Read My Lips — Trust None of What You Hear and Half of What You See

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Elizabeth Holmes’ “Theranos” fraud was actually a plot to surveil the blood and DNA of everyone

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 by: Mike Adams


My comments:

“The social security card will never be used for identification purposes.”

Read my lips no more taxes.”

“If you like your insurance provider you can keep your insurance provider.”

“I will bring our troops home.”

HOW STUPID are the masses?

They know that politicians are corrupt and criminals and traitors.

They know that the medical establishment is corrupt and criminals and traitors.

More people die from doctors and medication and hospitals in the US each and every year than from all wars in the US combined, not counting the Civil War (but it is getting close to including the Civil War too).  Drugs are not made to cure people, but provide a "control" so people are dependent on the medication for the rest of their lives... herbs and vitamins are threatened to be outlawed (Australia did it decades ago, for those who think such an idea is preposterous)... Many natural alternative clinics are shut down with SWAT teams... (even crossing into Mexico and shutting them down and arresting those working there and dragging them back to the US) and people are jailed... SWAT teams raid peaceful Amish and raw milk dairies.  Vaccines are not meant to prevent disease BUT INCUBATE IT so that disease appears / erupts decades later (when the disease is not so easily linked to the crime) to keep a steady flow of business for the doctors, drug companies and insurance companies (which are massive ponzi schemes which the taxpayers actually pay for—in addition to what the insurance companies and health care providers charge—without even realizing it.

What do the people think are the intentions of politicians when laws exist stating that politicians cannot be held accountable for violation of their campaign promises?

The old joke is true: How can you tell when a politician is lying?  His lips are moving.

As Jefferson said, No government is better than bad [corrupt] government.  The only ones who would even miss the government were it to shut down or disappear are those on welfare, those with government contracts, subsidies, handouts, and those with government jobs.

Richard Prior in the movie Brewster's Millions had the best idea: VOTE NONE OF THE ABOVE.  As Jackson said, the vipers need to be rooted out.

The Federal government needs to be cut by 95% and restored to a LIMITED, PART-TIME JOB.  States need to have all the vipers rooted out because all of the States are now little federal bureaucracies that are small time criminals when compared to Washington DC, but they are all cut from the same cloth and all just as treasonous and corrupt.

While this above story claims to be perpetrated by a singular bimbo, that indeed seems very hard to believe... and that Kissinger was on the board and was duped?  PREPOSTEROUS!  They were outed in their DNA collection scheme and she was the official scapegoat; she'll serve a few years; pay some fines, and then live like a millionairess the rest of her life.

[See also this link about how most presidential candidates in the running have declared war on white people (but oddly none of them are called nonwhite supremists”—WHY IS THAT?).

God save Your people, convict them of sin so they can repent so You will save them—and send a pestilence on the rest!]