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TRUE Faith and the Prayer of FAITH

I Prefer The FAITH Book rather than Facebook

While recently, briefly, at Facebook....

[which I rarely am at, since it is not user friendly for those with dial up (TAKES FOREVER), since it is an information-gathering/spy network, and since it seems like a supreme waste of time as the majority of things I have seen posted there seem to be by people who have NO LIFE or PURPOSE other than wasting their time and everyone else's taking pictures and showing everyone each time they buy a donut or blow their nose, which online "reality" games they play, each time they go to wal-mart or the grocery store (I guess that is like when parents required their children to "check in" every hour--back when parents cared and children obeyed--maybe these people are so feeble minded or they realize the world is so evil, they want an electronic trail so people can trace their last-known whereabouts should they ever disappear).]

... a "Christian Spam" organization sent out a message which about 31,000 people "liked" and gave it a "thumbs up", which in essence said, "Don't stop praying, God will give it to you, it just may be 'wrapped differently' because God knows best what you need."  Below was what I posted in reply:

Some things sound good as long as you don't actually think about them and hold them to scrutiny comparing them to the truth; in this case, God's Word. Christ said, "When ye pray, WHATSOEVER THINGS YE DESIRE, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." It takes specific faith to ask for a specific request and for God to give the very thing asked for. It takes no faith to pray that God give you something other than what you asked. PROMISES are give for a purpose. If we do not believe they are real, then that is possibly why we do not receive; Christ did not many miracles in His own hometown because of their lack of faith. REJECT subtle antichrist doctrine that says other than what God said, offering some type of "higher wisdom" in place of the clear commands or promises of God's Word. A Buddhist, humanist, atheist, can all say, "Hang in there, things will get better" or "Keep thinking positive thoughts and good things will happen." Prayer is not halo polishing or aura fluffing feel goodism... it is FAITH in the SPECIFIC PROMISES of God's Word. We have the ONLY TRUE GOD and HE ALONE has given to His children PROMISES, not nice ideas, but PROMISES. BELIEVE them. CLAIM them. It takes no faith to believe that God is going to give you what He planned on giving you anyway, had you never prayed. Prayer is specific according to our need and desire and it is asking God to agree with our very prayer and grant it. If you ask for bread will He give you a stone? He knows what we need before we even ask, so why ask if He is not going to give us the very thing we asked for? that would be praying without faith, in hypocrisy... and nowhere did Christ tell us to pray that type of prayer. If we are struggling against what we know we should do, but we don't want to do it, that is an ENTIRELY different area of praying "thy will be done"... the only prayer of that type was when Christ prayed in the garden before the prospect of the cross and the difference is that CHRIST KNEW it was God's Will because that was the entire reason He was born... we, unfortunately, don't have that clarity of insight, but then again, neither are we dying for the sins of God's people. We are to pray specifically because our God, the Creator of the universe, is also our Heavenly Father who DELIGHTS to give us what we desire, when we live honoring Him as obedient children, doing that which is pleasing in His sight, in whatever we do. Of course, there are other factors/verses, that come into play concerning prayer. If we have sin in our lives God cannot hear (grant) our request. But if we are walking in oneness with the Holy Spirit, obeying the commands of His Word (which were not abolished) as obedient children, trusting in the Grace of Christ to empower us to be obedient children, pleasing in the Father's sight, then He LONGS to give us the desire of our heart, as does any father his son in whom he is pleased. ASK. ASK IN FAITH. ASK IN FAITH SPECIFICALLY. BELIEVE YOU WILL GET SPECIFICALLY WHAT YOU HAVE ASKED FOR (anything less is not faith and is actually belief in the fact that God is not FAITHFUL to His Promises)--and ye shall have the VERY THING you asked for. SCRUTINIZE what is said before you mindlessless agree thumbs up. Don't SABOTAGE your own life by trusting in feelgoodism and that which is not true FAITH: TRUE FAITH is based upon the FACTS of God's Word, not nice-sounding jingoism. REJECT unsound humanism in any form: anything that says anything other than what the WORD OF GOD says. BELIEVE GOD'S WORD, not nice-sounding (if you don't stop to think about it or actually compare it to what God's Word says), faith-devoid, Hall-mark card tripe that makes you feel better about why God did not give you what you asked for by the invention of some false cotton-candy theology which actually keeps you from the victory. If you do not receive what you prayed for--LOOK INSIDE... (NOT "all around" thinking the problem must obviously be elsewhere or some mystical higher wisdom on some other plane or alternate dimension we cannot possible understand) there is a reason... it is not that "God thought we needed something better" because that is in violation of the plethora of PROMISES He gave us. If there is something in our lives that is not right, that is where the clog is stuck and it needs to become unstuck through repentance and confession and obedience. Find the problem, then return to the Throne of Grace for your SPECIFIC request. TRUE faith is not resignation to fate, but believing that God will give you the very thing you asked for. When our lives are pleasing in His Sight, He will cause us to ask for that which is His Will and His Will and our will in such circumstances will be the same. God's Promises are true. ASK IN FAITH. God bless His children who as innocent children believe the VERY Promises He has given us, not nice-sounding cliche's that make us feel better about failure only to delude us into being content to continue in failure. Christ Promised victory, abundant life, blessing for obedient children and the very thing we asked for (Whatsoever you ask the Father in My Name He will give you)--if we "walk in the spirit" so as to not "fulfill the lusts of the flesh." If we obey His Commands and do that which is pleasing in His sight: "Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you." Faith is a fruit of the spirit. Without faith it is impossible to please God. If any of you ask for wisdom, let him ask in faith nothing wavering: for he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea tossed to and fro: let not that man think that he shall receive anythig of the Lord. This same principle applies to anything we ask for. Without faith it is impossible to please Him. If we don't believe His Promises, why should He honor our request? If we do not ask in faith, God will not honor our request: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin. May God pour out the fulness of His Holy Spirit upon all of us His needy and deficient children, that we might have true faith that can move mountains... for there are certainly many mountains pressing in upon us from every direction.