—Thanksgiving Every Day...? — 10 Most-Important Inventions of the Modern Era — Bless the Lord, O my soul!

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This is just my opinion concerning what I believe to be the 10 most-important items that I mention below.

I thank God for these almost daily (each time that I use or think of them)... how many others ever even think of them as blessings, consciously imagine what life would be like without them, or think to thank Him frequently?  It’s never too late to start.  

As as child I did not truly appreciate, or thank my earthly father, for all that he provided.  I also now thank him daily (and apologize for my failures), even though he is gone, even though he cannot respond; since he is now part of that “great cloud of witnesses” he indeed can hear me; though I cannot hear him.

How many persons never grow up spiritually—or otherwise—to be so thankful to their husbands and wives, fathers and children, and those who gave their lives to give us our spiritual heritage (Reformers and Puritans and their true heirs of the early modern era and even fewer of the more recent modern era) and our once-great Christian Republics (Puritans, Founders, etc.) and our Heavenly Father?  Quite often we never truly appreciate what we have (or had) until we lose it (or almost lose it), whether a loved one, or freedom and life itself.

[Part of truly showing gratitude to our forebearers, Founders, Reformers, Patriots (and to God) is by PRESERVING THE PRICELESS LEGACY THAT THEY HANDED DOWN TO US; not sqaundering it, not abandoning it, not polluting it, not handing it over to the savages—but honoring them, their sacrifice, their memory, as they did themselves of their forebearers and God; otherwise, they would have had nothing worthwhile to hand down to us.  We honor them by expending the same amount of energy, diligence, and vigilence in preserving (and building upon) what they passed on to us as they did to secure it and pass it on!  God commands us to honor our parents.  Those who do not preserve and build upon what their ancestors had preserved and passed on to them dishonor their ancestors and dishonor and sin against God.  Colonial preacher Joel Hawes keenly noted, “Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own”.  That is why the Third World (and all their polluted crosses within Christendom) and the antichrists hate us so much and it is why they have subverted our schools, media, anc churches and thereby brainwashed Christendom from youth for several generations with false guilt—false guilt for God’s blessings, false guilt for our ancestors, false guilt in our honoring our ancestors and God!  They want us to commit suicide so that they can have what we have (what our ancestors developed, which was only possible with God’s blessing), since they cannot develop it on their own; and they want us gone so that they can feel better about themselves; rather than actually work on improving themselves so that they can have honor and self-worth.  However, once we are gone, whom will they blame for their failures?  I am sure they will still find a way to blame us somehow.  But God shall have the last laugh (Psalm 2).  However, for those in the middle of the destruction of our heritage and civilization, there is little to laugh about.]

God said that we if forgot His Law, He would forget our children.  Part of that Law included tithes and firstfruits (which were entirely separate from blood sacrifices for atonement) and which were separate from additional vows and freewill offerings and thank offerings* which not only demonstrated obedience to God, but also appreciation to God and also served as the support for His ministers.  If we don’t appreciate (and show it) all that God gives us, He may very well remove those blessings (including freedom and life itself).  

[* —and all of these can be considered BIBLICAL insurance plans and investments; that is, if you actually believe in the God of the Bible beyond a mere folkway or tradition.  God says that you reap what you sow (but too many think of this only in the negative connotation, that is, if they ever think of it at all).  The vast majority of “Christians” are not Christians at all and in reality, they do not even believe that God exists.  If they did, they would fear and obey Him.  They may have some superstitious “concept” that “a” god exists; but he is not the God of the Bible.  He is like the gods of our pagan ancestors who invented in their own minds, fallen, faulty, frail gods like themselves (blending with their own humanistic notions fragments of their history and true Bible doctrine that had been corrupted) and in so doing developed what we call mythology.  The modern “Christian’s” god is a humanistic false god, patterned after the feel-good notion of “Touched By An Angel” theology: “God loves you just the way you are; no need to change a thing”.  The majority of “Christians”, if they even believe that God exists, cast aside Holy Writ and create a god after their own image—a god who will never judge anyone.  They don’t know the True God (nor do they want to; it would spoil their happy delusion—for as long as it briefly lasts), and they are utterly ignorant of the very meaning of the concepts of Holiness and Justice.  If the average “Christian” had even the defective faith and understanding of Thomas Jefferson, they would be far closer to the truth than what they believe—in fact, if they believed NOTHING they may even be closer to the truth than what they believe.  Jefferson said, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever” and “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehood and error”.]

Some tithes were also to help support the poor of our kinsmen (not aliens); but this “poor” must be understood.  It does not refer to those who are too lazy to work, including those who are able to work but claim that they are not.  Many people have injuries, aches, pains, and disabilities—but instead of making excuses obey God and work through them every day of their lives.  Malingerers and sluggards are not “the poor” to whom Scripture refers, neither are moral degenerates.  God says that you reap what you sow; and those who violate Scripture and are reaping what they deserve because of their wickedness and rebellion against God deserve no pity (the New Testament qualifications for widows eligible for financial assistance from the church clearly illustrate the Law of the Harvest even in charity*).  Also, “poor” in the Bible does not refer to those who have other family members who could help them, but are too selfish to do so.  It is the duty of family to first help their own.  “Poor” also does not refer to those who can’t afford the nicest and newest of products and gadgets.  The “poor” in Scripture refers to those truly without family, those who have been faithful themselves and obedient to God, living moral lives, who for one reason or another (health, tragedy, unable to get ahead despite working hard) do not have adequate necessities—basic food, clothing, shelter (and heat in winter in cold regions, or certain herbs or medication).  

[Understand: The modern notion of a 32 or 40 hour work week is a polluted notion.  What made this nation—and all our nations—great was people beginning their real job (in their workshed or their farm) once their daily paying job ended.  Someone even who works 40 hours a week and cannot get ahead does not qualify for the Biblical “poor” deserving of help.  Vacations, leisure, amusement, holidays are for those who earn them by working extra hard.  So it is with charity.  I venture to suggest that few people who were truly great and became an exceptional success did not do so working 40 hours a week.  Modern society has perverted and polluted the minds of people into thinking that they deserve all the nice things that everyone else has, even without working for them; and they think that they also have the right to watch 4 hours of tv a day and sleep or play golf or go to movies or the mall or a myriad of other things.  Neither health nor Health Care are Constitutional, God given rights.]

Scripture says that you reap what you sow.  Many modern welfare recipients live nicer than a lot of hard working people; and that is an abomination.  Scripture says if a man shall not work he shall not eat.  

[* The modern Christian church has been seduced by the Serpent into loving and doing good unto God’s and our joint enemies; seeking their peace and prosperity (which God forbade); which itself is a violation of the Law of the Harvest and also calling a violation of calling evil good and good evil (and they are violations of other commands and principles of the Word of God) rather than letting the world take care of its own.  The heathen will not be led to Christ by charitous hand-outs and their “appreciation” and “conversion” comes to an end when the hand-outs stop—and they even demand them as rights.  People cannot be bribed to accept Christ.  Christ forbade giving the children’s bread to the dogs or casting pearls before swine.  God forbade loving or doing good unto those who hate Him; or seeking the peace or prosperity of His enemies forever.  “Charity” and “humanitarian aid” violates the Word of God—and we are now reaping what we have sown: the ‘trampling’ has begun in earnest.  “The curse causeless shall not come.”  The only way out of Judgment is TRUE repentance (which entails turning from what God forbade and turning to do what God commanded—in all things).]

Of course, in addition to the 10 “Most-Important” inventions that I list below, 100 other things are certainly worthy of mention, but I am referring to things that make life far more easy and bearable (not frivolities).  Of course, other things like radio, record player, tape recorder, video and now MP3, etc. are certainly wonderful, but they are the higher end of luxuries.  All the below that I will list are actually luxuries also, not necessities.  A spoiled and ignorant people is delusional and does not understand the very concept of “necessity”.  A “need” in terms of “life itself” is something without which you will die.  A very, very simple way to distinguish between “need” and “luxury” is to put every other thought out of your mind and imagine what Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Alfred the Great, and George Washington had—to imagine what people for 5,800 years of earth’s history had in common as essentials for life, and nothing that they did not have; and realize that they survived for millennia with no problem whatsoever, without all the other things that we enjoy.  

THOSE things are “necessities”.  There are very few true necessities: BASIC food, shelter, water, clothing (and some herbs / medication, and heat in winter, in truly cold regions; that is, where temperatures at least come close to freezing).  Everything else is a luxury, of higher or lower degree.  Everything else makes life easier, more convenient, more efficient, more pleasurable, saves time, energy, but they are not needs except in the narrow-minded egocentric delusion of a person’s irrational, out-of-touch, hedonistic microcosm.  In most all of my below choices, more crude devices could be substituted that achieve the same result, but require more work, are not as efficient, don’t last as long, require more time, etc.  However, if everything else was stripped from us, these are the things that I would most want, without which, life would be far harder and more unpleasant.  I have also tried to list these in order of importance (with explanation) as if, in a survival situation, I could not have them all, which would prioritize first, to make sure I at least got some, the most important, of the 10.

1- fire arms [Whether in Africa or early America, none of the below means anything if you cannot defend yourself and preserve your life and that of your family from wild animals.]

2- refrigerator [Food is life; to be explained more under #4.  In many places people had spring houses, or cut ice from a pond in winter, stacked deeply in a cave and covered with sawdust, but that is a lot of work and you need ideal topography (cave, lake, spring, special spring house, etc.  Root cellars and basements are cooler, but nothing compared to a refrigerator / freezer.]

3- air conditioner [It is far easier to warm up than cool off when temperatures are extreme; only in limited instances is heat life threatening, and people existed (and still do) without air conditioning for 5,900 years; but it is wonderful!  The more you sweat the more you need to wash laundry (and linens, upholstery) and take a bath or a shower.  Without heat you can bundle up, take certain herbs, build a fire; but without air conditioning, in the heat of the summer, it is nearly impossible to cool off; and if sleep is affected, you cannot function at your best the next day to do all that needs to be done; and you run the risk of getting sick or injured if you don’t have the rest that you need.]

4- electric well pump / indoor plumbing [Water is life too, but water does not go bad.  If you have to go outside and use a hand pump; food goes bad if you can’t keep it from spoiling (without a lot of extra work) before you can eat it.  After hand pumping and hauling water, not only are you exhausted, but sweaty and possibly dirty.  Cold showers and baths are not nearly as nice as hot ones; but hot water can be achieved with a little time, work, or ingenuity (with a wood burning stove); so indoor plumbing, while incredible, I don’t think is as necessary as a refrigerator or air conditioning.]

5- chain saw [—for both lumber and heating.  Anyone who has never chopped a tree down with an axe, cut it into sections with a bow saw or two-man saw (as well as hewing the raw tree into usable lumber with various hand tools)... give it a try and you will then appreciate this little, albeit noisy, God-send.]

6- circular saws [(including large belt-driven ones attachable to the PTO of tractors for milling lumber; chainsaw devices can be used to mill lumber, but chains have to be sharpened far-more often than circular saw blades) for building houses, barns, etc.  Again, anyone who has never or tried to build anything by cutting lumber with a manual hand saw, give it a try.]

7- tractor / lawn mower [The tractor is an incredible device; as powerful as a team of horses; for clearing, building, as well as plowing.  The lawn mower (a small version, scaled down in many ways, of the tractor) is also important.  Keeping grass and weeds down is not just for aesthetics.  Weeds are places for vermin and predators to hide; you don’t want snakes or rats (much less cougars or coyotes) hiding everywhere.  Weeds and tall grass provide the environment for greater weeds to grow, which are harder to eradicate; and the more weeds and grass that are not cut spread by seed by the wind, into your gardens and soon overtake everything.  Again, try a hand sickle / scythe or even an old-fashioned muscle-powered grass cutter to learn to appreciate the mower.  Of course, goats and sheep and chickens will keep down weeds, but they will also eat everything that you don’t want them to and you will have to take your shoes off every time that you enter the house.  Horses, oxen, and even goats or rams can be used to plough and pull carts, but they have to be trained, it is not as easy as turning the key on a tractor, and tractors don’t get sick, don’t need to be fed hay and corn all winter, and don’t get attacked by wolves.]

8- pickup truck [Versatile for travel, farm work, transporting goods.]

9- telephone [This is not as much of a necessity, that is why it is at the bottom of the list; but if you live spread out it saves lot of time, energy, fuel, and is especially important in an emergency, and not merely for convenience.]

10- computer [Admittedly, this one probably does not even belong on the list, but since I live to study and teach and preach and that is what I do the vast majority of the time, being without a computer would be like being without my right arm.  Of course, in a true survival situation, I would bump this from the list, because in such situations, the majority of time must be spent building or repairing shelters, raising and preserving food.  A tractor of the right type or with the right addition can be used as a generator for power, so that is why generator is not on this list.]

[Sorry, chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and cheesecake are all wonderful, but they don’t make the top 10, or even close—all the more reason not to take God’s Blessings for granted, be ungrateful or disobedient.]

Of course, some of these 10 inventions are also dependent upon other inventions that form the cluster of the final product (electricity, fuel, etc.).

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.” (Psalm 68:19)

“2Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His Benefits: 3Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; Who healeth all thy diseases; 4Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; Who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; 5Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” (Psalm 103)