—Something's Rotten in Roumania? Unrest in Bucharest?

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Well, there's something rotten everywhere, putrifyingly corrupt everywhere, but something smells a bit off in Bucharest.


This certainly sounds odd; there must be more to the Roumanian story... clearly the nightclub fire was just the precipitating factor, what had the government been doing to cause the people to finally revolt after a fire?  How is the government to blame for a nightclub fire?  Did they force the
people to go and listen to bad music in the company of degenerates and then lock them in and start a fire?  Doubtful.  So why do the people
think the government is to blame and that they are assassins?  Do they want to be EVEN MORE REGULATED? are not the business owners the ones responsible? or the rock band itself? or the people who stampeded? why is the government to blame?  Clearly they must have long term abuse and corruption, but why does a nightclub fire set off the powder keg... and even more odd, in a nation of however many MILLION, why does a government
resign over a measly 10 thousand protestors?  Also, why do the government officials hope that the people will be satisfied by their resignation? what else do they fear and for what?  What do they fear, that the people will make the politicians listen to the bad music too?  This story is more intriguing for what it does not say than what it does say, which is little and insignificant.

our corrupt renegade illegitimate politicians start wars, drone-murder people, murder whistleblowers, invade other nations, import revolution, embezzle us into 18 trillion dollars of debt, persecute straight Christians and glorify perversion, allow our embassy to be attacked and people with diplomatic immunity murdered and they do nothing, they allow black panthers to intimidate white voters 2 elections in a row, they with the Mossad blow up 3 of our buildings killing thousands and blame it on some nonexistant terrorist cell (though indeed, there are many such cells, it is just that this was not one of their crimes), subvert our nation, commit treason... give themselves payraise after payraise, legalize abortion and gay marriage, allow an alleged charity to sell dead babies, strip the US citizens of their rights, import millions of hostile nonwhite aliens and give more rights than we have and put them on a taxpayer breeding program, teach islam in the schools, corrupt politicians are wined and dined by the Israelis, the president and vice president spend hundreds of millions of dollars playing golf and going on vacation after vacation (yes, treason is tiring work)... and we have someone in the whitehouse who is not even president, not eligible to be president, who has stated that he hates america and will be loyal to islam... with a phoney birth certificate and a social security number he should not have; and we have a woman and several aliens running for president who are not eligible to be president... blacks riot and burn down whole cities and police stand and watch, illegal aliens commit crimes and they are let loose and nothing is done by the people, and yet in Roumania a degenerate nightclub has a fire, a few dozen people die because of individual stupidity, a mere 10,000 people protest and an entire government resigns.

Please tell me I am not the once confused and there is something very strange about this picture.