not a matter of vanity, to merely have pearly whites everyone admires; if neglected, it is truly a matter of life and death, as well as a matter of grave suffering and exorbitant expense.

More brushing, flossing, and mouthwash won’t solve the problem.  Billions of bacteria and other micro-organisms inhabit the mouth (and brushing and flossing will dislodge only a small fraction of them and antibacterial mouthwashes don’t produce much greater results).  They and the toxins they produce find their way into the bloodstream (through even the slightest tissue damage or broken blood vessel) and lodge in their favorite places in the body where they cause disease.  Very minor, even-unnoticeable bleeding occurs after even the gentlest of brushing with even the softest bristles; likewise with flossing. These tiniest hemolization of the blood vessels in the mouth provide the entry-way of bacteria, and the toxins they produce, into the bloodstream. When bacteria and toxins find their way into the bloodstream, they then lodge in their species-specific "favorite places" and become the causal factor of many chronic and degenerative diseases (cancer, arthritis, stroke, heart and cardio-vascular disease, allergies, depressed immune system, etc.).

Often when a badly infected tooth is pulled from an individual’s mouth, certain serious diseases he had "go away."  Such health problems clear up because the body is able to fight off disease and heal itself (as God designed it to) when the source of infection is removed—when the "supply line" of continual streams of "reinforcements" is cut off,and they are no longer able to arrive at the diseased "war zone" area from the mouth via the bloodstream.

Dr. Fife’s excellent book, Oil Pulling Therapy (offered in book section at the end of this page) clearly shows the seriousness of the problem, which effects every single personwhether he realizes it or not.  See also the 3 other important books (highlighted in this green color in the book list).

Oil pullingis so named because the working action of the oil "pulls" bacteria and toxins out of their hiding places in the mouth, where fewer can then enter the bloodstream (or be ingested).  Oil pulling can bring relief in as little as a few days (though for some people/conditions it may take a few months or even a year).

[However, those who would try oil pulling (or any other regimen or remedy) should also be aware of 2 things:

1.Even as malnutrition does not occur from eating only 1 nutrient-depleted meal, so also recovery from malnutrition does not occur from eating 1 nutrient-riched meal.  Sometimes results (good or bad) can be drastic and immediate; sometimes they are barely noticeable and the condition continues with a cumulative effect.

For example: If you have not had a cup of coffee for a year, the first strong cup of caffeinated coffee will make you feel as high as a kite.  However, someone who regularly drinks caffeine does not experience this because his body has accumulated so much of the chemical in his body that he has developed a threshold tolerance and he requires more and more to achieve a noticeable effect.

Similarly, somone whose body is so ladened with such any addictive chemical, when he goes "cold turkey" (immediately stops all consumption of the substance) his body may rebel violently by giving him withdrawl symptoms as a result of not feeding his addiction.

Everyone’s body chemistry, health, resiliency, healing and recovery, disease, and addictions are different, and therefore, their reactions will be different.  Some people may notice immediate results from oil pulling.  Others may not.  What needs to be kept in mind is the illustration of malnutrition. Even as 1 nutrient-depleted meal does not cause malnutrition—but many months or years of nutrient-depleted meals, so too, the recovery from malnutrition will take a significant amount of time (though improvement may or may not be noticed immediately, depending upon the individual and the specific circumstances).  While some symptoms may clear up quickly, others may take much longer.

2. You can’t make an omlette without first breaking some eggs. Sometimes you have to make a bigger mess to clean up an existing mess. This can be compared to many areas of life.

To get a splinter out of a finger, you have to cause a little pain, tear a little tissue, create a bigger wound, cause a little bleeding, squeeze out a little pus, etc.  But that is the first stage of healing: getting the splinter out.

Similarly, a room in a house that has not been cleaned for many years (or even the water/gravel inside a fish tank) may look relatively clean until you actually start cleaning and all the dirt that is stirred up is like disturbing a hornet’s nest or opening Pandora’s Box.  It can be quite unpleasant cleaning such a room, with all the dust and mite feces, dander and dead skin cells, chemical micro-particles from deteriorating carpet and painted walls, etc.  It can really bother allergies and make life very unpleasant even for those who don't have allergies.  But making a bigger mess is the first step of cleaning it up.

So it is with the human body and detoxification.  This process has been called by some the Herxheimer Reaction / Response / Syndrome.  Dr. Fife and others refer to it as the "Healing Crisis" (in contradistinction to the "Disease Crisis" itself).  The unpleasant reaction is a combination of stirring up bacteria and toxins and the resultant die offof pathogens and the body’s inability to keep up with the rapdily accumulating toxic mess.  Will discuss this more below.

So, people may need to realize that when implementing any new health regimen or remedy, they may actually feel worse at first—maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks or more.  Some people may notice no difference; nounpleasant reaction at all.  Again, each person’s body is different, the circumstances are different, so the response will be different.


A. Those who notice no improvement should not"give up" thinking the therapy to be useless.  Remember, eating 1 nutrient-rich meal alone will not cure profound, chronic malnutrition.  If it took many months, even years of bad habits to develop a disease, it is unrealistic to expect them to clear up over night.  It is that irrational, lazy, and irresponsible attitude that causes the majority of people to cling with blind faith in doctors and their drugs, wanting the "magic bullet" that will cure everything overnight.  Well, it is not magic, but it is as damaging as a bullet; yet despite the fact most drugs have more serious health-threatening side effects than the cure they claim to offer, irrational and irresponsible people continue to buy into the poison-to-produce-health lie of modern allopathic medicine. 

B. Those who experience an unpleasant reaction to oil pulling (or any other regimen or remedy) should realize that they are feeling the effects of detoxification (like digging out a splinter or cleaning a terribly neglected room, things will look and feel worse to start with)—but such people need to realize that detoxification (the body dumping toxins every way possible) is part of the healing process.

It is not the oil pulling (or any other therapy) that is "causing" some new illness in them; any such "new symptoms" are a sign that the therapy is attacking their existing illness, infection, bacterial colony, toxin dump site, mircro-organism colony—and those micro-organisms in their body are violently rebelling (like someone trying to go "cold turkey" off an addictive substance, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, drugs*).  The Herxheimer response has been initiated and most (if not all) of the new symptoms are the result of the "die off" of bacteria and micro-organisms and the temporary increase of dead pathogens and their toxins creates a backlog or bottle-neck problem in which the body’s clean up crew cannot keep up with the toxin dump.

For some people the Herxheimer response may never be noticed; for some it may be very unpleasant for a few days or even a few weeks or longer.  However, such individuals need to not give up, but possibly do more oil pulling sessions each day and drink more pure water each hour, which will help the detoxification process to run its course more quickly. 

The splinter has to come out, or the wound will continue to fester (and gangrene could eventually result).


Understand also, drugs are anything that causes a chemical change in the body,and many things are actually drugs that people consider to merely be food.  See below in the book section, From Chocolate To Morphine.

Therefore, even though we all like to see results (and we all like to see favorable results quickly), do not get discouraged if you don’t see good results immediately and likewise, do not get discouraged if you experience unfavorable results.

Oil Pulling Therapy process is very simple.  Take 1-3 teaspoons of any healthy vegetable oil, at least once a day, and most importanty in the morning immediately upon rising, on an empty stomach, before eating.

[Coconut oil is the best, since it is full of anti-microbial properties.  See The Coconut Oil Miracle, by the same author as Oil Pulling Therapy, Dr. Bruce Fife (both available at the book list at the end of this page).  Coconut oil is a semi-solid at temperatures aroud 75° F or below.  Dr. Fife says he slowly heats a small amount of his coconut oil in a pan on the stove before oil pulling, if the room temperature is below 76° F and the oil is solid).  I don’t know why: that just creates an oily pan that will need to be cleaned (and you lose a little oil that sticks to the pan each time).  The human body is 98.6° F and a teaspoon to a tablespoon of solid coconut oil will melt in the mouth in a very short amount of time; and in just a few seconds if you masticate (chew*) it and begin to swish it around.

* Speaking about chewing coconut oil reminds me of a great snack. Toast a slice of healthy bread, then quickly butter it with coconut oil, then also quickly (while the toast is still warm) butter it with your favorite (high fructose corn syrup-free) peanut butter.  It is also great to sprinkle a small amount of cacao nibs on top of this open-face sandwich.

* A good source for cacao nibs is:


Remember to use coupon code QIP222 for $5 off your first order.]

There are 2 reasons for doing oil pulling at least once a day, and why it is imperative to do it first thing in the morning before eating:

1.Those not accustomed to the feel and taste of oil in the mouth may become nauseous and vomit, and thus, an empty stomach is best.  However, only a very small fraction of the population may have this problem.  I myself have a very sensitive gag reflex and my earliest oil pulling sessions never presented any problem... even for 40 minutes (changing oils every 10-15 minutes). 

I have found that Grapeseed oil is the cleanest tasting, after that, Rice Bran oil, Avocado oil, then Coconut oil. I have also noticed that coconut oil seems to be the least viscous and relatively watery; but coconut oil contains the best anti-bacterial and healing properties (see Coconut Oil Miracle, by the same author, as Oil Pulling Therapy, Bruce Fife; see the book list at the bottom of this page).  Nut oils (and virgin olive oil) have the some of the strongest flavors of cooking oils (and those with nut allergies should probably avoid nut oils); but after only a few minutes even stronger tasting nut oils (like walnut) lose their flavor as the oil is emulsified and mixed with saliva.  Red Palm oil I would not think to be the best for oil pulling; it is not only very strongly flavored, but it also seems a bit gritty and also may even stain the teeth (due to the very high caratenoid content) if held in the mouth long enough or that frequently.  If coffee can stain teeth, then I imagine so could Red Palm oil.

2. Even after one is accustomed to oil pulling, it is still recommended to oil pull in the morning before having breakfast.  

Bacteria count is highest in the morning before breakfast.  

Our mouths do not secrete saliva when we sleep* (saliva helps kill bacteria and helps to rebuild the teeth).

* Another good reason to use Xylitol, is that one of its other benefits is that it helps the mouth stay moiste(which is good for people who whose mouths are chronically dry, especially from medications that may dry it out).  Therefore, maybe the Xylitol, 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in the mouth before going to bed, will help the mouth stay moiste (with saliva) and the Xylitol itself is antibacterial, which should help fight bacteria as you sleep.

In the process of eating, a certain amount of bacteria / toxins are washed down the G.I. tract with the food.  After having slept for 8 hours and not eaten, bacteria and micro-organisms have had the time to re-establish their colony.  The fewer bacteria / toxins / micro-organisms ingested, the better, since they can also enter the bloodstream via any opening in the bloodstream  anywhere in the G.I. tract (an ulcer, etc.).  If all the bacteria / micro-organisms are not digested / killed in stomach acid then it is possible for them to enter the bloodstream after being ingested.  What makes this a greater possibility is the fact that as we age, our bodies produce less stomach acid.  Therefore, digestive enzymes—[as I explain here in this article on hives]—are also recommended for most people over the age of 35 and which also help with many other chronic problems such as arthritis, hives, asthma, etc.). 

[See the book, Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You, in the book list at the bottom of this page.]  

Ideally, oil pulling could be done before every meal (3x a day), if it is possible; but it is most important before breakfast when bacteria levels are at their highest.


To perfom an oil pulling session, swish the oil in your mouth and squeeze it through your teeth, around in your mouth from every possible angle for 15-20 minutes.  If you have to sneeze or the phone rings or you feel the oil after time has become too watery during "pulling" (or for any other reason you feel the need to), feel free to spit it out and start with fresh oil.  If you start again right away, there would be no reason to reset the clock of your 20-minute session.  However, if you are distracted for more than a minute (on the phone, or someone at the door, etc., any interruption), I would think it best to start the time over.  

The viscosity of the oil may be a factor that helps remove the bacteria and toxins; but also, the emulsification of the oil with saliva may be the efficacious factor.  Studies have not really determined why it works; only that it works.

It may seem hard at first, but like new exercise with any muscle, after a little time and practice, it grows easier.  Also, it is not essential to pull or swish or squeeze the oil around in your mouth vigorously or even the entire time.  The important thing is that the oil is in the mouth coating every possible surface... so if your muscles get tired, just hold the oil in your mouth for a little while and then resume activity.  However, it is also important that the oil be squeezed into every possible crevace in the gums, between the teeth and gums, etc., so activity is also important.

After the time is up, spit the oil out.  The mixing of the oils with saliva works like a soap / emulsifier (giving greater surface area to each oil molecule) to flush out bacteria, germs, protozoa, etc., before they can find / continue to find their way into the bloodstream.  Don’t swallow the oil, since you don’t want extra toxins / bacteria / micro-organisms in your body.  Also, the outer membrane of bacteria (its "skin") is oily, so oil itself may help to dislodge them from their hiding / breeding place.  Oil soluble vitamins dissolve in oil, not readily in water.  Therefore, oil-based membranes, similarly, may be loosened, washed away (even partially dissolved) in an oil solution.

Spitting the spent oil down the drain may eventually clog the pipes with gunk; though hot water and soap may help wash it down the first few feet of your house's plumbing, once the oils travel a short distance, the cooler pipes under the house or in the basement will cool down the water and the oils (especially oils that solidify at moderate temperatures, like coconut or red palm oil) will turn solid rather quickly in your pipes and could present a problem rather quickly.

You probably don’t want oil in your trash cans inside the house which might leak or attract insects.  It would probably be best to spit the spent oil outside somewhere that you will not be walking.  That may not always be convenient (due to season or weather conditions).  It may be most practical to keep an empty plastic container (like from yogurt or cottage cheese or sour cream) or a "throw away" glass or plastic bottle or jar (mark it well so no one is mistaken concerning the contents), and then pour it somewhere on the garden or grass once it becomes full.  This may seem "gross" (and people who chew tobacco carry around "spit cups" or empty plastic soda bottles to spit in, which itself is gross, but you will not be carrying it around with you in public); but it would save your pipes getting clogged up with additional oil and bacteria.

If you have a solid waste basket in the house, lined with a plastic garbage bag, it may be more convenient to spit the spent oil in there, onto a piece of old newspaper, or used tissue or paper towel, to absorb it.  However, as I explained under "Flax seed oil", unstable oils when soaked into cellulose (like old rags, newspapers, etc.) have a chance of spontaneous combustion.  I don't know if the oil/saliva mixture (the saliva will eventually dry out) will have degraded the oil to where it is less stabile, or if the mixing of the oil with saliva will have rendered the spent oil/saliva more of a soap than an oil.  A chemist would have to answer that.  I mention this just in case there is any degree of risk, some people may wish to find another way of disposing of the used oil.

After spitting the oil out, rinse your mouth a few times with water, even warm water, to help rinse out any remaining oil with bacteria/toxins.  Also, clearing ones throat as best one can to get any oil out of the back of the throat so it is not swallowed, is also a good idea.  After that, you can eat or drink as you like (or oil pull for another session).

Profound proof of the focal infection theory of disease (i.e. all disease begins in the mouth):

Studies done over half a century ago by highly reputed doctors showed certain bacteria from the mouth cause specific illnesses in other parts of the body when oral germs get into the bloodstream and then lodge in those organs / places for which the bacteria individually have a preference: the heart, liver, arteries, brain, etc.  

Infected teeth were pulled from people with known health ailments and those infected teeth (after being cleaned) were surgically implanted under the skin of rabbits (and later the bacteria itself was alone harvested and injected subcutaneously in rabbits).  Sometimes within 3 days the rabbits developed the exact same symptom / disease as the person with the infected tooth.  Within a matter of days, rabbits developed the same disease as the person from whom the tooth was extracted: chronic diarrhea, brain tumor, eye problems, crippling arthritis, liver disease, etc.  It sounds like some crazy science-fiction thriller story line, but it is documented laboratory fact.

People with infected teeth (and many people do not even realize they have an infected tooth until it becomes so serious that it becomes painful) have far greater amounts of bacteria / germs / toxins invading their bloodstream. 

However, people with no infected teeth still have bacteria / germs / protozoa / toxins from their mouth enter the bloodstream via the mouth, from even minor receding of the gums or even the minor-est (even unnoticeable) bleeding after brushing, flossing, using a toothpick, accidentally biting their tongue, gums, cold sores, swollen taste buds, any cut or abrasion in the mouth, a blister from eating or drinking something too hot, mild abrasions from eating a piece of toast or hard tostilla corn chips, etc., no matter how small.

This is powerful information and the hidden cause of a lot of disease... it was understood as fact over half century ago, but with the advent of antibiotics, doctors said there was no need to worry about it, since the drugs would prevent all disease... —but now virus / bacteria / micro-organisms and the diseases they cause have become resistant to many antibiotics (and most health practitioners, now well over half a century from the time of those studies are completely ignorant of the entire school of thought concerning the advent of disease in the mouth by bacteria / toxins / micro-organisms entering the bloodstream by even-mildly compromised blood vessels).

The answer is not "more poison," but cleaning out the micro-organisms and toxins they produce in the mouth beforethey enter the bloodstream and cause disease.  However, modern medicine does not care about prevention.  It wants people sick because it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.  This is why they want all health supplements (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, probiotics, etc.) outlawed(as was already done in Australia and partially in Canada).  This is why they don’t want people raising their own food, their own fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, eggs, making their own cheese, etc.—because real food is healthier and circumvents disease and expensive trips to the doctor and the pharmacy!  It is criminal! —a crime against humanity! —genocide!

[This is also why they want freedom of speech curtailed (including the internet where you can read things like this, become informed, and take personal action), because the totalitarian elite maintain that THEY ownus, and that we have no right to decide what health measures we want to implement in our own bodies, because they claim we do not own our "own" bodies, minds, and souls—but that we are their slaves

Now, they will rarely come out and say this so boldy and directly, but they prove this is what they believe through all the unconstitutional (and thus, invalid) legislation that they pass and cram down our throats every single day (when, in reality, they are NOT our "masters" but our public servants and they are not to tell us what to do, we are to tell them what to do in order to protect our rights, and if they do not obey us, they should be prosecuted for High Treason).  Rarely will they make such truthful allocutions, admissions, or confessions about owning us (but that is what the marriage license and birth certificate are meant to achieve (even though a fraud is a fraud from its inception).  Their notion that they are our masters and we their slaves is the philosophy upon which their draconian, oppressive legislation and mafioso, storm-trooper tactics are based.  They think we are their slaves and slaves have no say about anything. 

Only when enough people stand up and say "I am not your slave, I will no longer accept any of your benefits because I reject your perceived jurisdiction and rule over me...!" —only then will anything change.  However, it is not quite that easy, because well-over 50% of people in the U.S. are either on welfare or public assistance of some type, or are on the government payroll itself—and such immoral people are content being slaves because it provides an easy living, with no work for some, with full benefits and empowerment and enrichment for the elite and their cronies.

As George Bernard Shaw said, Those who rob Peter to pay Paul, can always count {on the support of} Paul.]

The benefits of oil pulling sounds too good to be true, but get Dr. Fife's book Oil Pulling Therapy [see book list below] and read the incredible details.  In fact, do what I did, start oil pulling noweven while you are waiting for the book in the mail).  You can oil pull as many times a day as you like (in addition to regular brushing / mouthwash).  

Oil pulling is an age-old method of oral cleansing originating from Ayurvedic medicine (traditional natural medicine of India).  It is one of the most powerful, most effective methods of detoxification and healing in natural medicine.  Dr. Fife’s Oil Pulling Therapyis a revolutionary new treatment combining the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine with modern science.  The science behind oil pulling is fully documented with references to medical studies and case histories.  Although incredibly powerful, oil pulling therapy is completely safe and simple enough for even a child; painless, easy, inexpensive, effective.

Many studies have been done with 85-95% of those who participated receiving some benefit. 

[Those whose benefits were slight or moderate, and the small percentage who noticed no benefit, were probably the result of lack of dedication in following the simple routine each and every day (and some people with more severe problems probably needed to do it 3-4 x a day, for 20 minutes or more each time).  Some individuals probably saidthat they oil pulled every single day for the alloted amount of time (though they did not) and some individuals probably did not watch the time (only "guessed" at how much time had passed) and in reality they only oil pulled for a few minutes.  This is just my guess.  Everyone knows that "self-reporting" is the least-trustworthy type of study. 

I should also point out that it is also quite possible a small percentage exaggerated the degree of their improvement (consciously or subconsciously) and that the "placebo effect" may also have been partially responsible in a fraction of the group that claimed improvement.]

Many cases are reported in which people received great benefit from 20-full minutes, but when they cut back to only 10 minutes it did not help them as much.  Those with serious and chronic health problems should probably oil pull for 20-30 minutes a day, 3 time a day... and not give up if they do not see immediate results.  Some people see results (almost miraculous) within a few days (some the very first session, which I imagine is very rare); while others it may take several months to even a year for some conditions to improve.

[As I also explain in my article on hives (see above), even taking digestive enzymes cures many of these same chronic, degenerative health problems; but it usually takes a minimum of 2-3 months of daily vigilant dedication (taking large amounts of the enzymes with each meal and even in between meals) before relief is noticed.  Who knows...? ...maybe the digestive enzymes digest the bacteria and micro-organisms (which are proteins) and it takes several months before the bloodstream and all organs are saturated with the enzymes...?]

I am in the process of reading Oil Pulling Therapy.  I highly recommend it to everyone. 

I personally would also theorize that it may be possible that part of the benefit of this therapy is increased circulationto the gums. 

Allow me to explain. 

In weight lifting, there is a technique to develop new capillaries in the muscles.  I read it in a weight-lifting / body-building magazine over 2 decades ago.  I call it a "capillary expansion routine."  

You choose a very light weight (whether doing curls, military, bench press, lat. pull downs, etc.) that you can complete 75-100 reps with and you do the reps very quickly.  This exercise is supposed to develop new capillaries (I have not done any recent research into this, I am just remembering what I read over 20 years ago). 

I performed a very thorough, vigorous session of this routine (probably far more than I should have starting out) one single time, decades ago, back when I lifted weights, and I really noticed something the next day—the worst muscle sorenessI ever had, even debilitating.  It lasted only a day or two; but it was extremely painful and I could not even use my arms for a day.  

Obviously (if such exercise does indeed develop new capillary pathways), more capillaries means more blood flow throughout the tissue, and more blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients, and increased capillary development brings more nutrients to the gums and to the teeth and to the jawbone.  Possibly this is part of what the pulling does...?  This is just an idea I have, which may be valid or not.   I just thought I would throw it out there.

Sometimes after I am done oil pulling, I take a teaspoon of Xylitol (see above in its own section) and pull with the xylitol for a few second (not to remove additional bacteria, but only so that the Xylitol will have completely coated the inside of the mouth).  Xylitol itself is not only antibacterial, but also supposed to help re-mineralize and re-calcify the bones and teeth; even heal minor cavities (which saliva itself is also reported to do).

Further, Manuka honey (mentioned in its own section above) also has incredible healing and anti-microbial properties.  A half teaspoon of it worked around inside the mouth after oil pulling, followed by xylitol, may provide a "triple whammy" on pathogens in the mouth.  Since Manuka honey is so expensive, I hold it in my mouth, even pull with it for a few seconds (again, not to remove additional bacteria, but only so that the Manuka honey will have completely coated the inside of the mouth).  I then don't drink or eat anything for 15 minutes to give the Manuka honey/Xylitol a chance to "do their thing."

Final thoughts about teeth and health.  Dr. Fife reveals that Dr. George E. Meinig, one of the founding members of the American Association of Endodontists (root canal specialists), after years of root canals, in his book, Root Canal Cover-Up, (see list at bottom of page), exposed the fact that in the vast majority of cases, teeth should be pulled instead of any root canal/cap... because it is impossible to get all the bacteria out and it will only continue to fester and leak into the bloodstream and cause poor health, disease, and even death.  Fife also reveals the cover-up concerning mercury amalgam fillings.  Mercury is one of the deadliest elements known to man, it gives off vapors / gas continually, simply over time, moreso after eating.  After chewing gum, mercury vapors are increased by 15-fold.  Many decades ago, hatters used a mercury solution to line the inside of hats to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.  Many hat makers later in life developed disease and mental problems (hence the term, "mad as a hatter").  Other books mentioned below in the book list also expose the dangers of mercury.  Like infected teeth, many of those who have mercury amalgams removed (properly, with vaccums to collect the mercury vapors and all residue) experienced the disappearance of many health problems that plagued them.  See also the books (highlighted in olive green) below: It's All in Your Head, The New Arthritis CureUninformed Consent, and Solving the MS Mystery.


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  Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings 

The only effective and safe method of removing mercury and other heavy metals (aluminum, lead, cadmium, etc., as well as arterial plaque) is EDTA chelation.  Chelation is the Greek word for a crab's pincher; the chelate grabs and holds on to minerals in the blood stream (including the good ones, so remineralization and revitaminization is important after treatment) and then flush it out of the body via the kidneys in the urine.  The standard method is a slow intravenous drip (using smallest IV needle, it is practically painless) of EDTA chelation (an amino acid solution) over a period of 3 hours (during which you must eat and drink to keep kidneys flushing, and those with compromised kidneys usually cannot undergo Chelation Therapy).  Only one chelation can be done per day, but there are numerous clinics that have apartment rental or hotel facilities nearby, and someone can go on a weekend and have one Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Usually maybe around 50 sessions is recommended for someone with serious health problems; maybe half that for those with less severe.  It also removes all arterial plaque from the lining of blood vessels and greatly helps to prevent heart attack, stroke, and other problems. 

Dr. Elmer Cranton* reported that years ago the American Medical Association (AMA) publicly admitted in its Journal (JAMA) that 44% of all heart by-pass surgeries were done for inappropriate reasons.  What reasons are those...? —financial reasons for doctors, hospitals, and medical companies: because it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. The chances of needing another by-pass goes up every year after having had one.  It is an expensive, dangerous, short-term band-aid that doesn’t last.  While by-pass may be a risky, expensive "quick fix" (which also requires you to stay on expensive medicines for the rest of your life) it is like paying someone $50,000 to clean the cobwebs out of your house every few years, rather than getting rid of the spider.  Would it not be so much better to just get rid of the spider?  It should also be realized that chelation therapy itself can be reduced to being little more than a less expensive band-aid, if the person does not change his diet and exercise habits.  Excerise produces lactic acid, which is a natural chelating agent.  However, excercise alone will not clean out terribly clogged arteries impacted by decades of wrong diet.  However, proper diet (with proper oils**) and exercise can prevent the arteries from getting clogged, and can help clean out mildly compromised arteries.

* See, Bypassing Bypass, by Dr. Elmer Cranton, M.D. (see in book section below), the world expert on Chelation Therapy.  Available here:



** For information on healthy oils, see the two pages at this site:




Dr. Cranton also founded one of the best Chelation Therapy clinics (I've been there many times, my father at one time ran it): 

Mount Roger's Clinic - 799 Ripshin Road  Troutdale, VA 24378 - (276) 677-3631. http://www.mtrogersclinicva.com/ . 

Troutdale, Virginia is about 30 minutes south of Marion, Virginia, in southwest Virginia, near Hungry Mother State Park, and near the border of Tennesse and North Carolina.  Phone # and address:  

They also have hypobaric oxygen therapy among other therapies and services.  They may be able to recommend a good Chelation clinic in your area if you are unable to travel to them.  My dad ran the clinic for half a decade and the clinic is top notch and competitively priced, though a little off the beaten path.


Also, a newer form of Oral Chelation—the only one that works; some studies reveal it is even more effective in some cases than traditional IV Chelation, is cardioprim. 

Contact Patricia Aiken at 4cardioprim@gmail.com and mention you heard about the product from Robert/STM's website for a possible discount.


This form of chelation you can do at home (and reportedly, even those with nonperfect kidneys can do it), with the amino acid chelation solution in a glass of juice, taking the babiest of sips (just enough to wet your whistle) over a period of 2-5 hours on an empty stomach.  The point is to get absorption in the stomach, not in the intestines; thus, the longer you can stretch the time out, taking tiny, tiny sips, the more benefit you will get.  If you take too large a sip or too frequent, your stomach will rumble (a sign to take smaller sips, or add another few minutes in between).  If you sip too fast you will get stomach cramps (and you cannot eat an hour before or 20 minutes after or you will get terrible cramps).  However, I had no trouble, take your time, if your stomach grumbles, back off a little... but continue.

Chelation Therapy also helps rest the immune system, help recovery from other disease, and slows the aging process.

Dr. Fife records that the original American Society of Dental Surgeons kicked out any dentist using mercury-amalgam, if they violated the pledge they signed not to use them.  M-A fillings are a quick easy fix and many dentists continued to use them and they continued to be expelled from the society.  Eventually the numbers of those who were expelled was so great, the Society itself went under (1856) and a new one formed—the National Dental Association (one which approved of M-A fillings) and eventually changed its name to The American Dental Association (ADA). 

Consider trying to clean out all the bacteria and microbes from between the teeth and gums like trying to clean a tile swimming pool or a brick house with a power washer / sand blaster.  Obviously, this is quicker and easier than brushes (even wire brushes) or even a 3-foot long section of 2x4 with sandpaper attached to it.  Obviously, the wire brush, power washer, and sandblaster will reach more deeply into the cracks, nooks, and crannies than the 2x4 would.  However, while the more aggressive methods may remove most all of the mildew or algae, they are more abrasive.  Soft bristles may not remove all the older built up material, and harder brushing will do littel good and using a wire brush could damage the tiles, brick, and grout.
However, the spaces between teeth are far more intricate and convoluted.  Further, plaque and tartar develop around the bacteria, around where the teeth and gums meet, working as a suit of armor to protect the bacteria and germs.  More aggressive methods will damage the thin layer of enamel that protects the inner dentin of the tooth from bacteria, which would eat through it like a brush fire.  Likewise, bacteria and germs cause the gums to recede (Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, Periodontitis) in which case the thinner, less hard cementum (beneath the gum line) that protects the dentin, is likewise compromised.

Consider also a very ornate piece of hand carved, even delicate woodwork, like a really fancy bannister and its spindles.  Obviously, aggressive sanding will damage the wood's delicate carving itself, and may even fracture or break the wood.  Sandblasting would pose the same risks, and fade the fine features of the detailed woodwork.  Another method in such a situation would be to emerge the entire woodwork in a non-water-based (water makes the grains of wood to open and wood to swell, and distort, become convoluted and even crack and damage the woodwork) liquid solution, that would then dissolve off all of the old dirt, wax, polyurethane, and stain.  Imagine also if this bath in which the woodwork was submerged had gentle jets like a hot tub, to gently wash the fluid over and around each intricate part.  Of course, the larger the piece of woodwork, the harder to use this method, because not only must the bath be large (and the amount of fluid great), but even then many parts of woodwork would have to be dismantled and taken apart to fit within the bath.  However, the mouth provides the perfectly sized bath for the teeth, with its own gentle power-washing mechanism.  No toxic fluid is needed, merely a simple, healthy vegetable oil that will not only effectively reach all the nooks and crannies with gentle propulsion, but we all know how things stick to oil.  Oil is used in a car's engine and the oils keeps the engine running smoothly, and collects rust, carbon, and other dirt (and that is why an oil filter is used).  Oil is thicker than water and provides not only this sticky environment, but a more significant washing than mere water.  Further, the outer membrane of bacteria and such is also an oil.  Since oil and water don't readily mix well, oil pulling also helps to dislodge such bacteria, washing them out of their hiding places so they can then be spit out.  The oil pulling reaches deep in between teeth and even between teeth and gums to some minor extent. 

I developed juvenile rheumatory arthritis at the age 5.  Obviously, I didn't have any mercury fillings at that age.  Where could I have gotten mercury...?  How about in vaccines.  My dad had us vaccinated when we were young before he realized that they are poison. 

[The mercury in vaccines has also been linked to being the causal factor in a large percentage of child autism.  See books on the dangers of vaccines, vaccinations, immunization, innoculations, in the health book section of this site:


It has been a long-standing practice of communist nations to put fluoride in the water supply to better be able to control the population.  Fluoride (a toxic by-product of the aluminum industry, which would normally cost billions of dollars to dispose of properly as "toxic waste"), aluminum (which is in all under-arm anti-perspirant, most baked goods, and leaches out of aluminum cookware especially when something acid is being cooked), chlorine, and mercury are all poison!  It is far easier to control a population that has been dumbed down in the schools, brainwashed by the media, and poisoned and kept sickly (and in debt due to the high cost of "health care"*) by their doctors and food producers; such people are lethargic, passive, docile, cannot think clearly, and are beset with all sorts of physical ailments which only exacerbates the problem.

* —back when medicine was honest, doctors made house calls (and did not bill 10 people for the same hour in which they were only seen for 5 minutes) and it was affordable (and did not cause more problems than the one it was supposed to cure).]


I also developed severe hay fever around the age 12 or so.  Rheumatoid arthritis and the development of allergies (among other things) are signs of autoimmune dysfunction / immuno-suppression and a sign of toxin build up.  Obviously, at the ages of 5 and 12, I would not have had such incredible immuno-suppression and toxin build up from a normal diet and environment.  I plan on having all my mercury-amalgam fillings (and one cracked lower molar I have had for about 10 years or more*) removed sometime in the near future. 

[* Mercury amalgams continue to expand over time, and thus, larger filling on larger teeth will probably all eventually crack.  Of course, how quickly this results also depends on the tooth, where the filling is, how large the filling is, general nutrition, general tooth health, and how often you bite down on a piece of bone, cherry or olive pit, etc.  I had a cracked lower molar on the other side of my mouth, that I nursed for about 15 years, removed about 10 years ago.  The dental assistant of course got a flow chart out showing me they could grind the tooth down to a peg and then cap it... 30 seconds into her presentation I politely, but emphatically said, "You can just put that away because that ain't gonna' happen."  I'd heard too many horror stories about caps and root canals.  I found a good oral surgeon, had the tooth extracted—after it had become abscessed and I was writhing on the ground all night in pain with no pain remedy giving any relief, and I have a high pain threshold.  Once antibiotics got the infection controlled, the tooth was extracted—and I never even had the pain prescription filled, pulled the gauze out of my mouth in the parking lot, never had any more bleeding and had a pizza 1/2 hour later.]

Dr. Fife (referencing Hal Huggins, D.D.S.) indicates that other autoimmune diseases that may be caused by mercury (which some suspect to have been the culprit in Lou Gehrig's demise, from ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (or Lou Gehrig's Disease, as it is referred to in the U.S.; or in Britain as Motor Neurone Disease or MND) are: Addison's Disease, Diabetes (insulin-dependent), Glomerulonephritis, Grave's Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Myasthenia Gravis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis (among other autoimmune diseases).

According to Dr. Al Sears, one of the steps used to make high fructose corn syrup is to process with caustic soda, which is made using mercury. And when we test, we find that half of the HFCS samples have mercury. Mercury was also found in a third of the off-the-shelf commercial foods where HFCS is the first or second labeled ingredient.



As mentioned above, Chelation Therapy is the best to remove heavy metals.  However, lactic acid (which is produced when one works out physically) is also a chelating agent.  Though regular exercise would help with low levels of heavy metals, it would not help much with large levels, since you can only work out so much and the body needs to rest or the immune system is also run down from lack of sleep.

More people have toxic metals that they realize.  Mercury fillings slowly leach mercury your body absorbs.  Under-arm dedorant has aluminum, as do many, many (if not most) store-bought pastries and baked goods.  Other things we eat may be contaminated with mercury (like fish), or lead (some rice), and cadmium and other heavy metals. 

Dr. Al Sears also reports that antioxidants in food help prevent and remove heavy metals like mercury from the body, such as cruciferous vegetables (cabbage family) and berries (acai, blueberry, pomegranate, etc.), have the most.  However, our bodies produce one antioxidant, that helps detox the body from mercury: Glutathione.  It exists within each cell evacuates heavy metals, which we then eliminate when we sweat, exhale, void, or pass via the bowels.  The amino acids L-Glutamine (1,000 mg.) and N-acetyl cysteine (1,800 - 2,400 mg. a day) help your body produce larger amounts of glutathione. 

[Glutathione itself is offered as a direct supplement (and thus it skips a step of the body needing to produce it, but some may be lost in the stomach during digestion (I am not certain).]


See also this short report by Dr. Sears on Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings



Dr. Sears indicates that the trace mineral selenium is also a powerful antioxidant which the body needs.  Many foods have good amounts of selenium (organ meats such as chicken livers and giblets, turkey livers, eggs, walnuts and Brazil nuts); but supplementation is probably important to get as much as we need (55mcg. - 200 mcg. / day) if we don't have enough of these foods in our diet.

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