—STOP SUPPORTING THE SAVAGES WHO HATE US... STOP watching ALL SPORTS, MOVIES, TV, “Comedians”, Musicians, “Singers” (Updated)

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This is blatant disrespect and represents further steps toward white genocide as long as we tolerate it.


One line from the above story says,

“...joined on stage by immigrant leaders, parents and children, all wearing t-shirts that said ‘we are all human beings,’ in protest of the Trump administration’s family separation and detention policy.”


What a BLATANT misconception, false inference, outright deception.  That’s like if the Jews being evicted from Germany before WWII all wore t-shirts that said, “We all eat sauerkraut!”  SO WHAT!  EAT IT IN YOUR OWN country...!!! —instead of SUBVERTING our nation so that a jar of sauerkraut now costs $10 instead of $2 and the sauerkraut factories are all filled with employees imported from Spain or all the sauerkraut factories have been moved to China.  If you are a human being—be a human being IN YOUR OWN NATION where you cannot claim that we are “persecuting” you and where you are free to steal or kill or do whatever you want and then face whatever YOUR people deem appropriate for savage behaviour.  And WHY do nonwhites want to move to a country that is reported so “racist”...?  It’s a pretty sad indictment of their own people if they want to flee their own nation and live among a bunch of foreign racists!  

The truth is that the majority of what is spewed is propaganda.  The U.S. is being DESTROYED because it is NOT racist.  WERE it racist, all the aliens would not be here.  IT SHOULD be racist, even as every nonwhite nation is racist.  That is the only way any nationhood can be preserved.  That is the only way any race can be preserved.  Even the Dalai Lama has confessed this truth, when visiting Sweden

Dalai Lama Says Europe is for Europeans, Refugees Should Go Home and Rebuild


“[Europe] “morally responsible” for helping the refugees who fled war, hunger and persecution in their homelands and are “really facing danger against their life.”
“He even said European nations must “help them, educate them” and ensure they have a good quality of life.  However, the Dalai Lama also suggested these efforts must be made with the provision that the migrants will eventually leave.
“Ultimately they should develop their own country,” said the 83-year-old Tibetan, himself a refugee of China’s repression of Tibet following an anti-Beijing uprising in 1959.  The Nobel Peace Prize winner has since been based in the Himalayan town of McLeod Ganj, in northern India, along with many of his followers.
“I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he added, noting that governments must be honest with new arrivals about the fact “they ultimately should rebuild their own country.”

However, when so-called “refugees” (the majority of which are strong, young men, many of whom are not even from the country they claim to be from) travel between 1,700 to 2,200 miles to Germany and Sweden, rather than a few hundred miles to Israel, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. (to areas in the immediate vicinity, among peoples of similar race and custom and law, and in regions of similar climate and diet), it clearly is not a matter of being refugees—but opportunists and an invading army!  It is raising goat-herders and camel-jockeys to middle class civilization and making Europeans pay for it—with the full knowledge that the aliens will very quickly replace the Europeans, which is genocide.

RACE IS NOT a mere social construct.  I don’t know who are the BIGGER fools: the ones who teach that FOUNDATIONLESS ANTI-INELLECTUAL notion or the ones who MINDLESSLESS believe and repeat it.

Why were the nonwhites not wearing those “We all are human” t-shirts in 1994 during the Rwanda genocide in which Hutu dark blacks massascred with machetes or set on fire 1 to 2 million lighter Tutsi blacks just because they were lighter skinned....?  Do they wear t-shirts like that today?  How many light colored blacks live in Rwanda today?  How many white people live in Rwanda?  How many Hispanics?  Asians?  Jews?  Arabs?  Indians?  But that’s not “racist”... is it...?  Chopping someone up with a machete because his black skin was lighter than your dark black skin, that’s not racist either, is it...?  

Since most international human transportation today is by plane the distance between origin and destination really is irrelevant for those who have money?  But it is still significant for those who are poor, and especially for “refugees” who are “fleeing”.  Why then are nonwhite people not flooding into Rwanda?  It would be far closer for the Somali and Nigerians.  It’s actually close to the same distance for half of the people in South America to travel east to Africa rather than north to the U.S., and the climate and food and people would be far closer to their own than moving to live among “racist whites” in temperate regions.  

The truth is, they are flocking here for the handouts, for what can be stolen—including entire neighborhoods* and eventually the entire nation—(and if they are arrested they will be put in an air-conditioned prison with 3 meals a day and full health care; but if they are arrested in their own countries or other nonwhite nations they will have their hands chopped off, or be tortured and executed)... and they want to take our nation from us.  This is the crime of not only the Millennia, but of all recorded history.  They are flocking here like vultures following a herd of cattle that are slowly dying—because the cattle-politicians have brainwashed the cattle from infancy with the notion that “Vultures are cattle too.  We need to died to provide the vultures with a nice meal.  It would be ‘unchristian” to not do so”.

[* The mainstream world news does not report that there are now 50-75 “no-go” zones in Germany and in Sweden, which neighborhoods the African and Middle Eastern Muslims have taken over, in which no white person is safe, and into which not even emergency personel will venture—and the governments of those nations will not even inform its own citizens (or white tourists) of these neighborhoods in which they can raped and killed if they enter them.]

Why did blacks of Haiti not wear “we are all human” t-shirts instead of butchering all the white people, men, women, and children? (as their way of showing gratitude for the civilization, prosperity, and safety brought to that savage Banana Republic.  Ever since they have had their indepenence, they have relied on the U.S. for handouts, national aid, disaster relief, food, medicine, etc., etc., etc., perpetually.  During hurricanes black Haitians even rape other black Haitians and the Red Cross people trying to help victims of the hurricane.  Wild animals cannot be domesticated.  They will always be wild and undomesticatable, even if they can be taught a few tricks.  Man did not domesticate certain species of animal—God created them that way.  The rest He created to revert to being wild when Adam fell from Grace.
Discrimination, intimidation, and violence is even being encouraged in the U.S. by Democrats against anyone who does not agree with the socialist agenda of the Marxist liberals / “progressives”.  If such things were perpetrated against Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, or Jews, all hell would break loose.  Stores or county fairs have been being mobbed for a decade by many dozens of black youth, vandalizing, intimidating, assaulting whites. The terrorist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) shuts down traffic, bridges, commit federal crimes in interfering with political elections, trespass into private institutions and intimidates white people.  Nonwhites order all white students and faculty not to come to college on a certain day, under threat of violence.  Blacks in college can wear “kill white people” t-shirts, but if a white person wears something that looks like a Confederate flag, he’s treated as if he is a super-criminal.  Blacks gang up on single whites or smaller groups of whites and break their faces and call it a “game”.  Blacks “go ape” in Wal-mart and trash the place, and have a food fight with the produce, and terrorize and assault white people—and nothing is done.  The police are often not even called.  The perpetrators are rarely even looked for, even though security cameras have it all on video.  Stores will rarely even have a shoplifter arrested.  Things like this happen on a regular basis and do not even make the news.  If a queer or black were slapped, the world would come to a screeching halt!  Welcome to the wonderful world of “diversity”.

What about the 70,000 whites in South Africa that have been murdered since the end of Apartheid (including the ex-wife of former President de Klerk—who never did a thing to the blacks...?  Why aren’t these Blacks wearing t-shirts saying, “White people are human too”...?  Boere (boo-reh) is the plural form of Boer (boo-r) being the Afrikaans-Dutch word for “farmer” (related to the German word Bower, “row mower”), of course, meaning in the blacks’ “minds”, “white farmer”, since the Blacks were never farmers.  It needs to be remembered, that unlike the U.S., the Dutch of South Africa NEVER owned blacks or coloreds as slaves; they only hired them as paid laborers—after the Blacks (Xhosa, Zulu) migrated southward into the area which the whites had already carved civilization out of the wilderness in South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe, another failed African state that was handed to the Blacks on a silver platter, which they destroyed)—came requesting to be hired!


NO CHRISTIAN should watch ANY sport on any level, or movies or t.v. or music concerts (unless it is a rare Christian singer who does not spew the one-world, global, multicultural homopervert Antichrist propaganda).  

[And “crap” or whatever you want to call it, is neither music nor singing any more than chimpanzees smearing their feces is “art”.]  

These socialist, immoral antichrist bastards (entertainers, athletes, etc.) take the money that YOU and a hundred million other white people give to them by watching them or buying products that they endorse, and then use that money to support leftist causes to help destroy our country—and are BLATANT about it.  You share in their guilt!  This isn’t 1970 any more.  Stop watching football and baseball and basketball and all of it.  Even the baseball, hockey, or whatever sports leagues are coming out in full agreement with the homopervert agenda.  Similarly, all Olympic athletes and their coaches and trainers must sign a “pledge” that they love all races and nationalities and religions and perverted genders equally.  Do you really think that the Muslims and Jews are not perjuring themselves when they sign that pledge?

Watch that youtube I sent yesterday on how South Africa was subverted (see last story listed at the end of this Rumination).  The “good ole blacks” soon began committing acts of terrorism on peaceful farmers and civilians, ill concerned with collateral damage—and they did not even consider the term “collateral damage” valid since they believe “all white people are guilty”... even though it was the blacks who destroyed the nation.  It was the Jewish and Black communists who stirred up trouble and whipped the low-I.Q. black and colored populace into a frenzy, filling their minds with all sorts of notions about how the white man was oppressing them; how the Blacks were in South Africa first and built the nation and the whites came and stole it, and other lies which the simple-minded, immoral Blacks believed like they do ghost stories.  Even though it was Blacks who killed Blacks on a daily basis, they then blamed the whites for oppression with twisted logic blamed all Black crime and all poverty on whites who live in luxury, claiming that the whites stole everything; and if the blacks steal it all they won’t ever have to work again; they can just sit back and be rich.  Then the Blacks started to kill peaceful white farmers and their families who were on picnics.  When it is presented to the average Black in South Africa, the question of where they will get their food once they kill or drive out all the white farmers, they (with their average—which means that half are below average—70 I.Q.) answer, “Why, from the grocery store, like we always have”.  Below 70 IQ is retarded.  It is basically that of a 5-year old.  The blacks think that the grocery stores fill themselves magically, and they think that crops on farms raise themselves and hop to the store shelves.

If the few blacks who don’t want to torture and kill whites don’t help their fellow blacks to torture and kill the whites—then the blacks themselves will torture and kill those of their fellow blacks who won’t help kill the whites.  Therefore, even the majority of those few blacks who won’t want to kill the whites (realizing who grows and butters their bread) will have to join in the bloodfest or they will be killed by their fellow blacks.  VERY few will have the moral fiber to do what is right.  That’s why the higher class of blacks originally wanted to live in white neighborhoods—to get away from their own people.  It is the same with Hispanics and others.  However, they are not content to ride in the back of the bus or be second-class citizens.  Like fools they demand equality—to the point that they the destroy our nation and turn it into the very kind from which they fled and now there is nowhere for anyone to flee.

It is like this in every black or nonwhite nation that whites no longer rule.  It is like this in every white nation into which the blacks or nonwhites of various shades are allowed to enter.  Even the nonwhite nations report that the blacks commit crimes and ruin their nation when they enter it; that they can only destroy, not build.  They only know how to destroy.  It is their goal.  There will be no equal rights when they take over.  Blacks and Muslim nations are not “tolerant” of whites or Christians in their lands.... for us to be “tolerant” and allow them in ours only means our INEVITABLE DESTRUCTION.  It is suicide.  It is like going into a sword fight armed solely with your finger, against a group of assailants who have razor-sharp swords.  They are propagandized from childhood and believe whatever they are taught and facts and information are meaningless to them; logic, ration, and commonsense are useless squalor to them.  They believe what the agitators tell them over and over again... and what they repeat to each other as if it is Gospel truth.  They believe the fables as if they had seen it with their own eyes and you will never be able to convince them otherwise.  If they were taught that 1 + 1 = 11, you can show them using 2 apples that 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apples.  But they will believe that you are saying that 1 + 1 only equals 2 because you stole the other 9 apples from them!  You cannot argue logic with someone incapable of logic.  You cannot teach morality to a psychopath without a conscience.

True to communism, communism only benefits the elite at the top who live in luxury and murder all their detractors.  Many blacks have even protested, holding signs saying that life was better under AWB (white rule) than the ANC.  Though the AWB never ruled South Africa, even their confused notion of history is that it life was better under white rule.  The current Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, who has been Zulu king since December 1971, agrees.

The official king of South Africa’s Zulu tribe has announced that that country was economically, militarily, and socially better under white Afrikaner rule—and that history will judge blacks as only having destroyed everything that they had inherited from the white government.


“Inherited” is really such a lovely euphemism for Grand Larceny and Murder.

The MILLIONS of savages in our nation WILL ACT NO DIFFERENTLY than in this video (that liasted in the last story below in this Rumination).  THEY DO each time that there is the slightest OPPORTUNITY within supposedly civilized cities here in the U.S. (whether out of “outrage” over something that they are “told” happened—truthful or not—to someone they did not care about or even know; or whether to “celebrate” when THEIR sports team WINS the championship—you really cannot tell much difference in their behavior: they turn cars and metro buses over, set them on fire, break windows, loot stores, assault, etc.  I saw one news report in which the policeman who was interviewed (with cars being turned over and set on fire in the background) said something to the effect, “They’re really having a good time; it’s good for them”.

Pack animals—not those who carry burdens or “back packs”, but those who travel in packs—like wolves have a pack “mentality”.  It is based upon social dynamics and the mob mentality.  It is explained when a few members of a herd are spooked and the entire herd stampedes, destroying everything in its path and even destroying countless of its own—any that slip or fall or who can’t keep up are trampled to death.  There is no collective conscience or moral compass; where ration, logic, and common sense are nearly nonexistent individually, they are eclipsed collectively.  It is like sharks in a feeding frenzy when the smell of blood is in the water.  It is like a computer robot-soldier is set on “destroy everything” mode.

STOP supporting them... you help them demoralize, rob, rape, intermarry with (and cause the inheritance of our ancestors to pass to the savages), and you help them kill our people by supporting them—just so you can selfishly have a few hours of “entertainment”.  Stop supporting them.  Stop supporting the politicians and false prophets of the local churches and all mainstream ministries and “charities” that do not stand up against this one-world antichrist evil.  Stop supporting any business that is alien owned or that even hires aliens (or perverts).  Do you ever make any decision based upon morality, principle, and righteousness?  “To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin.”  It is also sin for those who don’t know (though ignorant sin carries a lesser beating)—because it is the job of servants / sons to know and do the will of their master / father.

They disrespect our nation, flag, people (though they have lived off welfare to the tune of TRILLION$ of dollars and have robbed, raped, assaulted, and murdered MILLIONS of our people), they insult our God, they defame our monuments and war dead... and yet you continue to watch and support them and pretend that the 100 times that you hear them use the “f-word” in the space of a 90 minute movie, during an interview, or in a “song”*, and that every time that you hear a lewd joke, and see sex or violence in a movie... you delude yourself into thinking that you block it out and that it does not affect your mind and you delude yourself into thinking that it is not a sin against God for you to participate as a spectator, time and time and time again.  If Jesus was sitting there next to you would you keep watching and cheering and smile?  Exactly when will enough be enough for you...? —when the superbowl half-time show sacrifices white Christians to the lions? or has live sex shows (to which some Superbowl halftime shows, so I read based upon reports, have come very close).  Why wait?  Is not all the paganism, false religion, occult, Satanism, perversion already enough for you?  WHY NOT?  How much dog feces do you think is acceptable in your meal?  Your mind is no different—and your mind and body are GOD’S and you have no right to so defile it.  You are an adult.  You claim to be a Christian.  Why do I even have to be telling you this?

[* And even if you do not listen to their crap “music”, you cannot escape it in movies (or even in commercials, or even being broadcast in the grocery stores).  It is all programming.  They are programming our people to love filth!]

Stop smiling at them when you see them in town.  Stop being polite to them.  Stop being tolerant of them.  Stop supporting ANY and ALL of them: Don’t watch them.  Don’t buy anything that they produce in their own companies or anything that they endorse.  Don’t eat at their restaurants.  Don’t buy their clothes or cookware or ANYTHING that they endorse or slap their name on as if they invented and manufactured it themselves.  Do a little research and support OUR people who are moral Christians.

“You reap what you sow” and you also will be held accountable by God for all those of our kinsmen who are ravaged by the evil of the savages because you supported them and were “kind” to the ENEMIES OF CHRIST.  Christ commanded, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast ye pearls before swine, lest they turn and trample and rend you”.  THAT’S what they are doing to white Christians and Christendom.  “You reap what you sow—God shall not be mocked!”  If a shepherd / pastor does not know the difference between a sheep and a dog, wolf, swine, or serpent—STAY OUT OF THE SHEEPFOLD!  If you can’t tell the difference in the Word of God between our personal enemies (our kinsmen with whom we are at odds) and GOD’S ENEMIES... then why don’t you just go throw yourself to the lions so that you don’t harm anyone but yourself!

Some savages allowed to enter our lands also then go serve as mercenaries in WARS AGAINST US, then come back to our nation and live on public tax money after having helped kill our troops; regardless of whether our troops belong there or not.  THAT IS A WAR CRIME!  IN the U.S. and Britain during WWI and WWII those of our people who even spoke out in protest of the war were often imprisoned.  So why are ANTICHRIST ALIENS allowed to enter our nations, live for free, go fight on the enemy side and kill our troops, then come back to our nation to live for free again?


I will never buy any Nike product ever again, not even second-hand; nor will I ever again shop at Target.  I pray you will never do so ever again either.  Why do you support those who hate Christ, those who hate us, those who hate our ancestors and our founders and our religion and our way of life?


Similarly black actor “Jamie Foxx” (Eric Marlon Bishop) concerning his movie Django Unchained, commented, something to the effect of—

I play a slave... how black is that?  in the movie I have to wear chains... how whack is that?  ... I get out of the chains, ... save my wife, and I get to kill all the white people in the movie.  How great is that?

Disinformation news sources quote it differently from other sources, but defend it saying that it was part of a “comedy routine”.  Ha Ha.  So... killing white people is funny?  Shame on any white person who laughed (or who was even watching the interview or even knew about the movie).  What if a white comedian had said that about black people, would it still be funny?  Why is it that some goofy alien can say something in a high-pitched squeeky or otherwise cartoonish voice and no matter what he says it is supposed to be considered funny...?  Are cue cards still used in which the audience is prompted when to laugh and when not to, or when to boo or applaud...?  Blacks (and other nonwhites) rape and kill white people in the U.S. every single day—by the hundreds (and around the world, and now throughout all of Christendom—it is the “black and brown and yellow elephant” in the room that everyone refuses to talk about).  What is funny about that?  Oh, the blacks reply, “Well, you can’t understand because you are not black”.  That is always a convenient mindless reply to any statement or behaviour that they cannot rationally defend.  Why is it that Muhammed Ali understood (since he was black) and yet he did not agree?

When Cassius Clay, a.k.a. “Muhammad Ali”, returned from his news-making “roots”  trip to Africa, to see how the slave trade worked, and the living conditions in Africa in his day, he was interviewed by the corrupt mainstream media, which hoped to get some more dirt to spread on whites and “America’s original sin.”  He said standing before their microphones on TV that he was surprised to learn that no white man ever set foot on Africa to buy slaves.  The slaves were all sold to English slave traders on ships offshore by their black captors.  He closed by saying “I am sure glad my great-granddaddy was on one of those boats.”  The MSM dropped him like hot potato after that.

[Black pastor in New York City, James Manning, says many similar things.  Be glad you are here in the U.S., shut up, let the white people run it, and just be glad you are not in Africa!  The blacks ruined South Africa.  They ruin any nation by committing crimes.  They ruin any nation they try to run.  Even one of Barack Obama’s Kenyan half-brothers casually admitted (as many other more-intelligent and honest blacks have done) that life was better under Colonialism and that Colonialism was good for Africa.  However, showing his lack of conscience and discernment, he thought that the only problem with ending Colonialism was that it ended too soon before the whites could build more infrastructure and technology before abanding it.  However, not only is this notion immoral, but it is anti-intellectual on several levels (as well as admitting that blacks could not invent or build or develop on thier own).  Most glaringly, it overlooks the simple fact that money is not the problem.  Technology is not the saviour.  Youtubes can be found on the internet in which the Chinese even mock the blacks, pointing out that entire nations were given to them, fully functioning, with state of the art technology of the time, and they destroyed it all.  See also: http://donboys.cstnews.com/south-africa-rife-with-politicians-lying-about-their-qualifications .]

In another interview, on Donahue or something (which can be found on youtube), Muhammed Ali said it is nature, that established by God, that blue birds mate with blue birds, red birds with red birds... he said I think I am handsome and I want my children to look like me.  He thought the races should not mix.  I imagine after these two interviews the media was far-more careful what they asked him in an interview.

Even in one season, during one episode of the reality show / contest “The Amazing Race” the contestants all had to find and pass through some “notorious” fortress in Africa which was a main station for shipping slaves out... and of course every contestant was forced to visit that room as part of the challenge and each would shed some tears over “the injustice”—yet the black contestants were not so broken up about it that they wanted to remain in Africa.  White and black contestants alike were HORRIFIED to see how the blacks or nonwhite races lived and how savage they were even in the “cities”... living in squalor and filth and stench... “and yet they just keep breeding!” one white, female contestant even said (for which she later “apologized”).  

[Another episode of the show (or maybe they were both in one?) had the contestants visit the very prison cell of the black terrorist Nelson Mandela, who is held by the mainstream as a hero, even though, as on page 368 of Bulala: A True Story of South Africa (which I published and edited), it is revealed of Mandela:

“He was then later charged with 193 counts of terrorism: for sabotage and for trying to smuggle, prepare, or manufacture (mostly Soviet-bloc) munitions, including: 210,000 hand-grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 144 tons of ammonium-nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder, 1,500 timing devices, and 2,000 lbs. of black gunpowder.  Among his many alleged co-conspirators were 3 communist Jews: Denis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, and Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein.  Nelson Mandela’s personal Tokarev pistol (“for killing white policemen”) which he buried in Rivonia before his arrest during the ANC’s “armed struggle,” was never recovered.  These were clearly not “trumped-up” political charges.  In his eloquent closing statement to the court, Mandela candidly admitted his guilt on the charge of sabotage, adding that he was, if needs be, prepared to die for his ideals.  It was apparent from the huge amount of smuggled explosives that he was not planning to die alone.

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment; not summarily executed, as he undoubtedly would have been, in any black African country at that time, for the same offenses.”]

No mention on the show was made that blacks owned white slaves in Africa... and blacks, like American Indians, like Asians and Orientals, treated their slaves LIKE DOGS, torturing them and killing them (even eating them) at their whim.
Another long, and very-detailed youtube shows a white reporter, Shane Smith in Liberia, northwest Africa interviewing the blacks who were generals in the “war of liberation” who killed tens of thousands of their own people.  The video also shows the immorality and mindlessness of the savages, and the general conditions—the people of the whole town, including the mayor, casually walk onto the beach (which looked like a litter box that had not been cleaned in a year), in broad daylight, in full view, squat, poop on the beach, wipe his butt with a napkin, and turn and walk away leaving it where it fell.  Even cats know by instict to bury it! but dogs don’t.  One can only imagine the stench and the disease.  See:


And they live this way in our nations when they come here.  That’s how the Third World functions.  They think its normal.  Around 1978 I saw men in Portugal on the main street of downtown Lisbon, routinely step 3 steps off the main street sidewalk, into an ally, sometimes 3 men in a row and just piss on the building as everyone walked by.  The stench was horrific.  They had no conscience about pissing in public, or pissing on someone else’s building, where people who worked or lived there would have that stench coming in their windows.  Similarly, in 1980 in Argentina in downtown Buenos Aires, on the main street of 8 or 10 lanes of traffic, I saw mothers who would drop the drawers of their kids, have them squat on the brick sidewalk, pull their pants back up and walk on—leaving it there!

You can find youtubes of nonwhites pooping on a bus seat in Australia or on the marble floor of an airport, in the streets—wherever the urge comes over them.  



Woman takes a POO on busy hospital corridor then casually walks ...


Muslim Chef Wipes Butt With Bare Hand – Contaminates Entire Kitchen


One did it and then drank water from the fountain with the same hand:



A woman was caught on camera defecating on the floor of a Tim Hortons restaurant in Canada and then throwing her excrement at an employee


Even here in the U.S., Burmese and other creatures from that region who chew the narcotic “qat” will walk into a convenience store and spit all over the place on the floor while shopping.  Some convenient stores have had to put up signs, “No, spitting”, “No chewing qat”; though some would have liked to put up signs, “No Burmese” (I think some may have even tried, but were forced to take the signs down).  Even when I grew up in the 1970s and would take the train into Center City from the suburb Chestnut Hill, in nw Philly, with my grandparents, when we visited for the summer, there were signs in each car that read, “No spitting”.  Those signs were not for the white people.  Things have not improved over the past 40 years or so.  They have grown 1,000 times worse—and people who are desensitized, and people raised from childhood only knowing that, think it is “normal”.

One nonwhite Muslim worked for a baker in France, and he casually pooped, washed his butt with his bare hand in the local fountain—and then went back to work in the bakery!  Sticky buns anyone...?  

And people wonder why there is an E coli or Hepatitis or other disease outbreak at the frozen yogurt co. in Idaho (who hired a bevvy of Somalis) or wherever who is hiring exclusively nonwhite “refugees” to get extra government money (which is racist and violates hiring laws and is a crime against lawful Americans).  The factory here in my town is about 95% Mexican—Mexicans imported from Indiana!... how does that not violate hiring laws?  Other fast food or other restaurants around the nation are having other disease problems.  It ain’t from the cows or chickens!  Step into Wendy’s today for our new double-bacon-hepatitis burger and wash it down with a typhoid-big-gulp or an e-coli-coffee.  The e-coli on our fruit and vegetables is from the Mexican pickers doing their business in the field, then going back to work picking the fruit and vegetables without washing their hands.

On top of all this, factor in the trillions of dollars taxpayer money stolen by the politicians to give to these “refugees” so that many of them have more money than the average American.  Health, health care, and a good standard of living are not God-given, Constitutional rights—you have to work hard for them!  Factor in the crimes, the rapes, the mosques the legislation—these are all crimes committed by the judges and politicians against the people of the U.S., by their false interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.  Our Founders had no such thing in mind!  They founded this nation for their posterity, for our people, and for the Christian faith!  The schools began to be dumbed down decades ago to the point that average U.S. high school graduate today has a 5th grade education.  The dumbing down was for two reasons: 1. so the nonwhites could pass; and 2. to destroy the minds of our youth so the only thing they will be suited for is a slave labor class.  Now even the teachers don’t need to know how to read and write; and the new influx of even more mentally challenged “refugees” will dumb us down to pre-school levels!  THIS IS JURASSIC PARK and we are on the menu!

Photos can be found all over the internet showing that France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, etc., have been and are being reduced to Third World hell-holes with squalor and filth everywhere, and not a white person in sight.  Crime rates have soared; though the police and the media have conspired to hide the racial identity of the perpetrators of crimes; and even, it seems to call any person who commits a crime “white” if his complexion is lighter than a billiard 8-ball.  Streets and travel are basically shut down every time each day the Muslims roll out their rugs to pray en masse.  Entire cities are taken over (including one of the oldest in all of Europe, Marseilles).

Americans, THE VERY FEW WHO OWNED SLAVES, less than 3%, on the whole treated their slaves humanely, some even as part of the extended family (which was an improper broach of protocol and God’s Law).  Yes, some very few despicable slave owners mistreated their slaves, even as some despicable people (including blacks) mistreat their wives and children and animals—but THOSE were the EXCEPTIONS and they were rare.  Yes, if a slave stepped out of line and stole or defiled a women he received a beating and if his crime was bad enough he was hung—but so were white men guilty of the same crimes!

As I show in my edited reprint Some Collected Works of Earnest Sevier Cox,* it was FAR MORE costly to own a slave than have an employee (hired hand).  The South did not need slaves.  Less than 3% of Southerners owned slaves.  Slaves were expensive and needed maintenance.  People owned slaves in the north too (even some free blacks owned black slaves).

[* containing [Let My People Go (1925), Virginia Racial Integrity Legislation (c.1925), The South’s Part in Mongrelizing the Nation (1926), The Virginia Memorial to Congress (c.1934), The Price of Failure, Three Million Negroes Thank The State of Virginia (1940), Monument to Herman (1959); with extensive notes by Robert Alan Balaicius, illustrations added, and photos and brief biography of Cox, 232pp., 18.50 + P&H.]

Whites in the U.S. purchased less than 1% of blacks that being sold in the international slave trade.  It was Jews who were the owners of the slave trade companies, the owners of the slave ships, and often the captains.*  Whites were only engaged in the black slave trade (purchasing) for a few centuries.  Jews, Blacks, Turks, and Arabs were engaged in the African slave trade (without any encumberment of moral conscience about torture and murder) for THOUSANDS of years.

[* See: Who Brought The Slaves To America?, 30pp., 3.00 + P&H and The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1, Nation of Islam, 334pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H and The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2, Nation of Islam, 512pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H. (Volume 3 is also available, but is on a different topic; inquire).]

Spielberg’s blockbuster, tear-jerker, propaganda movie Amistad does not show the viewer, that after the black hero of the movie—the poor black slave who eventually won his freedom returned to Africa and became a slave trader himself, brutally selling his own people into slavery.  Amazing that!

Finally, none of blacks in the U.S. today were ever themselves slaves in the U.S.; nor were any of their parents or grandparents.  The majority of blacks in the U.S. today do not even have ancestors who were slaves in the U.S. during the era of slavery.  The majority of blacks in the U.S. today have moved here from Africa (or Haiti, etc.) long after slavery was abolished and after so-called Civil Rights was legislated.

Likewise, no white alive today in the U.S. ever owned slaves in the U.S.—and neither did any of their parents or grandparents.  Less than 3% of white Southerners owned slaves and the majority of whites in the U.S. today did not even have ancestors in the U.S. during the time of slavery.

The whole issue is a FARCE.


See the below photo: Is Nike’s new slogan...?

“—JUST DO IT WHAT WE SAY, not what we do...!”