Alien Assimilation— “The other ‘white meat’...” —or NOT!

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Someone emailed and asked:

When you have time please send me your thoughts on Henry Makow’s latest article: Can a Jew Identify With Whites?    Thanks.


My reply:

There is some good information here, but sadly, it is a continuation of confusion and false philosophy by those who reject the Scriptures as Truth.  The Scriptures are the only source of morality.  No other system can prove morality or anyones need to obey it, without God.  Secular philosophies can give opinions and ideas, but nothing authoritative.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, some such people not believe in God, but a "concept of godness" that they imagine based upon their own humanistic criteria: a form of panentheism, an ether inside a rainbow, a good feeling or moral notion, "chicken soup for the soul", oneness with the goodness in the universe, a cup of hot chocolate and a hug on a chilly day, or however, they may wish to explain (or "identify") it... but nothing about their concept of god is Doctrinal, nothing is Authoritative (there is no Holy Text), and therefore, nothing is Divine and nothing is real (it is a humanistic fantasy, their own little happy place combining all the "very best" elements of Nirvana and Valhalla)—and THAT concept, like all philosophies of man, can only fail... for what is "god" to one person is not what is "god" to the other; and whose "notion of god" is correct? and based upon what logic or authority?  NONE.  Such a notion has nothing to do with Christianity or the faith upon which Christendom was founded.  How then can any such people imagine that they are "part" of Christendom? they merely live within the borders, if they do not espouse the very foundational truths that established and maintained Christendom, before its fall.  The nice thing about fantasy (which is one of the things that separate fantasy from reality) is that it can be whatever you want to be, depending upon how strong your imagination is, and how weak your detachement from reality is.

He had written this at an earlier date (this is actually a rehash of what he wrote 8 months ago), but I believe it is still error.

He admirably does not want to associate or identify with Jewish DNA, but seems to engage in non sequiturs and illogic.  "Identification" is meaningless in terms of biologic reality; even as it is modernly erupting in the notion of gender or "gender identification".

The whites who curse him are right, to a degree, in what they say, but wrong in how they say it.  They show their own vileness of minds and they will likewise destroy our race by their godless perverse mind and notions.  Just because the pagan Saxons, Norse, Celts, etc., survived for millennia is no guarantee that they will survive in the age of modern transportation, the overbloom of the third world, and the age of conspiracies with the enemy who has wriggled in among us, like a parasite in the brain, and cannot be dislodged because the majority of our people are brainwashed and refused to recognize, bow before, confess, and obey God and His Word; and therefore, there can be no remedy; only an eventual rendezvous with oblivion of civilization.  Furthermore, the pagan notion of the possibility of the perpetuity of our race and culture is hingent upon the disastrous and erroneous belief that there is no God (the true God of the Bible) and that this life is all there is.  With such a false world view preserving our race would be as nearly tragic as its destruction—in fact, its destruction would be more humane in that we would not be continually procreating countless generations of our people who would only be lost in Eternal Damnation.

The concept of assimilation is a myth.  Can a gorilla assimilate into humanity? (and of course, I am NOT talking about Makow, but the notion of assimilation in general); while of course the gorilla can learn and demonstrate human actions, he will never be human; not even if he successfully breeds with humans--his offspring will never be human; they may become "part human", but part human is not human.

His mother had blond hair and blue eyes because some of his ancestors intermarried with Caucasians; while that saved her life from the "Nazis"—it destroyed the bloodlines into which his Jewish-Khazar ancestors married; that is, if one believes that God created each primary race separate and distinct and forbade hybridization, as He likewise did among the animal kingdom.  Neither Jews nor Khazars were Caucasians, though both absorbed Caucasian blood; and to say that the Khazars were Caucasians untrue.  American Indian tribes, as the Huns and Magyars, "bred up" and intermarried with many whites, those captured in battle.  That lightened the features of those specific tribes, but did not make them European or Caucasian.  Swahilis and Zulus transplanted into Europe, does not make them "European".  They are and always will be, to all generations, alien invaders.  To imagine them as anything else is suicide.  To soften the concept of "disease" and call it "wonderful cultural diversity" does not make Bubonic Plague any more "human friendly".  Some huns had red hair (from their ancestors raping Celt and German women); some American Indians are more fair—for the same reason and, of course, if the more-immediate ancestors of the lighter, fairer complexioned indian were white, he will blend in with whites far better; but identification does not change reality; and what does identification or assimilation do if you reject the core values and pick and choose what you like?  That is what has destroyed Christianity and Christendom: our people wallowing in self-worship, humanism, and picking and choosing which parts of the Bible they will believe and obey.  Contrary to the panoply of delusion and disinformation, race is NOT merely a "social construct" (that notion is one of the greatest "mind-farts" of all time); and neither is race mere skin color.  While skin color is one of the most-readily noticeable traits of race, a simple knowledge of DNA reveals that foreign traits are infused into one race, from another, but that does NOT EVER result in sameness.  Painting a Congoese white does not make him a white man.  Not even straightening his hair and doing plastic surgery will ever make him a white man.  No amount of intermarriage will ever make his children white—even after multiple generations and the offspring are identical in appearance with white people, they are still not white. 

Understand the following analogy in that it requires some imagination in using a VALID and HONEST money system, in which, a paper dollar is lawfully printed ONLY WHEN there is $100 "dollars" worth—whatever that means—of gold or silver in some official impregnable, inviolable vault.  We once had this type of lawful system, even though now it is an utter sham and ALL the "money" in circulation is fraudulent.  Regardless, keeping in mind LAWFUL money, a counterfeit $100 bill CAN NEVER become legitimate.  It does not matter how many hands it has passed through, nor how many decades or even centuries it has "identified" with being a real $100 bill in deceived peoples' minds.  In its very origin and identity it is spurious and it can only ever be spurious.

As in the case of the Dumas novel upon which the movie "The Man in the Iron Mask" was based... which some claim to have been historically true, in that, at birth the child of a king was kidnapped and a spurious child supplanted.  That spurious child eventually became King of France, or England, or wherever.  Was that child king?  Of course he was.  Was that child LEGITIMATE king.  Of course NOT!  Could that spurious child ever "become" a legitimate son of the actual king whose child he masqueraded as?  Of course NOT!

Because of erroneous philosophies of God and humans, such then think that merely because they outright reject Zionism / Talmudism, that somehow their DNA is changed.  They does not realize that in order for Jews (or Indians or Negroes, etc.) to become at least part "Caucasian" or "European", it entails the DEATH of those Caucasians whom they absorb to become less Jew and more Caucasian (though they can never become Caucasian)... and the more Caucasian blood they absorb, the less Jewish DNA will be noticeable, and thus, the more Caucasian blood will be destroyed.  While this may not be their intention, if they are honest, it is the factual result, even if they are ignorant of or disagree with that reality.  All that they have to do is, instead of considering their own "assimilation", substitute a fresh-off-the-boat Chinaman, Nigerian, Egyptian, Hindu Indian, Iraqi, Saudi, Australian aborigine, etc., to then interbreed with the white Canadians (that is, the ones who BUILT that nation and civilization; not any aboriginal asians who have contributed NOTHING to Christendom; though they are vomitously "celebrated").  What will that assimilation of the fresh-off-the-boat savage do to the white Canadian blood, form of government, customs, and religion?  IT WILL DESTROY IT, slowly, incrementally, and then fully.  The more mongrelized the nation becomes the more that the mongrels will want to mongrelize the rest to make themselves feel better about not being white (even as dark black Ruandans butchered a million or so lighter-black Ruandans simply because they were lighter complexioned)... when such is allowed, the mixed population will quickly out grow and vote out the white population—which is what we see happening now in all the nations of Christendom.  What those foul-mouthed whites were rightfully upset about is the fact that it is the Jews who have been in the forefront of this destruction of Christendom by amalgamation of aliens.  Of course, such like to consider themselves a cut above the average alien—and indeed they are—because they consider themselves civilized and refined (except for their false philosophy/religion that govern every area of their being)... and because such had some ancestors who helped destroy the families of the white bloodlines into which they married, they feel remote from that crime, and imagine the Khazars were Caucasian (which they were not, the were Turko-Mongoloid and moved into Southern Russia, as did the Hungarians, and began absorbing white blood, even as did the Mongols and Huns).  That does not make the Khazars Caucasian, but a mudslide which developed a lighter complexion and more refined features the more white families they destroyed to "breed up".

Such persons' rejection of doctrinal Christianity govern their delusion of morality, which includes interracialism only to the degree that includes them specifically, or the degree that they devises in their own minds and deem as "acceptable"—when they has no authority to make such decrees or adjudication.  To reject what God commanded destroys OUR PEOPLE; destroys the REMNANT.  Destroys Christendom.  Even if only from a secular pragmatic perspective, as that confessed by black pastor James Manning, he should realize that ANY CHANGE of historic Christendom, by aliens, will result in the destruction of Christendom.  What he may deem as a higher and more noble change that he and other non-Talmudic / non-Zionist Jews like himself may elicit is both immaterial and delusional.  Any change will slowly change all and destroy.  Again, as I explain, parasites are mindless; they don't think of where their next meal will come from once they parasitize the last host to the point of extinction.  Realizing such, all "noble" aliens should realize that the only means of their security is to remain segregated within Christendom (and be thankful) and do NOTHING to assimilate or change their host nation, not demand "rights" or "empowerment"; accept not being able to vote or hold office—otherwise, you will end up turning OUR NATION, this safe FREE, CHRISTIAN nation, into the type of nation from which you fled--and the reality is, the more of your alien people who enter Christendom, the less it will be Christendom.  Thus, the intelligent, moral, and noble aliens already among us must fear and respect and heed reality and adopt the paradigm of a lifeboat.  They are already in the lifeboat.  Any more aliens (and any change in the leadership and direction of those in charge of the lifeboat) will cause the boat to sink and ALL DIE.

Makow says a lot of great things and does some great research, but some false philosophy is antithetical to Christianity and Christendom, and that alone (even without his Khazar blood) is destructive of Christendom.  Whether such realizes it or not, their amalgamation philosophy and naturalistic concept of "god" is part of Satan's plan to destroy Christendom.  The only honorable position such could take would be to embrace the true God, based upon the DOCTRINE of the Bible, and eschew every false philosophy and pagan notion of religion that bounces around in his psyche; and to be glad to be a second-class citizen within Christendom (than live in chaos and barbarism in their own third-world nations), and realize the unfortunate reality in that though they had no choice about being born of mixed ancestry, they must realize the need to segregate themselves from white Christian society and be content living on the borders of civilization, realizing that they can never truly become part of it, though they can enjoy its benefits.  This is like a leper.  It is unfortunate, but to ignore reality and join with society WILL DESTROY SOCIETY because of irrational egocentrism that elevates the desires of self above the whole community whom he claims to care about.  Similarly, I am not a mechanic.  I never took any class on automechanics; and no one in my family ever did.  I love the vehicle I have; not that it is anything wonderful (a 2001 Ford Expedition that I have had for about 13 years), but it gets me from my house into town without having to walk or corral the chickens and harness them and have them pull me into town on a little red wagon.  What is it that makes my vehicle so wonderful and work so well...? —that fact that I don't tinker under the hood entertaining the destructive delusion that I have any business with my head under the hood for anything other than to check the oil or windshield fluid!  While that last analogy of course is much-more flawed, in that, if I wanted, I could correct that by learning automechanics.  However, though aliens cannot become us, ever, in any way, shape or form, they can benefit by recognizing truth and keep their head out from under the national, cultural, religious, governmental hood and be content riding in the back of the bus!  Understand the TRUE choice.  The back of the bus or back in the hellhole of your nation surrounded by only your own people.  THAT is the only real choice.  TO tinker with our nation is to turn it into the type that you DON'T want to be in.  WISE UP OR YOU WILL KILL US ALL!  Stop being selfish.  Stop thinking of immediate gratification.  Stop thinking of a fluid morality and a delusional fantasy.  Recognize reality.  Recognize that the nations of Christendom are the nations of Christendom and have been for a millennia because we have been a pure people who, despite our blindness, have the spirit of God upon us to lead us to do what is right in the major areas of morality and our governments have been founded on the Word of God whence our Common Law was derived.  The more we absorb aliens, if we let those aliens influence us IN ANY WAY, rather than their being in the back of the bus and happy to be there, THE LESS we become Christendom. 

Yes, lab-created chemicals can be added to a glass of natural orange juice (removing up to 90% of the orange juice)—and to those whose tastebuds have been polluted, it tastes wonderful.  But chemicals are deadly and eventually your body will be destroyed by them, even as if you use a motor oil or fuel that is other than which was designed to run through the engine, and the engine will eventually fail, either blow up or fall apart!  Replacement, displacement, supplantation, invasion, revolution, or assimilation--call it what you want.  Any absorbing foreign matter is death to the pure organism.  Breeders of horses, cattle, goats, llamas, sheep, dogs, cats, etc., all realize this--even neurotically.  Why is it that modern humans can't...? —because their minds have been seduced from childhood by the enemy among us who was allowed to become educators, ministers, and statesmen, when the first wave deceitfully claimed to be "Christian", and they utterly changed everything about our nation; everything that made us pure, free, and Christian.  William Penn, my cousin, recognized this truth about 300 years ago, "Men are generally more careful of the Breed of their Horses and Dogs than of their Children".  IT HAS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE SINCE THEN, SINCE ALL MATTER FOLLOWS THE LAW OF ENTROPY (DECAY)--UNLESS you swim upstream, go against the flow, resist temptation, resist immorality, and by God's Grace do what is right and accept NO COMPROMISE!  Compromise in integrity is death; no matter how small, no matter how gradualt—regardless of "how pleasant" the ride seems... the party on the "Love Boat" will end before Niagara's roar is fully realized.

Such donot realize that by engaging in the fantasy that imagines themselves part of the Caucasian family and part of Christendom (though being descended half from noncaucasian / nonchristians) they then are part and parcel to the destruction of the Caucasian family and Christendom.

What then is the difference between such and any African shamanist, pseudo-Arab / pseudo-Persian / Turkic Muslim, Hindu Indian, Buddhist Oriental, etc. in thinking the same invalid notions, about becoming part of the Caucasian family and Christendom by supplanting the host nation, by gradual means, and replacing the true faith and customs and form of government of the host nation by being absorbed into and changing the very identity of the Caucasian family and Christendom...?  THERE IS NONE.  It is merely a slower and more pleasant ride that eventually ends at the missing section of trestle in the middle of a canyon.  We have testimony to the failed Empires of the world, that had been white, and what they are now; and their decay, downfall, and identity now was and is because of integration and amalgamation of aliens, followed by all their perversions (spiritual, mental, and moral, which they call "culture" and "identity" and "wonderful")—whether you deludedly want to call it "assimilation" or any other word, ingested poison is still ingested poison and the end result is the same regardless of whatever you choose to call it: It is death.

The answer to the question-title of Makow's article, "Can a Jew Identify With Whites?" is... OF COURSE.... and a 7 year old can wear a bath towel as a cape and identify with superman!  But the underlying (and "lying" comes close to the ignoring of the undercurrent and foundation of truth), unspoken (and therefore, unanswered) question is: Does Any Person's "Identification" WITH ANYTHING change biologic or other reality?  And the answer is: of course NOT!  This mental delusion has been made crystal clear, with better than 20-20 vision, in the pathological bloom of homoperversion.  Does a man identifying as being a woman change ANYTHING in terms of reality?  NO.  It merely ADVERTISES the MOST-SEVERE FORM OF MENTAL DERANGEMENT and the very-lowest level of DEPRAVED IMMORALITY.

When the perverters of society are given free-rein, they will pervert all of society.  For the past quarter century or more, not only "off-white" people have been called "white", but so have every shade of mocha, tan, and beige.  "Socialist Lite" are now called "Conservatives" in politics.  There is a complete theological, moral, philosophic, and political shift that has been taking place—and it continue to be skewed like the tilting deck of the Titanic.  Soon it will be "black, it's the new 'white'."  Even now, sadly, it is true that "ABNORMAL, it's the new 'normal'."  However, normal is not a synonym for legitimate, but merely the current mean / average is.  If you flood the population with mentally deranged people, mental derangement becomes "the norm"—but it is NOT "normal" in the pure sense of the word, in that normal is a synonym with "natural".  It is not natural.  It is artifical.  It is maliciously manufactured.  This is the Talmudic deception of society.  A food product can advertise, "Natural Vanilla flavor"—but not contain a molecule of the vanilla bean.  How is that possible?  Some PERVERTED "scientist" discovered that BEAVER ANUS tastes like vanilla.  Beaver anus is indeed "natural"—it is a natural part of the beaver's physiology.  Thus, it is indeed "natural vanilla flavor"—but it is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from a product that advertises, "made with natural vanilla bean"...!  The swine industry used to advertise commercials on tv a few decades ago, "Pork, the other white meat", in the attempt to palm off the putrid, parasite-permeated abomination that God forbade, as being "just as healthy as chicken"—but it is NOT and it CANNOT EVER BE.  Those who think it can are handicapped with POLLUTED MINDS.  God called it an abomination.  Science and medicine recognizes the disease, inflammation, and parasitology that pork causes in humans—whose parasites cannot be killed AT ANY temperature, though some can be killed at a high temperature making it "relatively" more safe to eat; it is not safe.  God said it was an abomination and we defile ourselves if we consume it in any way.  Jesus did not die to make the pig clean.  Modern technology or "progress" CANNOT make what God forbade and declared to be sin and abominations to become "safe" or "healthy" or "moral".  God said that He separated HIS PEOPLE from unclean peoples, even as He separated clean animals from unclean.  Sheep did not evolve from pigs, nor did sheep and pigs both "evolve" from a common ancestor.  God separated clean from unclean IN THEIR VERY DESIGN BY CREATING THEM DIFFERENT--and NOTHING ever changes the one to the other, except amalgamation, which pollutes the clean rendering it abominable.  If a pig breeds with a sheep, the offspring of that sheep are abominations to all generations.  They will never been sheep, even if they are bred back to 1,000 generations of sheep.  God's Mind is not polluted as man's mind is.  Man deals in relativity.  God deals in absolute because it is His creation and His children and He accepts no substitutes and no compromise.  He who has ears to hear... let him hear (understand and heed)...

God has ordained all for His Own Good Pleasure (that's why He is God and none of us are).  Each person certainly has the right to exercise his delusion and attempt to become his own god and create his own universe and then order it the way that he wants it to be (and then find out what it is like to be "judged by" your haughty creation who thinks it knows better than you).  But I won't hold my breath... and I will keep my God, the only true God... and it won't end well for those who have "God-envy".  It is certainly true that NO one had any choice in what he would be born as.  Likewise, no one has any choice in spiritual birth.  The wind (Holy Spirit) bloweth where it listeth [determines]... so is everyone that is born of the spirit.  God in Christ determined His elect and the nonelect, and every other form of life, before the foundation of the world.  "Free will" is a myth: a godless, humanistic (which is a euphemism for Satanic) myth.  If any individual should find himself on the "outside" of those whom God chose, the only solution is to humble yourself and throw yourself upon the Mercy of the High Court of Heaven; confess Christ, read God's Word and obey all that God commanded (for not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law; morality never changes; morality is established in every Command that God gave His people: "Thou shalt not!" and "This shalt thou do!").  This, again, requires accepting your place outside the Covenant, with no rights or demands that you can make, but hoping for the "overflow of blessing" and for God's Mercy.  Those who reject such a notion and refuse to do so, well, it then becomes clear what God has ordained for you, so by all means, "fill up the full Measure of God's Wrath unto which you were appointed".


The person who had asked me to comment on Makow’s article, replied very favorably to my response and asked if I would ever consider emailing it to Makow.  I replied:

I have no desire to tell those outside the covenant that they are not sheep.  I doubt he could receive it because his concept of God is humanism, and created in his own mind, and thus, he would not bow to the true God, but prefers his own ideas.  If he reads and sees the truth and asks God for mercy, great.  but I won't attempt to force it.  I hold no animosity to him.  I am grateful for his bold stand, standing against much evil.  Clearly, there are many things that he and I would never agree on.  I hold him no ill will.  God is the one who has ordered all after His own Will.  I will not attempt to circumvent that but trust God is Just in whatever He does.  If He has a plan for those outside the Covenant—wonderful; but I cannot build theology on a "what if", which would be "anti-theology".  God has ordered us, as Christ ordered us, to concern ourselves with what God has told us is His Will for us; and leave the fate of others in His Hands and not get distracted.  If others see the light and submit to God and God extends them some type of Mercy, wonderful.