—What destroyed South Africa? important read, South Africa is the prototype of all that happens in the US, just a few years earlier.

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What destroyed South Africa? important read, South Africa is the prototype of all that happens in the US, just  a few years earlier.

More and more blatant confessions continue to surface, even as The State of Israeli’s first PRIME MINISTER, David Ben Gurion (1886-1973), upon learning of Lenin’s death in 1923, wrote a glowing eulogy of him, calling him, “one of the greatest humanitarians who ever lived.” Ben Gurion also stated that he hoped that he could duplicate Lenin’s accomplishments in Palestine.

....even as Rabbi Stephen Wise said, "Some call it Bolshevism / Marxism, I call it Judaism."

“There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshivists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.” —The Jewish Chronicle, April 4th, 1919.

“We, the Jews, are a people—one people. When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of a revolutionary party; when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.” The Jewish State: An Attempt At A Modern Solution Of The Jewish Question (1967), Theodor Herzl (Founder of Zionism), pp. 5 and 23.

There is no further doubt that the influence of the Jews to-day justifies a very careful scrutiny, and cannot possibly be viewed without serious alarm. .... We Jews, who have posed as the Saviours of the World, we are to-day nothing else but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.” (Dr. Oscar Levy’s preface, pp.8,10, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, Pitt-Rivers)

“Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us Jews, and that the Gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess
nothing.” —Mayer Amschel Rothschild on his deathbed, 1812 (founder of most all modern banking families, founding their billions corruptly)

‘Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.’ —Rabbi Reichorn (speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869)

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1925) records, “Edom is in modern Jewry.” (Vol. 5, p.41)  [Esau chose to turn his back on his own people and marry Canaanites, his children became known as Edomites.  Edom means "red" thus it is no coincidence the Bolsheviks/Jews/Zionists are called "Reds."  These Edomites supplanted God's true people, the majority of God's true people having migrated after their captivities (and many migrated long before).  Confusing God's people with His enemies, is the ecclesiatical Trojan Horse that has destroyed Christendom.

Those who refuse to see the truth because of a misunderstanding of the Bible or in order to be a friend of the world and worship the god of political correctness, will probably end up being sacrificed to those false gods.  If one refuses to admit cancer exists, believing the foolish lie that "all cells are equal" one will succumb to a painful death.  God drew a distinction; He declared that He separated us from everyone else, even as He separated clean from unclean animals (and He did not do that arbitrarily by flipping a quarter or eenie, meenie, minie, moe, but by Design: He did not make us the same).  God commands, come out from among them and be ye separate; yet the modern world is brainwashed by the zionist cancer of thought that is completely opposite to what God commanded: Babylon means, "confusion by mixing."  The Babylonians degenerated into a mixed people (the second to last precursor of every nations' fall, the last is degeneration into homo-ism); the nation was briefly re-vitalized by the descent and conquest of the Chaldaeans, a pure people descended from Shem's son Arphaxad.  Many such nations have experienced such re-vitalization, briefly, until they again descended into the abominations of mixing with everything that God forbade. That is what is destroying us.  The city set on a hill is now a garbage heap.  As long as we continue to wallow in the refuse, like the prodigal, believing Obamination's foolish spell, "hey, this ain't so bad..." then we will continue in profound delusion and suffer terribly until we are exterminated; yet God will preserve a remnant.  That remnant will be those who hold true to the faith once delivered... who have the testimony of Jesus Christ and keep the Commandments of God -- not those who mix in the social stew and bastardize their branch of the family tree, leaving a rotting stump where once a strong healthy branch gave life; the remnant will be those who do not believe the lie that God's Law was done away with.  It is impossible to keep the spirit of the law if one does not keep the letter; that is delusion, esoteric gnosticism.  The letter must be kept because God commanded His Law throughout all our generations forever; but unless our hearts/minds are converted, we cannot keep it in the spirit (as well as the letter), merely going through the dead motions in an unregenerate state (as did the Pharisees, who did not actually keep the Law rigidly--they "kept" the law when people were watching, but when no one was watching they were full of abominations--and they added their own rules to make the Law of God a burden on the people, to turn their hearts away from it, because the Edomite Pharisees could not enter into the Kingdom of God, and thus their Satanic, evil hearts did all they could from preventing all those who could from actually entering).  God did not abolish His moral code, He commanded Be holy for I am Holy.  Love cannot fulfill the Law if the Law was abolished (which Christ said He did not come to abolish--not a single pen stroke); Love = obedience.  If we love God and our kinsman, we will not sin against them--or stand complacently by while others violate them.  We are fallen and sinful and cannot do this by our own power; all we can do is fail.  That is why Christ came, to die to take our punishment from us and carry our sins away; and to then send us the Holy Spirit to empower us to obey God--whenever we walk in the Spirit and do not frustrate the Holy Spirit, by Whom we are sealed unto the Day of Redemption, if indeed Christ truly is in us.  God help us.
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  What we already knew: Jews destroyed South Africa

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An article at the online Jewish magazine Tablet confirms what we already knew: that Jews destroyed South Africa by being responsible, along with black terrorists, for the rise of ANC:

In 1963, after South African police arrested six Jews and seven blacks in a raid on an African National Congress hideout in the Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia—a sweep that eventually landed Nelson Mandela in prison for more than 25 years . . .

In time, of course, [the terrorist] Mandela became a hero, and the actions of those few became a point of pride for South African Jews. Beginning with his years at Johannesburg’s more or less integrated University of the Witwatersrand—aka “the Wits”—and later as an apprentice to a Jewish law firm, Nelson Mandela had a political life that was profoundly intertwined with those of Jewish activists . . .

The great majority of white [sic] South Africans involved in “the struggle” were Jewish.

The ADL’s former director said that the attitude to a political system should depend on what’s good for the Jews:

I think we too have a responsibility to determine whether or not that which stands in line to replace a current regime is better for the Jews or worse for the Jews.


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