—Poverty explained by world population in gumballs & US with 5% of World Population has 25% of World's Prisoners

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The below youtube link offers a very good, sane, intelligent presentation.

Our politicians are either brain-dead idiots or purposely involved in the destruction of the United States—WHICH IS A REAL crime and carries the death penalty.

What do most people do with a gum ball that doesn't taste good anymore...? They SPIT IT OUT.

The problem is not poverty. The problem is people in poverty who continue to breed and corrupt governments taking the little people have which renders them poor.

Not everyone who makes $2/day ($632/year @ 6 days a week) can make $20,000 a year (a 31.5 x increase).

-- if they did, certain jobs would be "beneath them" (and WHO would then perform those jobs?) and the cost of manufacturing everything would go up by the same ratio; so now a $4 "Happy meal" would cost $126.00--and WHO would be happy with that and how has it really helped anyone?

They only way it might help anyone, is less people would be inclined to spend their money on a happy meal so they would be healthier, but what would they really live on, since a loaf of bread alone (by which man was not meant to alone live) now also costs $126.00 for a good, whole grain, no preservative or HFCS loaf, or I don't even know what a loaf of cheap crappy bleached white even goes for, so let's say $1, would now be $31.50.

ALL that has really been done is to raise the $2 a day crowd to a higher tax bracket, without really improving their standard of living because the cost of everything has been raised in the same proportion.

So, the purpose, in reality, is to raise the cost of all products 31.5% that everyone in the NONimpoverished income bracket has to pay 31.5% MORE FOR EVERYTHING, while taxing the super poor even more, so that at least on paper, they are no longer poor.

Christ said you will always have the poor (and that was NOT talking about the 3rd world, but OUR OWN PEOPLE... we COMMIT CRIMES against the poor of OUR OWN people by IMPORTING the poor of other nations, who then commit the majority of all the crime against everyone, rich and poor alike).

WEALTH, like HEALTH and HEALTH CARE is NOT a God-given, inalienable right.

MY BIBLE says you reap what you sow and that GOD has ordered all things.

The nations that know not God and worship cows and rats reap what they deserve—the very best their gods can give them: poverty, disease, and war.

WE incur God's judgment for BLESSING those people by giving them money for worshipping false gods. Had we not stepped in with food relief, medicine, military intervention, water, money, their populations would be a fraction of what they are, the world would not be overpopulated, and our nations would not be filled with refuse.

MY BIBLE says, if anyone (of our own people) reject the message of Christ, shake the dust off your feet as testimony against them. IT DOES NOT say bless third world foreigners with your hard-earned money for rejecting Christ. In the Bible Jehosophat was going to go help HIS OWN BROTHER of the House of Israel, the wicked Ahab, who was being attacked by the Syrians. GOD REBUKED Jeshosophat, "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD." If we are not to help our own brethren who are in sin against God, and God commanded us to not seek the peace of the ungodly, nor enter any covenant with them, WHAT can we expect from God other than His WRATH and JUDGMENT for helping those who reject Him and to whom we were not sent...?


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Subject: Fw: Poverty Explained With Gumballs Poverty explained by world population in gumballs... Can immigration to the US help?


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When our enemies post-facto posted a subversive, self-destructive     invitation under the statue of liberty, "Give me your REFUSE..." (and all the world graciously complied) and when our corrupt politicians pass 10,000 laws a year... creating nominal criminals with the stroke of every pen, to be housed with REAL criminals (and subsidizes and breed more with welfare, being one of the biggest welfare states in the world; while at the same time having destroyed US industry by creating so many new laws, restrictions, taxes so that most jobs have shipped overseas), how can the US be anything else than the largest prison in the world...?  when we have become a perverse, godless police state bureaucracy instead of a Christian Constitutional Republic.

These godless socialists VIOLATE the very reality they claim to believe: evolution.  Survival of the Fittest is the foundational law of the theory of evolution.  The morons who believe it practice it in nature, saying, "don't feed the animals, it will get them dependent on man"--and yet they violate their very religion and law by then doing the very opposite with those who supposedly evolved to the highest level of the evolutionary chain and who should be able to care for themselves or they should die out.

Instead, we ALLOW ILLEGAL immigration and encourage so-called legal immigration only from the 3rd world... and those third world nations continue to breed and we continue to support them, even as parasitic birds lay eggs in the nests of other birds, and that larger breed of parasitic bird quickly outgrows the legitimate chicks, eats all the food, and sometimes even pushes the fledglings out of the nest to fall to the ground and die.  Sometimes the parasitic birds even destroy the other eggs in the nest where it lays its own; then goes off, irresponsible and care free, to enjoy a life of leisure, while some other family (that will soon be bred out of existence) is forced to spend their time trying to fill the bottomless pit by feeding a much larger baby that is mere a consumer, never a producer.  The parent birds commit suicide and murder their own children by continuing to feed the parasite bird rather than SHOVE IT out of the nest.