30 Mind-Boggling Facts — “Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs”

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30 Facts About America
I would say these are mostly true, but not all; and those that are true are only true generally, not specifically.  Some, as written, are a little self-contradictory; also, they are untrue in terms of legitimate law / ownership, though they may be true in terms of practice (how society functions).
Simply because dictators make declarations does not establish their declarations as fact or law or truth.
Most are true generally, but only to those who have not rescinded their slave papers or those who never sought slave papers.
However, in practice, as long as people accept the fraud and bow down to it and abide by it, they indeed are owned lock, stock, and barrel.
Furthermore, one “trump card” is that nothing can be established by fraud and that fraud is not binding.  The other trump card is, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and all they that dwell therein”.  Those who themselves are slaves, without God’s authority, cannot rightfully enslave others or claim rights to the property of those others (when they themselves are property).  Furthermore, God instituted for His people the Law of the Jubilee Year (every 50 years—which can only be kept properly if the Land Sabbath is observed, since it is the year after the fulfillment of 7 cycles of Land Sabbaths.  Those who refuse to let the land rest as God commanded—you reap what you sow—He will not give them rest.  The Jubilee Year, emblazoned on the Liberty Bell, was that every 50 years all debts of our kinsmen, our people were cancelled.  If my dates are correct, around 2024 / 2025 Christ will return, uproot the wicked and establish the Millennial Kingdom.  2024 is possibly the 120th Jubilee from Creation, the 6000th year from Creation; 120 is also a special number (the right time concluding probation under trials).  The enemy is speeding up their plan because God will cancel all debts—except for those who are without Christ, who will have to pay in full what God demands.  God promised to preserve a remnant of His people, and that is why Christendom is being invaded in fulfillment of the Dragon vomiting forth a flood to drown God’s people; and it is fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel in the feet of iron mingled with clay—which represents integration and the Last Kingdom of this earth’s age—revealed in Nebudchanezzar’s great dream image / statue.  If Satan can utterly exterminate / mongrelize God;s people out of existence, Christ will have no one to return to and God will have failed to preserve a remnant of His very people; and if God can fail in any one area, even once, then He is not the Immutable, Omnipotent, Perfect God that He claims to be and Satan will renew his hopes that he may be able to defeat God altogether.  We are the bargaining chips.
But Christ said that unless God drew those final Days of Vengeance short, no flesh of the elect would survive (God’s people would be utterly exterminated or mongrelized out of existence)... so God in Mercy will draw those days short and save us, or there would be no one left to save.  The Dragon is vomiting out a flood... God said He will cause the earth to receive the flood and help His people—that will be achieved through a pestilence, by which millions and millions will fall and others will fall as disease spreads, as it took out 2/3 of the population of Europe in the Black Death / Plague, and also terminated large portions of Asia’s population.  When the bodies drop from the pestilence / plague, vermin, insects, scavengers of both mammals and birds will consume them as they rot; these scavengers will digest what they eat and drop feces of what used to be all those people—and the feces and the unconsumed rotting flesh that will melt into ooze in the heat of the sun will then be absorbed by the earth.  Those who die from this pestilence will NOT be ALL of the enemy (aliens / savages, hybrids, perverts, antichrists, humanists, pagans, etc.) but enough of them, like in the eye of the storm, to give God’s elect a little breathing room.  The final cleansing will not come until Christ Himself returns—but He will not return to a rebellious bride unwilling to truly, humbly, lovingly submit to Him.  Furthermore, those of His people who reject the True Christ and embrace the false christ of the world’s perverted (“tolerant”, “inclusive”, “egalitarian”, liberal, politically correct) notions of morality—they will find themselves on the business end of His Sword when He returns (Luke 19:27).  So God will cull His herd (of those who are His people, but who reject Him,* and of those who are not His people who have snuck in, or unlawfully been invited into the sheepfold) to the point that all that exist are those of His people who are repenting.
[* To reject Sound Doctrine, true Theology, God’s Law, God’s Plan, etc., is to reject God.  Those who are disobedient do not love God or Christ (John 14:15) or even know God (I John 2:4) and Scripture clearly declares,
“8In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Christ Jesus: 9Who shall be punished with Everlasting Destruction from the Presence of the Lord, and from the Glory of his Power.” (II Thessalonians 1)
“And being made perfect, He became the author of Eternal Salvation unto all them that obey Him.” (Hebrews 5:9)
Obedience is not part of salvation—it is the by-product.  Obeying does not save you; those who are truly regenerated to new life will obey the “good works that were before ordained that you should walk in them”.  Christ said not one jot or tittle would pass from the Law and “Think not that I am come to destroy the Law, for I am not come to destroy the Law”.  Christ said that His sheep know His Voice and follow [obey] Him.  Those who believe the very opposite of what He said are not His sheep (or they are very, very stupid and sinful sheep who hopefully will repent and be called out of darkness into His Marvellous Light while there is time).
The modern Christian Church’s notion of the Gospel is sterile—like refined white bread, with all the fiber and nutrients removed.  The Gospel is the FULL COUNSEL of the Word of God, the FULL PLAN of the Word of God, and contains the FULL History of the Word of God and the FULL LAW of the Word of God.  Christ’s Sacrifice was the resolution of the problem and you cannot separate the solution from the problem and part of the problem is understanding the need for the solution.  Creation fell.  God promised a Redeemer for the elect of Adamkind, eventually limited to the elect of true Israel.  God’s Plan didn’t change and God did not compromise and accept the polluted notions of sinful Twenty-first Century “Christians” concerning what humanists consider to be “fair” and “loving”.]
“And when ye see all these signs, lift up your heads, your Redemption draweth nigh”... —if you have trusted in Christ and actually obey what God commanded.  Again, God did not abolish His Law.  It was never intended as a means for salvation; but it is the moral code by which He commanded us to live throughout all our generations forever.  Morality never changes.  Morality was established each time God commanded, “Thou shalt not!” or “This shalt thou do!”  Keeping the Law / obedience / good works / bearing Christ’s Fruit (all synonyms) plays no part in salvation, rather, it is a sign of life, a proof of regeneration.  If when a baby is born and it just lays there, never wakes up, never begins to walk, learn, talk—there is no life.  We are do become more like Christ each and every day, if we have truly been converted, and Christ was tempted in all points even as we are “yet without sin”.  He did not abolish the Law.  He set the example for us how to keep it and even restored the true meaning of the 10th Commandment by teaching that sin begins in the heart and is sin even if not acted upon (if a man looks on a woman with lust, he has committed adultery already with her in his heart).
[See my, Ten Commandments for Youth.]
—but if a “Christian” lives as he pleases ignoring what God commanded, that is evidence there was no regeneration and the person does not know God, and does not have the Holy Spirit in him to lead him into truth and obedience)... and Christ said that when He returns, He will command the angels, “Bring those Mine enemies that would not that I rule over them and slay them before Me”.  Many who think that they are “Christians” will be in that number—if not most... because they reject Christ’s Doctrine (because they were never regenerated) and instead embrace the world’s and the Apostate Church’s polluted false doctrine which is the exact opposite of what Christ commanded.  They are sterile and their “fruit” is wax fruit—or vile rotten fruit (doing the very opposite of what Christ commanded; and such a person is called an “enemy”).
Most “Christians” don’t believe the Bible, and reject Sound Doctrine in favor of humanism because they have no faith because they are unconverted (faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the elect whereby they believe unto salvation).  Most Christians don’t even believe in God—if they did, they would fear and obey Him.  They believe in a superstition, “Touched by An Angel” theology, in that God is a harmless old grandfather who loves everyone, no matter what they do, whether they reject Christ or not, and that He will never judge anyone.  This is humanism disguised as liberal “Christianity”.  Humanism itself is Satanism in disguise.  Satanism takes various forms, one is a roaring lion seeking whom it may devour—the other is a counterfeit passing itself off as an angel of light!  It is a bloodless, non-doctrinal Christianity.  It replaces the Word of God, Christ, with a humanistic feel-goodism.
Christ rhetorically queried, “When the Son of man returns shall He find faith yet upon the earth?”  Faith is not a free-floating phenomena; it exists only in the elect of His people.  Faith does not originate in man, but is an element of the “Fruit Package” of the Spirit, given to the elect when God regenerates them (new birth) by which faith they cry out in repentance and then live lives of obedience pleasing to God).  This verse is also evidence of the near-extermination of the peoples of Christendom, God’s true people.  If there is no faith on the earth at Christ’s Return this means that none of the elect are still alive.  Faith will only remain on the earth if He Who is Faithful preserves His remnant in the earth as He promised.  “The righteous shall never be moved.”
Most people—including most “Christians” do not believe anything apocalyptic.  They believe the world will forever go on even as it is now.  They are blind, deluded.  Like those of shipwrecked or nonexistent faith in the first century declared,
“And saying, Where is the Promise of His Coming? for since the Fathers [Patriarchs] fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” (II Peter 3:4)
God delays in most areas to test faith; this is evident also in prayer.  If God were like a candy machine in which you put in money and got immediately what you wanted... why... EVERYONE would believe—but it would not be faith.  It would be mechanical classical conditioning—and eventually people would DEMAND things as their “right”, not be grateful to God for His GIFTS, Mercy, and Grace.
Someone once wrote to me,
“In 2005 I read your monumental book, Uncovering The Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance.  It was like the movie The Matrix for me.  Do I take the green pill and stay asleep or the red one and see the truth knowing things can never be the same again.”
That applies to these 30 more-or-less facts and also to what the mulatto head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, when he let truth slip out and said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
That’s what the enemy counts on: general ignorance (which is why the schools are purposely dumbed down, public-school seniors graduating with a mere 5th grade education*) which cause a person to shut down and retreat into his “own little happy place” of delusion and ignore reality as the problem grows larger and larger.
[* —which also does not even take into consideration all those who are graduated who are not even able to read or write or demonstrate any intelligence and why the populace is purposely addicted to amusement and entertainment.  This is also why the populace is kept in a constant state of fear; which is why are enemy aliens and terrorism are imported and put on a tax-payer funded breeding program, and why our corrupt politicians start wars all over the globe and why criminals are not punished while law-abiding citizens and patriots are.  The purpose is to destabilize society by constant chaos.]
Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, a man of uncommon wisdom, expressed,
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be... The people cannot be safe without information.  Where the press is free, and every man is able (and willing) to read, all is safe.”
“The course of history shows that as government grows, liberty decreases.”
“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform them!”
Horace Greeley expressed:
“It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people.  The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”
John Wingate Thornton recorded in his collection, Pulpit of the American Revolution - Political Sermons of the Period of 1776 (1860) the following words:
“Tyranny brings ignorance and brutality along with it.  It degrades men from their just rank into the class of brutes; it damps their spirits; it suppresses arts; it extinguishes every spark of noble ardor and generosity in the breasts of those who are enslaved by it; it makes naturally strong and great minds feeble and little, and triumphs over the ruins of virtue and humanity.  This is true of tyranny in every shape: there can be nothing great and good where its influence reaches.  For which reason it becomes every friend to truth and human kind, every lover of God and the Christian religion, to bear a part in opposing this hateful monster.
“We may very safely assert these two things in general without undermining government: One is, that no civil rulers are to be obeyed when they enjoin things that are inconsistent with the commands of God.  All such disobedience is lawful and glorious.  All commands running counter to the declared will of the Supreme Legislator of heaven and earth are null and void, and therefore disobedience to them is a duty, not a crime.”
Thornton also said,
“To the Pulpit, the Puritan Pulpit, we owe the moral force which won our independence.”
George Mason, representative to the Continental Congress, who left without signing the Constitution because it gave too much Federal power, expressed:
“All human laws which contradict His Laws [Bible], we are bound by conscience to disobey.”
[Quotes from my book series: America, Christianity, Liberty & Truth.]