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Other Healthy Foods / Supplements


Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup




Artificial Sweeteners


Propylene Glycol






Take Psyllium Powder

High fructose corn syrup(which is now put in most all foods) should be avoided at all costs ... it does not trigger the brain, telling it that you have eaten anything and thus you are never satiated, and this is one of the leading causes of obesity—food manufacturers cram all sorts of food full of it. Also, if a person who struggles with or wants to watch his wieght is going to eat any food with fat or sugar near bedtime, he should take some supplemental Chromium, as fat and sugar leach chromium from the bloodstream and chromium is needed at night while you sleep to produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which helps burn fat and build muscle.

MSG is death in a bottle.  TOO much food is laced with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).  It was once popularly sold and used (chiefly among "soul food" genres) as the brand name "Accent" once (and maybe still) available in the local grocery.  MSG can also be hidden in a product under the ingredients: "Natural Flavoring, Casein, or Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein."  MSG also has various evil step-sisters, such as disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate—expensive flavor potentiaters that work synergistically with processed free glutamic acid.  Body-builders using whey protein (not the same as the baker's or cheese making by-product) or other protein powders with glutamic acid receive an equivelant of this same toxin.  Bee Pollen or the pure amino acid L-Glutamine, spirulina, and other natural sources of proteins and aminos would be far better. 

MSG (as well as Artificial Sweeteners like Nutrasweet, Aspartame, etc.) have been linked to MANY serious health problems (heart attack, stroke, kidney disorders, holes in the brain, memory loss, central nervous dysfunction, etc.

For more detailed information and to see just HOW DANGEROUS these products are, see the book, Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, and the DVDs, Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy, available from STM.


For healthy sweeteners, see:

Blackstrap Molasses (incredible source of minerals), Raw Honey, Xylitol and Other Healthy Sweeteners-

Propylene Glycol (the main ingredient in ANTIFREEZE!) is toxic poison that is  laced in many  food products (particularly things that are creamy: Ice cream, creamy salad dressings) and it is also a main ingredient in most all underarm anti-perspirants (at least, the roll-on or stick kind).  These should all be avoided at all costs.  They destroy the kidneys.  Dogs or cats that lick antifreeze (because propylene glycol is SWEET) dehydrate and die in a few days of renal failure when their kidneys shut down and they stop eating and drinking.  It is a horrible thing to see.

Aluminum—incomprehensibly—is added to MOST ALL baked goods (even those in the freezer section or those in the refrigerated section, the ready-to-bake doughs).  Aluminim is toxic poison, heavy metals that collect in the organs of the body (including the brain) and lead to a host of health problems (auto-immune dysfunction, early senility, Alzheimer's, cancer, etc.) and should be avoided at all costs.  Aluminum cookware should also be avoided at all costs, even for merely boiling water, especially when any acidic food (tomatoes, sugar, protein, oils, etc.) comes into contact with the aluminum, which leaches out the aluminum even quicker.  Aluminum is also laced in most anti-perspirants (at least, the roll-on or stick type, but maybe the spray too, read the labels).  The underarm is very soft tissue and easily absorbs things and you don't want your body absorbing aluminum or propylene glycol. 

Make your own powerful mouthwash and underarm deodorant, using Listerine, Dr. Titcherner's (a concentrated mouthwash with peppermint, very strong, a few ounces added to a large bottle of Equate brand original (not the sugary/colored types, which are full of chemicals) mouthwash, some Botanic Gold (originally called Planet Solutions), some Xylitol, and a few drops of essential oils (oregano, thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, etc.) and 1/3 to 1/4 H2O2 makes a good mouthwash as well as a great underarm deodorant to kill bacteria.  An underarm powder can be made also, using a powder that is 100% talc-free (talc causes cancer, it is contaminated with asbestos) powder, to which you can add a few drops of essential oil of peppermint or other essential oils).  The main talc-free powder is corn starch, which may be a problem if it is GMO corn.  The answer is diligence and vigilance; otherwise, just give up and let yourself be poisoned and pay for it dearly down the road.


Artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives, and pesticides for the most part, have also been linked to disease (auto-immune dysfunction, cancer, etc.) and are also poison and should also be avoided.


WHAT is the solution? 

1. READ ALL LABELS AND UNDERSTAND THEM.  If you can't pronounce the ingredients and don't know what they are, 95% chance, they are harmful and you should not be ingesting them.

2. AVOID most all processed food; make it yourself; it will take a few minutes more, but is a few minutes more of preparation time not worth extra years on the end of your life and less suffering and doctor's bills, trips to the hospital for expensive surgeries and medications that also have risks and side effects?

3. Form awareness groups and even protest groups to demand Congress to order food companies to STOP LACING THE FOOD SUPPLY WITH POISON... or contact the companies themselves and tell them you will be forming nation-wide groups to boycott them and even file lawsuits against them for terrorism in poisoning the food supply of the nation.


Also, whenever eating any meal or snack with fat, starch, or sugar, I make it a habit to take a proper amount of psyllium seed fiber powder (one or two tablespoons or 8-12 capsules) which will help absorb part of the sugar, starch, or fat (or any other harmful ingredient in the food, to some degree, but it is best to eat only natural, healthy food) so my body does not assimilate it.


 Also pure olive oil will slow digestion and help slow the absorption of fats, sugars, and starches, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar will also help in with digestion and help so you do not absorb sugars as much.


Most people don’t drink enough water* (a minimum of 8 glasses a day) and don’t get enough fiber in their diets (and the majority of Americans are dehydrated and constipated—and don’t know it).

[See our link here on water:


Water is essential to life.  Without it, life stops.  All cells need to be properly hydrated for the in-flow of nutrients, the out-flow of waste, and for the medium of the electromagnetic charge of minerals to be properly conductive.]


With each meal you should take a tablespoon of psyllium fiber or a handful of psyllium capsules (Equate brand of capsules is about $4 at Wal-mart and it is a lot easier to take 8-12 capsules after a meal, snack, or desert, than to drink down a full glass of the powdered fiber: Konsyl is a good brand of inexpensive powdered fiber, and without all the artificial color or sugar). Food manufactureers take all of the fiber out of most foods. It is not just old people who need fiber. Everyone does. Fiber absorbs toxins, fat, sugar, etc. and keep the contents of the colon fluid and moving, and thus helps to keep the colon clean (by scouring it and absorbing toxins) and free of residue which will develop like the layer of sludge inside the pipes from the kitchen sink (most disease begins in the colon; constipation leads to re-absorption of toxins and disease). However, take any medications or vitamin supplements at least an hour before or after you take psyllium because you will not get the full benefit from them and you will be wasting your money since the psyllium will absorb part of the medicines or supplements.


Whole Grains, Legumes, and Seeds 

Whole grains, legumes, and seeds (or grain substitutes) are so important and add incredible variety to meals.  

[Beans can be used in dishes to substitute for meat, they can substitute for noodles, they can be used to make breads and pastas themselves, they can be used to make milks (like soymilk) and they can be pickled, powdered (if dry, in which case they will also cook much more quickly) or mashed (if hydrated) for a thick soup/stew broth, and much more.  Their use is nearly endless (and there are many recipe books available; inquire).]


They are important, not only for their fiber, but also for the amino acids, proteins, and other nutrients they provide.  

[Beans and rice should always be eaten together, if watching your weight: each contains some amino acids the others lack, and when combined, they form a protein, rather than mere carbohydrate.  This can also help cut down on the gas they produce in the GI tract; as can also adding ginger.] 


The average person would not believe all the different types of beans, lentils, rices, seeds, and grains there are.  I recommend the following site for their amazing color pictures and variety, as well as giving info on nutrient quality and even recipes.  Check out all the incredible varieties:




Lecithin from the Greek lekithos(λεκιθος, "egg yolk")  is brain food and needed for nourishment of every cell of the body.  Originally made from eggs (egg yolk phosphatidylcholine) it is now made from soybeans (and the product Stakich carries they told me is GMO free).  It has a taste a little blander than sunflower seeds, and a little more gummy.  It could be sprinkled over top of a salad (and when mixed in with salad oil and vinegar, it keeps them from separating; thus it is used as an emulsifier in many food products, including chocolate).  It is reportedly important to aid in or prevent memory loss (and thus ginko, gota kola, rosemary, lemon balm, and hawthorne berry would be good to combine with it, along with cayenne to get it moving) as well as helping prevent or treat Alzheimer's, cancer, mental/mood disorders, liver disease, and even help lower blood cholesterol.  While the body makes some of its own choline, it does not make enough and thus it has to be supplemented by food sources which contain choline/lecithin.  Choline is important for the body's processing of cholesterol, the maintenance of cell membranes, the transmission of nerve impulses, the development of the brain in fetuses (which may help establish memory and intelligence as the human develops), and many other processes.

[Incidentally, all the hoo-ha about eggs and cholesterol was based on botched studies.  Cholesterol is not a problem with eggs (according to more valid studies) when the yolk is not broken in the cooking process (thus, scrambled/omelettes/quiche are more of a cholesterol problem than poached, soft- or hard-boiled, or fried (in a healthy oil, of course.]

 Note: nonGMO soybeans are healthy, but in normal amounts, and very small amounts for children until after puberty... soybeans have estrogen-like hormones and some claim that soybeans and most soybean products (which are in far more foods than the average person realizes, such as hydrolized vegetable protein); the list of soybean products is large: soymilk, soy yogurt, soy ice cream, some hotdogs and hamburgers (sometimes mixed with real meat and sold as beef or chicken), of course outright soydogs and soyburgers, as well as vegetarian dogs and burgers, soybean oil is in so many products and many salad dressings and other products).  Soybeans, according to some studies can make boys predisposed to being effiminate/homo later with hormones screwed up in formative years.  Too many soybeans are not good for adults either, which can screw up the delicate hormone balance.  However, miso and tempeh are fine, but tofu still has those hormones... See article By Jim Rutz © 2010; the original title was: "Soy is Making Kids ‘Gay’ " — then after a huge backlash in response he re-titled it: "The Trouble with Soy".  Here is the link to this very important article:



Lecithin and Bee Pollen contain a health of nutrients for every cell in the body.  Hemp seed hearts also taste very similar to sunflower seeds, with similar texture, and are also very high energy and full of many nutritious properties, as are chia seeds.

For a good source for Lecithin, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, and Raw Honey, see:






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Food Powders

Here is another incredible site:


They have an incredible assortment of herb, spice, vegetable, fruit & berry, and green food powders, that can be added to soups, stews, breads, smoothies, or simply mixed with water to drink.  They have some products you probably have never heard of (such as Camu Camu, the fruit with the highest source of vitamin C; even more than Amla/Himalayan gooseberry).  They also have many powders you probably did not realize existed: avocado, asparagus, leek, shallot, sweet potato, and artichoke (though the artichoke is Jerusalem artichoke (the underground tuber of a species of sunflower; not the green thistly immature flower of the globe artichoke most commonly seen in the grocery store; though I have seen them before also in the produce section of larger grocery stores with a diverse product line.  They have straight powders as well as fortified ones (ones with a ratio of 4:1 or a percentage such as 20% indicate higher levels of the main ingredient has been added to make these powders more potent).  They have fruit and berry powders and green food powders (kelp, spirulina, dulse, barley and wheat grass, alfalfa, etc.).  They have free shipping on orders $75 and up, and they have bulk quantity and extra discounts for multiple boxed/bags of mixed products.  Check the site out and you will be amazed at all their products.


Diatomaceous Earth 

DE (as it is also known) is the skeletal remains of prehistoric diatoms (single-celled marine organism).  Dusted directly on plants or ground around plants.  It will kill any insect that ingests it and cut the body up of any soft-bodied insect that crawls through it.  To them, it is like fine shards of glass.  However, to people and pets/livestock, it is safe to ingest and/or use topically.  Sprinkle over dog/cat/livestock feed to kill internal parasites or dust them with it (avoid eyes) to help kill lice or other pests.  Also safe to put in your own drink for similar purposes.  Food grade quality available from Amazon: See:


$52.90 and only $3.99 shipping for 50lb. bag.



only $23.00 + free shipping for 10lb. bag.

See also: Natural Insect Repellents for Pets, People, and Plants, at this link:

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