—Perverto-Gender Multi-Bender

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Almost everyone now perverts the English language for “political correctness” (which is actually a form of mental illness).  Those who meekly kowtow to it and comply are cowards without ethics other than securing their idolatrous paycheck.

In the sentence, “Each person should take their car to be washed.”  “Each person” is singular.  “Their” is plural.  This is elementary; but the perverters of society, the socialist re-shapers, declare that they have “changed” the elements.  Using a plural verb to modify a singular noun is what is considered “correct” by the Politically defective Totalitari-Nazis of modern society.  Others say that you should just change everything to plural.  But why should we change anything?  If I want to write in the singular I will write in the singular and step all over the overly sensitive gender toes that need stepping on.  It would be dishonest to change something from singular to plural if it was a matter of a court case, a criminal report, or an historical event.  It is an affront to reality.

Most all “professionals” goose-step to the queer and feminist revolutionary drum-beat and knowingly violate the English language and rave about the Emperor’s Marvellous Set of Invisible Clothes.
The cumbersome, “Each person should take his or her car...” would be even more cumbersome as society continues its downward slide into the sewer as, “Each person should take his / her / he-she’s / she-he’s (or should it be “shimmy’s”...?) / was-she-now-him’s / him-&-hers / its car...”  Insanity does not end if you enter the psychotic delusion of those who are mentally ill—it opens up a whole new abnormal universe.

Masculine gender takes precedence in a group.  So what? It’s a word in a sentence, not a death sentence or “oppression”...!

What mentally disturbed creatures such persons are, who make this their monumental bastion to assault.  However, whatever is worthy of being attacked is worthy of being defended.

They claim to believe in evolution (another psychosis / mental illness), yet violate its primary law: “survival of the fittest” / “natural selection” by psychotically passing laws to artificially protect those who are inferior and those who are the least fit to survive.  They even protect those who are unable to naturally survive: Perverted, unnatural, altered genders cannot reproduce — they are damaged anomolies and cannot survive unless they violate the very principle which they claim to be the very core of their being.  What hypocrisy!  What mental derangement!  Political correctness (and all its toxic flavors) is an immoral psychosis: violent delusional abnormal psychology.  When it is legislated and when it forces itself on everyone else, it is a crime.

Then they pervert everything that they touch, and expect everyone to enter their mental illness with them.  They infiltrate and then corrupt every Christian denomination and “vote” on which commands of God they will continue to believe, or simply twist the Commands of God to say the opposite of what they say.  I wonder when they will attempt to force God to submit to gender re-assignment surgery.

Ships and hurricanes were once named exclusively with female names.  No man ever cried because we couldn’t have hurricanes named after us.  Then it all changed and they started using male and female names (and alien names).  Now I am stuck with the stigma and guilt that “Hurricane Bob” destroyed South Carolina.  Thanks a lot freaks!

Some words in foreign languages are feminine, some are masculine, some are neuter. Are they all to be changed too?  Why?  Because that is the anarchist and communist motto: destroy everything; tear everything down; destroy social order and morality and everything will fall (and then the elite revolutionaries, waiting on the sidelines, like vultures, will swoop in to take control).

I think mathematics should be changed next.  It’s not fair that an odd number plus and even number is always an odd number.  It’s not fair to the even numbers.  Math needs to change.  It’s just wrong.  Odd numbers and even numbers when added together should simply alternate and take turns to determine whether the number will be even or odd... [can’t we all just get along...?] or maybe the sum of an odd and even number can be an odd number with an even fraction added to it, like 1 + 3 = 3 1/2 one time; and next time you add and odd and an even number together the answer can be an even number with an odd fraction, 1 + 3 = 4 1/3.  A quarter can be flipped first to see which will be first; but will we flip the quarter once or twice or three times? one and three are odd, and 2 is even.  This flipping incident is not fair to the even numbers, so we will flip it 1,2,3, and 4 times, which = 10 which is even, which is then not fair to the odd numbers.  Will we use a quarter with heads and tails or a quarter with 2 heads... oh my goodness, whatever shall we do...?  —and don’t even get me started on “Prime Numbers”...!  That exclusive club of elites who oppress all the other numbers with their lofty sense of superiority really needs to be broken up and taken down a peg or two (or three)!


Put all the freaks on the front line (along with those who want to recognize them as normal) and the problem will be solved... and hopefully the enemy nation will do the same thing, and then we can have peace by going back to simply ignoring each other.