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The true government is the people—not just any people, the people who founded this nation.  The Zionist graffiti scribbled under the Statue of Liberty which has become considered unspoken law, is subversion—the stealing of our entire nation and giving it to aliens.  This hate crime and treason and invasion is being perpetrated now against every nation in Europe—in all of Christendom at warp speed.

The true people (not illegitimate invaders) are the government.  The people elect (theoretically) representatives to PRESERVE their God-given, inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property / pursuit of happiness (the last two being synonymous terms).

Jefferson said that the only valid role of government is to keep men from injuring each other and otherwise, in all other areas of life to leave them alone.  Injury refers to REAL injury, physical damage, not name calling, not discrimination (which is a right), not refusing to smile at perversion or celebrate someone elses perversion.

The importation of ANY aliens is treason.  Giving those aliens “equal rights” (in theory; a dictatorial edict does not make them equal, it only forces people to pretend that they are equal and gives the aliens the deluded notion that they are equal*) is treason; allowing them to vote and be elected to office to change our way of life, funnel tax money to aliens, and steal our entire nation from us is treason.

[* A dictatorial vote and wave of the pen does not give the aliens another 10 I.Q. points and does not remove their criminal proclivities and does not change their DNA or make them God’s children.  The I.Q. issue has been known since the time blacks were first encountered.  Many scholarly works about, which I have stocked in my catalog for a quarter century.  Someone else emailed me the following:

"Consider Professor Linda Gottfredson, professor emeritus of educational psychology at the University of Delaware and co-director of the Delaware-Johns Hopkins Project for the Study of Intelligence and Society.


She has proved conclusively that Blacks and Hispanics have an average IQ of 90—ten points below the general (overall population) average of 100.  Dramatic efforts to prove her wrong have all failed so the “Politically Correct” psychology and “Politically Correct” academic establishments have ignored her along with Charles Murray.  I came across her work recently and never having heard of her I emailed my grandson who is a clinical psychologist with a two year clinical M.S. degree and asked if she were for real.  He said she is for real and her work is excellent but the establishment tries to ignore her because they had already decided that there were no racial differences in intelligence.  Linda says the data is available to everyone, if you don’t believe me examine it yourself.  The did and they didn’t like the truth.

The academic community is really psychotic. Larry Summers (who is a liberal) was forced to step down as president at Harvard because he merely quoted a passage from a book written by two feminist psychologists that said the brains of men and women were different.  Can you believe that?"

{Actually many of those in Africa, including South Africa, have I.Q.s under 70... 5-year olds in adult African bodies.  Furthermore, in the Muslim nations, first cousin marriages are quite common and considered normal; possibly approaching 50%.  See:


Note mine. R.A.B}]

The job of elected servants is to not interfere with the true government (the people).  If politicians feel insecure about needing to protect themselves from the people, then they should not commit treason or violate their oath of office, or do anything illegal or that is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

[Note to readers: Email important emails around to other people.  Don’t hide your light under a bushel.  If you do nothing then you share in the guilt when things go wrong and you share in the guilt before God—because God commanded all of us to do what is right; to stand up for what is right; to expose evil; to defend those who do stand up when they stand up.  Furthermore, pray imprecatory prayers on evil people; pray that God pour out His Holy Spirit to bring His people to repentance, but if they are not ordained unto repentance that God destroys them with the wicked.  Pray that God pours out a pestilence of world-wide proportion on all that hate Him, on all that hate His people (the people of Christendom) and who are attempted to destroy and steal Christendom for themselves.  THAT is the only thing that will save the righteous.  Those who do not so pray are not righteous, but self-deluded about their own false notion of goodness.  God commanded, “Ye that love the Lord HATE evil”.  Those who don’t hate evil don’t love God.  Those who don’t obey God’s Commandments don’t even know God (I John 2:4).  We are not responsible for results; the harvest belongs to God alone.  However, we are responsible to be faithful and plant seeds and do what is right.  “To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin.” (James 4:17)  Judgment begins with the House of God because God’s people know better.  Those who do not separate themselves from all that God commanded we be separate, and those who do not hate evil as He commanded—will be destroyed by that evil unless they learn to hate it and separate themselves from it.]