—You're Under "Ar-Rest" Room and Gender Perversion—REVISED

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This is the STUPIDEST cluster of “laws” (those involving perverts claiming a different gender than reality indicates).  A hispanic Christian worker at Macy’s in New York responded to a woman’s complaint that a man was in the woman’s bathroom and she and her daughter did not feel comfortable going in.  Security told the man to come out but he refused, saying he was a woman (even though later when he did come out, he then held hands and walked away with his girlfriend, it is reported).  Macy’s, being the pillar of the community and righteous leader that it is fired the employee for attempting to address the concerns of another Macy’s customer. 

(See: http://www.gopusa.com/?p=13264?omhide=true )

There appears to be a “hierarchy of needs”, but exactly who established it and by what authority, is indeed a mystery.  How does a man pretending that he is a woman (even though dressed like a man and with his girlfriend) “trump” a real woman and her daughter who want to use the ladies’ room?  Why do adherents of all other religions “trump” Christians who founded this nation?  Why do homo-perverts and other endless assortment of gender-confused and perverted people “trump” normal people?  It seems like a nightmarish, perverse racial-gender-"religious" form of the “hand” game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, but without rules—except that if you are a straight white male Christian you lose every time.

...but what do we expect from a corrupt subversive, treasonous “government” that IMPORTS MILLIONS of illegal aliens FOR ANY REASON (and not even doing competent background checks).  All of Al-Quada and all of Osama bin Laden’s family could be here already, calling themselves “Syrian refugees” even as this pervert below calls himself a woman.

WHY DO THE RIGHTS OF EVERYONE ELSE EVAPORATE in the face of the rights of a perverse, mentally deranged minority...? (who, in time, may eventually become a majority because corrupt politicians pass laws protecting them and allowing them to run around molesting young people, scarring them for life, and infecting other vulnerable, impressionable young people, while the goverments schools and t.v. programs, movies, and even soup commercials gear their propaganda toward young people and promote all forms of homoperversion as something normal).

ONLY BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT!  “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”  “The curse causeless shall not come.”  Joseph de Maistre said, “Every nation has the government it deserves”.  Edmund Burke said, “All that is required for evil to triumph over good is for good men to do nothing”.  However, I add—but if ‘good men’ do nothing in the face of evil, then they are not really ‘good’ or ‘men’... are they?   Each time that a “Christian” sees immorality (homoperversion, multiculturalism, pagan religions, corrupt politicians, perverse entertainment, evolution, etc.) and does not stand up and voice dissent—he denies Christ.  Denying Christ is not merely denying His Name—it is denying what He stands for; it is remaining silent when He would not have remained silent.

I certainly DO NOT agree with transgender perverts, but—theoretically—if an immoral law is going to be passed to let deranged perverts use the bathroom of their choice, that choice of what their gender is cannot change immediately before they enter and immediately change again after they exit.  Also, there must be proof—a history (of gender confusion, instability, perversity) that they have established as being a gender other than reality demonstrates... and if the per(vert)son is lying, there should be a $25,000 fine to go toward a victim fund... and the per(vert)son should be put into a sex offender data base, and serve a year in Sheriff Joe’s “Tent City” doing labor and wear a pink jumpsuit.

Someone’s gender cannot itself have a “revolving door” or be like those billboards that are continually changing, advertising different things every 30 seconds.  If there are such people—Stay home!  It is not everyone else’s responsibility to cater to your psychotic “needs”.

If an immoral law is going to be enacted, it needs to at least have the semblance of law.  Nothing that this (Obango) pseudo-administration does has even the semblance of law (it is all executive decrees, a feckless congress TREASONOUSLY passing laws before they even read them, and a renegade TREASONOUS Supreme Court that follows Obama’s cue and does whatever it likes, “inventing” the Law rather than ruling by the Constitution; regardless of having no authority to do such).  This nation has turned into a nightmarish “free for all”, “no holds barred” — “every man did that which was right in his own eyes”... except, of course, for the rightful, law-abiding, moral, white, Christian, legitimate citizens (they have no rights and no privileges; well, they have one right: “to remain silent”).  I propose 3 bathrooms (see graphic above).