—Thoughts Concerning Donald Trump Interview by Alex Jones on Infowars.

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Thoughts Concerning Donald Trump Interview by Alex Jones on Infowars.

This was a good presentation, except for his flaws.  However, surveillance in general is not what is needed, but deportation of aliens.  He leaves the door open for the same fiasco of the Patriot Act: we all need to be surveilled to be safe.  No, you eliminate the terrorists.  His militaristic attitude is alarming because of its vaguety.  I agree, if we have the need to go war we destroy any antichrist enemy from off the face of the earth and take whatever resources to pay for the war.  Yet we not only don’t do that, but then we pay to build them back up and turn our investment of hundreds of billions of dollars (in addition to the cost of the war and “policing” the “liberated” [conquered] nation over to the enemy himself.  We don’t need a huge military if it is not spread across the planet in 140 countries—where we have no business being.  The U.S. has been subverted into an oppressive international corporation that uses strong arm tactics and unethic and immoral business practices.  The only place the U.S. military belongs is in the U.S. guarding our borders, unless there is a valid war.  If we left other nations alone we would not need a large military unless we were attacked and all aliens must be deported to prevent an attack from within.  Furthermore, if we did not sell or give our technology to our enemies, we would not have to later defend ourselves against them.  But this is the mobster-style corrupt government that has subverted the true government of the U.S. and is illegitmate.  Their unspoken M.O. is summed up in the old saying: “Q. Why does your government give your money to your enemies?  A. To have someone to protect you from.”  It is job security (their own) as well as “busy-work” (and of course, treason).  Like “taxes” it only goes one way: up.  By slow means they plan to eventally own all the wealth and have total dictatorial control.  The U.S. is a communist nation.  We follow the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifest, not the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.  See my detailed illustrated historical introduction and supplementary information (also comparing the 10 Planks to the 10 Amendments) of my reprinting of the Communist Manifesto.  Also, Trump did not define what he would consider to be a viable reason to be invading Afghanistan.  He only mentioned invading them and taking their mineral wealth pay for the war.

Also, his reply about not impeaching Obama is WEAK.  First, B-HO [very best name for him, for “he be a ho”] can’t be impeached because he is not president; he is a usurper of the nation’s highest office and every single member of Congress who has not called for hearings in an accomplice to the Highest Treason.  Regardless, to not seek impeachment (or its equivalent) “because there is only a year left”... is asinine!  Either he is playing ball with the conspirators or he does not realize the importance of it (which is very, very hard to believe).  Do you really think that if one of Trump’s managers was ruining one of his companies—destroying it from within, stealing the wealth, selling out the company from underneath Trump, that Trump would “just let him serve another year until his contract was up”...?  I don’t believe it for a moment.  So then why would Trump not be in favor of prosecuting?  Is that the Promise he made to the Republican National Convention before they would let him run as an official Republican?  That’s what I have heard.  If such is true, no such promise has to be kept once he becomes president (politicians break promises to the “people” all the time, so breaking a promise to a corporation should be no problem).  Such a promise is itself Treason and therefore, since it is a crime, it cannot be considered to be part of any lawful agreement or contract.  Furthermore, the very first time any politician violates a single campaign promise or does anything to subvert the Constitution, he should be arrested, imprisoned, and tried and sentenced for High Treason.  When a politician violates a single campaign promise, that constitutes fraud: because he was elected specifically based upon what he promised.  To reneg on anything is a violation of the contract and fraud and therefore, the contract is void and the politician no longer legally holds office.
Furthermore, to not try B-HO for his crimes, sends the message that crime pages—it pays well.  It sends the message that the Constitution and High Treason are trifling matters.  It also forces the taxpayers of the U.S. to pay retirement benefits to the imposter / traitor and his illegitimate family* for the rest of their lives, pension, travel, secret service, millions of dollars in book deals, speeches, all for his High Treason.  It also leaves untouched every bill he has signed into law and every illegal executive order.

[* —who already owe the nation hundreds of millions of dollars for their various thefts in abusing vacation and travel and reportedly giving jobs and government contracts to friends and family.  Furthermore, as I explain in my book The Liberty Document, the so-called “U.S. National Debt” of $18+ trillion is not a national debt.  It is the personal debt of corrupt politicians who illegally borrowed and spent money unconstitutionally.  What is illegal in private practice is illegal in government because public servants are to be held to a higher standard.  What private business or individual could spend and borrow and embezzle and steal from the stockholders more money than they could ever pay back in a thousand years and not be prosecuted for crime?  What employee could give himself pay raises, bonuses, vacations, and change the by-laws of the company and forge the business papers, charter, and deeds of all assets and properties and put them in his own name, stealing the entire company from the true owners?  This is what the corrupt, renegade, treasonous politicians have all done.  The debt is not national.  The debt is the personal debt of every single politician who voted to misappropriate even one penny of taxpayer funds on things that are unconstitutional (which is 95% of modern government).  Jefferson said the only legitimate purpose of government it to keep men from injuring (real, not imaginary) one another.  Jefferson said when a man assumes a public trust (office) he should consider himself public property.  It is an unconstitutional use of taxpayer money for politicians to raise their own salaries, and vote themselves holidays, benefits, pensions all under the auspices of having “served” their country.  They served themselves and they did so illegally.  It is unconstitutional to use taxpayer money for any charitable purpose, whether in the U.S. or around the world.  It is an unconstitutional use of taxpayer money to fund loans (personal, corportate, or international), pay subsidies or welfare so people are paid money for not working.  Expensive government buildings, flowers along the highways, trees and shrubs for landscaping, and endless government waste is unconstitional.  The only lawful expenditure of taxpayer money (and taxes should only be 1/100 of what they are and the government needs to stop counterfeiting which purposely causes inflation and the devaluation of the dollar, which is a hidden tax; in addition to their having stolen all the real metal from hundreds of billions of dollars of the nation’s cash and replaced it with painted lead)... the only lawful expenditure of taxpayer money is to provide services that the people need but cannot provide for themselves and there are very, very few such things, primarily, the nation’s roads and military defense.  Therefore, to see who owes the so-called “National Debt” the Congressional voting records should be consulted, and each politician who voted to fund all these unconstitutional causes, owes that percentage of the debt individually.  The politician, his family, and all people who received these stolen goods (corporations, bail-out money, tax breaks, subsdies, government contracts, and every person who has received welfare in any form) owe the percentage of the debt that they benefitted from.]

However, contrary to Donald’s grand political Trump-eting the U.S. cannot be made “greater” than it was before, unless all aliens and antichrists are deported and the nation is restored to the pure Constitution and the pure doctrine of the Word of God, 95% of the government abolished, public schools and universities completely overhauled, pornography, prostitution, perversion, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and treasonous politicians given the death sentence; the property and true wealth restored to the people, the fraudulent currency restored to real and pure gold, silver, copper, and nickle, all pagan temples demolished, the perversion, socialism, and antichristian philosophy of Hollywood and book publishing censored, the Sabbath restored, banking, economics, the legal “profession”, and the courts, completely reformed... (and that is just for starters)...  

This cannot be done without a time machine any more than a 90-year old, former Olympic athlete can ever again so perform.  But that does not mean that all these wrongs should not be righted and worked toward correcting.  However, people are not willing to do what God requires and that is why it cannot be so-restored and those like Jones and Trump who think that it can be done think so because they are humanists and not converted—or, if Trump is converted, he is carnal minded and does not understand the Word of God or really care to.  I didn’t hear God mentioned anywhere.  Even Benjamin Franklin realized and expressed that no nation can arise without God’s blessing.  So, how does Trump propose to make the U.S. “greater” than it was when he entirely left out the key ingredient of success?  Our nation was founded as a Christian nation from its very beginnings.  The antichrist subverters claim that is was not, but they don’t tell anyone about the tens of thousands of pages of information that document it.  It is irrefutable, but such communist, antichrist subverters hide the truth, and if it surfaces they ignore it and even claim, “the truth is not a defence”.  This is High Treason.  Now they are swamping our nation with more and more antichrist Third World aliens—and all of Europe—to steal all of Christendom from us.  It is war, genocide, a hate crime, and High Treason. 

[For irrefutable proof that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation, see my 220 page introduction to my reprinting of The Puritan and Pilgrim Fathers and the other books mentioned therein, or email for a list of titles.]

Why did Jones and Trump leave God out of their entire discussion? —because God is not in their minds.  They don’t know Him.  Unless the Lord build the house the laborers labor in vain.  Not only do not they not consider Him Lord, then merely consider him some vestigual folkway, a merely footnote in the history of the universe.  They must think of Him as a myth or a “nice idea”.  If they truly knew God, they would recognize Him as Creator, Owner of the entire universe (including their owner) and Lord and Master.  But they don’t.  If they recognize Him at all, it is like a person on the street flipping a quarter to an organ grinder with his monkey (and then only if he gets a tax-receipt for his “donation”).

It was also a weak interview because it seemed more like Jones was “coaching the witness” rather than asking penetrating questions.  It was an infomercial.  I hope Trump is genuine and telling the truth, but if he could “act” in order to be friendly with Clinton, Reid, etc., play golf, “play nice” because he had to do “business” with those “Democrats” (from whom he now seems to claim to disassociate himself) when it was to his benefit, then how can we know that he is not “acting” now to be “against” them and “for us” if it is now to his benefit to so “act”...?  Fixed fights put on a good show.  Just because someone throws a “dirty” punch in a fight and the two “combatants” act in the ring and in public appearances as if they hate each other, does not mean that they are not friends or that after the “show” they don’t go out and have a beer and laugh about it.  Fights, as political debates and intrigue, can be orchestrated to be a very entertaining circus, but that does not mean that what you see is real.  Actors on tv or movies play very convincing roles, but they are not those people in those roles they are playing.  However, most people, caught up in a movie are not in their minds consciously thinking that the person on the screen is merely playing a role and that he is merely hollywood actor with an entirely different real name, personality, and life, who plays tennis and drives a Ferrari, insults people at hotels if the service is slow, donates to socialist causes, etc.  The average person during a movie imagines that it is real.  It is a form of hypnosis, depending how good the actor and the entire production is.  
Thus Jones appears a bit naive—or is wanting the people to be naive in thinking that because this is how it appears that therefore, that is how it is.  That is myopic and pseudo-intellectual.  I would like to believe that Trump is no longer “establishment” wealthy elite only looking out for himself.  I would like to believe Putin is a good guy.  I would like to believe a lot of things—but unfortunately, reality exists regardless of what people want to believe.  The bottom line is, politicians are our servants and they are supposed to obey us and the original Constitution—and if they function otherwise, they are guilty of Treason.  They were elected to defend the Constitution and preserve our God-given, inalienable rights—not subvert the Constitution making themselves the new nobility and rape and pillage and plunder the nation for their own benefit and enslave everyone else.  The very first time that an elected politician violates a campaign promise or changes his M.O. he should be arrested because he is no longer an elected official since the election was based on fraud (lies and false promises).  It is the height of stupidity for the people to think that their “chance” for “change” and to fix the nation and end corruption is always (like the horizon or a mirage, ever in sight but never reachable) a mythical “4 years” later—after irreparable damage has been done and when the “golden opportunity” never materializes.  When politicians violate the Constitution, try to alter it, break their campaign promises, regulate the people, diminish their rights, tax them like slaves—they have committed High Treason and fraud and are no longer in office and should be tried for their crimes including treason.  When a politician or any elected or appointed official acts outside of the narrow constitutional limits of his job desription, he has stepped outside of his authority and his immunity and has perpetrated an individual (not official) criminal act and is personally responsible.

Donald Trump Tells All on the Alex Jones Show

[Some of the comments here are enlightening also; though you have to weed through the brain-dead, gung-ho, blind-faith supporters and moral degenerates’ comments.