—Thought For the Day is the Essence Thereof

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"We ought always pray to God to give us discerning eyes to see reality, no matter how unpleasant it may be; to look for the best in others and for a way to help draw it out, if there; to have a heart that forgives the worst (though requiring repentance and responsibility); to have a mind that forgets the offense, while remembering the lesson; to have a spirit free of bitterness and full of compassion; to have integrity that hates evil and loves righteousness; and to have a soul that never loses faith in God and thirsts after Him like the deer for the cool forest brooks—even when it seems that they have all run dry.”

"Each day that I do not make a conscious effort to become more like Christ—to by God's Grace be more conformed into the Image of His Son—has been a wasted day of my life."

Robert Alan Balaicius