—Yeah, the Economy is Just "Great"...! [If you are a Moron or live off other people's money]

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"The economy is just fine... peace, peace.... this ain't so bad... we can fix this... we just need to tighten our belt... let in more foreigners... tax middle america more... I will be the transparent president (only because he is not lawfully president--that was a big joke on anyone foolish enough to believe him)... the bail out package and quantitative easing will take time, but it will kick in (yeah and once all the rich companies you bailed out by indebting the people got the money they took it and ran)..."
If B-HO was Clinton, he would be saying, "I did not have sex with that donkey," if he was GHW Bush, he would be saying, "read my lips, no more sharia law," why do we even go through the charade of electing anyone?  Why do people even believe anything they say?  As the old joke goes, "How can you tell when a Politician is lying..."  --his lips are moving.
We don't elect them and the only way to prove that is to end the phoney election process... like Richard Pryor said in Brewster's Million, "vote None Of The Above - elect no one" - because Thomas Jefferson said, "No government is better than bad (evil) government."  The only ones who would miss the government are those on welfare or government employees (and those in the cities who would not be able to protect themselves from all the third world refuse important and put on a government breeding program--and they deserve whatever happens for being so foolish as to allow their elected officials to take away their means of self-defense; everyone needs to wake up and remember, elected officials don't have any authority to tell us what to do; they are supposed to do what we tell them and if they don't, if they try to change the constitution--as B-HO is blatantly doing and has blatantly announced--they are guilty of high treason and the constitutional remedy is to schedule an appointment with a rope after the people try and convict them for destroying our nation, selling us into bondage, and subverting our constitution, religion, culture, and people, by 100 years of open immigration of the 3rd world (and making us pay for their every need --hundreds of billions of dollar) and restrictions on immigration from white christian nations. ... when everything goes wrong just right for the enemy, year after year over decades... it cannot be chalked up to mistakes or flukes or incompetence; it can only be a planned conspiracy... NO ONE is that stupid or unlucky... they were cunning and fortunate enough to be elected, were they not? what percentage of people ever achieve that? so then, how can they completely fail at everything they do after election...?  Only because it is planned conspiracy).
stop all immigration send all illegals home
stop importation of all foreign made goods
try B-HO and every member of congress who has not demanded his impeachment, and every member of congress who voted for further indebting the nation, and every member of congress who voted for obamacare, the patriot act, and every other subversive, unconstitutional legislation--try them all for treason, confiscate all the property (including offshore bank accounts) and then sentence them according to the constitution for high treason.
the US economy is in the doldrums, the horse latitudes... the lower latitudes between Africa and South America where during the summer there is hot temperature and often no winds... sailing vessels transporting horses often had to kill their horses because they were running low on water and could not afford to keep the horses alive...
the only difference is, the politicians are planning on killing middle america.. the horses, the backbone of the nation; the ship of state has been hijacked by traitors fools who have the anti-midas touch: everything they touch turns to crap.  Horse crap... the most worthless manure (except for swine, which is practically toxic... maybe the political logo of the elephant should be turned to a pig and the donkey to a weasel; then people will maybe have second thoughts about going through the motions of a fake election and voting for either... the powers that be derive their powers by the consent of the governed.  I have NEVER given my consent to any of these antichrist criminals to govern me, and I never will).  RAB
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Retail Tsunami: 16 Major Chains Closing More Stores
(Daniel Jennings)  The economy appears to be in far worse shape than the major media outlets would have us believe.
In fact, if you want to see how bad the economy really is, simply visit your local shopping center. There you will find that headlines about a retail tsunami – as CNBC put it — are accurate.
Unfortunately, it could be just the tip of the iceberg. Recent news stories show that American retail is in a desperate situation and the entire economy is on very shaky ground.
Here are 16 companies that have closed stores or will close stores soon:
  • Office supply company Staples has announced plans to   close 225 stores by 2015,   which is about 15 percent of its chain. Staples already closed 40 stores last   year. Industry analysts expect Staples’ main competitor, Office Depot, which   bought OfficeMax last year, to announce its own round of store closings   soon.
  • Radio Shack has announced plans to close 20 percent   of its stores this year, which is as many as 1,100 stores. The company, which   operates around 4,000 stores, reported that its sales fell by 19 percent last   year.
  • Albertsons closed 26 stores in January   and February according to Supermarket News. Analysts expect many more   Albertsons could soon be shuttered because Albertsons owner hedge fund   Cerberus Capital Management just bought Safeway Inc. Some Safeway stores could   soon shut down as well.
  • Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is planning   to close 220 stores by the end   of 2015. The company is also planning to shut down an entire chain it owns,   Gilly Hicks, which has 20 stores, 24/7 Wall   Streetreported.
  • Barnes & Nobles is planning to shut down one third   of its stores in the next year: about 218 stores. The chain has already closed   its iconic flagship store in New York City.
  • J.C. Penney is closing about 33 stores and   laying off about 2,000 employees.
  • The Record   newspaper in New Jersey reported that Toys R Us has plans to close 100 stores.
  • The Sweetbay Supermarket chain will close all 17 of the stores it   operates in the Tampa Bay area, The Herald Tribune newspaper reported.   Many of the stores might open as Winn-Dixie Stores. Sweetbay closed 33 stores   in Florida last year.
  • The entire Loehmann’s chain of discount clothing   stores in the New York City area shut down. Loehmann’s once   operated 39 stores, The New York Times reported, and was considered an   institution by generations of New Yorkers.
  • Industry analyst John Kernan told CNN that he expects Sears Holdings,   which owns both Sears and Kmart, to close another 500 stores this year. Sears   has already shut down its flagship store in Chicago.