—Whisky Lips Sink Papal Ships

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Part of the real reason, it would seem to me, why the priests, even as the Jews, and Masons, even as corrupt politicians, cops, lawyers, and judges, protect each other, is because the majority are guilty of similar or other crimes, and if they attempt to prosecute one of their own, then as Hillary reportedly threatened, “If I go down everyone goes down”.  I guess like Hillary, the Catholic / politician logic is, “They were molested; that was years ago; what difference does it make?”

My grandfather was night manager at different times in 4 of the main hotels of downtown Philadelphia.  He knew every politician, athlete, movie star, singer of the era, and had photos signed by them all.  When they came to town to the hotel and needed something, he made sure that they had it.  

There was an obese RC priest or bishop (I can’t remember which; I will refer to him as a priest) who could not sleep in a bed because he was so heavy, the weight was too much on his heart, so my grandfather always arranged to have a reclining easy chair in the roof for him to sleep in, semi-reclined.  One night the priest invited my grandfather up for a drink.  As they drank, the priest’s lips got looser.  He then shared things he normally would not have.  

He bemoaned one event: One wealthy parishioner was upset about all the money that he had to pay in taxes.  The priest suggested that he donate a large sum to the church that would give him a tax write off, then the priest would give him some back under the table.  This worked out well for a few years, until the bishop (or cardinal) above the priest called him for a meeting.  The bishop said to the priest, “We’re not blind; we see what you have been doing.  We have no problem with it.  You’ve made a nice sum.  But from now on, we get 90% and you get 10%.  If you don’t pay, we’ll kill you”.  My grandfather said that opened his eyes up about the corruption of the RCC (my grandfather, being Lithuanian, coming to the U.S. with his mother when 4 years old or so, was raised Roman Catholic; but then when he married, attended the Lutheran church of my grandmother, until my father led them both to Christ, having left the Lutheran Church for the Presbyterian, then Baptist, until the Southern Baptists too, descended too much into error).  My grandfather did not spin yarns and was not a liar.  I have no reason to believe that this did not happen exactly as he said.  It seems unlikely that the heavy-set priest with a little whiskey to loosen his tongue, would have been fabricating falsehood either.