—Trump or Killery...? —the Final Solution

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Someone emailed and said he was thinking of doing a write in ballot for Jesus, since he doesn't trust Trump, but he doesn't want to do anything that will help Killary be "elected".

my reply

I have sent out MANY emails on this.  I don't trust Trump, he is surrounded by Jews, proud that his daughter converted to judaism, he waffles back and forth on many issues, while he and his family seem to live morally better in some areas than most, he certainly does not live a truly Christian life; Christianity seems merely a tradition... if and when he has time for it... if there is not something else he deems more important at the time; and he certainly does not seem to claim the Bible to be the guidebook for all morality... he is a diplomat at times... except when he knows that he has someone over a barrel, and then he is a hard negociator... but it does not seem as is the Bible is his manual on ethics; rather he chooses to "play ball within the accepted rules" (even if those accepted rules are immoral).

Bbut he is the only one that can be voted for: for God forbade a woman to rule over us and God forbade someone who is not a kinsman to rule over us.  We KNOW Killary is a liar, traitor, communist, conspirator who only wants to enrich herself and destroy Christendom...

Sandersheimer (is he still in the race? I guess not, if the RNC nominated Trump, I imagine the Dems nominated killary; I don't watch the propaganda news or read it; and no one has sent an email about whether she received the nomination, but I suppose she did)... Sanderstein is little different, just the slower version of "creeping socialism" instead of "in your face Bolshevik revolution" (but then again, even though he comes across meek and mild, that all can change 180 degrees once in power).

God can convict Trump and humble him as He did Nebuchadnezzar, but God would not do so with the Canaanite Herod (as Killary is, even as Jezebel was).

But to vote for someone in this "election" who has NO CHANCE of being elected is a vote for killary.

Christ knows that all true Christians would vote for Him if there was a choice, but He is not on the ballot (and He won't submit to a "vote"; He will return as Sovereign Creator and vanquish all who hate Him and all those who refuse for Him to rule over them, including all those who claim to be Christians, but don't live as He commanded, but who live according to the world's perverse standards of tolerance and changing "morality"... most Christians don't even know what God commands, or if they do, they believe the Antichrist lie that "God changed" and what He in the past had declared to be "sin" and "abomination" are now wonderfully acceptable behaviors that should be glorified.  BUT SIN and ABOMINATIONS CANNOT change.  What God declared to be sin and abominations will remain so FOREVER... it then would behoove anyone thinking himself a Christian to blow the dust off the Bible and look up (using Strong's Exhaustive Concordance) every single Bible verse that contains the word "abomination(s) or abominable.  Anyone without a Strong's email me and I can email you the addresses of these verses.  God is Holy, Perfect, Immutable and cannot change.  He commanded "Be holy for I the Lord your God am HOLY."  That standard of Holiness cannot change.  Those Christians who think God abolished His Law are not Christians, do not know God, and Christ the Truth is not in them; so says, I John 2:4 and Christ Himself said He did not come to abolish the Law and not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law, Matthew 5:17,18.  Thus, anyone claiming to be a Christian would do well to actually read God's Word and see what God declares to be sin, because THAT is the "rule" that Christ means when He says, "bring all those Mine enemies who would not that I rule over them and slay them before Me"... those who are not obeying it now are those enemies... it's there in God's Word... it is easy to understand and easy to obey... there is no excuse... those who choose to do something else have themselves as their god... or some false god, the government: "Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey" Romans 6:16.  Your master/god is the one you obey, not the one you give lip service to.)

...and it is delusion to vote for someone not on the ballot.

God can also cause Trump to change his position on anything --to the right position, once elected.  Politicians violate their promises all the time and the people never do anything; so it would be wonderful if Trump changes to a truly Christian and moral position once elected, and use his power for good even as all the others have used it for evil.  We know Killary never would.  There is a chance Trump might.  His ego (if he has no handlers) will want to truly help the U.S.  Killary, it seems to me, has no intentions of that, but like Obama, only destroying Christendom.  However, to make America Great again entails OBEYING GOD and turning from immorality.  Understand, this does NOT necessarily mean that the entire nation has to repent and return to doing EVERYTHING that God commanded (though that certainly would be wonderful).  As evil as Ahab was, he was a true Israelite.  Jezebel, his wife, was a Canaanite; a vessel of wrath fitted for destruction.  Ahab's sin had finally piled up so high God demanded Judgment and God told Ahab that He was going to kill him and Jezzy.  Ahab HUMBLED himself before God, and was truly devastated in awe before God's Power and believed God.  But Scripture says that God noted Ahab's humbling himself and regarded it to some extent and extended some degree of mercy and grace to the wicked Ahab.  Did Ahab repent of all his sins as the formerly wicked King Manasseh did?  Certainly not.  Ahab may have repented a tiny bit, at least not further desecrating God's Holy Temple with false religion and violating the specific way in which God said that He was to be worshipped... but Ahab certainly did not turn to the Lord with all his heart or even part of his heart.  But there is a lesson there to be noted.

Nebuchadnezzar (a Chaldean, not a Babylonian) after God humbled him had a true conversion experience and glorified the God of Heaven.  Does this mean Nebuchadnezzar turned into a king like Josiah or Hezekiah?  That is highly doubtful.

Currently the antichrist hordes spewed out of the Dragon / Serpent's mouth are flooding into all of Christendom to drown the woman and her child (God's people of Christendom).  God said that He will cause the earth to open up to receive the flood (not all of it, but enough to give us temporary deliverance).  But He won't do so until His people TRULY REPENT.  Until then, He will have the flood to destroy all those who refuse to repent.  You reap what you sow or what you allow to be sown.

The pivotal issue is whether God's people are going to actually REPENT before HIM.  Until then, all we can expect is MORE JUDGMENT.  However, someone will be elected (or "installed").  We know what Killary is.  She will continue to allow aliens to invade--ANYONE WHO IS NONWHITE AND NONCHRISTIAN WHO WANTS IN (at our expense).. to the point we can never regain the vote, we will be outvoted by those put on a government-funded breeding program to outbreed us 12 to 1.  However, a fraud is never legitimized, even as God will never accept sin and abominations no matter how many generations they continue.  God cannot compromise.  He commands His people to separate and obey Him.

Tell me this.  If you were dying of thirst (not merely thirsty, but DYING of thirst) and you had 2 glasses of clear fluid before you and YOU KNEW that one was 100% POISON, but you knew the other glass was water but may contain some degree of poison (or it may actually turn out to be vitamin water)... would there really be any choice?  Sure, you could choose to painfully die of dehydration, or choose to pretend that you had a third glass that was pure water... (good luck)... but if you know that you are going to die anyway, would it not be foolish to not at least make the attempt to live?

Of course, there is one other option... drink the poison and get it over with quicker.  Killery is that poison.