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This is really amazing... people kill perfectly good babies every day, and also put retards on a government funded breeding program so they can reproduce and have multi-generations of retards on welfare, and then some seemingly normal people spend who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep alive a baby without a skull or brain.  I believe in some cases it is God's Will that we let nature take its course.  I am not saying that such be killed and I am not saying aborted, but just like people who have "DNR" orders (do not resuscitate), there is a time to let go.  Clearly the line has to be drawn somewhere and the only ones who have the right to draw the line are the PARENTS... I don't know how the parents are paying for it or how much it costs (someone did set up a charitable fund and $55,000 was raised, but that I am sure is a drop in the bucket compared to the actual costs of modern corrupt medicine, unless they have full insurance, in which case, other people are still being made to pay, and eventually, some people won't have their fixable needs paid for because insurance is a ponzi scheme which requires people continually paying into the fund even when they don't need it and the insurance company and the doctors/hospital are the gods who say who lives and dies and when enough is enough, in many cases; insurance is communism when legislated; not trusting God when optional.  It certainly is the parents' right to choose to care for this tragedy for however long he lives; but they certainly have no right to demand others pay for it (and I am not saying that is the case in this instance, but it certainly is in that youtube story of the black woman with 15 children claiming "someone's got to be responsible and pay for all my children"); though certainly they can ask for donations.  I don't know.  It seems like a tragedy any way you look at it. 

Clearly there are many cases in which doctors say there is no hope of survival and a normal life, and they are proved wrong, but it seems a bit over the top to image there is chance of any type of life with most of the skull and brain missing.  Unless they buy a football helmet each time the head outgrows the other, what is to protect what little of the brain is there?  I guess time will tell. 

Part of man's sinful pathology is trying to squeeze every last drop out of life (regardless of quality, regardless of boundaries of morality, like having a swine or baboon heart implanted) in order to ROB GOD of the life that is His when HE wants it.  Of course man cannot override what God has determined, but the point is for us to do His Will and that entails knowing His Word and that entails walking close with Him.  Insurance is not a God-given right (far from it, it actually seems like rebellion); health care is not a God-given right.  HEALTH is not a God-given right.  God says you reap what you sow.  While there are of course cases of reaping what others have sown (we all reap what Adam sowed) and there are cases in which God has ordained something solely for His Glory (and I don't rule out that this may be one of them, but I do have my doubts).... I am not saying THIS (that is, the ideas I am tossing out there) is how decisions should be made, I am just talking out loud not even knowing what to think, and of course, as I said, it is no one's right to so decide except the parents if they are responsible in assuming the obligation for their choice of action. 

But, what about cases of two bodies sharing the same brain co-joined at the skull? or other such "freaks" and "tragedies".  While from man's point of view, genetics is a roll of the dice, in reality, God has determined how the dice will land on each and every toss.  However, I believe that He has designed into His creation what evolutionists call "natural selection" or "survival of the fittest"—and a plethora of the laws God gave to us He gave for that very purpose: to keep us strong and pure. 

God commanded criminals and perverts to be put to death because if not their morally polluted blood would reproduce.  That is not to say that every single descendent of a criminal will be a criminal, but God commanded sin and perversion to be put out of the congregation for a reason.  God gave health laws and quarantine laws for similar reasons.  We reap what we sow.  Now that our people have been aborting their own children for decades, the third world is being imported as we are "weak and dying off" or so we are told (but the third world doesn't care about quality of life or morality such as demanding someone else to support their entire family no matter how many babies they keep irresponsibly cranking out; but how can the same brainwashed people abort their own babies, not wanting to have to pay the expense of raising another child—while at the same time paying taxes to support tens of millions of criminal illegals who will eventually replace them entirely?  It is suicide.).  Would that Christ walked the earth today and could touch this poor child and fix all of our problems.  However, the reason the Master gave his stewards talents and then went off, was to see what they would do with them (not that He did not know). 

However, Scripture says, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths—based not upon our feelings, not upon illegitimate laws passed by an equally illegitimate and immoral legislature, but based upon what He has declared in His Word.  And even as the U.S. Constitution says all power not specifically expressed as given to the Federal government belongs to the individual states and the people, so also things not specifically mandated in God's Word are up to the individual to decide, not the all-powerful state that has replaced God in the minds of nominal Christians who have never known the true God.  This certainly is one case for the wisdom of Solomon.  While it will be interesting to see what comes of this.  Should tragedies of human life be reduced to a science experiment?  I am not saying it is the case in this instance, for the parents seem perfectly happy (at least at this moment while they knew the cameras were there) and of course no one imagines they will never have trying times or heartache, nor that God has not lessons to teach them.  If nothing else, it serves as a reality check to the majority of the population who get bent out of shape and blow their top every time someone steals their parking space, or when their meal isn't perfectly the way they want it, or when reception for the football game is not good or it is interrupted by the news, or the majority of our mundane, selfish, self-absorbed "pimples" we think of as unbearable injustices.  Just some things to think about.  Robert

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