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Below is some communication that others may find interesting; a lot of different topics are discussed here; some thought never touched on or expressed by anyone:


Someone emailed and asked:

Hi, I am asking about David Duke.  I wish a leader will emerge that would bring us back to being good again.  I’m looking for a leader who is Christian, sensible, knows how the economy works, believes in freedom without mixing it up with allowing debauchery.  Loves nature and science, loves progress.  Limitless positivity and who can admit mistakes.  Knows how to apologize.  Brave, sensitive, but also capable of being ruthless to threats and our enemies.  Loves our God and race, and will uphold our culture.  Adhere to the 10 Commandments, etc.  Am I just dreaming?


My reply/comment:

It is indeed a nice dream, but a dream it is; and like most dreams, full of good-intentioned irrationality.

While this presentation (the audio youtube link that I will give in a few pages) is not flawless and not highly scholarly,* it does touch on info about Duke... and remember that Duke in that previous youtube from the other day referred to himself as decades ago having been a “spokesman” for the KKK, which really an understatement since he was the 5th Grand Wizard of the KKK, all sheeted up... arms waiving in the air.  That’s a bit more than a Spokesman, that’s an “evangelist” and “high priest”.  So Duke may at times engage in deception (or at least exaggeration or understatement; of course we are all guilty of this at times, I imagine, but this example does stick out as being a bit “over-the-top” of understatements).  Of course, in his mind, he could have been referring to times before he was Grand Wizard, when he may have been a spokesman.  However, it does not seem likely that the CEO of a company would give an interview and say, “Back when I was the coffee-boy of this company...”).

[The host is not eloquent (though functional), does not formulate or express coherent intelligent thought, is not a thinker, is not even a good interviewer, just a babbler who every now and then asks his “guest” (whom he uses as an ocassional prop), in this case, Eustace Mullins, what Mullins thinks about his babbling; leaving Mullins in a role little different than Ed McMann being Johnny Carson’s “yes-man”.  While indeed this host knows a lot of information and is informed, whether he properly connects all the information (and separates any disinformation) is another matter entirely (you can have all the right numbers for a combination safe, but if they are not in the right order and precise manner, the safe will remain locked).  His delivery is poor, like an absent-minded professor in a rush or like someone trying to deliver a lecture on a bus going over a bumpy road similar to a downhill mogul ski course at 50 mph.  This does not mean that the host may not be sincere.  However, if some of his presuppositions are false (i.e. that “racism” is bad) then that indeed will jade his perception, end in wrong conclusions, and cause him to not only paint his victim (in this case Duke) in a bad light—but actually see him in a bad light (so how else could be be painted, but bad?).  While there is significant information in this presentation, the overall, MASSIVE, unignorable flaw is that without any evidence offered as proof, universal, broad-based generalities and accusations and conclusions of opinions are made (sentences using the terms, “always”, “never” etc.) as if their merely saying such things makes them true.  Eustace Mullins was not infallible, nor was his perception always accurate.  This interview was also made in Eustace’s latter years, when he was not “at the top of his game” and Eustace’s opinion or perception in certain matters was not impervious to his own personal prejudices or jaded view or feelings of being slighted.  This does not mean that he was aware of it and purposely being deceptive or untruthful, but that he was not aware of his own egocentric subjectivity interfering with his objectivity in some areas.  This, of course, is part of the human condition, and not a weakness in Eustace alone; but something that affects us all.]

Duke indeed served some prison time for mail fraud in soliciting donations claiming that he might lose his house to foreclosure, and then using donations to live it up at casinoes (and one can only imagine what type of activities a single man would pursue at casinoes).  He denies this and said he accepted a plea bargain for a lesser sentence to prevent being convicted with a larger sentence by a court prejudiced against him.  

I certainly cannot judge the facts of the case because I do not know them, but I believe the full transcripts of the case may be linked at wikipedia?  I don’t know whether he denies frequenting casinoes also or whether he only denies not soliciting and then using funds at casinoes, rather than for the purpose they were solicited.  The fact that he is reported to have written a sexually provocative, even immoral, self-help book for women to find and keep a man, “Finders-keepers”, using two pen-names, in order to raise money back in the 70s, does not go to reputable credibility.  However, people make mistakes, people sin, people can repent, and people can change. 

So while Duke should not be condemned for the past and for more-recent allegations, the actual facts of the cases involved, and the actual lifestyle that he leads should considered before drawing any conclusions.

Some may fault him for calling himself, “Dr. Duke”, since the university in the Ukraine who awarded him the title is not even accredited.  Now, on one hand, I personally would not think of using such a title by an unaccredited institution, because it would seem to be meaningless (at least, from a general perspective).  However, on the other hand, considering all of the absurd Ph.D.s awarded by “accredited” institutions, for black studies, chicano studies, gay studies, etc., (they might as well offer a Ph.D. in “neurotic imagination and fantasy”) then the matter is put within a whole new light and perspective.  Which then is more reputable? —a phoney degree in a phoney field by a politically correct “officially accredited” institution, or a degree from an institution that is not “officially accredited” by the socialist bureaucracy that has turned once-honorable institutions into Marxist propaganda centers?

While I imagine that Duke considers himself “Christian” (because he is neither Jew or Muslim), that is different than “being a Christian”.  However, he is also an evolutionist (at least, that is my perception based upon my memory of things that I read or skimmed in his books) and an evolutionist does not believe in the God of the Bible.  Such a person may possibly claim belief in some “Higher Power” or “Intelligence” or “Cosmic Good Feeling”, but even then, such beliefs are entirely in opposition with the beliefs of evolution.  In reality, true Christians cannot but make very poor Evolutionists and Evolutionists cannot make but very poor “Christians”.  They are competing and antagonistic “religions” that cannot co-exist in harmony.  The fact that Evolution is a “religion” and not a science is perfectly clear.  There is no physical proof for evolution; it cannot be observed or replicated, even if the laboratory scientist “fudges” all of the circumstances to provide the perfect environment (all of the proper conditions, energies, and matter) for evolution to “spontaneously” occur.  Such fudging and manipulation of all the factors is clearly “intelligent design” (a crude, limited form of creation).  Grant Jeffrey in his superb book, The Signature of God,*1 masterfully demonstrates that the Bible could not have been written by mere men, but God inspiring them to write as they did; and he also ably exposes evolution as a fraud, not a science, but a religion.  Jeffrey shows that the most-eminent Evolutionists, when backed into a corner, admit there is no proof of evolution and that you have to “take it by faith” and build upon it—and that is not science, but religion or dogma.  Furthermore, when pressed, the most-reputable Evolutionists also admit that they choose to believe in evolution because to to them, Creation is untenable.*2

[*1 354pp., pb., 14.00 + P&H.  I have stocked this book for decades.  It is superb if you overlook its significant flaws, which are peripheral (not understanding that the Jews are not the Israelites of the Bible, and not understanding that God’s Law was not abolished, and therefore, not being able to understand God’s Plan or prophecy—which indeed are all significant and glaring errors; but that is not what the book is about, so simply ignore is intellectual and spiritual “lisping”.

*2 In reality, what this means, is that they refuse to admit that God exists, because then they would be required to also admit that it is their duty to submit to Him and obey Him.   Sir Julian Sorell Huxley (1887-1875), a famous biologist (grandson of the more-famous of Sir Thomas Huxley, “Darwin’s Bulldog”, but who was not antagonistic, but respectful to Christianity, which he had not entirely abandoned).  Julian was shockingly honest (not recognizing his own shame).  He declared,

“[I suppose the reason that] we all jumped at [believing] the [Darwinian] Origin [of the Species, thereby embracing Evolution] was because the [very] idea of God interfered with our sexual mores.*” [Brackets mine for clarity. R.A.B.]

* Mores (a Latin word prounounced like the eels, morays) are “folkways or customs of central importance that are accepted by society without question, which embody the fundamental moral views of society.”  Mores also entail the recognition of societal taboos.  Taboos are particularly vile forms of immorality.  Sadly, as our society becomes less and less Christian, as we absorb pagan peoples, what were once universally recognized as taboos, are now considered, “perfectly normal lifestyle choices”).

What an astounding confession!]

Furthermore, those who believe in some generic “Higher Power” or “Intelligence” are actually guilty of idolatry and are certainly not “Christian”.  I think that many secular individuals who are white use the term “Christian” as a synonym for “Gentile”, which of course would render “Christian” in their minds a secular term, not religious, which would reduce it to an oxymoron (“a secular or non-religious ‘Christian’,” of which there is no such thing; it is a self-delusion or a weak lie).  Those who believe in a Higher Power or Intelligent Design (or even “space aliens”, which would be comical were it not so absurd and blasphemous) do not believe in the Biblical God—Creator and Owner of all that exists; and therefore, they do not believe that they need to submit to and obey such a “god”, if he exists.  

[If they are content to believe that they will stand before space aliens on the Day of Judgment, or if they believe that there will be no Day of Judgement, that is evidence that God has sent them strong delusion to believe a lie because they are ordained unto damnation; if they are perfectly fine with that too, that is even more evidence.]

They view themselves as their own moral “free agents”; and thus it is no surprise that the feminist movement came into being, since the vast majority of those who consider themselves “Christians” (who are Arminianists)—since Scripture symbolically refers to Christians as “the bride of Christ”, consider themselves “independent free-willers” and in a sense, “their own woman”, and “liberated women”, who “don’t take orders from any man”.  They don’t know the true God; therefore, they cannot know His Christ; therefore, they cannot be Christians.  

[A black African born in Germany is certainly not German, but he is (destructively and immorally) considered “a German” in a geo-political sense, having illegally had “citizenship” conferred upon him (without authority of the people and in violation of the Word of God) by corrupt politicians.]

Duke indeed has a lot of good information in certain areas, and he is very well spoken.  I do sincerely hope that if he has not already, one day soon he will ask God to forgive him for his sins (including believing in evolution, if, in fact, he does) and disobedience to God’s Moral Code know as the Law of God as found in the Bible, and ask God to apply the Blood of Christ’s Self-Sacrifice to cover his sins, be regenerated by God’s Holy Spirit and walk in newness of life as God commanded.  

Duke has so much truth and is very close to the truth, but secular nationalists don’t realize that their belief in evolution actually sabotages their own case.

To not believe that man* was made in the Very Image of God is to strip him of the glory and identity that sets him apart from the savages, and it actually animalizes the Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples (in their own minds, not in reality; but they then live according to that pseudo-reality), if they (believing the pseudo-scientific theory of evolution) think that they originated from the same ooze from which they believe that the savages originated—which ooze then formed gills, crawled onto land, eventually grew hair and a tail and turned into a monkey, climbed a tree, fell out of the tree, lost his hair and tail, and donned a business suit.

[* —not all people, but Adamkind.  Understand that all races do not descend from Adam or Noah’s 3 sons.  God commanded 10 times in the first chapter of Genesis, His Primary Law: Everything After Its Own Kind—and He forbids all types of hybridization or mixing.  The Hebrew word Adam (Aw-dawm, numbered as #121 in the Hebrew-English Lexicon of  Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible) identical (being the proper noun form) with #120 aw-dawm, one of the main Hebrew words for “man”, and 529 times that #120 appears in the Old Testament, the majority of times it is translated into English as “man / men” (though sometimes it is also rendered Adam, though that may not be proper).  Thus #120 technically means, “Adam-man” or “Adam-kind”.  Hebrew words #121/120 have as their root #119 aw-dahm, and means, “to show blood in the face, blush, flush, turn rosy”.  While to use, such subtle differences as awdawm to awdahm may seem confusing, we have the same thing in English, with related words that are nearly identical, differing only in a vowel: sit, set, sat.]

The problem with secular nationalists (so-called “white racists” or “white supremists”) is both conceptual and practical.  First of all is conceptional.  If they don’t view themselves as God’s Property, and they don’t recognize God’s Right and factual Command that they obey Him in all things, they then will develop their own faulty notions of “morality”—which can only be “fuzzy” because it is based upon imperfection and subjective criteria.  Furthermore, the concept of “purity” of bloodlines will also be perverted.  Man thinks in terms of “relative” purity; and will even arbitrarily vote upon a degree of pollution that they will tolerate and still pretend that a person is “pure” or “white”.  Like the so-called “pure-breed” of goats known as Nubian.  They are the result of African bucks breed with common English does.  How can that be a “pure-bred”...?  Similarly, all the breeds of dogs are considered to have been breed from a singular, ancient dog.  There is no proof of this.  There is only proof that specific breeds were specifically bred from various other dogs to develop the traits of a specific breed of dog that would then be recognized as an official breed.  It is a unprovable assumption that there was a singular parent stock.  This same mode of thinking is then carried over to species considered to be “man”.  Regardless, when man thinks of a Nubian or a beagle as being a “purebred”, what man actually refers to is a specific breed “that is faithful to the ‘manufactured’ breed known as ‘________’,” and the term ‘purebreed’ is a misnomer.

However, when God speaks of purity, He speaks in terms of Absolute.  God commanded, whenever His people sinned and began cross-breeding, that all alien women be divorced and they and all offspring by them to be sent away forever.  God declared, “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD” (Deuteronomy 23:2).  This is an idiom, spoken in the negative, which means “never”.  Verse 3 is a continuation of the same, and ends with an emphatic “for ever”: “An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD for ever”.  Benammi and Moab were born of incest, the 2 daughters of Lot, with good intentions (but perverse morals), getting their father drunk and laying with him (their mother having died along with the entire population of 4 cities of the plains, including Sodom and Gomorrah, for their wickedness and perversity).  They wanted to preserve their father’s name, which would die out, if he did not sire a male heir.  Their thinking of course, was irrational and we cannot comprehend why they thought there were no other kindred women on earth whom their father could marry.  Regardless, that is what they did and their offspring were cursed (even as was Ham’s son, Canaan, for the same reasons*).  Lot and his daughters (and now the incestuous Benammi and Moab) were living in the Land of Canaan, around the coastline of the Dead Sea.  Benammi and Moab married Canaanite women and thus incurred a double curse (actually, a triple curse, since Canaan married a woman descended from Cain, who himself was cursed by God*).  

[* For details, see my What Was the ‘Mark’ that God Placed on Cain? and Who Was the Serpent in the Garden...?.]

God commanded complete separation and God commanded His people to vigilantly preserve the purity of their bloodlines—with no exceptions (those who think there are “exceptions” don’t know the Word of God and don’t understand God’s Very Nature—and I explain in great detail every single so-called “exception”).  Adam was made in God’s Very Image.  Eve was taken from Adam’s side (cloned, in a sense).  All other “races” were created before Adam was created, along with all other living creatures.*  Many of our most-serious problems in Christendom are the result of not drawing the distinction and difference as God does.  God said that He separated His people from all other peoples even as He separated clean from unclean animals.  Sheep did not “evolve” from a common ancestor from which a pig “evolved”.  Each were separate and distinct creations—separated from one another by the very act of creation.  According to God’s Primary Law, “everything after its own kind” the only “race” to descend from Adam is the one that exemplifies the meaning of the Hebrew word.  Savagery results when savages are imported into civilization, and the race is destroyed when savage peoples breed with Adamkind.  Despite those who claim to be Christians who reject what God commanded, this is the pathology and epicenter of our facing the destruction of Christendom and extinction of our people.  Those who reject God’s Plan, Decrees, and Commands, reject God.  Those who think that God “changes” and that morality “changes” understand neither the nature of God or morality.  Tell me, how many of God’s Attributes can you not believe in and you still believe in the true God?

[* See my The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2.]

Of course, after many generations of ignoring what God commanded, and not keeping genealogies as clearly was required,* though not specifically mandated* in the Law, there will be many cases in which there will be uncertainty of purity.  This is a consequence of sin and man, if he wants to be obedient, must live within those consequences while doing all that he can to know and obey.  Those not concerned with obeying God, regardless of whatever “excuse” they will use, simply throw to the wind whatever part of the Law of God that does not tickle their fancy or fluff their aura, and live as they please (and thus, all that they can incur is more judgment: for themselves and their offspring).

[* Detailed genealogies are given throughout the Old Testament and the New.  They were consulted in Ezra and Nehemiah’s day and those not found therein thrust out (which is why the Edomite-Canaanite (masquerading as Israelite) priests (whom Herod, the Edomite, had raised to the priesthood) set fire to the Temple under cover of Rome’s invasion in a.d. 70 under General Titus (son of Emperor Vespasian, and later Emperor himself).  Titus gave no orders for the Temple to be burned and he wept at the sight of it being burned.  The genealogical records were stored in the Temple, so now the imposters could not be “proved” to be illegitimate.  In a separate Rumination I deal with the false doctrine pooh-poohing genealogies based upon a blind interpretation of the passages in the New Testament concerning “endless genealogies”.]

However, those who are secular nationalists or separatists, who believe in a “relative” purity, will “bend the rules” when it suits them, since they don’t consider it a matter of obedience to God or absolute purity, if they meet someone of the opposite sex to whom they are attractive, and find out that they are not pure, they will make all sorts of excuses: “Oh, she is just a ‘tiny bit’ American Indian—you can hardly tell” (or even invent some nonsense about “white indians”); or, well, ‘just one’ of her grandparents was black (or Jewish, or Hispanic, Turkish, Iranian, etc.)”.  Truth is not sacred to them... it is a mere ‘guideline’ which they follow until they think they have a ‘good reason’ to ignore it.

Those who believe in evolution (including the false doctrine known as “Theistic evolution”) believe that all energy and matter somehow came into being (an anti-intellectual claim as the very foundation of their theory).  They believe that all life then “evolved” from some primordial ooze that crawled out of the ocean after some lightning strike.  They believe that all “races” evolved from some monkey.  Evolutionists believe that all matter exploded and was blown out in all directions and since that time has been travelling outward (all stars and galaxies).  However, Evolutionists also believe that like a giant rubber band, the universe will eventually reach a limit to how far it can expand (presumably due to some form of gravitational pull) and will slow down in its expansion, stop, and then reverse direction and them implode upon itself ending all life.  THIS IS EXACTLY what the Marxist, atheist, evolutionist, multiculturalist destroyers of Christendom are achieving in regard to race; and it is based upon the same theory.  They believe that all races originated from the same source, and thus it is “only natural” for them to “marry back” into one another—but the result is the implosion of civilization and the destruction of the white race in the mud tsunami, which is meant to absorb the white race with the purpose of “breeding up” the others; but that is not how it will end.  It will end in oblivion.

God commanded separation.  Multiculturalism destroys the family, the faith, and the nation.  God did not create the world and decree as He did according to man’s notions of “fairness”.  All who descend from Adam suffer the results of and share in Adam’s sin (incurring death and even Eternal Judgment for most—and NO ONE descended from Adam had ANY choice in the matter.  It is no different with race.  Furthermore, what “choice” did any of the other peoples in the Old Testament have concerning being born into a cursed line? —NONE.  All such humanistic hogwash about “free will” and “fairness” (an offshoot of “equality”) are smokescreens.  God is Sovereign.  It is His universe.  He didn’t consult anyone because He is Perfect and Sovereign.  The only hope that ANYONE has is SUBMITTING to what God has decreed, confessing Christ, and living in obedience to what God commanded, and not attempting to violate the order that He established.  This applies to women also, usurping authority that God established for men in the family, church, business, or state.  This applies to children rebelling against their parents.  This applies to anyone rebelling against the gender / sex that God made them.  This applies to anyone rebelling against any law that God established.  Those who resist God and think that they can live as they please will only find out that they think and live that way because He ordained them unto destruction.

Babylon means, “confusion by mixing” and God has nothing kind or positive to say about Babylon; and the last kingdom of this world is referred to as Babylon and God will destroy it.  In the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a mighty image.  The different sections of the body from head to feet represented the different kings of this earth from that time.  The feet were comprised of iron mingled with clay.  This represents integration.  Iron and clay are not cohesive; the clay makes the iron weak.  In disgust Christ will strike the feet, which represent the last Kingdom of this world and the feet will crumble.  The feet support the weight of the entire statue, which will fall; and 6,000 years of history and civilization will come to an end.

God promised to preserve a remnant—not merely a grab-sack, hodge-podge, motley crew of any people, but His people.  He will not have aliens thrust upon Him in place of His own children—nor will Christ have thrust upon Him a bride not of His own choosing, especially of an alien people that would sin!  We are seeing the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation in which the Dragon / Serpent [Satan] spews forth a flood to drown the woman and her child [God’s true people, the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples of Christendom*1].  This is the Third World invasion and their goal is to vanquish, kill, and mongrelize us out of existence, and take everything that our ancestors have developed for centuries and millennia.  But God promised that He would cause the earth to help the woman to receive the flood (see Revelation 12).  God will send a pestilence to cull out the choicest of the wicked and all those (including His people) who reject Him and His unchanging Standard of Morality (see also Psalm 91).  This pestilence will give us a little breathing room, like the eye of the storm, like the land of Goshen did not experience the plagues that fell on the rest of Egypt—as God then unleashes His Fury and Wrath upon the wicked as well as upon His people who refuse to repent and obey Him and separate themselves from the wicked and from the savages, so that His Judgment can fall.  This will lead into the Final Days of Wrath, leading up to Christ’s Return (according to Bible Chronology, hopefully around 2024/2025*2), at which time the angels of God will cull out EVERYONE other than God’s elect Remnant.  All shall be judged and the Millennial Kingdom (1,000 years of peace) here on earth will begin, for those who are alive and remain, and for those who were martyred for Christ.

[*1 See my, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, God’s Chosen People, and Are You An Anti-semite?

*2 —that is, if my understanding of our calander and how it coordinates with Bible history is correct.  See my, A Coordinated Chronological Table of the Patriarchs.]

Thus, unless I am mistaken, Duke is an evolutionist, and therefore considers the Bible and Christianity only as cultural landmarks or folkways... at least, that is the impression I get from the very little I have ever seen or read of him.  Many secular nationalists reject the Bible, thinking that it is a “Jewish book”, when in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Even as all of Christendom is now being invaded by the Third World, so also the land of Israel was invaded.  When true Israel was conquered by Babylon and Assyria (as Judgment from God for turning how He commanded them to live), the King of Babylon imported a dozen pagan peoples, and in Israel’s absence, other aliens (Canaanites) moved in (to reclaim the land that their ancestors had been driven from three-quarters of a millennia earlier).  Furthermore, in 126 b.c. Maccabee leader John Hyrcanus conquered Edom (Canaanites descended from Jacob’s brother Esau and his Hittite-Canaanite and Hivite-Canaanite wives) and in violation of God’s Commands force “converted” them.  It was then that the Edomite-Canaanites infiltrated the land of Israel en masse, and adopted Israelite customs (circumcision, dietary laws, Sabbaths, Feasts, etc.).  Then, they began to intermarry and gain control of the nation (even as they have done in all of Christendom).  Eventually, the true Israelites either migrated to meet with their Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Slavic, ancient (not modern) Greek cousins, or they were absorbed and mongrelized to extinction.  Here we again see history repeating itself in all of Christendom.  They stole our heritage, our name, our identity, our nation 2,500 years ago; and they have been working on stealing all of Christendom from us for the past 300-500 years.  They are finally succeeding as the blind preachers of multiculturalism and the Apostate Gospel, are again allowing aliens into the nation and the church—which they then take over and pollute the Bible doctrine and our form of government.

If a person is truly a Christian, it will show in everything that he does and govern his speech and his actions.  However, the vast majority of Christians are not actually Christians, but humanists who flatter themselves with a pseudo-spiritual delusion.  This indeed is sad.  But if someone is truly a follower of Christ, he will obey what Christ commanded—which is everything that God commanded.  Also, blasphemously, there are some people who have no concept of Judgment, and they will pretend to be whatever they have to in order to achieve their objective.

[26 years ago, when I worked one winter in Baltimore, there was one guy who clearly was not a Christian (at least not beyond superstition or nominal belief in God); a semi-likable guy, but a con-man who was a chameleon who assumed whatever role was beneficial to himself; he showed me that he carried a small Bible in his briefcase, so that whenever he was trying to making a sale, if he noticed that a person was a Christian from how the person talked or anything in the person’s house, he would pull out his Bible and say, “that reminds me, I was just reading in the Bible this morning” and turn to a verse and read something.  HOW SHAMELESS.  Such will be remembered on the day of Judgment.  I indeed, shared things with people, not to make a sale, but as true witness of my faith.]

Here is the audio link that I spoke of earlier (it is about 25 minutes long):


Also, understand: Eustace Mullins (author, pioneer-exposer of the corrupt banking-political establishment elite) was not flawless.  He had many of his own blind spots; he did not fully understand peripheral issues that he spoke and wrote about; he did not understand the Bible that well at all.  He read all of my books (those that I had written before he passed) and although he did begin to understand some things better, what he read in my books never fully “clicked” in his mind, to enable him to understand the big picture.  He quite possibly was not truly converted either.  This of course is just my impression.  However, those who never mention God or the Bible in normal conversation—unless you introduce it—are secularly minded; which is a sign of lack of spiritual life.  And when such a person does participate in the conversation, his mentioning of the Bible and its contents seems more academic and on an equal footing with other disciplines.  Eustace was part American Indian (Shawnee, he told me) and from other things that he expressed, he did not seem to consider the racial rubicon sacrosanct.  Though Eustace understood such issues more clearly than he did decades ago when he first wrote them,* that does not mean that he was right in all of his conclusions.  Also, his own peculiarities (and even delusions) may have clouded (or jaded) his opinions and views of some people, especially if he believed the wrong people when doing historical research (such as believing that the French Reformer John Calvin was a Jew).  Many people may say that they believe the Bible, but unless you actually tie them down, you will learn that they don’t literally believe what is in the Bible, but merely that it is “inspirational”; and they don’t live according to what God commands, but think that their personal experience overrides anything in the Bible (situation ethics, if it feels good do it, etc.).

[* He admitted that his books, Curse of Canaan, Mullins’ New History of the Jews, and My Life In Christ needed to be re-written, since he had learned that the Jews were not Israelites, but Canaanites, who stole true Israel’s identity.]

Eustace seemed to have a pattern (in a mild, off-handed way) of diminishing or dismissing those whom he thought had slighted him (or even those whom he thought had plagiarized him—though it was not plagiarism, but merely not giving him credit for pointing them in the same direction); those who did not give him the mast-head on their periodicals that he would have liked, or even if they had given him billing on their masthead, if they after some point rarely, if ever, asked his counsel and if they did not given him a weekly column or if they did not publish every article that he wrote and sent them, not seeing the value in all he wrote—especially after his strokes and his writing was not really coherent at times.  Clearly, there were periods in which his numerous strokes had affected his mind.  There were several times that I spoke to him on the phone and he was not lucid, and other times he mailed me letters that were incomprehensible.  However, when he last visited with me and we spent the entire day talking and shared several meals together, he was sharp as a tack, lucid, had no memory trouble, though his speech was a little slurred and he talked slower.  But that still did not mean that all of his perceptions / beliefs on certain topics were true or valid; some of his paranoia may have been reality and not paranoia, while some of his paranoia may have been just that, “imagined”.  

This does not change the fact that he had an incredible mind and produced a good amount of valuable information.  He was a speed reader.  As we talked he read through my new 550-page book in about 15 minutes.  He then began reading from the back of the book, turning each page to the front.  I thought maybe his stroke had affected him and he did not know what he was doing.  I then asked.  He casually replied, “Oh, I am just reading your book backwards now.  It’s just something that I have always done.  I read a book forward, then backward, then forward again.”  He said one summer when he worked for the Library of Congress he read 50,000 pages.  [That’s 143 350-page books.  While that is incredible, Rushdoony read 2 books a day every day of his adult life.]  However, it should be kept in mind that simply because Eustace said something (in this you-tube or others at this link) did not make what he said true; though, of course, if he documented what he wrote / said, and the sources were credible / valid, then what he said was worth considering.  A lot of what is in this youtube is opinion stated as fact.  That does not mean that some of it may not be true, but nothing that is said in this video can actually be believed without corroborating evidence since neither of them document a single thing that they say.

Also [back to your question], understand: People don’t need a leader to bring them back to being good; that is a misperception.  If individuals truly desired to please God, to be moral, to be respectable, then they would study His Word daily, and make daily changes, repent, and obey God.  If God’s people did such, then in times of national need, a leader would emerge to lead those persons who are already obeying God, to confederate and do what is right on a national scale, even as they are each doing on an individual scale.  But if there is no “gene pool” of godly people from which a godly leader can arise, then clearly he cannot arise and even if he did he would have no one to lead.  The issue of a leader arising is the result of “Christians” being incapacitated by their own delusions and irresponsibility, thinking that everyone else is the problem.  Each “Christian” is the problem—and each Christian’s not living as God commanded is the reason for which God has sent evil and tribulation to chasten his people back to repentance.  The issue is not looking for a leader.  There is no one worth leading until each true Christian looks into his own heart and repents before God and begins to do what God commanded, demonstrating that the repentance was real.*  Only when such occurs, can a leader arise; for then a leader serves as a conductor in an orchestra, not as a cow puncher in a cattle round up.  Clearly a cow puncher can do little else other than herd into a specific direction or cause a stampede (neither of which does any good to fight off the thieving indians).

[* Understand: Imagine that a teenager has been rebellious, not studying his homework for school, his room is filthy, his hair is in his eyes and touching his shoulders, he is hanging out with the wrong crowd, and his “dating” methods are improper, and he does not participate in any community household chores—that is, he is doing the very opposite of all that his father has commanded him.  Now, imagine (for whatever reason) the teenager one day apologizes to the father, asks for forgiveness, and even sheds some tears—but he does not get a haircut, does not clean up his room, does not begin studying, does not break off his wrong associations, does not desist his wrong behaviour, and does not begin contributing to the household chores, would anyone believe that this teenager “repented” or was truly “sorry”...?  Of course not.  So it is with God.  Works (obedience to the Law of God) do not contribute to salvation; but if there is no change of life to how God commanded His children to live, there was no conversion or repentance.  It is the conversion / regeneration that results from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of Christ that will effect a change and enable a person—and give him the desire to obey all that God commanded.  No spiritual desire.  No obedience.  No conversion.]

I cannot attest to whether David Duke is truly a Christian, nor can I attest to what his heart / mind / motive is; whether he is sincere or whether any of the things that Mullins or the host of that youtube said were true.  I cannot attest to whether or not any of the accusations against Duke in regard to morality and how he lives his life are true.  All we can do is listen to the words that he speaks and look at the fruit in his life.  I certainly would want Duke in any governmental position instead of someone like Hillary or the other destroyers of civilization; but evolution is also a destroyer and evolution has itself provided the filthy environment for creatures like Hillary and others to incubate and crawl out of the ooze.  We need to return to the Constitution as written by the Founders because it worked.  However, what they established was a viable form of government only for a pure race and a pure faith.  That is why our pure faith [the only source of morality and the only source of our being grounded and having any sense of direction] and our pure race are what has been under assault for over 100 years.  The nation cannot be restored without restoring the true faith and the true people; either one will fail on its own because God established the faith for one people and a Babylonian hodgepodge of aliens will reject or corrupt it; and without the true faith [which is the standard of morality and the only source of true law] the pure race will corrupt itself, and self-destruct as we have been doing for over a century and have nearly reached the point in which “terminal velocity” means “ground zero” (the reality called “oblivion”).

I truly hope that if Duke is not truly converted to Christ that he may eventually recognize what being a Christian truly is—and Trump too—that being a Christian means recognizing that Christ is God, man is sinful, corrupt, damaged and in need of being delivered from the Judgment of a Holy God from which we cannot deliver ourselves... that Christ died for our sins to save us from Eternal Judgment, and that if we are truly saved, that will mean that we will turn from sin (all things that God forbade) and instead do all that God commanded... NO excuses (which requires daily reading and studying the Bible to know what God requires).
As far as what I have seen and heard, neither Duke or Trump have ever expressed anything remotely close to what seems to be true conversion; nor have I noticed that their lives reflect true conversion.  Trump talks about loving “his religion” and going to church “whenever he can” ... that elusive double-speak is not believable and is not Christianity.

[* Like Obama’s “presence” in Harvard Law school, in which no one remembers him and his photo is in no yearbook, I wonder about Trump’s presence in church (other than weddings, funerals, or a rare holiday).  Has anyone emerged to verify Trump indeed goes to church on regular basis? pays attention during the sermon, takes notes? does anyone have any photos of him in church? singing hymns? reading his own Bible there in the church? does he have his own private booth in the balcony? or does he “slum it” with the commoners...? does the church have a helipad on the roof for Trump when he goes to church?  However, to his credit, reports in 2018 indicate that Trump participates in Bible studies in the White House with others on a regular basis.  That is a good start; what matters beyond that is whether the doctrine is sound or with a humanistic slant.]

Someone like Trump can truly help the U.S. IF God truly changes him.  However, as he is now, Trump is not upright.  He charged billions to the taxpayers in his own bankruptcies and failed businesses even though he could have easily afforded to “do the right thing” and himself pay for his own failures (and should have done so whether he could have “afforded to” or not—that is what morality is: doing the right thing).  The only reason one would not do so—all smokescreen excuses aside—is greed / immorality.  He said that he “played within the rules”—but that is not saying anything when the rules themselves are corrupt and you know that you are making other people pay for your mistakes; which is immoral any way you try to slice it.  What is “ethical” within “the rules” is not moral when the rules themselves are immoral.  To think that one is then moral or ethical or plays within the rules, is either delusion, or outright dishonesty.  While it is true (I think) that he has had more businesses succeed than fail, he has light years more experience than any other candidate (and more than Obama’s invented credentials and no experience, did he ever even have a shoeshine business? or was he just kicked back smoking pot all the time while his sugar daddy paid the bills?).  Despite his significant faults (including lechery and even bragging about committing adultery), I believe Trump is the only viable candidate—based on what he says and based upon what the others say, and considering that those others are lackluster socialists, conspirators, liars, establishment cronies, many of whom have NO experience* and make no pretence about plans to improve the country, but to continue to destroy it with open borders, antichristian persecution, and perverse-gender totalitarianism, and continued unconstitutional, irresponsible, fraudulent spending and counterfeiting.  The others have no intention to stop giving our economy [ie. the wealth of the nation] to other nations, especially our enemies.  They plan to continue to push to full-blown socialism, higher taxes, manditory “health” care, manditory vaccinations, etc.

[* Hillary’s only “experience” is self-promotion, self-enrichment, treason, corruption, and talking in circles.]

Many of those who are running for president, including Hillary are not even Constitutionally eligible to be president (unless the Constitution is changed, women cannot be president—and God Himself forbids it).  Many of those running for president are aliens (including Hillary, part American Indian and part Jewish), including Eastern Indian, Cuban, and Puerto Rican, and those who were not lawfully born in the U.S.  If they would run without being eligible (which robs their supporters and robs the taxpayers for matching funds) that shows their disdain and disregard for the Law and the People off the bat, so how honorable could they ever be?

Trump would REALLY have been someone who could be trusted HAD he done the right things and paid for his own failures.  This does not mean that God cannot change him, but it is not highly likely.  But it is even LESS likely that God would change the hearts of aliens and antichrists, if any of them become president—because their very being in that role would be an abomination and God would only use it to further JUDGE us, not deliver us; they are vessels of wrath and their only end is destruction.  Though God may change the heart of a Manasseh, a Nebuchadnezzar, a Saul of Tarsus, or even, to a limited degree, an Ahab, He does not change (that is, “convert”) the heart of a JUDAS, a Pharaoh, or a Jezebel—except to further their own destruction—driving the moths on more madly toward the flames.  Since Trump’s daughter married a Jew and “converted” to Judaism*1 (Talmudism), and since Trump has Jews all through his companies in top positions, and he is a strong supporter of the State of Israeli,*2 it seems highly likely that he can be up to any good.  But God uses the wrath of men to praise Him—God controls them to accomplish His Will.  God may yet humble Trump—or spur him on to his own destruction, filling up the measure of God’s Wrath!

[*1 In reality, she did not “convert to Judaism”—she defected from Christianity, if indeed, she was ever truly Christian.  And thus Trump himself shows either his ignorance or duplicity in thinking that his religion (allegedly Christianity) is “the best religion in the world”—and yet still be happy and proud that his daughter defected to an Antichristian religion.

*2 Supporting the State of Israeli has nothing to do with the duties of any U.S. politician and any loyalty to any foreign nation, allowing any foreign nation to have any persuasion or dictation of U.S. Law is treason.  Any politician who speaks of being a supporter of Israelis, taking a trip to the State of Israeli paid for by Israeli special interest groups, to be wined and dined by the Israelis (wearing a Jewish religious hat and BOWING before the “wailing wall”) and being told what a U.S. politician should do in office... is a blatant advertisement and broadcasting of HIGH TREASON.]

All the other candidates have shown themselves to be perpetual traitors.  It shows you WHO their handlers are and who “butters their bread”.  Everything else is a smokescreen.  It does not matter where any of them stand on any issue.  They will lie, break their campaign promises, and do what their handlers / sugar daddies tell them to do.  Asking questions concerning where they stand on any issue is like all the “accessories” you can order for your new vehicle; it doesn't change who the manufacturer is and how the car was designed and what it can and cannot do.  It is showroom window dressing, and part of the sales-pitch “come on” (deception for stupid people)... and when you get to the fine print you realize what Henry Ford had been honest about: “You can have your new Ford in any color you want as long as it is black”.  However, with what you get from the politicians, “contract law” is meaningless—since Congress itself has passed laws that politicians cannot be held accountable for breaking campaign promises.  Well, they can and they should because it is fraud (and also most often treason).  If they violate their end of the contract they invalidate their own office in addition to making themselves liable for criminal judgment (and repayment of campaign money used to commit the crime).


Other person: I agree with you there..  Yes, Trump is your best bet!  The establishment see him as a huge threat....they are going to try and force him into their fold.


My reply/comment:

More probably the establishment want people to think that Trump is a “big threat to them”—when in reality, he is part of the establishment himself.  It is simply a variation of “good cop - bad cop”; but they are all cops and they are all dirty.  The establishment wants the true American people to continue to believe the delusion that there is still free election, that there is a struggle between “parties” or among “the people”; when, in reality, it is either all a show, or there indeed is a struggle, but it is not among the people, but like that portrayed in movies that I have mentioned in the past (The Gauntlet, Three Days of the Condor, Hopscotch, Enemy of the State, Conspiracy Theory, the Italian Job, the Mechanic, etc.) in which there are factions within the enemy camp itself (the enemy being in charge of the entire government or other criminal organizations).  The enemies of the people, in control of the government, are fighting like wolves over who gets to eat the sheep.  There is no honor among thieves.  As I have written... parasites are mindless.  They feed on the last host to the point of extinction and then when there is no host left, what will they do? —they will parasitize each other!  But some of the parasites do see the inevitable “end game”, or out of greed, begin the self-parasitizing feast early, to get a jump / head start on their competition and beat them to the punch.  However, most of them are blinded by such hubris and their own perception of being invincible and untouchable they think that they are in control; but like Dr. Frankenstein, or the person who opened the genie in the bottle or Pandora’s Box, they will soon realize that they cannot control the force they unleashed.

So, unfortunately, I doubt that Trump is truly a Christian, or if he is, just barely (enough to crawl across the threshhold into the Kingdom before the doors close, in which his role will be janitor, not CEO).  However, there is always hope that God will humble him, he will repent and be converted and do what is right by the true heirs of Christendom, not what his handlers want.  But again, that is not going to happen until God’s people humble themselves and repent of their sin against God and their cowardice in demanding that our public servants obey the Law and serve us not the alien Third World or political correctness or the Antichrist State of Israeli and their apathy and godlessness in doing nothing in the face of oppression, tyranny, immorality, perversion, corruption, blasphemies, and abominations.

So, it is most probable that Trump is going to be loyal to the Jews and to himself.  But, that may help us in the long run.  These “Trump wolves” may decide to continue to breed us and eat us slowly (rather than exterminate us in one shot, because they themselves don’t like “the taste of wolf”—the inevitable self-parasitization / self-cannibalism), to give the appearance of the sheep ranch turning a profit and being a respectable enterprise.  Such wolves are actually cowards, but are “Big and Brave” when it comes to standing up to sheep—but they don’t like the prospect of having to be brave when it comes to standing up to other wolves once all the sheep are gone).  So in reality, some of the wolves may actually be fighting the other wolves who stupidly want to eat us all at once.  If this is the case, then that will “buy some sheep a little more time”.  

Also, in reality, wolves fighting other wolves (one faction of the conspirators fighting another so that the spoils of war are divided fewer ways) is the real pathology of assassinations.  It has nothing to do with a lone gunman or disgruntled “patriots”.  It is wolf cannibalism.

It is sort of like that one email I sent out yesterday... I laughed out loud when I read the below anecdote that was in it; it is sad but true.  The email related that one person asked a pastor how his new church was doing and his reply was, “Great!  This church is dying slower than any church I’ve ever pastored.”

However, it is the same of the nation too.  Without a truly godly, moral leader who will restore Biblical Morality and the Constitution and strengthen its perceived* weaknesses concerning the Bible being the supreme law of the land, then all we can really hope is that the nation dies a little slower... because unless the Lord build the house, the builders labor in vain.  However, even if a good leader did arise—the majority would not follow him!  Was that not what happened when the very best Leader possible was sent down from Heaven?  So the Sword of Judgment is double-edged.  No one to lead—no one to follow.  Therefore, each needs to lead and follow on his knees!

[* I say “perceived” because the U.S. Constitution / Federal Government was NOT intended to become an oligarchy or the Sovereign Lord of the people.  Again, it was intended to be the orchestra leader, in A FEW LIMITED areas—only when those areas were needed.  Like the Pendragon of the Silurian-Welsh tribes, or the Overlord of the Saxon Heptarchy, during times of war, the Pendragon / Overlord assumed TEMPORARY leadership over the AUTONOMOUS tribes, and when the threat passed, he relinquished leadership and returned to his own role and all the tribes continued about their autonomous lives.  Thus, we see another reason (other than self-enrichment) why the conspirators in our government keep us in a continual state of war—because it maintains their control over us.  However, the U.S. Constitution / Federal Government was only intended, in a limited fashion, to unite the individual states... but otherwise leave them alone because the Federal servants have no authority to encroach into state or individual rights.  Thus in terms of religion, Christianity was not overtly expressed in the Federal Constitution because it simply joined in union the individual States.  Those individual States had their own State Constitutions (which now have all be redacted / perverted) which were overtly Christian (the only persons being eligible for public office were “free, white, Christian, males, who professed Christ Jesus, and lived morally upright lives in testimony of that faith).  Therefore, the Federal Constitution, by its very nature, had to be Christian, since it joined together the Christian States and had the Federal Constitution even hinted that the individual States were required to surrender their sovereignty or their faith in the One True God and recognize all religions—every single State delegate would have gone home and told the states to prepare for war, not against Britain alone, but against those trying to form a Federal Government.

To claim that the U.S. Constitution is nonchristian or protecting of all religions is to not realize its nature and purpose.  The Federal Constitution was not mean to replace the State Constitutions, but join them togther in times of need (such as war).  The delegates that hot summer could barely agree to hammer out the U.S. Constitution on political issues; had they—not being pastors or theologians—attempted to hammer out theological issues and precise wording, the Constitution would never have been ratified.  Furthermore, they were not gathered in convention because they were bored and had nothing to do, but there was a war looming with Britain, a far-mightier power in that day than the individual colonies even combined.

The fault of the U.S. Constitution lies not in its nature, but in the confused minds of those who have been brainwashed to misunderstand it (who do not understand it in context according to the time and the reason and the principles in, for, and by which it was written) by those who purposely subvert it to destroy the nation from within.  The same applies to the Bible.  The Bible is not the problem; its spurious interpretation by the Apostate (marxist, homopervert, multicultural) Church is the problem.

Had the delegates known that the U.S. Constitution was intended to become an  ALL-POWERFUL, EVER-GROWING TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP the delegates would never have ratified it.  As it was both Patrick Henry* and George Mason of Virginia left the convention and REFUSED to sign the U.S. Constitution because they were forward thinking and they saw the POTENTIAL for what we now have.  While a few (Hamilton) may have been conspirators, most were not.  The nation was at war and trying to maintain its declared independence from the British Oligarchy.  That would never had succeeded were the States not united together against Britain.  Then, everything returned to normal, but the subverters wanted to federalize the beast and take total control and destroy the epicenter of Christendom and steal the wealth of the nation for themselves and enslave EVERYONE on the FEDERAL PLANTATION, so they concocted the unlawful and spurious, so-called “Civil” War, and it is has been a controlled Federal Bureaucracy ever since, growing stronger and stronger, like a blackhole in space that sucks into it all matter in its vicinity, nothing being able to oppose it.  The Brainwashing Propaganda Centers (public schools) don’t even teach U.S. history before the Civil War.  They don’t want the minds of the youth filled with notions of independence, but to be good slaves.

* Oddly, Patrick Henry later maintained the ludicrous position that the states could not secede because they had joined the union.  This violates all-known contract law, which states that if one party to the contract violates his part, the other party is not liable to maintain his part.  This was even penned into the Declaration of Independence itself: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men* are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government layings its foundations on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall most likely effect their safety and happiness.  Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light or transient causes, and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.  But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.... And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

* Our Founders did not consider African slaves, American indians, or Chinese to be “men”.  All were not created equal.  Had they considered all to be equal they would not have owned the Africans and slaves or chased the Indians off.  They did not recognize all religions as equal either.  Had you tried to express such thoughts they would have laughed at either absurdity if they thought you were joking—or they would have had you imprisoned once they realized you were serious.  Diametrically opposed incompatible things are not only not equal—but they cannot co-exist in the same society.  AND THAT is why they want to destroy the U.S. Constitution, hold a new Convention, and bury our history in the past.]

But for now, all that we can expect is more judgment and more oppression because the MAJORITY of even “good” people and “Christians” are not willing to do the right thing.  They refuse to obey God.  They declare His Word “obsolete”.  They don’t want to do the right thing.  Like a 5-year old, they entertain the delusion that they can plant thistles and poison ivy and reap strawberry shortcake and cherry cheesecake!  They want to reap where they haven’t sown and not reap what they have sown.  This is irrational and unbiblical.  The majority of “Christians” and “good” people don’t have or operate according to moral (Biblical) principles; they have self-aggrandizing false notions—and they only care about morality IF it benefits them and their delusions.  They only care about robbery, arson, rape, assault, murder, etc., when they suffer from it—and true to God’s Law of the Harvest, they will eventually suffer from it themselves if they don’t care when their kinsmen-neighbors so suffer.  It is also a sign that they are not truly a member of the Body of Christ—because when one member suffers the whole will suffer; and if any part does not, it is either dead or not actually part of the Body of Christ (but some other body).

The average “good” person or “Christian” is willing to compromise in order to maintain his preferred delusion and state of comfort).  Though we may have “the appearance” of a return to prosperity, it will be an illusion if morality itself is not addressed as core and foundational matters—and sadly, it won’t be, because one man (president or any leader*) cannot do anything if no one really wants to do what is right.  If significant numbers of people have not attempted to do what is right on their own, then no leader is going to wave a magic wand and change the masses internally.  If “Christians” and so-called “good” people have not stood up and demanded legislators be tried for treason the very minute they do something unconstitutional, the very first time they violate their candidacy promises (which constitutes fraud)... let alone when corrupt oligarchs perpetrate false terrorist attacks on the nation, shoot nonaggressive citizens in the back, steal all the nation’s wealth, sell our land and national resources and give our economy to alien nations, and to our enemies, and even import those alien nations en masse to invade our nation (calling them “immigrants”, “dreamers”, or “refugees”—when they are none of those things), when they subvert the constitution, enslave free people, oppress law-abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights, etc.—then they are NEVER going to stand up and do what is right and THAT is why God’s Judgment is upon us and it will be terminal for the majority.

[* Furthermore, how can we expect any “leader” to lead, if he himself is doubleminded / subversive and continues to change direction or his opinion on any given issue?  Trump originally during the campaign said that he was for traditional marriage and against perversions of it.  Then when there was the fake “shooting” in the Gay club in Orlando, he referred to “wonderful Americans” who were shot.  During the campaign he said

Hillary belonged in prison.  Immediately after the election he said Bill and Hillary were “good people”.]

Trump appears to be the only candidate that can be voted for by someone who believes and obeys God’s Word (who do not stupidly think that God abolished His Own Law, who do not think that the dogs are God’s children).  God forbade us to set anyone who is not a MAN and who is not our KINSMAN over us to rule in any manner.  All the rest, other than Trump, are clearly aliens and antichrists and she-devils, who are in bed with the conspirators.  Trump is too, but Trump has a chance to be humbled by God and repent, like Nebuchadnezzer—who was a pure Chaldean,* not a polluted Babylonian.  However, the other candidates do not and are not of our people and are socialists and pervert lovers and want to open the border fully to immigration with no restrictions of any kind, not even concerning the number of immigrants.  Prophetically, Baron Alexander von Humboldt predicted: “The U.S. will absorb Mexico and crumble to pieces”.  However, he did not realize that the U.S. would absorb the entire Third World, and that Germany would absorb Turkey and the Middle East and Africa and likewise, crumble to pieces.  

[* The Chaldeans were cousins to the Israelites and Aramaens and brethren for as long as they retained their purity and did not marry aliens or cursed people.  

The Biblical Israelites are not to be confused with the people known as Jews or Israelis.  God cast His true Israel people out of the land of Israel and scattered them throughout the world and they emerged as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Baltic, Scandinavian, Slavic and related peoples of what would come to be known as Christendom.  The people known as Jews and Israelis are actually the Canaanites (Edomites especially) who took over the land of Israel and assumed the name of God’s chosen; and have since subverted every nation they have entered and are currently destroying Christendom.  An entirely different race of people (Jews / Canaanites) took over the land of Israel, even as we are seeing before our eyes all of Christendom being taken over by Africans / Asians / Arabs / Latinos, etc., and in another 10-50 years, if God does not deliver us, no one will remember that the nations of former Christendom were founded by white Christians; history will be re-written, and the Founders of Germany and Sweden and the US, will be declared to have been Jews, and Black or various shades of yellow-brown Muslims.  Since this is happening before our eyes in a mere half-century, why are Christians so blind that they do not realize that it happened over a period of 2,500 years in the land of Israel? —especially since God prophesied that it would happen...? even though the current occupants in the State of Israeli have no more legitimacy that B-HO does...? —because they are in blindness and do not understand the Word of God and never will until they humble themselves before God, confess their sins, and repent of their lust and worship and fear of wanting to be a friend of the world instead of God.]

Whether Trump is just lying to get elected and DO NOTHING that he promised once in office (or do the opposite) remains to be seen.  However, as I have said repeatedly, even if he does only 1/4 of what he promises, it is more than anyone has done in 100 years.  He is also someone who seems to do what he says on a timely basis, and as I said in an email the other day, IF it is possible for a president to actually be independent and act of his own volition (rather than being a puppet in the hands of the Zionist banker conspirators*) then Trump’s ego is certainly a factor.  He will not want his legacy to be a failure... someone who said he could fix America, and failed.  B-HO is a DOG and a MUSLIM and he is PROUD that he has destroyed this nation, which once was a Christian nation, which he hates.  That is the supreme difference.

[* And it needs to be remember that the tiny little piss-ant billionaires exist either propped up by the Big Boys, or exist by their grace in not squashing them.  Trump was already bankrupted once—and then made a comeback from “poverty”.  He was taught a lesson and propped back up under the promise he would behave and play ball according to their rules.  There is question whether he is even worth a billion.  So, whether or not he is wealthy or independent itself may possibly be a complete mirage.]


Other person:

Duke probably didn’t know he would be famous one day, when he was a 20 year old.  I know we are all flawed and life is a process of hard knocks and learning.  David Duke is a very handsome man and probably had the woman swooning over him... very tempting for a young man.  Also the casinos... I’m sure all of us have tried to win at the gambling casino.  I didn’t go a lot but I went with my granny and my mom and aunties a couple of times for an afternoon out.  I know its not good but I also didn’t know its bad??


My reply/comment: [and indeed, this person seems well intentioned, but confused in various matters.]

Gambling with your own money is one thing (and I am not saying that it is right, I am simply drawing a parallel); taking donations people send for the “cause” and living high and loose is another matter (if, indeed, Duke is guilty of such.

While gambling is certainly not the best use of time and money and is certainly not the best environment (and I am not saying gambling is a good thing) what you and your granny / mom / aunties did for an afternoon out, every once in a while is nothing like what the average gambler does.  Many a gambler loses his entire paycheck—on a regular basis—sometimes all his savings, his house, while getting drunk and engaging with prostitutes, and he ends up abandoning his family... or he attempts to hold everything together while feeding his addictions.  Some turn to crime and rob others to restore their own wealth.  Also, most every single casino is STACKED CROOKED in the House’s favor; everything is rigged, and casinoes are run like nations unto themselves, with mob-like tacticts if you cross the line and win too much money and beat the house.  Casinoes do not merely draw a criminal element, they are tied to it, organized crimes, drugs, prostitution, buying or blackmailing politicians, etc.

Again what your granny did once every now and then is nothing like a person doing it on a regular basis, with booze and hookers (even under-aged ones) and doing it with the money of those who believe in his “cause” who donated it to help him “save the white race”—that is, if those rumors are true.  I am not saying that Duke is guilty of this, I am merely pointing out that you cannot compare what you and your granny did to what other people may do, without your even knowing what they may have done and then defend them blindly.  I think you can see the difference.


Other person:

I feel we are all so flawed, and must repent and ask Father to make us beautiful and clean again.  David Duke is like all of us... flawed... but was he aware that the kkk was set up by the masons?  Does he now know who they worship?

My reply/comment:

First of all, our being flawed is not a matter of our “feelings”, but it is a fact.  Making us “pretty” again, is indeed a nice thought, but it too is out of focus.  The issue is whether some people view their behaviour as flawed or whether they even believe that they have anything that they need to repent of.  We cannot be forgiven until we truly repent, but those who think they have done nothing wrong are lost in space.  

Secondly, in regard to the KKK and the Masons, to someone who has no god, I would imagine he would be unconcerned which god someone else worships.

Originally the KKK was established by persons of the South who wanted to stop rampant crime that the North had set loose upon the conquered, occupied South.  They did not merely “persecute” blacks; they administered justice when crimes were committed and the Northern occupation forces did nothing.  However, the problem with doing things incognito, is that anyone can then put on the same superhero outfit and go out and commit actual crimes in your name and people will assume that you did it.  So there is no doubt that many of the “atrocities” were not committed by Southern Klansmen, but by Northerners committing acts of violence just to blame it on the Southerners.  If you study how the Southerners conducted themselves during the Civil War, and compare that to the Northerners, it is completely incongruent that the Southerners would all of the sudden change their character and behave differently—dishonorably; senselessly.

Furthermore, if I remember correctly, the founder of the Klan (General Nathan Bedford Forrest) also disbanded it.  Thereafter the Klan was re-established by the corrupt renegade conspirators in the government (even as they establish most similar groups here in the U.S. and even as the Jews themselves were the very ones who established most “anti-semitic” groups in pre-war Germany)—it helps to control the opposition.  This enables you to direct the activities of the opposition either into inefficacy or to set them up to be caught and prosecuted for some crime; or it enables you to simply lead them around in circles, accomplishing nothing and wasting their money and their time in a dead-end, do-nothing organization—like the mindless “tea partiers” waving their silly little tea bags (I am sure that caused the subversive billionaire elites to lose sleep at night)... without a clue concerning the real Boston Tea Party or what standing up for your rights and using equal force to repel oppression.

It also helps prove your own case to set up the “threat” to justify your own existence, a “self-fulfilled prophecy” concerning demonizing your perceived enemy and to “prove” the need for the totalitarians laws that such people are clamoring to be passed.  Similarly, the subverters who want to outlaw guns, import millions of aliens, pass anti-discrimination laws, then want to take away the guns of the lawful citizens after those savages shoot people.

Many sincere people (as well as troublemakers) join such groups because they think it might actually help save the nation.  There are many individual groups and even splinter groups that broke away after factions developed within a group.  However, the vast majority, if not all of them, are deeply infiltrated and actually funded and established and controlled by the very ones who claim that these patriotic, separatist, white nationalist groups are the greatest threat to a free society.

Most individuals in politics (including what is called the “extremist right”) are merely playing roles that were assigned to them and for which they are compensated (it beats pounding nails or laying bricks or saying, “would you like fries with that...?”).  However, like Oswald, Ruby, McVeigh, actors are not always told that they will be playing a Swan Song in the end, and that they are disposable and will eventually be written out of the script.

The bottom line: How can someone truly be a Christian who only “believes in God” as a cultural part of our heritage and who does not believe that God is real (just a nice idea) and who does not believe that God is actually someone whose Word we should read and obey?  How can someone who believes that evolution is responsible for all life, energy, and matter (and all consequences therefrom, including notions of morality and ethics) believe in God or the Bible?  Do such persons ever read the Bible? and if they do, do they only read it every now and then in order to be familiar with it as literature, so that they can mention something in conversation or in a speech or video — or does it actually govern their lives?  Some white nationalist groups are rabidly and hatefully antichristian.  Those that are smarter, more educated, and refined—more diplomatic, will attempt to straddle the fence and not disenfranchise many tens of millions of white Americans.  However, if the Bible truly governs a person’s life as the only true faith (and not merely inspiring literature), it will be evident in what he believes, says, and does.  It does not mean that he will be perfect, but that he will aspire to obey God and confess his sins and repent if he falls.


Other person:

Anyway he says himself that was a period of his life that he is not proud of.


My reply/comment:

Of course.  What else is he going to say?  “I wish I was still Grand Wizard and we could ride freely on horses at night in sheets and burn crosses?”  He is no fool, he is diplomatic.  However, unless he was engaged in criminal activity when in the Klan, what is there to be ashamed of?  Are members of the NAACP (which was founded and funded by the Jews) ashamed that they only care about black people?  What about the United Negro College Fund?  Thurgood Marshall Foundation?  Has Jesse Jackson ever admitted shame to being a Black Panther?  The Black Panthers (unless I am mistaken) were from their very inception a violent racist gang of criminals; without a legitimate purpose as the original Klan had.  Regardless, Duke present himself very well whenever he speaks.  I saw a 60 Minutes or some similar t.v. news program about 18 years ago or more.  Sam Donaldson was interviewing Duke.  Duke came across polite, informed, intelligent, polished, refined.  Sam Donaldson (an establishment news t.v. anchorman) came across like a foaming at the mouth rabid hate monger.

Had our nation taken a different course than it has, had it been restored to the control of its rightful heirs, they would have had someone like Duke (if he is not genuine) right there where they wanted him.  Another thing, the enemy backs every horse.  They fund both sides of every war.  They buy out Christian book publishing companies and Christian music companies.  They want a piece of the pie wherever there is a profit to be made; but it also give them opportunity to change the doctrine, philosophy, laws slowly, in such institutions (colleges and seminaries included)... but in political organizations or international wars, they secure their own existence and power (in addition to making money off both sides killing each other, since they own the billion-dollar companies that make the munitions of war, and those companies that get the contracts for most everything else: food, clothing, gear—like the carpetbaggers who followed on the heels of the army during the Civil War).  Then regardless of who wins, they are still the masters; they have still profited; they are still entrenched deeply in important positions of power on either side.

Maybe he is not insincere.  Maybe he believes in what he says he believes in (which is flawed with evolution and false humanistic philosophy), but he does not believe in the Word of God—and if he does not believe the Bible as the unimpeachable source of morality, then he does not observe that Standard of Morality either as a matter of sacred obedience to God.

While it would be better for our nations to be WHITE and godless rather than MELTING-POT and godless, it would still only delay God’s Judgment... and that is why we are under the Judgment that we are under, because if people refuse to recognize God’s Word as THE UNIMPEACHABLE MORAL and LEGAL HANDBOOK by which we should live our lives and run our nations, then anything that they do will fail, and they will compromise every issue of morality eventually, when it serves their purposes—and we will again end up in the mess we are in.  

Compromise leads to compromise; as early in the U.S., the Dredd Scott Decision (if I remember things correctly) led to the 7/8ths rule where a mulatto whose immediate ancestors had “bred up” and now the 7/8s white, is legally declared “white” (though God commanded, “not even unto the ten generation, no never”).  Of course, that law was merely the trickle in the dike that eventually exploded and destroyed the entire protective wall, and now racial purity (if you are white) is a non-issue, except that actual whites are discriminated against and mulattohood is celebrated and glorified.  God said that if we forsook His Law He would send wild animals among us who would rob us of our children, make our highways desolate, and make us few in number.  God said that if we forsook His Law He would allow the enemy among us to rise above us and become the head and we would become the tail.  Thus, without recognizing the Word of God as THE ONLY STANDARD, man will always be willing to compromise, selfishly, when it affects him, his family, people he likes, and thus be willing to destroy the nation because it benefits self (and the hell with all those whose lives are ruined so that he can enjoy what he selfishly wants).  The same will result in any area of morality—compromise will lead to utter corruption and destruction and lead us to the point that we are now in which civilization teeters on the brink of oblivion.


Other person:

My worry is; his anger towards communist zionists, has lead to him getting to cozy with Islamics.... who are NOT our friends, they seem to go hand in hand with communists.


My reply/comment:

This is true, and I have explained in several books of mine that that worldly motto “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” is not a Biblical principle, but one which the Bible denounces.  If God be for us who can be against us? (and He is only for us, if we are in submission and obedience to Him, if we are not in obedience and submission to Him; then HE IS ACTUALLY AGAINST US—HE will be an adversary unto us until we repent).  It does not matter whether the Zionists have infiltrated Islam... when the reality is, infiltrated or not, Islam is the enemy of Christianity (even as Judaism / Talmudism / Zionism is) and God commanded separation from all heathen; whether they “change their club membership” and “pretend” to convert to Christianity or not.  If any “good” Jew or Muslim has truly “converted”* to Christianity, wonderful!... let them go back to their own land and evangelize their own people.

[* However, in reality, no person ever “converts” to Christianity.  People may change their “club membership”, but the Holy Spirit converts the elect whom God in Christ determined before the foundation of the world.]


Other person:

I can’t think of any leader today that has a clean slate.


My reply/comment:

True, but the problem is that the outright treasonous and real crimes of the leftists (like Killary) are overlooked entirely, while a magnifying glass is put over far-lesser issues concerning the lives of conservative candidates.  
Unless Duke can be proved to have actually “lynched niggers” and committed real crimes, his membership and even leadership in the KKK 40 years ago is far less of an actual offense than the very existence of all the socialist, godless, subversive organizations that most all U.S. politicians are actually open members of today (Bilderberger, CFR, TLC, etc.) and real terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  

Killary’s actual crimes from Arkansas to Washington D.C. alone should have ruined any career she would ever have (I think even having watched an assassination up close when working as a pro-bono attorney for the Black Panthers? and she also laughed at getting a black rapist off the hook for having brutally so violated a young girl she was rendered handicapped for life).  

Jesse Jackson was an active member of the Black Panthers, most probably involved in real crimes; and if memory serves me, he even admitted as a teenager working at McDonalds spitting on the hamburgers of white people (I am going from memory there, and don’t know if this is true).  

Obama’s former “Pastor” (whom Obama never denounced, but admires) is a racist, white-hate-spewing communist.... but since Obama “pretended” to be a “Christian” he was elected to congress then FAST TRACKED AND HAND PICKED miraculously, and the next thing you know he is “President”—for 2 terms; even though he reportedly spent a million dollars to keep his private records secret, even though his Social security number is from a state in which he never lived, even though his college transcripts have been sealed, no one remembers him, he is in no yearbook, even though he was reportedly registered as a “Foreign Student” at Occidental College (or was that just an “occident”...?), and they admit to making a fake birth certificate because the original was supposedly “destroyed in a flood”, but the one he passed off as the real certificate (which constituted fraud) it was so phoney everyone knew it.  All that from the self-proclaimed “transparent president”.    And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

But, for some stupid reason he is hailed as a “Constitutional scholar” (maybe if the Koran is a “Constitution” of sorts); for some stupid reason, during his first year as Anti-President, the media fawned over him saying how eloquent he was, even though he could not speak a string of 3 words without saying “uhhh”.

And Congress and the State Governors and all other politicians, and the tens of thousands of so-called “Christian” pastors throughout the land, all of whom constitute the “watchmen on the wall” say and do nothing.  Yet if a Candidate (other than Hillary) even accepts an endorsement or a vote from someone like Duke, the establishment thinks the political-hopeful should be “deep sixed” (thrown overboard) and do pennance the rest of his life.


Other person:

So what do we do?


My reply/comment:

Repent individually, pray that God brings us to repent nationally, and break fellowship with any friend or family or neighbor who refuses to do the same; break ties with whomever thinks that everyone else is the problem, while thinking that we don’t need to repent of our sins and obey God and that electing the “right person” will magically fix everything.  That is why God is judging us, because we are supposed to obey Him, but everyone listens to the shills (either blind shepherds or wolves in sheep’s clothing) in all the so-called “Christian” churches who say that God abolished his own Law—which would be like God cutting off His Own Hand, or plucking out His Own Eye!  THEY DON’T KNOW GOD, they DON’T HAVE A CLUE concerning His Nature or Holiness... and therefore, CANNOT understand God’s Word beyond “nice stories” (which they mostly misunderstand also).


Other person:

It’s become apparent that all the European leaders are traitors to their countries.  The UN is a farce, and frankly dangerous.... It gives food aid to african muslims that then keep the food only for themselves and their side kicks, and they starve the Christians to death... like Sudan for instance.  We need a Christian leader who is brave and strong.  Where do we find one... is there one?


My reply/comment:

Nowhere that I can see... and that is really a moot point, because even were there one, no one other than a handful of people would follow him.  Like Christ Himself, most “Christians” would reject him.

Judgment is happening because, like Jack Nicholson as Joker in Batman declared of Gotham City / New York City: “What this town needs is an enema!”

That’s what God is doing.  It’s not a pretty sight.  It’s a dirty job, but has to be done; just like lancing a boil.