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[Below is a shocking letter I received today from a gentleman who writes to me a time or two a year.  I have no reason to believe he made this up, and therefore, I certainly believe it to be true.  Cocky, brazen Chutzpah.  May God reward them soon.]


Dear Pastor Balaicius:

I want to share with you something that happened to me the other day.  I still have difficulty believing the incident as I replay it in my mind.  Sometimes, though rarely, the enemy allows his mask to fall and one can see him plainly for what he is.

I was passing through a retail district of downtown San Francisco on my way from the gym and noticed a sign on a storefront that read "Store of the Jewish Museum of Modern History."  Curiosity got the better of me and I entered the establishment.  I wanted to see how the Jews were representing themselves to the general public.  This establishment wasn't the actual museum but the retail store for the museum that sold merchandise related to Jewish history and culture.  Upon entering I immediately noticed a line of shoppers waiting to get past a security desk, which was manned by a Jewish security guard wearing badge as well as beanie.  Before entering, shoppers were required to empty their pockets into a plastic tray, which was passed through a metal detector.  They also had to walk through a large metal detector like you see at airports.  Shoppers also had to leave backpacks, bags, boxes, etc. with the guard until they left.

I thought this was a bit extreme, so when I got up to the guard I asked him what all the security was about.  "Just precautions," he said, his eyes cagily focusing on me.

"Well, I don't want to go through all this hassle just to browse the store," I said and turned back toward the exit.   I looked back at the guard in mid-motion and continued off handedly, "What are you worried about anyway?"

The Jewish guard paused, watching me with hooded eyes as I neared the door.  "The Jewish people are not worried about anything," he spoke under his breath.  "We have already defeated you."

I froze right there, halfway out the door.   Mind you, I looked like an ordinary American shopper.  There were a lot of us there.  I gave him no reason to make such an unusual comment.  The entire episode seemed completely pedestrian until the Jew's parting words. 

I walked back up to him, "why did you say that; what's that supposed to mean?" I asked.  His eyes peered at me silently for a moment.  Then I noticed a twinge of worry, as though he realized he had made a potentially serious mistake with a careless slip of the tongue.  "Oh, it was nothing," he waved me away bruskly, "forget about it, it didn't mean anything."  I stared at him.  He didn't blink.  I couldn't believe what he so bald-facedly said.  The audacity of this Jew to look at a European-American and baldly admit that they -the Jews- consider us enemies and have defeated us in our own nation. 

All that stuff about democracy, equality, freedom, the free market, the rule of law, that the Jews are forever running their mouths off about are just so many pretenses, which conceal the reality that they are at war with us.

Reflecting on this episode, I realize he must somehow have been able to identify me as an Anglo-American.  He just seemed to automatically know this.  I didn't say anything.  He said, "You are already defeated."  He automatically identified me and registered me as the enemy.

The Jews know how to recognize their own as well as those who are not.  It is shocking when all the stuff one reads about and believes in finally confronts one openly and directly.  It was as though I were shocked to discover that what I believe is true after all.


[After I emailed this to my email list, one person emailed back and said that this gentleman should have replied, "You have not defeated us, you have defeated them—pointing to the people stupid enough to be browsing the store.

However, had it not been for all the security, he would have been browsing the store out of curiosity, to see what vile propaganda was there, though prob. everyone else was there to support the wonderful Jews who have done so much for the neighborhood and nation.  Also, if he had said the Jews have defeated all those in the store, that would have also proved the Jews' point, since those mindless drones in the store buying books and trinkets far outweigh the one person who chose not to enter the gates of Hell.  Also, sometimes it is best to play dumb and curious.]


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