“Open Sesame” (Street) — the Portal on the Road to Hell (via the Detour Along the Scenic Route of the Destruction of Christendom) — “Programming” At Its “Finest”

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Someone emailed me this link prefaced by the comments:

They make puppets that go through traumatic experiences same as children but what about the traumatic experiences that ‘we’ put children though? Why not stop it? Why put children through experiences that we need to help them though? This is redundant behavior all in the name of political correctness. Like making an emergency situation just to rescue them. That is a mental illness, rescue syndrome I think. Stupid is as stupid does!


'Sesame Street' adds new character going through foster care



My reply:

Agreed, like the person who told me last week, which info I passed around, that obese people are now demanding obesity be regarded as "normal".

Fat, it's the new thin. Black, it's the new white.  Stupid, it's the new smart.  Perversion, it's the new morality.  God save us!

The (abnormal) mentality of "inclusionism" is to accept everyone (except straight, white, men) as perfectly normal and "the same" as everyone else—and FORCE their UNSAMENESS and even DEPRAVITY and MENTAL ILLNESS on everyone else, until, INDEED, they ARE ALL THE SAME—a melting pot sewer.  The water's fine, come on in...!  Everything and everyone is "normal"—whether you have 2 legs, 1 leg, or even 3 (or 4*).

[* —and thus bestiality will be legalized after pedophilia—and yet anti-intellectually, they claim that children can consent to sex with an adult, even though for every other area of life, children need a guardian, and cannot make decisions, and special laws protect them: they can't be convicted of a crime and imprisoned or executed, their record is "expunged" when they turn 18; they can't be spanked, can't be made to work, can't be sent to war, can't drink alcohol, etc.  But somehow sex is considered to be the "great equalizer" and anything dealing with sex and a "person's own body", including abortion, is all each individual's right and no one elses (even though the corrupt, illegitimate, renegade "government" servants self-declare that they own everyone, lock, stock, and barrel).  However, hypocritically, that "equalness" and "equality", including egalitarian "inclusiveness" itself is all based upon a "hierarchy" (that is, INEQUALITY—a perversion of reality of making superior those who are not, and making inferior, those who were of a higher status—and this is the trademark of COMMUNISM), which all plays out in a sort of racial-gender game of "Rock - Paper - Scissors" in which "nonwhite lesbian female" trumps everything (except maybe "nonwhite homo-trans-sexual man turned into a woman"; or is it "nonwhite lesbian trans-sexual woman turned into a man" that holds the highest teflon, untouchable (but "equal") status...?  Clearly a woman who wants to leave the favored—ironically, only among white Christian nations—status us being a woman to become a man must be a step down from a man wanting to become a woman, and not merely act as a woman; but, we are charting new waters of the sewage system, so this is not yet established.  I guess it will take a TEAM, an ARMY of TRANS-SEXUAL psychologists and TRANS-SEXUAL (since they are the only ones "qualified") to hammer out all that "equality"-"reality".]

Yes, rather than teaching children Biblical moral values and character to help them through any life situation and to help them avoid heartache, tragedy and perversion and disease and immorality are supposed to be accepted as a daily part of life.  This is an end result of many things, all having their epicenter in the denial of morality (established only by the revealed Word of God) and the denial of reality.  Ironically, Existentialism that teaches people to embrace all parts of life (including tragedy)—which has some Biblical support, though not for the same reasons or in the same manner—has now resulted in the utter denial of reality to embrace all things, good and bad—but embrace all bad things as if they are good; embrace poison as if it is healthy, embrace immorality as if it is moral, etc.

Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and other "children's shows" (with the exception of Mr. Rogers) have always been at the bottom of the barrel and early forms of humanist, godless, socialist, Christian society-destroying propaganda—desensitizing children from the earliest age.  No wonder "Millennials" are so confused.

How much do you want to bet that in a few years this foster child character on Sesame Street will want a sex change operation...?

Thus, we can expect to see other characters added, to display the wonderful rainbow palate of diversity (and those practices of such diverse diverseness) such as young girls who have been castrated at an early age, married off (to someone who already has 7 wives) before they are teenagers, a little boy who has 2 daddies who then marries both of them, a boy who has a romantic relationship with his dog, etc.

God save us!  Convict Your people of their sin against YOU (which includes the knowledge of what sin actually is—since they don't know or reject the reality of Morality, which You established); bring them to repentance—and send a pestilence on all who hate and reject You and Your Way.

"Ye who love the Lord HATE EVIL." 

"The fear of the Lord is to HATE EVIL."

You cannot love God if you don't love what He loves and hate what He hates—and those boundaries are not fuzzy and never change!