—Red Ice concerning Bono Vox of U-2 & PewDiePie concerning shocking episode of Dr. Phil & Fukuyama Meltdown & Corrupt Politicians and Their Cronies

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Red Ice—very astute and well-spoken—shows how vile Bono (Hewson) is of Irish rock band U-2, who claims to be a “Christian” (Catholic), but who seems to be a leftist and hateful and intolerant himself... and he even seems to insinuate genocide of blonde-hair, blue-eyed people, ridiculing them, inferring that they are all “Nazis” (another black magic incantation tossed about, as are the words “racist” and “Antisemitic”).

What has Bono done to pay back those WHITE PEOPLE who made him fabulously wealthy by buying his albums...?  What has he said about the invasion of Ireland? Scotland? Wales, England? France, Germany? Greece? Italy?  He now mocks Sweden.  Why? —because he is ugly he hates beautiful people...? —because he is wealthy he thinks that he has the right to tell the rest of Europe how they should think and live?

He uses some of the hundreds of millions he has made off WHITE PEOPLE / the peoples of Christendom, and then opens charities in Africa and attacks white people.

During his “performance” he even gives a Nazi salute, for which anyone else would have been arrested (though the blacks can pump their black power fist and that is “freedom of expression”).

He has an incredible voice; sad that he does not have a moral conscience or understanding of the Word of God though he claims to be a “Christian” (Catholic).  And yes, he is a quite talented “circus monkey” for the establishment; how long will our people be amused by and tolerate his insulting antics, however, is another matter.

Bono Vox, being a slight alteration of the Latin (Vox bona), meaning, “Good Voice” ought to change his name to “Malum anima” (from the Latin, anima malum) for “evil soul”.

I wonder if Bono is actually part Jewish, like “Irish-Italian-American” actor Sean Penn and “Irish” actor Daniel Day-Lewis.


This Swede, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known online as “PewDiePie”, who shows a segment of a Dr. Phil show, is at times irreverant and immature, but he is likeable and grows on you, and he truly seems good natured and seems to understand morality, in some areas, on a basic level, though he does not seem to be a Christian.    He has the most-popular Youtube channel in history (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PewDiePie), and he is able to learn from his mistakes and feedback, and not speak as obscenely as he did in his earlier videos; but sadly, he does not seem to value his own heritage or understand that just because some nations of Europe were historically founded by our people, the majority in such nations are not our people (Mediterranean nations in particular).


This episode shows what happens to a family / nation when the true God is removed... oddly, the MEXICAN father (whose Mexican mother is also on the show) says he just wants his daughter to be “a normal white girl”.  Well, she can’t be white because you sired her...! she is not white and she is not normal.  She can’t be with a whorish mother (possibly an American Indian who bleaches her hair, who claims that she smokes pot for spiritual reasons when she “meditates”—gimme that ole time religion!).

The (what appears to be) Jewish-Mexican head of family services also shows his socialism when he blames both parents for “not loving the daughter enough”.  However, the real issue is that of morality and not loving and obeying God and teaching and enforcing the morality that He established.  Move back to Mexico and you can do whatever you want.  An evil, insulting, flippant child like this does not merely “evolve”... she is the product of her parents; it is not an issue of their love for her but an issue of basic immorality in all of them.  This is the typical smokescreen of humanism that blames society for the (what they now term) “sociopath” (which used to be called psychopath, but I guess the “experts” thought that such a name hurts the feelings of psychopaths, who, ironically, have no “feelings” or conscience to offend).  Society is to blame.  Step in the all-powerful, all-wise humanitirian “government” (which must be comprised of higher moral, spiritual, and intellectual representatives of society, otherwise, how could they themselves be society’s saviours?) to save society from itself—by outlawing the morality upon which our nation was founded, instituting their own pseudo-morality, and forcing and enforcing it on everyone, blaming everything as the problem, other than the actual problem itself.

While over the top, this depicts the average family now in Christendom, due to the Third World invasion and “assimilation” and total destruction of our race, culture, heritage, faith, morality.  The corrupt government PURPOSELY imports aliens, purposely teaches godless socialism in the schools and universities and “State churches”, purposely perverts minds in every form of entertainment and social media.*  The corrupt government DECHRISTIANIZES society, has not truly fought a war on drugs, but has been complicit in importing drugs.  Does not secure the border, imports millions of aliens a year, ignores tens of millions of illegal aliens a year, puts the aliens on tax-payer-funded breeding programs, does not stop their crime, brainwashes everyone to assimilate, promotes alien religions and customs and lack of morality. WHY....?  So then when the inevitable destruction of the family occurs, they blame it on “society” (the perverse society that they created—destroying the strong, moral, Christian, white society that we had) and then IMPLEMENT THEIR TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST TACTICS, such as removing children from their homes—to make them even worse in government funded socialist programs.  

[* See article by Michael Foust, which reveals that 81% of t.v. “Family Comedies” include explicit sex talk around children.  In the mid-1950’s Pastor Lester Roloff warned: “Television is a cuddly little cub today, but it’s going to grow into a roaring devouring lion beast in the future that will destroy you, your children, your family, your marriage, and the nation.”  He was right!  He didn’t have a clue of something called “cyberspace” / “the internet” and what incredible power it would have, not only for good, but like dynamite, also for incredible evil.]  

It is too late for this evil child (and it is not the taxpayers’ responsibilty to attempt to create a conscience within an alien psychopath).  Although as the twig is bent so grows the tree—it does not matter how hard or how uniquely you bend a branch of a mango tree, it will never become an olive branch.  Despite her parents’ wealth, it seems that she will end up a single mother on drugs living on welfare (unless she marries some rich fool, to then divorce and be cared for, for life).  The State has NO right to take children from parents... unless in EXTREME cases in which the parents are guilty of capital offenses declared in the Word of God—but even then, the children should only be placed with a loving, godly relative, not with the State to indoctrinate.  

Because the socialist government got a foot in the door, then they use the momentum of their power to take children FOR ANY REASON: homeschool? spank your chidlren? teach Christian traditional values? believe in only 2 genders? believe in separation of the races? believe in lawful sex only within lawful marriage? don’t believe in vaccines and the medical establishment?   They take children for those reasons.  It is even a political tool wielded over you, if someone does not like you; as in the days of the Bastille: All that is required is for some unknown person, in secret, to report you of suspicion—and your life is nearly ruined.  You will be forced to submit to meetings, warnings, intrusion, interrogation (while split apart and mind control experts hammer away at each person separately trying to trick them into saying something useable), surveilance, jumping through hoops, etc.  This is communist control.  IT DOES NOT MATTER IF 1/2 of 1% of their power is used in legitimate instances.  That is not why they exist, that is how they came into existence, but that is not why they exist and why they have power.  The see themselves as an end unto themselves; they engage in deceit and fraud to get elected, then they set about their work undermining our Republic, destroying it, and securing all power unto themselves.

Hollywood is Jewish.*  This (the rotting of our heritage—white Christian society) is its fruit.  This is the Talmud in operation.  This is the Protocols in operation.  These things don’t happen by mistake.  Contrary to the stupid motto, sh*t doesn’t just “happen”.  People, animals, whatever eat food, what is not digested comes back out the other end.  That’s how it works... and if you violate the law that God established, and like Third-World aliens, and just do it on the beach or in a park or on the sidewalk (or on a bus seat! or on the marble floor of an airport) and just leave it (as is now being done in all of Christendom), disease will spread.  

[See this book that I stock, written by a Jew: An Empire of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood, Gabler, 502pp., pb., 18.00 + P&H; well as these reports that I offer: Who Owns The T.V. Networks?, Eustace Mullins, (8½x11, 5pp.); Who Rules America? (8½x11, 4pp.); Who Rules and Programs America? (8½x11, 5pp.); Who Runs The Media? (12pp., booklet) & How the Media is Manipulated, Mullins (8½x11, 10pp.) - 5 short reports; all 5 for 5.00 + P&H.]

This is how the antichrists operate.  Termites don’t build houses and apartment buildings, they move in to ones that someone else, by hard work, time, and great expense, has built, and then undertake their work of undermining it.  The antichrists move in, on their best behaviour, then when the majority become complacent about them, they begin to change our laws and import aliens to cause chaos, so the people will be too busy putting out a thousand fires (and racial profiling laws and the black magic cry of “Antisemitism” prevents anyone from STOPPING the ones who are setting the fires) to deal with the real subversion of the heart and soul and brain of the nation.

Something starts out good and the antichrist invaders corrupt it—AFTER it has become popular.  They are like fire-ants.  When I lived in Florida, I suffered from fire-ant attacks numerous times.  It seems to me that they don’t start biting right away... they wait until sufficient numbers have crawled up your pant legs, then the last one aboard must give a telepathic signal and THEN they all start biting.  The antichrists are not stupid.  The children of this (wicked) world are wiser in their generations than the children of light (Luke 16:8—which is not something that we should emulate, but be aware of: Christ was exposing the Edomite pharisees, not praising them and not suggesting that we emulate them; elsewhere, Christ said we should be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”).  Evil seed matures and demonstrates its evil far-sooner—and will quickly outgrow and choke the life from the good seed, the only true, legitimate plants of the garden.  Scripture says the wicked are estranged (from God) from the womb—as soon as they are born they begin speaking likes.  This of course is not literal, but is an exaggeration to drive home a point.  Clearly no infant has ever been born and began speaking immediately (speech requires not only the development of the vocal cords and tongue, but also the brain, the formation of ideas, associations, etc.), lies or truth or anything.  The point is that their nature is wicked, and inevitably they will speak wickedness.  Baby rattlesnakes will never grow and mature into sheep or doves, but only into mature rattlesnakes.

If you’ve ever done any gardening, you should realize that weeds grow about 10x faster than good seed, good plants.  You can stomp on them, rip them out, chop them up, even poison them—and they come back just as strong, as if you never attempted to eradicate them.  GOOD seed, good plants, on the other hand, are delicate, fragile.  It is almost if you give them a cross look their feelings are hurt and they shrivel up and die.  The antichrists would not waste time, effort, and money to corrupt something that is not popular... then (unless society is already completely degenerate) it never would become popular.  

For a similar reason Third-world aliens don’t develop their own civilization, cities—they want to invade ours and crowd us out, or kill us (some weeds not only choke the life from the good plants, crowd them out so their roots can’t absorb nutrients, grow higher than them and block out the sun, but some may even produce harmful chemicals that keep the good seed from thriving, or which even cause them to die).  We (in violation of God’s clear Commands) taught the aliens our technology, have them aid, kept them from killing each other, delivered them from drought, famine, disease, the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and ACTS OF GOD, etc.  You reap what you sow.  Now, they have so overpopulated and overgrown their own nations they want to take ours from us—VIOLENTLY.  South Africa is a perfect example.  The whites carved out of the wilderness a prosperous civilization (they didn’t steal the land or take the cities from anyone—they built them; the same propaganda nonsense is touted continually about the white man stealing the land from the peaceful American indians—nothing could be farther from the truth).  Once the whites developed civilization, the blacks migrated and tried to move in for jobs and to steal what they could (or rape, murder, etc.) and then destroyed the entire civilization because leftist Jews (Slovo, Oppenheimer, etc.) used their wealth and influence to bribe the eventual corruptable white leaders of government to sell out to the communists and savages the nation and the people who elected them.  The antichrist Jews, socialists, communists are the ones who first begin their assault against Christian society—and in South Africa, wealthy Jews were then the first to flee when the violence against “whites” began in earnest.  

The antichrists wait for momentum, then begin their attack—but hateful people hell-driven, like parasites are mindless.  Driven on by their nature, like lemmings hurling themselves over a cliff, they do what they do because it is what they are.  But they don’t realize, due to their hatred and hubris, that Dr. Frankenstein cannot always control his monster.  They hope to rewrite that last chapter, but things do not work out as they are planned except for the super-elite, super-wealthy who can SUPER-INSULATE themselves from the super-mayhem they unleash upon society.


Also, someone emailed:

One of the most popular political thinkers in America is Francis Fukuyama.  His new book, is Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment.  However, before he gets into the modern search for political identity, he states the following:

“With regard to character, it was hard to imagine an individual less suited to be president of the United States.  The virtues that one associates with great leadership—basic honesty, reliability, sound judgment, devotion to public interest, and an underlying moral compassion were totally missing.”  (page x.)

Was this a kind thing to say about slick Willy?  Was this a kind thing to say about Bush’s cover up of 911?  Was this a kind thing to say about Obama who transformed the American Government into a Muslim State?  Was this a kind thing to say about Hillary and all of her lies and cover ups and her body count?

No, that would not be kind, but of course, he is talking about Trump—and it is is not only okay but necessary for the Left to state this every chance they can.  Basically, Fukuyama is stating in the introduction to his book: Before I get to my book, let me tell you how much I hate Trump.


The leftists, showing their HATEFUL INTOLERANCE, have pulled out all the stops and don’t even make any pretense of following unspoken rules of decorum, honesty, or fair play; yet hypocritically, if any of their non-leftist opponents engaged in the same type of dialogue and behaviour, there would be a myriad of nonstop shrieking comparable to what emanates when the millions of bats leave Carlsbad Cavern at night to feast on insects..


Kavanaugh comes clean about his high school and college years...

“I spent the last two years of high school in a daze, locking away the questions that life seemed insistent on imposing.  I kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly, drank beer heavily, and tried drugs enthusiastically.  I discovered that it didn’t make any difference if you smoked reefer in the white class mates sparkling new van, or in the dorm room with some brother you’d met down at the gym, or on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids who had dropped out of school and now spent most of their time looking for an excuse to brawl.”

Just kidding....That’s from Obama’s book describing HIS high school and college days.


Someone also emailed me the below “DR.” FORD FACTS:

Facts compiled about Dr. Ford that everyone should know, especially after the last 2 days news feeding frenzy.

Dr. Ford’s professional psychiatric program Seeks / Mentors and Oversees a CIA College Training track — they look for Future talent and Pre-Screen potential young CIA Agents paid for by the CIA... Again, she already WORKS FOR and is involved in... A CIA FUNDED PROGRAM.

She claimed to have passed an FBI Polygraph, while crying the entire time through the polygraph, (which is a proven technique to give false positives).  Now, just yesterday, the released transcript of the polygraph shows that she was never asked a direct question about Judge Kavanaugh by name at all.

HER FATHER (Ralph G. Blasey, Jr.) is a Life-long CIA operative since the 1960s, and currently PROVIDES PUBLIC SECURITY TO ALL “DEEP STATE” OFFICIALS under Criminal Investigation today.  He is VP in his company over all personal private Security for Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, Lynch, Podesta, etc.  He is also friends with John Kerry going back to his teen years.  He was personally and directly involved and a key player in the 1982 “black CIA money” banking / CIA scandal when it was exposed under the Reagan Administration.

Dr. Ford’s Rate-My-Professor reviews have been deleted.  Some of those can still be found elsewhere and show a “darkness” described by students.  She commonly goes by “Dr. Blasey” ...not “Dr. Ford” in her position.  Some describe her as angry and overbearing.  She does not even have a doctorate degree, and thus, by advertising herself as a doctor or “professional psychiatrist” she is committing crimes.

Dr. Blasey-Ford has a Husband, Russell Ford, whom she met at Stanford University; they were married in 2002.  Russell Ford is the “Senior Director” at Zosano Pharma, and that company exclusively specializes in “Mind Altering” Drugs.  Russell, around this time of media exposure, deleted his Facebook account, and removed his name from his Company’s Website.  On a side note, HER BROTHER (Ralph Blasey III) WORKS FOR A FUSION GPS     Conglomerate-LINKED law FIRM, Baker-Hostetler.  Yahoo News reported,

“The firm was tapped beginning in at least 2013 to defend a Cypriot company, Prevezon Holdings Ltd., against U.S. money laundering accusations.      Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016—reportedly with the intent to provide information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—was also working for Prevezon.”

In 2012, Dr. Ford is quoted as saying, “If a Republican, any Republican, wins in November, his most likely first nominee to the Supreme Court will be Brett Kavanaugh” ...this was on her radar 6 years ago... she has contributed thousands of dollars to Anti-Conservative Groups also funded by George Soros.

Previous to that, Martha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh was a Maryland district judge in 1996.  In an amazing “coincidence”, she was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents were the defendants.

Dr. Ford’s therapist’s notes also show 4 boys mentioned- not 2.  Dr. Ford says that was a mistake... but cannot remember the name of the 2nd boy.

The Safeway store at which Mark Judge worked, only had 1 door in 1982... pictures now reveal, not 2 doors as she stated... she talks about remembering that she and her Mom went into Safeway in 1982 through two separate doors so that she would only have a 50% chance of seeing Mark Judge... the store was remodeled years later at which time it had 2 different doors, but it did not have 2 doors in 1982.

She claims to remember with 100% certainty 36 years ago that it was Brett Kavanaugh who raped her, but cannot remember to whom she gave her report of this “ancient history” event a mere 7 weeks ago... She currently has raised over $1000k... over the last 10 days although she is receiving free attorney services.  Who is paying for those services and why?

This stinks to high heaven and takes away from every true victim of abuse.