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...just a few thoughts of my own.

If he did take his own life, why would such a prominent author not make a statement? did he prepare and leave his will for the carrying on of his work...? as an author of 100 books myself, THAT would be the FIRST thing I would think of... what would happen to his work? would he leave the natural rights to fall to his family if they did not care about his work or believe in it, or would he not find someone who cared about the truth to carry it on rather than risk leaving it to family that did not care about it and let it fade into obscurity (I don’t know how his family felt, I am just speaking in generalities).

Did he leave no goodbye note to his family, any explanation... did he hate them all that much that he could not even say “Goodbye, I love you?, sorry...” (I am not saying they did not love each other..., again, speaking in generalities; but how could such a departure be anything else but passive-aggressive hatred?  Is it respect or love that causes one to kill himself and leave his family without him, without even an adios?  It it is not love or respect, what is it?  It can’t be neutral).

No confession of shame in killing himself, no outcry, “I cannot take the evil any more” —which again is inconsistent with a lifetime of dedication in exposing evil.  This job is one of full commitment.  One is not half-hearted if he writes 50 books, and then just wakes up one day and say to himself, “Nah, I think I will just end it all and the world is on its own”.  This is even less consistent for someone who also does radio, DVDs, TV, conferences, etc.  Such a person has already accepted a life of being hated and being an outcast by the general public... but to take his own life can be construed as invalidating everything that he ever wrote; and someone who is a researcher and has written 50 books is someone who thinks (even though not always correctly)—and that thought would (or should) have surely crossed his mind: that of invalidating everything that he ever accomplished.  Would he forfeit all he stood for, all he worked for? and without any explanation?

His faith in God, if he even believed in God, of course, would be a factor.  One who does not believe in the Biblical God is without an anchor of hope, so what difference does anything make?  That is the greatest tragedy, if that is the case.  That is the greatest act of foolishness: for a person not knowing what is “on the other side” to simply jump into it.  If the Bible is true and the other side is inescapable Judgment for those who reject God, then such is the ultimate form of stupidity.

Was he seeing a therapist? did he have a wife or fiancé dump him?  Even if he did, that does not necessitate suicide, for many bear up under far worse; but without such triggering factors in his life, a suicide makes no sense.  That is not to say that all suicides will ever make sense; most are irrational, emotional, even if they are calculated: the thoughts are like a disease that take over the brain.... so calculation does not invalidate irrational emotionalism.  Was he dying of bone cancer and in excruciating pain? again, a note of explanation would have been in order.

Unless he had a drug problem or was an alcoholic, to me as an author it does not make sense... to waste 25 years (or however many) of work—especially after receiving some international recognition of his programs, interviews, books, the translation of his works into other languages and the purchasing of rights to those books (as mentioned in the AFP article), being recognized by other authors.  One would normally commit suicide if no one saw value in his work.

Again, with one of my degrees in psychology (my father being a psychiatrist), I realize that people committing suicide most often are not thinking rationally—even if they think that they are (perfect example: I saw in a youtube on a sidebar link yesterday, that I did not even bother to look at—a woman choosing to commit suicide by throwing herself into a pit of 2,000 crocodiles... how sane is that?).  Those contemplating suicide are often overcome with emotions... but there should be some precipitating factor to tip the balance.  There should be signs of morosity, depression, bitterness, anger, etc., noted by family, friends, co-workers.  While many people are not astute enough to notice such, it is quite odd that NO one would notice, and in the brief report I see no mention of the family saying, “We’re not surprised, he was depressed, he’s been talking of killing himself for years... we knew he’d eventually do it”... from whatever reports are there, I see nothing that smacks of this.  But again, even if this was the case, would not such a person leave a note of explanation and apology and goodbye to friends, family, co-workers, collaborators, etc. ...?

All of this added together does cause doubt.  An investigation should turn up some evidence, or a cover up will fabricate evidence, one or the other... but it would be very odd for there to be neither and it merely be a factless mystery.  While someone with great self-control may be able to hide his true thoughts and feelings from most everyone, it is very unlikely, unless he was a total recluse, that he could hide his emotions from everyone—and someone who writes 50 books and speaks at conferences, does radio and tv programs, etc., is not a recluse.

Just some thoughts from my perspective, for what they are worth.  I didn’t know him.  Yet I see we were the same age, born in the same year, both prolific authors who believe in something... so I felt the need to write out a few thoughts, even though I know nothing about him, I do understand thought, emotions, hardship, pain, suffering, life (or lack thereof)... as someone who never stops thinking, not even when asleep... I hope that some of what I shared may give others angles to investigate this matter.

Thorn wrote exposing the Clintons (and the bodies in the trail of those two are nearly 100 known persons)—and the books received international attention.  He also exposing 911 and the Trade Towers.

Victor Thorn (Scott Robert Makufka) was a pen-name.  One can only wonder why he chose it.  Victor, Victorious.  Thorn, a thorn in the flesh to the enemy?  Usually thorns are removed.

Final Thought: The brother is claiming that Victor said that he would go out his own way when he wanted.  
But without any note, how can anyone possibly believe that he actually did it.  Many people “talk” about doing things, without ever actually doing those things.

Again, how could he possibly have done this without any explanation, apology, goodbye, to his family, loved ones, co-workers, employer, followers, those who read his books... no explanation whatsover like, “I can't stand to see the world self-destruct any longer... I don’t want to live to watch Hillary become President, etc...” (which would sort of defeat his entire crusade and all of the work that he had done for decades).

HOWEVER, if the enemy had heard that Victor said that he would commit suicide sometime when he felt like it, is that not a perfect opportunity to get rid of him now, with no questions asked?  Why should his enemies wait, during which time, he may change his mind...?  Also, the portion of an interview I listened to did not sound like a grieving brother... whose brother just took his life a day or two earlier.  Just my opinion.  Also, a threat or a bribe can work wonders.  I don’t know how close the family was... I don’t know if they even believed in Victor’s work or shared his political views.  While this is all very “conspiracy theory-esque”... the lack of a note or a reason is deafening... for a researcher, investigator, writer.

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