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When I read things like this I just want to die... and yet the average "christian" does not bat an eye...
they should be OUTRAGED and INTOLERANT and not only cry out to God: HOW LONG O LORD!, but they should rise up and DEFEND THE OPPRESSED!  Those who turn a deaf ear to the cry of their brethren in need, GOD SHALL TURN A DEAF EAR TO THEM WHEN THEY CRY OUT.  you reap what you sow.

If people don't stand up now while they can, while we still have the numbers, they will never be able to stand up.  Once a boat takes on a certain amount of water, going to the bottom of the abyss is INEVITABLE.  Christendom has stopped bailing.  and yet the majority who read this will delete it and casually go back to watching tv.  Well, you will not be taking your tv with you to the bottom of the ocean, the graveyard of nations, oblivion... and what will you have to say to God when you awake in judgment... did you really think watching all those movies and sports was going to save Christendom, freedom, advance the kingdom of God, help our people who are being raped, robbed, and murdered...?

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Last week, I did a story about a gang of Muslim teenagers that severely beat up a nine-year-old German boy for fun. When the boy’s father confronted the Muslim teen’s parents and called the police, not only did the police do nothing, but the next day, the German government sent federal police to the German family’s house, beat up the father, and he is now awaiting trial for “intimidating refugees.” In the meantime, the police have denied that the boy was actually beaten up and are saying it was a fake.

This trend in Merkel’s Germany, where non-Muslims are prosecuted for saying or doing anything to oppose the “refugee” invasion, and while the Muslims are allowed to run wild and kill, attack, and destroy whatever pleases them, it only getting worse. Now, Germany is looking to prosecute several people under terrorism statutes for opposing a “refugee” center.

And the best part of it all is which branch of the German Government is “investigating” and prosecuting these people: The “Anti-Extremism Unit” and the “Politically Motivated Crimes Unit.”