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Two-faced About-face


A recent leader in the Hungarian "Antisemitism" political movement just pulled a “full-Albright” and announced that he discovered he found out he is of Jewish descent and renounced antisemitism and is moving to Israel to help them in their Zionist political movement.  How “devoutly” could he have believed what he formerly “believed” if at the drop of a hat he changes ships to work for whom he formerly considered the enemy?  He NEVER truly believed... he was a plant... he rose to prominence SO THAT he could change ships.  It is good “PR” / marketing.  It fabricates “weakness” and “irrationality” on the part of the opposition.  If he had believed the truth, even finding out that he is part Jewish should change nothing in his mind, because reality is not changed because of our circumstances or thinking.  It has very little to “disliking Jewish people—and everything to do with hatred of an evil, dishonest, immoral, murderous Anti-christ, communist terrorist group called Talmudism / Zionism that has since its inception been attempting to destroy Christendom.  There have been numerous Jewish individuals who never had any question of their racial identity, but who still hated Zionism and Talmudism and who have done all they can to opposed and expose it.  The defection of this former Hungarian “Anti-semite”, clearly was staged from the beginning.

So, according to this defective and defecting former “Anti-semite”, Jewish Bolshevism all of the sudden, is no longer guilty of murdering 66 to 180 million white Christians in Europe,*1 as well as being behind a plethora of self-enriching methods of undermining, demoralizing, robbing, and destroying Christendom; and now, all of the sudden he believes Germany is guilty of murdering an unsustainable number of Jews*2—and everything that he believes now is inverted and turned upside down and inside out because he learned that he is of Jewish descent.  And what would happen again if he learned that the information that said that he is of Jewish descent was erroneous, and he is not of Jewish descent?  That is an interesting question, but I highly doubt it would be possible.  Many Jews fit right in among Hungarians, since the Magyar / Hun blood is closer to the Hittite-Edomite blood of Jews.  While many Germans, Austrians, and other Germanic peoples may have moved to Hungary (or the national boundaries often moved around them while they remained in the same place), Hungarians are not Indo-European, but Asian.

[*1The Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. T. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of Committee on Judiciary U.S. Senate, 1971, 40pp., 5.00 + P&H.  The Secret Holocaust, Mullins, 34pp., 4 00 + P&H.

*2 A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered—The Dead Six Million Uncovered...!, Clèraubat, 544pp., pb.; exposes the entire lie, multi-billion dollar Holocaust Industry, Holocaust Mafia/those behind it; Hall of Fame: those who spoke out/had lives ruined—100s photos). Very compelling compilation of evidence/insight, (jewish” experts, population data, chemistry, math & science, history); indexed. photocopies from original census data (compiled by “jewish” sources) from “World Almanac and Book Facts” 1934, 1945, 1946, 1950; Illustrated; 30.00 + P&H. ]

To anyone with ability to think critically, this defector merely shows his own instability and that he is a Judas that NEITHER side can trust.  He bases his allegiance upon what is good for self, not upon virtue, morals, or truth.  One might also wonder who his financial backers have been all these years and what type of deposits may have been made into his bank account, or if a house has been purchased by someone else in his name, if he has been given a well-paying job, if he lives free in someone else’s house or apartment, etc.  Also, in light of the Jews nature of distrust and revenge, does it even seem plausible that someone who had been an Antisemite leader would then be welcomed with open arms into the State of Is-Real-Lie?

Such is the epitome of anti-intellectualism... and the masses are FOOLED by it, because the masses are anti-intellectual (incapable of rational thought; emotionally controlled by hype* and easily spooked or angered like a herd of cattle into stampeding—yet with a flip of a switch by their “handlers” the stampeding cattle are turned into a flock of timid sheep that get in line to be fleeced.  The majority of the founders and leaders of “Antisemitic” organizations have usually been Jews.  Similarly communists themselves were often the ones to found and control the “anticommunist” organizations in a nation that they were going to attempt to subvert (setting up the “anticommunist” and “antisemitic” groups far in advance of their attempted takeover).  By controlling the opposition, it cannot succeed.  The enemy them knows who their opposition is, and can play with them like a remote-controlled car.  They can fund them, lead them around in circles accomplishing nothing, lead the more militant (lower-I.Q., lower moraled) members into committing stupid, violent acts that easily helps to demonize them and turn the general public away from them, and also serves to have some arrested and have new laws passed outlawing such groups or idealogies.  And, it also helps the enemy know who their biggest threats are so that they can even be liquidated when there is an actual military coup d’etat or an eventual (as we are seeing in the U.S.) subversion via the voter’s box (legally or otherwise) by flooding the nation with Third-world peoples, and stringing along tens of thousands of immoral Americans to live off welfare their whole lives, who will vote however the Democrats want them to vote.  As George Bernard Shaw expressed, “Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul”.  Such is the wonderful benefit of “DIE-versity”.

[* Many in the U.S. would get into a violent bar fight over a few sentences that someone may offer for intellectual discussion concerning WWII, Zionism, race, etc.—even though the ones who start the fight, risking going to jail or prison, have never studied the facts of the issue, and even though the topics have nothing to do with their family.  This is anti-intellectualism at its finest.  Because they have heard something for so long, they believe it has to be true, and are willing to fight over it, though it has nothing to do with them and though they are completely ignorant of the fact.  Yet these same individuals do nothing when filthy savages invade our land and rape their women, corrupt politicians destroy our nation, homoperverts destroy our youth.  Amazing!]