—Stupidity + Conspiracy + Complacency = the end of civilization

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Stupidity + Conspiracy + Complacency = the end of civilization


Below are my comments in response to 2 recent news stories, the links to those stories then follow.


Only a retard cannot see 1 + 1 = 2.  Only conspirators continue to say 1 + 1 does not = 2.

Nearly all politicians of all countries are guilty of treason and need to be tried for their crimes and appropriately sentenced.

Every single US politician is guilty of treason if he has not demanded Obama be deposed because he is not president, but a usurper; every politician who has voted to give taxpayer money to any foreign nation is guilty of treason; every politician who has voted to import nonwhite nonchristian immigrants, not evict illegals and fingerprint and photograph them, and execute all illegals who have committed crimes (rather than put in US prisons to charge the tax payers $65,000 a year per 880,000 illegals in our prisons IS GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON.  Any politician who has voted to increase his own salary and benefits, increase taxes and give money to ANYONE other than those very taxpayers for things they actually NEED and WANT but cannot provide for themselves individually is guilty of treason.  Every politician who voted for Obamacare, or voted for the Patriot Act, or who voted for spying, drones, surveillance, abridgement of true citizen's rights, voted for welfare, or voted to abrogate the right of citizens to own AND BEAR arms, is guilty of TREASON.

I INDICT YOU ALL BEFORE GOD AND MAN.  IF YOU ACTED IN IGNORANCE YOU ARE STILL GUILTY and I pray you repent and make appropriate restitution... if you did not act out of ignorance then I pray that God destroys you and your entire house from off the face of the earth... down to every last relative who has benefited from your crimes.


By the way, the cost only of imprisoning the illegal 880,000 (of the 2.2 million in US prisons) is $57.2 billion per year!  This does not even account for what the victims lost/suffered, this does not account for the cost of extra police, the court trial, or jail time until finally tried, convicted, and sentenced.

Also, that is only the 880,000 illegals.  The majority of the other 1.3 million prisoners in the US are also violent third worlders.  It costs another $86 billion PER YEAR to warehouse the rest of the criminals (some of which are not really criminals, but political prisoners for not dancing to the tune of the pied piper of Babylon).  $143 BILLION DOLLARS  A YEAR to warehouse all the prisoners (again, not counting loss/suffering of victims, extra police nationwide, court costs, extra security devices, security guards, gated communities, locks, insurance policies against theft, etc.).

IT IS A BOOMING INDUSTRY.  THAT is why the corrupt politicians let in so many third world aliens and that is why they put them on a breeding program at taxpayer expense.

All the extra police to control the "crime" of course "justifies" the POLICE STATE.  The cost of all this added up is probably over $1 TRILLION per year.  Any wonder we are in debt and crime is so high...?

Further, how many billions or trillions of dollars do you think it cost over a century to build cities like Miami, Philadelphia, etc., including all the private homes, parks, businesses... and that is all SACRIFICED and GIVEN TO ALIENS when decent people have to sell their homes well under value, or even abandon them, to escape the spreading infection.  It is theft of an ENTIRE CITY.

Further, recidivism rate of prisoners is about 85%.  What does that say for the myth of rehabilitation?  A majority of the other 15% who don't commit crime again is due to the fact that they either die first, or because only about 1 in 100 crimes that are reported ever end in conviction, so the recidivism rate is skewed because it only considers convictions, not actual crimes; and many crimes are not even reported since those raped or assaulted are often too ashamed (OR AFRAID) or they realize it will only waste their time and money and never end in a conviction; and may only threaten their safety.  ONLY 1 in 13 Mexicans illegally attempting to enter the US is caught.  Thus, those caught and sent back are almost guaranteed not getting caught on their second attempt.

Politicians should be forced to live without additional security in the very 3rd World neighborhoods that they create from our once prosperous, safe, and beautiful cities; in which these 3rd world immigrants spit on the floor of businesses, public transportation (even 30 years ago the subway cars in Philly had signs inside each car "no spitting"--and that wasn't for the white people), and many of them routinely urinate or defaecate on the walls of buildings, in alleys, along the sidewalks, wherever the urge comes over them, they simply relieve themselves and walk on, like dogs.  We have been robbed of our entire nation and most people are too cowardly or too ignorantly self-righteous blinded by the false corrupt paganized version of Christianity that they espouse, or too spiritually and morally dead to God to even care to speak up and speak out so other will have the courage and not all cower in fear and simply move out of our cities and let the savages have them.  It used to be you could travel a night through any of our cities without fear; now you are not even safe in broad daylight.

God is chastening us... using the very aliens we have embraced in violation of His Commands, until we repent and let go of them and sin and paganism and let go of the world's hand and embrace Christ's hand which still bears the imprint of the scars of our sin.

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Also, they found a cache at the Swedish refugee center I discussed.  Imaging what percentage of the 100,000 "Syrian refugees" Obama says he'll take will be ISIS/Al Qaeda?  Just give them "fast and furious" guns and martial law/gun confiscation will be a possibility.




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