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This is a good article by Don Boys, Ph.D.

"Free Speech and Hypocrites on the Left!"



Here are some thoughts of mine, for what they are worth...

I would add a good corollary quote of my own to the quote that Dr. Boys’ says that he has on his letterhead footer “The truth will set you free but sometimes it stings”:

“If you don’t like having your toes stepped on... —make sure your feet are where they belong!”

Also, his use of the label / phrase of “poppycockish pabulum” is more of a dead-ringer than he may realize.
Poppycock actually comes from the Dutch meaning “soft poo”; soft, meaning fresh, and therefore, the most foul.

Of course, it is not mere stupidity on the parts of the “players”, it is Treason and Conspiracy and Sedition of the highest rank, by all members of the “government” and all big business and so-called “philanthropists” (billionaire “reshapers” of society).  Our people have been systematically dechristianized, demoralized, and lobotomized in the public schools and churches and the media.

When a vacuum is created (physical, moral, intellectual, spiritual), that which is nearest will rush in to “displace” the “nothingness” (which perfectly explains what is currently in the heads of most “Christians” or other dumbed down pawns / slaves / mindless drones in Christendom).

[Several other sections which I have added at the end of this Rumination lend support to this notion of our displacement.]

People need to get off the PSYCHOTIC merry-go-round of blatant anti-intellectualism and double-standards and simply REFUSE to “play the game”.    It is not their game.  Life is not a “game”.  We are not their toy pieces.  I was not born in a game box with their patent on it.  I don’t belong to them.  Nothing that I own belongs to them.  They have no authority to declare themselves the authority and invent the “rules” by which everyone else will live.  Their “rules” are spurious and subversive.   God did that and our Founders did that—based upon the Common Law which was established upon the Law of God and there is no other law!  Anything that contradicts it is NULL AND VOID and any politician who attempts to change what our Founders established is guilty of High Treason.  They have no authority to change the Constitution.  

[* The Dooms of King Alfred “the Great” (laws of England established c.890 A.D. based upon Bible/God’s Law) 58pp., 6 00 + P&H; bilinear Anglo-Saxon (Old English) & English translation.  Origins of the Common Law (1966) Hoague, 272pp., Hb., 22.00 + P&H; pb., 14.00 + P&H.  Both are in stock.]

The liberal cancer-incubators of society demanded “love” and “tolerance” of “minorities” until they had mass, momentum, and power.  They achieved this by importing tens of million aliens (and ignoring the other tens of millions who enter illegally) and putting them on a tax-payer funded breeding program and giving them many good paying American jobs, and then by having ALL IMMORAL “minority” groups weld together into solidarity to attack the moral host population that was foolish enough to let them enter, let alone give them ANY rights.  Now the aliens and all of the unnatural crosses of those immoral Americans who have mixed with them are in fact the overwhelming majority; though most who are mixed like to think of themselves as white (until the political wind against whites becomes nasty, then they will claim they are not white*).  The aliens and mixed population is now over 90%; but that will not be admitted until they disarm us.  They will continue to milk us dry, forcing us like Samson, whose eyes were put out, to continue to grind their grain like a beast of burden till we drop.

[* Those who pooh-pooh the notion of race flount their ignorance of history, biology, and Scripture.  Not all are God’s children.  God is Creator, but the tares are not His children.  Maybe YOU would not care if YOUR children were replaced in the nursery, with someone else’s children—even your enemy’s children.  As Colonial preacher Joel Hawes noted: “Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own”.  If you have none of your own, it is a hate crime / genocide if you think that no one else, therefore, has a right to theirs.  Maybe you would not care if all that your ancestors had worked for would be lost in one generation.  Maybe you would not care if the family business your ancestors founded and sacrificed to build was lost in one generation.  Just because your mind and conscience is polluted does not mean that everyone elses should be also.  That is not the type of “equality” in which I care to recogonize.
God is Holy.  If you don’t understand that concept, then you might as well stop reading this and stop studying the Bible or anything related to truth and just submerge yourself in the corrupt world like a bath tub being dropped in a mud bog / swamp.  It is not about you.  The universe is God’s and He commanded what is right and wrong.  The fact that the evil world has joinced forces against God and in their minds think that they have outvoted Him does not change reality.  Choose sides.  If you think everything “changed” at the cross, then you don’t understand the cross and you blaspheme the Word of God.  Every false doctrine is rooted in a perverted concept of God’s Nature.  God is Immutable and Holy.  His Standard of Holiness does not change.  

God separated His people in the very act of creating them different from all other life—even as He separated clean from unclean animals.  Sheep did not “evolve” from pigs; neither did they both “evolve” from a common ancestor.  The same goes for people.  Consider it also in this light: If it turns out that you are wrong, and destroying the bloodlines of God’s people is tantamount to the murder of God’s children and the murder of Christ’s bride, how will God view that on the Day of Judgment?  God always commanded alien wives and all offspring by them to be sent away.  God does not change.  Those who refuse to study the 100+ books that I have written (which answer EVERY objection that poor scholars think exist as contradictions or how “God changed” in the Word of God) embrace ignorance—but ignorance itself is a sin when God commanded us to study His Word.  Ignorant sin is sin nonetheless and bears judgment.  He who knew his lord’s will and did it not shall be beaten with many stripes; but he who knew not his lord’s will shall be beaten with less stripes—but he will still be beaten.  Furthermore, how can a servant not know his master’s will? —only if he is A.W.O.L.  Furthermore still, how can a “pastor” or “theologian” have any excuse for such ignorance and rebellion?  To whom much is given much shall be required.  Those whose sin affected only themselves will have one level of Judgment—but those who led thousands or millions into the ditch with them shall have enormous Judgment.

Christendom is being destroyed in equal proportion to the aliens among us.  It is not that we are not sinful enough on our own—but even in the Old Testament in Israel’s wanderings, it was the mingled people in the outskirts of the camp who often led Israel into sin and it was in the outskirts of the camp that God often first sent the pestilence.  God send a pestilence of Black Plague proportions!  Preserve Your people.  Convict them of the knowledge of what sin is and their guilt of it and bring them to repentance.  God’s true people are His temple and God said that if we defiled ourselves (whether with unclean animals as food, mixing with aliens, or homo-perversion) God would destroy us!  God said that if we forgot His Law He would forget our children.  If mad scientists in a laboratory splice a European gene with a gorilla gene and incubate a hybrid from that DNA, you tell me, does that creature have the Image of God and a spirit that survives the death of the body?  Get out a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and tell me what the word Adam means (and one of the 4 or 5 main Hebrew words for “man” is adam, or more more properly, adam-man / adamkind).  God forbade the cross-breeding of even plants and livestock.  All races did not come from Adam nor from Noah’s sons.  Those who believe they do invent fairy tales and believe in a form of evolution that violates Scripture (“everything after its own kind”) and all known science (evolution is not science, but an atheist, totalitarian theory invented to destroy faith in the Word of God and to cause all people to intermarry, based upon the anti-intellectual lie that race is merely a “social construct” and we all came from the same source—well, if you believe that, go ahead and marry a gorilla or your horse or your dog!  But God will not accept your offspring as His children because they will not be His children.  Esau married himself out of the family of God and cursed his descendents forever because he married into people whom God had cursed forever and forbidden His people to marry.  

If you can cease to exist, then come into being by your own ability (without having had a beginning or ever not existing) and you can then create your own universe and you can establish the laws that you deem “fair” (and then have your creation judge you!)—but unless you can do that, you better submit to God now, because if you don’t you will be vanquished for eternity.  God does not change.  Morality does not change.  
Christendom has ceased to be Christendom in direct proportion to the assimilation of aliens, and along with them their immorality and pagan ways (and thus crime has also increased in direct proportion)... and the product of interbreeding with aliens God calls bastards whom He rejects forever.  Now, no one has a choice in who their ancestors were—but that is a smokescreen and irrelevant. Tell me, if you descend from Adam and Eve, did you have any choice in whether THEY would sin or not and you would inherit their sin nature and curse...?  The only relevant issue is that God is Sovereign and God has decreed.  If you find yourself in an unfavorable position because of His Decrees, the only sane course of action is to submit yourself to Him and beg for His Mercy—not ignore what He commanded and decreed, pollute His Doctrine and pollute His Family.  If you want to play Russian Roulette with your family tree, if you hate your ancestors and God that much, go ahead... but it is murder of God’s people if you knowingly pollute the bloodlines of those who have kept themselves from the world.  

THIS is what Christ is talking about “as in the days of Noah”.  They were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage—the meaning of which is in complete violation of all the moral boundaries that God had established; there was violence (violation of what God commanded) and blood toucheth blood.  How was it in the days of Noah? —the elect was very tiny.  Christ rhetorically queried, “When the Son of man returneth, shall He find faith yet upon the earth?”  Faith is not a free-floating phenomena.  It exists only within the elect of God’s people. The implication of whether there will be faith upon the earth is “will there be any of God’s people yet upon the earth” when the Son of man returneth?  THAT is the issue.  Christ said that unless God drew those end days of wickedness short no flesh of the elect would survive.  

We are the bargaining chips in the highest stake poker game in the universe.  God is not gambling.  He has no chance of losing.  But Satan has gone “all in” because his existence is at stake.  He knows his time is short and he will be cast into Hell for 1,000 years unless He can defeat God.  God promised to preserve a remnant, not of any people, but of His people.  God said that He would scatter His people throughout the earth as a farmer does wheat, scatter them among all nations, but that He would REGATHER WHOM He scattered and He said that He would MAKE A FULL END of ALL NATIONS whither He scattered His people but not make a full end of His people.  

Satan is attempting to exterminate and mongrelize God’s true people, the original peoples of Christendom, out of existence.  If God can fail in any one area, then He is not the Omnipotent, Perfect God He declares to be.  If Satan can mongrelize our people out of existence then Christ has no bride to return to and God will have failed to preserve a remnant and Satan will then take that as hope that he can defeat God altogether.  Christ said that He is the door to the sheephold and that He came only for His sheep and that any who enter the sheepfold except through the door is a thief and a robber; Christ admits only His sheep and commanded, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, cast not pearls before swine” lest they destroy you.  THAT is what has happened to Christendom.  

On the Day of Judgment you can get in God’s Face and tell Him how “unfair” He is if He did not choose everyone.  If you are wise enough to realize the foolhardiness of that arrogance, then you better repent and submit to Him NOW... or face the Eternal Judgment that the destroyers of His Family will face... like the polluted-minded Ken Ham who now has a Babylonian-worshipping children’s book called One Blood For Kids (twisting Scripture out of context) helping to brainwash children from youth into destroying the Family of God!  Babylon means, “confusion by mixing” and God does not speak favorably about Babylon; and the end time is referred to as Babylon because it again, as in Noah’s day, as in the Babylonian period, glorified mongrelization.  Christ said that on the Day of Judgment that He will say to the angels, “Bring those Mine enemies who would not that I rule over them and slay them before Me”.  There is an angelic sword with your name on it Ken Ham!  Deviled ham indeed!  He shall be well cooked if he does not repent and repudiate his Antichrist Doctrine.  If you reject God’s Law you reject Christ and His Rule.]

Now, however, the “liberals” (along with their many tens of millions of aliens and even more mingled people and all their perverts) are more intolerant and more hateful than anyone—and they blatantly engage in crimes against Americans who are Christians, conservatives, and have traditional values and they call their crimes “free speech”, “social demonstration”, for the cause of “social justice” or being “activists” against “injustice” and “white privilege”; or the media and government simply ignore their crimes and violence and discrimination and persecution.

Discrimination is NOT a “ONE-way street”.  Hate is not a one-way street.  Wanting to preserve your own way of life is not hate—wanting to steal or destroy someone else’s way of life IS HATE.  BLM, Antifa, Black Panthers, and those “philanthropist” billionaires who fund them, commit crimes—even interfering in political elections and at voting centers (which are Federal Crimes) and nothing is done.

ALL charities, businesses, branches of the government that are discriminating against any person who used A WORD 37 years ago (or who does not refer to someone by the “correct” ever-changing neo-pseudo-gender-pronoun), or a word that someone’s father used 37 years ago (or even a word that someone used last week)—words that blacks use every day and words that blacks use routinely in “music” and in movies that are broadcast to the public—those charities or businesses that withdraw their funding, force someone to resign, fire someone, persecute someone, refuse to even serve someone lunch in a restaurant, because the person voted for Trump, or because the person is a Christian, or a conservative—these people in these so-called “charities”, businesses and government agencies are committing crimes.

Also, now conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is being attacked and grilled over where he stands on one major issue—as if no other matter in the legal affairs of our nation or our Constitution means anything—and it is the homopervert issue. 


Someone asked:

If the LGBTQ demographic in the US in merely 1.6% how can they make so much noise?

If God could hear the ra'ach (noise, violence, evil) from the cities of the plain, why can he not hear the noise these perverts are making today?


They make such noise because the ANTICHRIST politicians even if not homo themselves support them.


1. professional courtesy: if it is true that so many are engaged in pedophilia, homoperversion of every flavor first must be legalized and glorified and become militant before pedophilia will be legalized.  (also, professional courtesy of all alien peoples and all alien religions knowing that it goes against the wishes of the legitimate people and anything that weakens the legitimate people strengthens aliens and alien religions).  Also, Satan knows the Bible better than most Christians.  If God's people turn a blind eye to sin (which means that the majority of God's people will themselves become guilty of those sins themselves, and not only the sin of being an accomplice in letting the sin and abominations of others FLOURISH UNOPPOSED)—GOD WILL NOT BE WITH US!  God will not hear our prayers; God will not deliver—and the enemy will make greater and greater encroachments, even to the point that they think that they have won.

2. anything that destroys the moral fiber of Christianity destroys the nation.

God of course can and does hear the violence, perversion, and immorality wafting upward like the New York City garbage dump, but three things prevent His Self-Action in Retribution at this moment:

1. His love and mercy for His people giving them opportunity to repent.

2. Their iniquity is not yet full and God is having the cup of His Wrath filled to the brim.

3. If God's people don't care enough to pray for a pestilence, pray in agreement with someone WHO IS OFFENDED AT ALL THIS EVIL AND IMMORALITY then He will simply wait and let that evil ravage them until they are driven to their knees (even if for the wrong reason--personal selfishness, not divine righteous indignation) or until it destroys them, which they deserve, because if they do not hate evil they do not love God.  Even as love and faith are dead without being the type of faith and love (real) that is forced to action, so also neither is hate.  It is not hate of evil to simply look the other way.  God commanded ye who love the lord hate evil and to love the lord is to hate evil; evil is supposed to be cut off and put out of the community, but alleged Christians won't even join in prayer with someone who asks.  With such impotence and apathy, there is no chance for the nation.  There has not been for many decades.  It is not about the nation, but the remnant. The remnant will demonstrate the same character that Christ would demonstrate in the face of evil.  Those who do not are not His sheep.  Every tree is known by its fruit, not the pretty gardener's label that appears on a little marker in front of the tree.  Sterile trees that produce no fruit (the type of fruit God commanded) are dead.  Or as Jude ever-so-eloquently expressed

12These are spots in your feasts of charity*, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; 13Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

[* Love feasts to God (lest anyone have the silly notion of an inner city soup kitchen), the feasts that God commanded that His people observe as a memorial throughout all their generations forever.]

This issue of perversion seems to be the main issue in the confirmation of Kavanaugh as if nothing else is important.


How this uppity mulatto got so much power is simply amazing.

He should have told her, "I resent that fact that I did my homework but you did not; you continually ask me questions that I cannot answer, but that is not a deficiency on my part, but a deficiency on your part to ask questions that are proper.

Why do they think they have the right to stack the court to the left?  She thinks the Law is "unenumerated rights" and not the Constitution.  She thinks the "unenumerated" outweighs the Constitution and she thinks the constitution is a mere "book".  He should have hit her harder on that.  He also should have hit her with the fact that unenumerated rights are only considered in terms of being consistent with the morality of the time that the Constitution was written.. and he should have asked her back: Do you think murder is an unenumerated right? what about theft? rape? pedophilia?

It is also interesting that she showed her hand of inconsistency in rightfully declaring that a person has right to refuse medical treatment... but that is not an unenumerated right: we have the right to life, liberty, and prosperity (defined as "property"). The right to life therefore includes the right to refuse medical treatment (especially when what is considered "medical treatment" is actually poison and quackery).  Refusing medical treatment is also the right to be secure in ones PERSON (papers, houses, and effects); though that falls under unwarranted search and seizure, it could be argued from a broad perspective that this also prevents undesired "medical treatment" since it requires the seizure of blood and other DNA and other data of a person's body and records before "treatment" can be injected.   It is also the right to contract (WHICH IS UNLIMITED, both negatively and positively)—and cannot be imposed on any free person.

Unenumerated rights do not extend to crimes and immorality. Rights do not extend to aliens.  They have only privileges and those privileges can be changed or removed entirely at any time. The hypocrisy is she claims to defend the right to refuse medical treatment, but I would guess she is in favor of mandatory vaccinations.

Furthermore, did you consult your constituents to see whether THEY wanted me as supreme court justice?  You are supposed to represent THEM, not force alliances with other congressmen to accomplish your personal agendas.  That is called conspiracy. Furthermore, personal opinions are irrelevant, what is relevant is whether or not a politician will uphold the Constitution of the United States according to what it meant in the minds of the Founders when they wrote it.  If any politician attempts to change it, that is called sedition against the Government of the U.S.

See also Crudz now pretending to be in Trump's corner and the corner of the American people; while shining his own halo, he does make some good points.


See also:



Furthermore, paid demonstrators are disrupting (and that is a Federal Crime):

Brett Kavanaugh: protests disrupt Senate supreme court hearing | US ...


Abortion Activists Caught Getting Paid to Disrupt Kavanaugh Supreme ...


Man Caught Paying Off Kavanaugh Protesters Works For Soros ...

Now, as had happened with Judge Roy Moore, someone is claiming sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh FROM BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL!  All the while, liberal democrat-socialist politicians have been groping their way daily through the past several decades (possibly even engaged in pedophilia) and they have gone not only unpunished, but the mainstream media has hardly even mentioned their real crimes.

If Moore or Kavanaugh are actually guilty of that for which they have been accused, they indeed were wrong... BUT WE ARE TALKING 40 YEARS AGO.  Statute of limitations expired, and therefore, they cannot be harrassed about something that is not a legal issue.  Also, according to the “laws” that the politicians have invented, what a juvenile does cannot be held against him and even a criminal record is redacted or expunged, so how can they possibly even bring something up from high school?  They again show their hypocrisy in when they enforce and when they violate what is considered law (whether valid or not).

But it is also glaringly hypocritical, in light of Hillary’s crimes.  According to some reports she witnessing a murder while she represented the BLACK PANTHERS.  There is also audio tape evidence of her laughing at “getting off” (preventing conviction of) a brutal rapist who left his young victim permanently damaged.  Many stories circulate concerning Hillary’s self-promotion while supposedly representing the U.S. as Secretary of State (making deals for the Clinton Foundation).   She clearly violated top secret email server protocol and needs to be arrainged for Federal Crimes; including Fast & Furious and the death of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya.  All of that is simply ignored.  But what Kavanaugh may or may not have done as a teenager, is of paramount importance.

Black Supreme Court nominee was accused of things much-more recent at the time of his nomination... yet he went on to be nominated and become quite wealthy from all the years of “serving”.  Kavanaugh’s crime: He is the wrong color and the wrong gender and the wrong religion.

Jesse Jackson was a BLACK PANTHER, yet he has been unopposed and become quite wealthy in government “service”; though whenever David Duke attempts to enter the public eye, he is shouted down as a Grand Wizard of the KKK (from something he was involved in how many decades ago? and what crimes was he ever convicted of? —where is all the “love”, “tolerance” and “equality”...?).  It seems that subversive traitors are allowed to “make mistakes” in their earlier lives (“mistakes” of which they have never repented or denounced or even admitted), but any conservatives who may have made mistakes and behaved improperly 40 years ago... despite 4 decades of sterling public service showing that if those allegations were true, that they have changed from the time they were 15 or 24 years old and “grown up” or truly been converted to Christ.

And of course, as I believe Dr. Boys expressed in a previous article, it is a blatant double-standard that fast and loose women who used their bodies to seduce boys or young men, when they themselves were younger, is something that is never mentioned.

Why is that?  The pendulum swings BOTH ways.  It takes two to tango.  This, of course, is not to suggest that there are never cases of so-called “sexual misconduct”—but there are 2 glaring inconsistencies:

1. Why do we never hear of the “cougars”, the “she-panthers”...?  Are women not as sinful as men?  Do women not have powers of their own that they wield over men to feel powerful?  Is it ALWAYS “men” who cause “affairs” and “divorce” and the breakup of “happy families”...?  I think it would be WONDERFUL to call to the witness stand every single women in government, all current supreme court hags, every women being considered for political appointment or nomination or candidacy, and ask each of those woman UNDER oath and ask her to take a polygraph and answer one simple question-cluster in this regard: Have you ever used your body as a weapon to entice men (or did you as a teenager use it to entice boys) to get what you want, to mess with their minds, to toy with them, to show the power you have over them, have you ever flirted, or have you ever touched a man without first asking his permission?

2. If a woman enticed a man she cannot use a magic word such as “NO” and think that she is “blameless”.  You cannot start an avalanche and then ask it to stop.  You cannot jump in front of a train and expect it to stop.  This is not to say that any boy or man is not wrong if he does not stop; the point is that the women starting something by flipping a switch, and then playing a game with her “power” and thinking that she can just switch it off at her will is EQUALLY AS WRONG.  Why is that never discussed in politics?  It is similar to “drawing” the foul of “charging”... if you can jump in front of someone else at just the right time and plant your feet and then he runs into you because you jumped in his path and planted your feet, it is really a bit dishonest to then claim “holiness”.  Furthermore, to play Devil’s advocate, if men and women by illegitimate act of Congress have declared men and women to be “equal”, how then can a man take advantage of a woman?  Why does she have greater right to flash a “red light” than he has right continue after she gave him the green light?  Both are crimes, if either is.

If Kavanaugh is going to be GRILLED... then GRILL THE FAT off the accuser.  Ask her IF SHE EVER USED HER BODY AS A WEAPON TO ENTICE boys or men—EVER!  Ask her if she ever gave a boy or man a kiss without first asking permission... or if she ever slapped a man or a boy on the butt without permission... or hopped in his lap, put her arms around him, or in any other way made physical contact without permission.  The “rules” need to be applied in both directions.  Women can’t demand “equality” and then expect preferrential treatment.  Furthermore, when there was no crime, no reporting, no trial—especially after 40 years has passed—one cannot be judged or persecuted for something that is no longer a legal issue!  That non-crime is a little stale.

This is clearly one more of many double standards, and it is immoral, and all those raising the stink should be tried for their crimes (sedition, obstruction of justice, wasting taxpayer money on non-legal issues, slander, false accusations—a false accusation is one that cannot be proved, and one for which any time-period for litigation has expired).  Those members of congress who are promoting civil unrest and suggesting violence and sedition and conspiracy against the president should also be tried for their crimes and removed from office.  But again, the treasonous fools who spout their filth are never even called into question.  Pelosi should have been tried for Treason and then hung for suggesting that Congress pass a bill WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT IS IN IT!  This is not a game.  The U.S. political process is not a game.  U.S. politicians are not each paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (extorted from the taxpayers, the corrupt employees robbing the employer, giving themselves raises without permission) to play games.  Freedom and civilization is not a game.  The defense of our Constitution is not a game.  Pelosi is no longer making a living as a pinup bimbo so why should the other members of Congress give her a pass?  What she suggested was Treason.  She is guilty of High Treason.  Many reports abound of her abuse of the government airliner to travel back and forth on weekends to California, boozing it up with high-dollar booze at the people’s expense.  The amount that she has cost the taxpayers over her blighted, cancerous “career” should be totaled up and her personal wealth seized to reimburse the people—and then charge her for her crimes... and then same goes for the Congressional “pet rock” Maxine.  Why is it that incompetence, crimes, violation of confidentiality agreement, and utter lack of being able to show any progress accomplished in any task would not be tolerated in any other profession, but in politics it is rewarded...?

Another double standard: Official Jewish sources have recently claimed millions less than the absurd 6 million number... yet the German people are continually defamed and extorted for millions of Jews that were never killed.  In fact, some nations of Europe give up to a 25-year prison sentence for questioning the official number—because it is unsustainable; there was no plan and there were no gassings.  A few hundred thousand Jews died of typhoid and other things and there were a handful of executions of insurrectionists... the entire bogus 6 million number is to hide the fact of the MANY MILLIONS of white Christians who died on the side of the Allies (between 45 and 75 million) and it is to hide the fact that an additional 66 to 180 million white Christians were exterminated by Jewish Bolshevism.

[See: A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered—The Dead Six Million Uncovered...!, Clèraubat, 544pp., pb.; exposes Holocaust lie, multi-billion dollar Holocaust Industry, exposes Holocaust Mafia/those behind it; Hall of Fame: those who spoke out/had lives ruined—100s photos). Very compelling compilation of evidence/insight, 6 million not murdered (“jewish” experts, population data, chemistry, math & science, history); indexed. photocopies from original census data (compiled by “jewish” sources) from “World Almanac and Book Facts” 1934, 1945, 1946, 1950; Illustrated; 30.00 + P&H; Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act & other Internal Security Laws of Comm. on Judiciary US Senate, 1971, 40pp., 4.00 + P&H; Soviet Evidence at Katyn: Document USSR-54 at Nuremberg, 48pp., 7.00 + P&H; The Truth About Bolshevik and Nazi Atrocities in Lavia (1943), Ludwigs Ekis (former Latvian Finance Minister and Envoy in Kaunas (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Bucharest (Roumania), Budapest (Hungary), and Ankara (Turkey), 27pp., 3.00 + P&H (compare the two lists); Nazi Terror: Short Autobiography of Jewish National Socialist, Weichardt, 54pp., 6.00 + P&H; The Secret Holocaust, Mullins, 34pp., 4.00 + P&H.  All are in stock.]

So, how can it be “hate” for a German to suggest that 6 million were not killed WHEN THEY WERE NOT? and how can it NOT be hate for Jews to claim that Germans were bloodthirst7y murderers of millions of Jews who were NOT killed?  Have the Jews given back reparations for nearly half of the millions of Jews who were claimed to have been exterminated, that were not exterminated?  Of course not.  There are no refunds on shake-downs / extortion.

When public debate is OUTLAWED, that should cause someone to raise an eyebrow.  When Draconian Prison sentences are handed out for questioning a number—while Jewish Madelein Albright’s family reportedly plundered a Czech family of its wealth; and while African and Middle Eastern “refugees” commit rape and murder, arson, vandalism, and theft... —when there is such abominable disparity, that should cause MORAL, INTELLIGENT people to realize that EVIL is the issue—and those who are evil hate the truth.  If the facts are so overwhelming WHY then is it forbidden to talk about or and why is an open debate refused?

See also this:



Someone emailed me concerning China:

Robert, I am reading a new book, Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream Is the New Threat to World Order by Steven Mosher.  China, indeed, is a racist nation.  It is for Chinese only.  The same with Japan.  The same with Israel.  The same for Black African nations.  Only the Whites cannot claim a nation of their own without being called White Supremacist.  (The Chinese teach that they are the only pure race and that they are superior to all others:  Hence they deserve to rule the world.)


My reply:

China hates the West, western ideas, western values, western practices—BUT THEY SURE LOVE WESTERN MONEY AND TECHNOLOGY.  HOW HYPOCRITICAL!

Why don’t they go back to eating rice and living in grass huts and demolish their skyscrapers, ditch their cars and buses and trains; and get rid of their computers and weapons and tvs and phones and electric gadgets.  All they are capable of is reproduction (both in their person and in other people’s technology and inventions—how is that “superiority”...?).  

How can a valid state be built upon hypocrisy?  Just like the Jews Marx and Engels—they built up their Marxism by Capitalism!  Without Engel’s wealthy father, who was a capitalist industrialist, Marx and his communism would have gone bankrupt and never even been known.  So it is with the Chinese.  Without WESTERN technology—WITHOUT TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WESTERN MONEY over the past 3 or more decades, they would still be in the rice paddy plowing with water buffalo.  All communism is a failure.  It exists (like Evolution) solely upon the two-faced denial of its own principles, and it only stays afloat by continual parasitic feeding off others; discarding one host when it dies, and seeking another to suck the life out of.

See: China Bans Zion, Beijing’s Biggest House Church | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


See also:


[One Dragon giving keys to another Dragon.]


He replied:

Their superiority is based upon a belief that it is the destiny of the Chinese to rule over every other race.  Just like the followers of the Talmud.  There are other races within their empire, but they are second class.  Their whole philosophy is everything for the State and everyone serve the state to accomplish this end.  The people are taught from youth that humans find their life only in service to the Chinese dream of global Hegemony.  That is why westerners cannot understand China because, despite becoming pagan, the US still thinks of people in terms of special creations of God and are individuals, not a mass of conditioned animals.  Right now the Chinese are using the trillions of surplus dollars to buy into strategic locations throughout the world—such as the Panama Canal and the port of Long Beach.  Their shipping company, Cosco, is actually a division of the Chinese army.  The Chinese are everywhere in Africa, despite their hatred of Blacks.  It is the ultimate disgrace for a Chinese woman to associate with a Black.

Real Estate brokers report about a quarter of the sales on the West Coast are to people from China—and they do not look like families buying a home either.  They are buying up farmland, businesses, and water/energy rights.  The idea is that we are being surrounded and if food and water only come from the Chinese we will discover that the aliens among us will side with the Chinese.  While the media focuses on Antifa, etc, Russia, and terrorists, we are being invaded from the East.


Some more thoughts of mine:

The enemy is purposely replacing us.. it is TREASON.  This small town of 3,000 people in which I have lived for 28 years, they bus in 150 Mexicans from Indiana to work in a factory here.  How is that not illegal?  Each time I go to town I see more aliens and perverts.

We now have a Mexican restaurant and store; a Chinese restaurant; Japanese restaurant; Tai restaurant (all very small, eat in or take out).  We have a Burger King, McDonalds, Hardees, a few cheap pizza places and another dozen small restaurants / grills.

NOW they are building 2 more Fast Food joints right next to each other on the main highway: Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell.  All that the mindless locals think is, “Yummy, now I don’t have to drive 30 miles to poison myself and add to the toxic load of chemicals and adipose tissue I store throughout my body”.
WHO do you think they plan on relocating here...?  Fried chicken and tacos.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  

God send a pestilence!  If He does not, it will be like the final scene in any one of those many alien movies where the alien creatures are swarming the half-dozen holdouts of human beings left.


If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?


When the aliens are in the vast majority, we have as much chance (on our own) as a bait ball in the ocean surrounded by predators.


For the past 75 years the "progressives" have been sabotaging, not building.  There are the outer trappings of progress, but rottenness inward... and a bomb on a timer set to detonate and bring it all down


The US and Britain and Canada and Australia and South Africa put up with treason... until we are the minority.  So will all the other nations of Europe.  God sent strong delusion and cowardice.  The children are brainwashed.  The young Swede 15 years old who stands up, all his classmates hate him, they think immigrants are wonderful; the Danes have officially been taught for 70 years to hate themselves, to think they don't deserve anything.

[The Dane, Aksel Sandemose, who moved to Norway wrote a book in 1933, The Escape from Jante, with 10 laws: 1. Do not think you are anything special. 2. Do not think you are as important as we are. 3. Do not think you are wiser than us. 4. Do not fool your self into thinking you are better than us. 5. Do not think you know more than us. 6. Do not think you are more than we are. 7. Do not think that you are good at anything. 8. Do not laugh at us. 9. Do not think that anyone cares about you. 10. Do not think you can teach us anything.   This has served to destroy the minds of the people in Scandinavia for many generations.]


Once people ignore termites or a fire or cancer for too long, a point of no return is reached.  If they have been taught from childhood to ignore such things (desensitized, brainwashed into learned helplessness, apathy, and passive acceptance of fate—and eat, drink, and be merry and fiddle while Rome burns) then there is no hope without Divine intervention.

See: How The Greatest The White Nations Were Mongrelized Then Negroized (1965) Fagan, 31pp., 3.00 + P&H.

Who would have thought that any of the great empires would fall?  In a CLOSED system, without outside aliens to mongrelize the blood, they probably would not have fallen—at least, not as quickly.  However, corruption in politics, too, takes its toll.  Without the factor of EVIL empires and civilization would not fall.  But evil destroys all.

Who would have thought the twin towers would fall?  Without outside evil, they would not have (except over centuries of entropy).

No matter how beautiful a garden is planted, weeds will overtake it and destroy all the good plants.

However, the ultimate deciding factor is GOD and HIS WORD: He ordained it all to teach us a lesson and the lesson is if we turn from His Ways it results in death.


After Hurricane Katrina they did a “test” of “relocating” New Orleans savages all around the U.S. in small towns and not enough Americans objected, so now they are spreading the garbage around everywhere—and we pay for it one way or another, and will pay for it in crime and the destruction of society.  The U.S. could only stand up to Britain in 1776 because we were ONE people of ONE faith... so, the remedy for that is “divide and conquer” and as I have oft explained, this is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation of the Dragon / Serpent vomiting out a flood to drown the woman and her child (God’s people) and the feet of iron mingled with clay (integration) of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image / statue, which is the last kingdom of this earth.




Judge Brett Kavanaugh “It Ain’t Necessarily So!”

Don Boys, Ph.D.




My comments:

The doctor in a nearby town who was in charge of my dad's case when he had a stroke 12 years ago (from which he never recovered and died last year in the nursing home), who claims to be a Christian, was soon no longer handling my father's case.


He had been having an affair, he had told the woman he was breaking it off; apparently he had self-medicated due to the stress and she called him saying she was going to tell his wife if he didn't come over, he went over and did his best to calm her down; as he left he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree and abandoned his vehicle in fear of being caught under the influence.  The woman, not knowing of the accident, called the police and said he had either raped or assaulted her and then peed on her kitchen floor.


As she finally confessed, he was guilty of nothing other than the affair.


he voluntarily checked himself into rehab for 30 days or so, and then someone else was given my dad's case.


as Dr. Boys expresses, a % of accusations are false... this does not mean that the accused is innocent, just possibly innocent of the accusation; if you do not allow yourself to be in a compromised situation, you cannot be falsely accused with any credibility; this does not mean that you may not be accused; if someone wants to ruin you, reality is not a issue; and if you have no proof you were not where the accuser said you were, then your reputation indeed can be sullied in the minds of those who have doubt... of course, one cannot always have an alibi.  If an evil person wants to ruin you, the person will surveil you and wait for a time in which you are alone with no witness, and then accuse you of that time.  Unless you happened ot be on your cell phone, if you have one, and you cannot prove the allegation false, you may not be convicted, but that does not mean you will not suffer (like Joseph) ruin of your reputation, as well as court costs, loss of work, job, stress, etc.


Regardless, you cannot control what evil people do, but you can control what you do, and trust God for the rest.


Some small % of men may indeed not be guilty of any misdeed; but it makes it easier to make a false accusation if the person is not judgment proof.  And then, if other hostile women with a grudge come out of the woodwork also making false accusations, or at least giving corroborative testimony that goes to questionable character, even if you committed no crime, but doubt can be cast, then indeed, you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.


I have a good solution:


Both parties agree to a polygraph and truth serum.


The one that fails both tests is executed without challenging the sentence.


God's Law says that if a person makes a false accusation and the accusation is proven to be false,


the judgement that would have been carried out on the guilty party is to be carried out on the false accuser.


So, let's just cut to the chase.  Both quit hiding behind the charade of 5th Amendment rights (including all the charges against Hillary—I don't give a damn if she says she can't remember, she will remember under truth serum and a lie detector test will show whether she "can't remember" or not).


Thomas Jefferson said when a man assumes a public trust (which shows our founders believed and obeyed the Bible and women were not to be in such positions) he should consider himself public property.  When a person is elected to office HE WAIVES his "right" to remain silent, because the opportunity for TREASON is too great and the damage that he could cause is too risky, to let him have the "best of both worlds" and hide the truth behind a feigned love for the Constitution!




The information in the link above analyzing Ford's letter is NOT a smoking gun as it holds itself out to be (and the analysis and conclusion are themselves faulty); but it is more evidence of the general incompetence of the Left (like with Obama’s photoshopped, amateurish “birth cert-fake-it”)—and the “Right” (or “Center”) is little better.  Ivy league educations are not what they used to be.  I’ve read numerous Ph.D.s who cannot even think logically as well as some with Master’s degrees in philosophy who can’t think logically.  Dr. Gordon Clark in many of his books and lectures points out the logical errors of college philosophy textbooks written by those with Ph.D.s in philosophy.  All Ph.D.s are not the same.  Institutions of learning have been corrupted.  Some degrees are spat out as if some institutions were Pez dispensers!  Entire new fields and degrees are invented and then Ph.D.s awarded for nonsense.  Of course, one would not compare a Ph.D. in clinical psychology to a Ph.D. in “woman’s studies” or “black studies”—the academic bar is one of form only and has not merely been lowered, but is imaginary.  The fact remains, not all degrees are of the same degree.  It used to be that Ivy League institutions provided a higher level of education; but as they have been subverted, their degrees are more like an expensive joke or insult.  Also, while doctors and other “professionals” have their diplomas proudly on the wall (regardless of the institution) they do not have their test scores there for all to see; nor their class rank.  And that is also assuming that they did not at times pay someone else to write a paper for them. There is an entirely false aura that surrounds academia, as well as “government” and a false sense of professionalism is inferred simply because one person granted another person a piece of paper—and because the person is wearing a lab coat and has pens in in his shirt pocket.  This is not to say that academia does not have validity and merit, but there is a hidden, shadowy side (especially when you get into volatile issues such as minorities, athletes, and prominent persons with connections or who have family who are wealthy donors).
Furthermore, moral turpitude in any area (such as is common with lust or anger) interferes with clear thinking in even intelligent individuals (which is a grand assumption that they actually intelligent*).  However, such blindspots are even more profound and glaringly inexplicable when: 1. the issue at hand is not a spur of the moment interview; and 2. when there is a group of idiots collaborating, you would think between a half dozen of them they could scrape together at least one full brain.

[* And how so many “intelligent” people—supposed “professionals”—can screw up a nation that was so well established, and how they can fail to do anything right, how they can misinterpret the Constitution, think that their job is to represent aliens and not the rightful citizens who elected them; fail to even operate within a budget; how they engage in stupidity, dishonesty, and treason on a regular basis, is, of course, a whole discussion in itself.]

The English language has been destroyed.  A quarter of a century ago James Stormer exposed in his None Dare Call It Education that academia in the public schools was successfully being scuttled.  Even now in inane political correctness (to which the super-vast majority kowtow), sentences are purposely constructed out of balance in regard to number, due to the perverted, neurotic obsession to de-gender any sentence.  

[For example: “Each student (singular) should get out their (plural) paper and pencil.”  But the masculine pronoun “he”—which was used for millennia in Indo-European and other languages to represent cases in which both genders (there being only two) are possibly involved is modernly considered “oppression” by unstable, demented persons who, instead of being sedated and institutionalized, not only roam freely, but are put in positions of power to tell the rest of society what is permissible.]

However, part of English is also style, and a departure from what is considered the official norm is not indicative of low-grade education or inexperience; and it can also reflect influence from other genres other than straitjacketed ever-changing officialdom.  Writing style can also be a personal statement to refuse to kowtow to the "new norms" when the old were correct and the new are false.  Those who do not understand these factors confuse departure from the new norms as lack of experience or poor education.

Also, the “experts” have often disagreed, and that is why one of the best books on this topic, long considered the Standard (Strunk & White) The Elements of Style is not titled the elements of “rigid unimpeachable rules”.

Also, as I understand it, the pronoun “myself” is properly used REFLEXIVELY and should not stand alone; and in my opinion, most people use it incorrectly as do the authors in the above link.  However, what is considered “correct” changes, at least, in the minds of those who think that they are the “authority” or “experts”.  Such is the erosion suffered by academia in the entropy of wisdom.

Reflexive in this case means that the pronoun “myself” should only be used in a sentence in which the pronouns “me” or “I” (or nouns referring to the person being discussed) are also used and when it is used for emphasis:

“I am going to the beach.”

“I am going to the beach myself, so I will see you there.”

are correct, but

“Myself am going to the beach”

is as awkward and wrong as

“Give the book to myself”.


“Bill, Steve, and myself will be going to the beach”, also wrong.

Myself should only replace “me” (the object), not “I” (the subject)—and in reality, it should not replace it, but complement it.

Also, the experts in the above link missed another glaring error, which is often overlooked in a hedonistic, ego-centric modern culture.

A person should always mention himself* LAST.  It is BAD ENGLISH (which the majority of the dumbed-down, poorly educated, self-centered population usually practices) and BAD THINKING to mention yourself first.

[* Right here you see the reflexive nature of ‘-self’ pronouns: “A PERSON” ... “HIMSELF”.  Thus, “myself” should be held to a similar template and used in the same way that you would use “himself” or “yourself”—only when the sentence already has another pronoun or noun in reference to the same individual being discussed or addressed.]

This author of the Ford letter writes, “that included me and 4 others”.

BAD English.  Unless you are someone in much-higher authority (like a king), you should mention yourself LAST.

“...four others and me”, would be correct.

Also, it seems “which” would be preferred over “that” in this clause: “which included four others and me”, since the last clause in the original sentence, “The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering [that included me and 4 others]” could be left off and the rest of the sentence still stand alone.  Also, “Maryland area home” should be “Maryland-area home”; the hyphen is required in proper English since the adjective “area” is not stand alone, but needs to be connected to “Maryland” which it actually modifies (such adjectives that modify other adjectives do not employ a hyphen if the first adjective ends in -ly; such as: “possibly erroneous conclusion”).

Also, the use of the letter “4” instead of writing out the word, seems out of place; as does the “1-2 years older”; “1 to 2” might be more proper in a document that is not technical and which does not contain numerous references to number or measurement.

It could be argued that Ford was so distraught and under mental anguish that her letter is full of aberrations due to the traumatic / emotional nature of the memories drudged up by the writing of the letter.  HOWEVER, since she HAD to have known that such a letter would catapult her into international media attention and scrutiny, and since she was under no time constraint, as she may have been had this been a spur-of-the-moment conversation, clearly she would have calmly reflected and re-written the letter to refine and correct it and also to present herself in the very best light.  This itself is a glaring oddity.

If Ford did not write this letter (her authorship is doubtful), whomever employed someone else to write this letter was a fool, to employ someone who was not only not of the same education level, but for whom English is not even the first language.  Of course, ego-manics are blinded by their own hubris in thinking that they can “fake it”; and those who think of themselves as “untouchables” think that they can force something through regardless of the facts.  

Furthermore, if Ford did not write the letter, for Ford to not proof-read a letter that will be held up internationally as having been penned by her and be a reflection on her, and to have not corrected it herself, if indeed she did not write it, is another glaring oddity.

But, liberals and dishonest people are often very stupid.

[Obama’s lies and “birth cert-fake-it”, and his and other’s stupid, even treasonous statements reflect this.

- I will be the transparent president.

- If you like your insurance provider you can keep it. —or whatever his false statements were.  (The only truthful Congressman was the one who shouted, “You lie!” and all the rest acted as if he had just committed blasphemy against God himself!  They were more upset about “official decorum” (professional courtesy among liars and thieves) than TREASON—and thus, they are all guilty of treason themselves.

- or like Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill before we can find what is in it”.]

It indeed boggles the mind.  But, when the majority of the U.S. is even STUPIDER than the corrupt politicians and don’t even care about the facts, then the corrupt liberals really don’t have to “bring their ‘A-game’,”—do they?  Since the government is controlled and the media is controlled and the small percentage of the population who are intelligent and who do care is COWARDLY and IMPOTENT, then what do the corrupt liberals have to fear?

Clearly the failure to capitalize the pronoun “i” (twice) is glaring.  My comments and analysis here are far-longer than the “Ford letter” itself, so errors in the “Ford letter” are less forgivable, since it is a short, and supremely important document that was sure to become a focal point of international hysteria.

[Actually, it is rather ironic that here we have a “character-assassination” attempt in another “Ford-Theater”.  If you want to stretch the analogy, a clinical psychologist’s therapy room can be loosely compared to a Catholic Confessional “BOOTH”.]

Capitalizing the general / common noun phrase, “High School”, of course, is a mistake—but... I type all day long.  My fingers type many things that I did not consciously intend to type, and sometimes I laugh out loud at what I type, and wonder or even exclaim, “WHERE did that come from...?” or “WHOSE hands are you and what did you do with mine?”  And I type some odd things at times, not just typos, but words that sound the same as the word I intended, but an entirely different word; capitalizing words that I did not mean to and not capitalizing words when I intended to, etc.  When juggling a plethora of thoughts, sometimes I will type words into the current sentence that belong in the sentence that I am thinking 2 sentences ahead of what my fingers can keep up with.  A person could also be thinking of a SPECIFIC high school in his mind, and therefore, type “High School” even though he did not type the name of the school and did not intend to make it a proper noun.
These are all understandable, if you understand how a mind can think at times.  Those who think all these examples are a “smoking gun” and “proof”, don’t know how to think too deeply and don’t even understand what proof is.

HOWEVER, what is not understandable, is not catching many of these in proof-reading.  If the letter was not proof-read, that is odd in and of itself.  But if it was proof-read, that probably means MANY OTHER mistakes WERE caught and corrected, but not these—which can be considered possibly further evidence of the poor level of education of the person who wrote the letter.  That a clinical psychologist writing a letter like this, making so many errors, seems unthinkable—unless, maybe she claims that she “regressed to adolescent thinking” when she wrote the letter, “because it was so traumatic to remember and relive it and that part of her delicate psyche fixated”... but again, a proof-reading after the angst and regression subside, would certainly result in a re-writing of the letter; and a clinical psychologist* does not seem to be the type of person who would act rashly and hastily fire off such a sensitive, revealing letter that would become worldwide public information.

[I have a background in psychology.  One of my degrees is in psychology.  My father was a psychiatrist (as is my brother) and he trained me to think in many ways, to analyze, understand the mind, etc.—all from a Biblical perspective (not a fictional humanistic perspective).  A clinical psychologist is in the professional habit of NOT divulging sensitive information concerning his patients, except in a highly sanitized, generalized, extremely limited manner.  I find it hard to believe that a clinical psychologist would not be as careful in divulging her own sensitive, personal information, to have written more circumspectly and correctly.]

Other things mentioned in the article in the above link are possibly matters of “style” and are not a smoking gun, such as the word “scrapped”.  Just because you or the majority would not use a certain word, does not mean that someone else never would... and as I mentioned above, many things influence the words people may use, or even in some cases spelling, and it is also part of style.  Maybe her teachers or parents or siblings or schoolmates frequently used the word “scrapped”.  Many words can be regional in their usage, or be more common in those raised in a different era.  I never used the word “grotey” or “gnarly” or “tubular” in common speech, but I do still use the word “cool” and “dude”.  People from older eras use the word “dear” when the word “costly” or “expensive” is intended, as my paternal grandmother did.  I person does not have to be raised in that era to adopt a certain vocabulary, but being around someone much older, especially someone you love and respect, would cause that expression to “rub off” on you.  A plethora of other mind-expanding examples could be offered, but those few should at least get a foot in the door for people to think a little deeper.

[I myself, having read the King James version of the Bible on a daily basis for decades, and having read many books from the 1800s, many published in London, prefer the British spelling / older American spelling, reflective of Anglo-Saxon roots, of many words: traveller, neighbour, honour, savour, counsellour, etc.; and also larger, bulkier sentence structure (though I try to go back and refine and break up into smaller sentences) is also an element of style from that era; though sometimes in informal emails I merely toss out a long string of ideas, not intending it to be a polished treatise.  But again, such a casual sharing or “mind dump” cannot be conceived in a letter as high-profile as the Ford letter.]  

Thus, it is very non-astute to make broad-based assumptions concerning specific word choice.

[The same amateurish anti-intellectual accusations are made by faith-destroying liberals against Pauline authorship of New Testament epistles.  I’ve written 115 books... but just because in one of them I use a word that I did not use in the other 114, does not mean that I did not write that one book in question).]

HOWEVER, even though not properly explained (in the article in the above link), with this in mind... putting all these factors mentioned in the above link, in addition to those others that I have pointed out—together, the correct conclusion is NOT that Ford did not write this letter, but that the letter is HIGHLY SUSPECT for someone of her level of education and experience, especially in light of examples of her writing ability.  The letter indeed is very awkward and stinted, not necessarily by someone for whom English is not his first language, but for someone with a poor education and who does not know how English words fit properly together.  Yes, everyone makes mistakes, I make more than my share, especially if I don’t have time to proof-read and refine, as it is a challenge to write down so many thoughts flooding the mind, while also having many other things to accomplish in the day.

[Even as there will be typos and possibly jumbled, run-on thoughts in these ideas I am presenting now... as I have other things to do and this has already consumed far-more time than I had planned.  HOWEVER, I doubt that anything that I write will ever orbit the planet and so while I have given it a quick once-over, I certainly have not carefully proof-read or refined it as a sculptor does a marble statue.  HOWEVER, if I had ANY reason to believe that there was a chance that my writing here was going to become front-page news because I was giving it to a powerful, activist, rabid, leftist politician who would capitalize on it to help destroy a conservative’s career, I GUARANTEE you that I would spend the ENTIRE DAY proofing and refining it (that is, if I was an unscrupulous leftist who wanted to destroy a conservative’s career.]

... however, as mentioned, this “Ford letter” should have been an exception and it should have been exceptional; which it was not.  She had to have known it would become an international media and LEGAL “event” and held to scrutiny and she most probably had time to reflect and refine it before pushing the button and launching it into the public eye.  And if Feinstein were actually intelligent, she would have noticed the glaring errors and asked Ford to refine it; but I imagine when blood was smelled in the water, the sharks were not thinking too clearly, but merely going into frenzy mode.

I could give my opinion concerning many more elements, but this should suffice.
Again, as I have expressed in other emails, the solution would be to have both parties consent to a lie detector test and truth serum.

If some leftists chime in, “—that is a violation of constitutional* rights... blah, blah, blah” — the level-headed and factual response is: THAT IS A SMOKESCREEN.  The issue is NOT whether FORCING them to take such tests would be constitutional; the issue is their voluntarily consenting... AND IF THEY WON'T, then WHY? and therefore, how can they be trusted?  If both participate, it is not merely a coin toss that one has to worry about.  All one has to worry about is being a liar.

[* —funny “how” and “when” they choose to feign respect for the Constitution!  The black woman grilling Kavanaugh last week could not even bring herself to use the hated word “Constitution”, it seemed, and referred to Kavanaugh’s pocket Constitution as “that little book”.  She showed her disdain for the Constitution and thought that the “feelings” of a minority of perverts are of far-greater value than the legal founding document of our nation—which she took an oath to uphold and defend!]

Thomas Jefferson said when a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself public property.  Neither Hillary or any other politician or appointed official has any right to privacy or the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination.  THEY WAIVE those rights when they assume a public trust; one in which the consequences are too dangerous and irremediable for the people if the public servants violate that sacred trust.

I've wondered from the start if the attack on Kavanaugh was a clever sales maneuver of the "take away" (a form of "reverse psychology").

The subversive element may actually want Kavanaugh in, but pretend they don't, in order to make the conservatives fight for him; so then everyone is fooled into thinking he is a real patriot, conservative, constitutionalist, and the subversive element have the upper hand, again, with a stacked deck, while the conservatives think they can breathe a sigh of relief.

But he is a Catholic, helped get Slick Willie off from his whoring in the white house, and he helped get Killary out of the mess surrounding the Vince Foster murder, and is, it seems, a federalist (who plays the role of being a "Constitutionalist" with his little pocket Constitution) who is open to taking away the people's rights (including the right to bear arms) if the government thinks that there is a good reason.

While I would certainly want someone like him instead of another Sotomayer or Ginberg—the point is, that Sotomayer or Ginberg have no right to be there and our nation was not established as Catholic or Jewish (or muslim) and they have no right to be in any position of power, let alone have the majority of power—or actually ABSOLUTE power, 3 Jews and 6 Catholics! —and how does that represent either how the nation was established or what it is?  And yet because of the politico-media show, mindless conservatives will be "happy" to get Kavanaugh on that panel.  Reminds me of the old cartoon of briar rabbit: "No, no, PLEASE don't throw me in the briar patch, ANYTHING but that...!"

Regardless, we are commanded by God to pray for those in power... however, most small minded Christians misunderstand, it seems, and think that every prayer is to be a "blessing".

In reality, we may need to pray imprecatory prayers.

“When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, the battle is your calling, and peace has become sin.  You must at the price of dearest peace lay your conviction bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.” —Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920)

[Dutch theologian, statesman, journalist, and Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1901-1905).]

Furthermore, even if we pray "blessings" THE ONLY "blessing" that a true Christian can pray on someone who is sinful (without the prayer of blessing itself being a sin) is  for God to convict that person of his sins, convict him with a knowledge and understanding of the truth, convict him of repentance, and convict him to do what is right—THAT ALONE is a true prayer of "blessing"; any other prayer of blessing would be an abomination and it would actually be an imprecation upon all godly people! (for when the wicked rule the [godly] people mourn).

In fact, praying a "generic blessing" (such as "GOD BLESS JUDGE KAVANAUGH") would be one of the rare cases of the TRUE meaning of "asking amiss", which word amiss does not merely mean "off" but PUTRIDLY.*  It is actually someone praying for more opportunity to enjoy their sin!  If a person is in sin and a mindless person prays for God to bless that person, that prayer is an insult to God's Very Holiness, and any blessing would only serve to help that person continue his sinful lifestyle.  True Christianity is no anti-intellectual; but that is how most Christians operate, and in doing so, they follow a false religion.

[* The Greek word kakk-oss (long o sound) is actually the origin of Indo-European words such as the latter half of the Dutch "poppycock" and the Spanish word caca—POOP.  Poppycock literally means, "soft poo" (and thus, it seems, refers to that which is fresh, which is the foulest).  The Greek word refers to MORALLY putrid, diseased, depraved.  Though very similar, the Greek word sah-pros (short o sound) as used in the parable of the good and bad fishes, after the parable of the tares at the end of Matthew 13, also means PUTRID, but it seems focusing on the existential nature or end result, not the pathology.]

Concerning Dr. Ford’s “Immaculate Self-Perception”, the underlying illogic seems to be:

“I decided to ‘play chicken’ dodging in and out of traffic on a 6 lane highway during rush hour and a car HIT ME!  It’s all the driver’s fault... right...?  It is sacrocanct that pedestrians have the right of way.  Right?  And though we passed laws to declare that men and women are ‘equal’, we women (and stupid castrated men) continually play the ‘gender card’ and at the same time declare that we are not equal (though of course never using those words) and demand that men be held to a different accountability.”

Why has not a single boy come forward saying that Kavanaugh pinched his nipple or flicked him on the butt?  This of course does not make an attempted rape moral, but if you go to a bar and get drunk it is not all the bartender's fault.  It is really hypocritical in the Age of Irresponsibility that all of the irresponsible people demand that someone else be held responsible!


Someone emailed me in reply:

In Indiana Dem. Joe Donnelly is slightly ahead of Rep. Mike Braun. Indiana Senator Donnelly voted no to Kavanaugh in the confirmation.

Donnelly says one thing but does another. He needs to go! It’s a close race up until now but the Kavanaugh vote might change things up a bit.

My comments:

(Evil) Man proposes, God disposes.

"The best-laid plans of mice and men..."

It may be just another "Sting", orchestrated show, but the Kavanaugh confirmation circus may actually help to polarize the nation (WHICH IS NEEDED... WE DO NOT NEED UNITY OR TOLERANCE, which is an ABOMINATION... we need GOOD PEOPLE to STAND UP and SEPARATE themselves from evil people and then be as diligent and vigilant and active as the subverters of our nation; otherwise, it would be more merciful just to kill your whole family now and commit suicide.  It is only going to get worse.  HOW MANY FAMILY MEMBERS marrying aliens, being raped, turning homo, being mugged and assaulted and terrorized, having their minds polluted with evolution and humanism and marxism... HOW MANY FAMILY MEMBERS falling prey to such evil is enough...?  IS THERE EVEN ONE family left in the US that has not been touched by all such evil?

POLARIZATION is a GOOD thing... unity is a BAD thing if you are speaking of unifying with those whom GOD FORBADE unity, or fellowship, or charity or kindness or tolerance.

So it may be that the backlash of rejecting Roy Moore and now Kavanaugh (even if neither of them wear halos) will serve to get decent people to stand up and vote the Democrats and Socialists OUT (if that is even possible).... when a ship at sea is sinking there is only a small window, threshold, critical time period of grace to bail before the ship sinks never to rise again.

[In reality, modern Republicans are little different than modern Democrats; and there are Democrat “double agents” / “sleepers” elected as and calling themselves “Republicans” who are not.  The majority of Republicans are merely, “Democrat Lite”—and the Democrats themselves are actually “Communist-Lite”; so in reality Republicans are “Ultra-Communist-Lite”.  Nearly every single member of Congress or any government body in the U.S. is a Communist.  The majority probably do not realize that they are Communists, even as the majority of those who think that they are “Christians” actually are not.  Nearly every Democrat and Republican politician in the U.S. today does not hold as sacred, the U.S. Constitution (which must be interpreted in light of what it meant at the time it was written, in the minds of those who wrote it, and it is to be interpreted in light of the Common Law of America, founded upon the adoption of English Common Law, English Common Law being derived from the Law of God*1).  Most all modern politicians (jurists, educators, journalists, and the common man) who have all be brainwashed from childhood in government institutions indoctrinating them—saturating and marinating their minds in socialism and Marxism—live by the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto,*2 whether they realize it or not (even as the majority of people in the U.S. still think that the dollar bills and coins they use are actually real money).  However, though but a small improvement between modern Democrat and Republican, it is an improvement—in some cases.  Understand, that it is also a bit like “Soup of the Day”.  The quality and identity will be different day by day and depending upon which restaurant (and even state or region).  Not all “Soup of the Day” is identical, equal, or even the same.  Even the same name does not presuppose the same recipe.  Therefore, each can only be determined on an individual basis—and that basis is the individual politician’s reverence for and obedience to and defence of the U.S. Constitution, interpreted in light of what was in the minds of the men who wrote it, with their intentions in mind and itself interpreted in light of the Common Law, an extension of our Christian Heritage founded in the unchanging Law of God revealed in the Bible.

*1 See: The Dooms of King Alfred (laws of England established c.890 A.D. based upon Bible/God’s Law) 58pp., 6.00 + P&H; bilinear Anglo-Saxon (Old English) & English translation.

*2 See my special augmented printing of The Communist Manifesto and my A Bolshevik Primer.]

HOWEVER, ANYTHING that is done is WASTED EFFORT and BUSYWORK if GOD'S PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE that THEY THEMSELVES (not the enemy) are the problem!  God's people turning from what God commanded in 100 different areas is what has brought this judgment upon us.  God has sent OUR ENEMIES (not our personal enemies, of which the New Testament speaks, such as "turning the other cheek" our own kinsmen with whom we have troubles--but our MORTAL enemies and GOD'S OWN SELF-DECLARED enemies)... God has sent them to chasten US.  IF WE REPENT, GOD WILL DISPOSE OF THE WICKED FLOOD (not "convert it and welcome it into the family).

GOD can humble Trump like Nebuchadnezzar (and I wrote that a year or more before the election) IF GOD'S PEOPLE TRULY HUMBLE THEMSELVES BEFORE GOD AND REPENT OF THEIR SINS AGAINST HIM--BEING LIKE THE WORLD and being neurotic and fearful about being "politically correct" INSTEAD OF OBEYING GOD.  If God's people don't repent things will just get worse and He will send more and more evil to the point it kills off all of His people except those who are repenting!  But if you concern yourself with pleasing the world and jumping through the tyrants hoops... there will only be more and more, and smaller and higher hoops that they will demand that you jump through.

When like Hercules fighting Medussa or like the sailors on Capt. Nemo's submarine in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (or whatever the name of the movie was), it is senseless to continue to fight the individual tentacles, which are MANY and each one is far-stronger than you... YOU MUST STRIKE THE HEAD.  The only way to strike the head is to repent before God.  This means repenting of sin.  This means stop doing what God forbade and start doing what He commanded.  Christians have followed a false christ for generations.  Christ said think not that I am come to destroy the Law; not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law.  John wrote in his epistles (written after Revelation), the last books of the New Testament to be written that the law was not abolished (Christ said it was not, is that not good enough?) ... John wrote of repentance, forgiveness, sin--all unnecessary discussion if the Law was abolished because John writes, "sin is transgression of the Law".  If there is no Law, there can be no sin, and nothing to repent of, ask forgiveness for, or be saved from.  Christ said not one jot or tittle.  NONE of the Law was abolished.  What was abolished was the CURSE of the Law, the death sentence against us; and it was abolished because Christ PAID IT for us, if we are of the elect who are regenerated by the Holy Spirit unto life.  Furthermore, only those laws dealing with blood sacrifice were replaced by Christ.  EVERY OTHER LAW is still in effect.  God does not hear the prayers of those in sin! (willful or ignorant).

Why do you think Christendom is being destroyed?  God said he who turns his ear from God's Law his very prayers are an abomination to Him.  God said if we forgot His Law He would forget our children!  Satan has masterminded the perfect mind-soul-heist.  Even as the Serpent in the Garden (who he was and is) who deceived Eve into thinking that she did not need to obey God, so also he has fooled most all of modern Christendom.  "Christians" think they are not in sin, thinking that the Law (God's Moral Code—which was NEVER for salvation, that is a false disjunction, it is God's "House Rules" by which He commanded His children to live) was abolished, so how can they repent?  Well, if they actually read God's Word with understanding, they would realize as many have, that the Bible experts have been lying to them (or are terribly blind themselves).  God commanded us to read His Word daily.  American author and statesman who was the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune Horace Greeley (1811-1872) expressed:  “It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”  Thomas Jefferson expressed, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free...it expects what never was and never will be.”  This applies to BIBLICAL understanding, which is the source of all morality and freedom.

"The curse causeless shall not come."

This next month will be as exciting as the presidential election...

The Greatest Show on earth...  (but I don't like glitz and glamour, hype or deception or STUPIDITY or ABOMINATIONS megaphones and bright lights, or roller coasters—it is an abomination itself the evil people running for office, and compounded abominations when alleged "Christians" vote for evil people; rather than revolting against all the usurpers, traitors, invaders, and subverters and refuse to participate in the "game" and try all the criminals for their crimes and sentence them accordingly... but again, until God's people repent of their sins against God, why should the people expect any justice to be accorded them from those who sin against them...?)

God save Your people!

Pour Your Holy Spirit out upon all Your people to convict them of the knowledge of sin, care and be ashamed of their sinfulness, and bring them to true repentance and obedience to all that You commanded, confess Christ and walk in obedience so that You will hear our prayers and deliver us--and send a pestilence on all the rest, on all who hate you, who are not ordained unto life.


“O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”  —Sir Walter Scott [Canto VI, Stanza 17 of “Marmion” (1808)]

The first and last are superb.  The middle one gives a couple facts in a poor presentation, but important facts; though he, like most people, does not understand the difference between proof and evidence.

This is a wonderful presentation—try not to laugh out loud in several places!

To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University


Also, it needs to be understood that if a person will lie (under oath or not) about anything (such as not being able to fly, when she flies for vacations frequently) that person cannot be trusted.  As I quote in my Liberty Document:

Guilty in one area, guilty in all.

“False in one thing false in everything. Where a party is clearly shown to have embezzled one article of property, it is a ground of presumption [reasonable suspicion, probable cause] that he may have embezzled others also.” (The Boston, 1 Sumn. 328, 356, Fed. Cas. No. 1,673; The Santissima Trinidad, 7 Wheat. 339; White vs. Disher, 67 Cal. 402, 7 Pac. 826)

"He who is once a criminal is presumed to be always criminal in the same kind or way.” (Coke’s English King’s Bench Reports, tempore Charles I, 317; Best on Evidence, 345)

If Ford wanted to have her testimony believed, she should not have started out with lies.  Her entire testimony is contaminated.

Reportedly, Ford does not even have a license to call herself a psychologist, and her university has now quickly changed how it bills her.

This other youtube


has some good information... the cheesey high-brow introduction is really funny considering the guy himself is a bit lackluster and soft spoken.

After the cheesey drawn-out intro, he then wastes a minute of time telling you what he is going to tell you, repeats what he tells you, and spends more time telling you about his new name for Ford and why he won't call her "doctor" than he spends on the salient details.

Also, this one

Jeanine Pirro Rips Christine Ford A New One- Opening Statement


It it hard not to laugh as it starts out... I dub her, "Judge Jeanine Piranha".... she's like a piranha coming out of an underwater cave attacking.



Kavanaugh comes clean about his high school and college years......

"I spent the last two years of high school in a daze, locking away the questions that life seemed insistent on imposing. I kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly, drank beer heavily, and tried drugs enthusiastically. I discovered that it didn't make any difference if you smoked reefer in the white class mates sparkling new van, or in the dorm room with some brother you'd met down at the gym, or on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids who had dropped out of school and now spent most of their time looking for an excuse to brawl."

Just kidding....That's from Obama's book describing HIS high school and college days.


Someone also emailed:



Facts compiled about Dr. Ford everyone should know after the last 2 days.
Dr. Ford's professional psychiatric program Seeks/Mentors and Oversees a CIA College Training track – they look for Future talent and Pre-Screen potential young CIA Agents paid for by the CIA...Again, she already WORKS FOR and is Involved in... A CIA FUNDED PROGRAM. 
She claimed to have passed an FBI Polygraph, while crying the entire time through the polygraph, (which is a proven technique to give false positives) Now, just yesterday, released transcript of the polygraph shows she was never asked a direct question about Judge Kavanaugh by name at all. 
HER FATHER (Ralph G. Blasey Jr) is a Life-Long CIA Operative since the 1960s, and currently PROVIDES PUBLIC SECURITY TO ALL “DEEP STATE” OFFICIALS under Criminal Investigation today - He is VP in his company over all Personal private Security for Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, Lynch, Podesta, etc. He is also friends with John Kerry going back to his teen years. He was personally and directly involved and a key player in the 1982 "black CIA money" banking/CIA scandal when it was exposed under the Reagan Admin. 
Dr Ford's Rate-My-Professor reviews have been deleted. Some of those can still be found elsewhere and show a "darkness" described by students. She commonly goes by Dr. Blasey...not Dr. Ford in her position. Some describe her as angry and overbearing. 
Dr Blasey-Ford has a Husband, Russell Ford, whom she met at Stanford Univ, and were married in 2002. Russell Ford is the “Senior Director” at Zosano Pharma, and that company Exclusively Specializes in “Mind Altering” Drugs. Russell deleted his Facebook account, and removed his name from his Company's Website. On a side note-HER BROTHER (Ralph Blasey III) WORKS FOR A FUSION GPS 
Conglomerate-LINKED law FIRM - Baker-Hostetler. Yahoo News reported, "The firm was tapped beginning in at least 2013 to defend a Cypriot company, Prevezon Holdings Ltd., against U.S. money laundering accusations. 
Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016—reportedly with the intent to provide information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—was also working for Prevezon." 
In 2012, Dr. Ford is quoted as saying, "If a Republican, any Republican, wins in November, his most likely first nominee to the Supreme Court will be Brett Kavanaugh"...this was on her radar 6 years ago..she has contributed thousands of dollars to Anti Conservative Groups also funded by George Soros. 
Previous to that, Martha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh was a Maryland district judge in 1996. In an amazing coincidence, was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents were the defendants... 
Dr. Ford's therapist's notes also show 4 boys mentioned- not 2...Dr. Ford says that was a mistake...but cannot remember the name of the 2nd boy. 
The Safeway which Mark Judge worked at, only had 1 door in 1982..pictures now reveal, not 2 doors as she stated...she talks about remembering that her and her Mom went into Safeway in 1982 through two separate doors so she would only have a 50% chance of seeing Mark Judge...the store was remodeled years later with 2 doors, but not in 1982.
She can remember 36 years ago that it was 100% Brett Kavanaugh, but cannot remember whom she gave her report to 7 weeks ago... She currently has raised over $1000k...over the last 10 days although she is receiving free attorney services.
This stinks to high heaven and takes away from every true victim of abuse...





What You Don't Know About Brett Kavanaugh Can And Will Hurt You



Baldwin refers to the Democrat - Republican "elections" as a show.  I pointed this out in my below booklet (first edition 1994) and compare it to a circus and the "good cop - bad cop" routine, as well as other analogies.

Limbaugh, Buchanan, Qauyle & Other Bozos: Pawns in the Enemy’s Plan to Destroy Patriotic American People; The enemy’s tactics and modus operandi are revealed. How patriotic groups and true churches are infiltrated. An eye-opening expose of the entire political circus “freak show” which is palmed off on the American people as a free ballot election of good men who want to help America. They are all traitors and zionists. Illustrated, 88pp. 6.00 + P&H.

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