—Reverse Diabetes. Trust Doctors? Read this!

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Reverse Diabetes. Trust Doctors?  Read this!



Doctors will tell you that it can’t be done... doctors and drug companies don’t want cures for diseases, but expensive controls so that you are dependent upon them for the rest of their lives.  So much for their “Hippocratic Oath” (or is that “sowing hypocritic oats”?) to the pagan gods; I guess technically—from the doctors’ viewpoint—they are not doing “harm” because their viewpoint is ignorance.  In reality most doctors are utterly ignorant of health and natural remedies (that were used for 5,920 years of earth’s history) since they are only taught what the AMA teaches them (procedures that make money for the doctors, drug companies, and Rockefeller Oil); yet they are not absolved for their laziness and ill concern for their patients by not thinking outside the allopathic box by doing personal study into wholistic health to be certain that they are not actually doing harm.  The oath against doing harm is not a blanket that is intended to cover their own ignorance and apathy and collusion with the AMA and drug companies and hospitals.  

What is now called “alternative” medicine used to be the only medicine and traditional medicine.  However, what is now called “standard practice” used to be called “experimental” (even if the experiments showed that people die, if they can make enough money off a drug they sell it hard to make a few billion and then take it off the market before bodies start piling up, and then the deaths are traced to the drug, and lawsuits start piling up).  They only experiment on those things that can make them a lot of money (not the best course of action for the patient’s life and health in mind)... even though government grants pay for most of it.  

J.P. Morgan was furious when he found out that Nikola Tesla (whom Morgan was funding) was inventing a machine that harvested ambient electricity out of the atmosphere—to give free energy to everyone.  My point is, a huge percentage of research is from taxpayer money (called “government grants” or funding; but that is deceptive—because it is not the pseudo-government’s money, but the peoples!), so expensive cures should not be sought that make doctors and drug companies rich, but free cures!

Doctors don’t know about health or wholistic medicine because they are quite content to punch a clock, do only what is expected, not make any waves, not do real research (outside the AMA box) to see if what they were taught is actually ethical and true, and they merely accept their paycheck without conscience as their patients are often slowly killed while their bank accounts are milked for every drop.  

Insurance won’t pay $1,000 for a natural remedy that will save you; but it will pay $100,000 for a procedure that will only give you a few more months of life (or even kill you on the operating table or from the side effects of the medication).  Do insurance companies or drug manufacturers take the lofty “Hippocratic Oath”...?  Does not that oath that doctors take require them to actually do their own research to see if the drugs and operations that they were taught are actually doing more harm than a natural procedure?

The “government” funds and controls doctors, medical research, drug companies, and insurance companies.  Is that any surprise, since the government wants to own the monopoly on LIFE, replacing God...?  Much of science is based on fraud, deceit, and bad science.  Doctors claim to be omnipotent and omniscient and they demandingly claim to be the only ones who have a right to decide what your health will be and what procedures and supplements you can take... but when they kill someone (more people die each year from doctors than those who were killed in the Civil War!) —most of which are hushed up—they claim, “but we are only human: medicine isn’t an exact science”.   In reality, the majority of “science” isn’t an exact science; but they pretend that it is (until they damage someone).

Oh yeah, if you are wondering where I first learned about all the lies of the mainstream medical and psychiatric establishments...? —I learned it from my father... who was a chemist, a medical doctor and a psychiatrist; who also later specialized in alternative medicine; and he was also a minister and Bible teacher.  He was a Christian psychiatrist, the best in Florida and probably the nation, and he had a Christian radio program that reached 3/4 of the globe (from which he never made a penny).  He was a virtuoso classical pianist* in his late teens, but my grandfather told him that he could not make any money playing the piano (my grandfather never passed the 5th grade, because he dropped out to help support his family and wanted better for my dad; yet my grandfather knew several languages and was a night manager, at different times, at 4 of the most-prominent hotels in downtown Philadelphia).   My dad went to 16 years of college, medical school, and psychiatric training, specializing in child psychiatry (and he graduated from Central High School in Philadelphia, which at that time was an all-boys school, and they taught German, Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit and when you graduated from highschool you received a general Bachellor’s degree; he then got a full scholarship to both Temple University and Thomas Jefferson Medical School which is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the nation).  

[* My dad’s piano teacher was personal friends with Rachmaninoff.  The instructor told my grandmother that my dad played some pieces better than Rachmaninoff himself.]

Never heard of my father?  Maybe that’s because he only charged people what they could afford to pay—and his only remedy was the Word of God: not drugs, Freudian voodoo, or humanism, though he was trained in secular psychology, he later retaught himself through the Word of God.

[By the way, I have my degrees in psychology and theology... and while much of what is taught in both fields is valid and true, much is also utter fantasy.  I’ve also studied natural health and herbology for over 30 years, grow my own herbs and make my own tinctures; and despite many health problems (most from childhood vaccines) and despite the fact that I am well into my 50s, I am on no medication and have not had a check up in nearly 30 years.  I only go to doctors in case of an emergency, and I bear through various physical suffering while finding a natural remedy.]

His only prescription was the Word of God and once a person was converted (one year he saw 500 converted in his office, during a time in which he had several counsellors working under him) they could then work on their problems by getting their hearts right with God and living as He commanded.  He made no money off the radio program.  Paul Freed, founder and owner of Transworld Radio heard him speak at a conference and aired him for 10 years for free.  The next 10 years my dad paid for the air and studio time himself.  So you haven’t heard of him like you have all the other mainstream radio preachers and psychologists, because he never grasped for the brass ring and compromised to get syndicated, book deals, etc.  My dad also had his own tv program in south Florida for a year or so; initially he was a guest and also also he filled in for other Christian Bible teachers on their tv programs, then he had his own which he paid for... to reach people with Christ and His healing truth.

Now he is in a nursing home, having never recovered from his massive stroke 11 years ago; his birthday, flag day, June 14th was last week.  Please pray for him.  I have been praying for 11 years for miracles that God would “turn his brain back on”... and have the brain cells share information to make up for the massive amount of brain cells that died.   [He passed way January, 31, 2017.]

With that lengthy intro, if you or anyone you know has a problem with diabetes, consider the below... and also CEYLON cinnamon will help greatly (this is true cinnamon; other cinnamons are “hotter” and they also contain unhealthy properties if taken in therapeutic doses).  Chia seed (1 tablespoon soaked in 1 cup of water for several hours, than drank down) and maqui berry and blackseed oil and GFT [Glucose Tolerance Factor] chromium also help control blood sugar, according to various sources.  If I remember correctly, blueberry leaf also helps.  But don’t trust me or my memory on anything related to your health.  Take it into your own hands, be responsible and do some research.  Joel Axe, Dr. Mercola, Natural News, all have good info.  See also excellent youtubes by Dr. John Bergman.