All’s Not Yet Rotten in Denmark — Rasmus Paludan Tells It Like It Is (IF ONLY He Understood It Better! May God Open His Eyes!)

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Rasmus Paludan calls BBC journalist a muslim racist from the shithole country called Iran

This is a good presentation and all need to pray for this politician—and all other like him who care about Christendom, even if they dont truly understand the issues involved or the only way that Christendom can be preserved.

It is hard to truly appreciate and preserve that which you dont even understand.  This is why the SOCIALIST / MARXIST education system in all the nations of Christendom no longer teaches OUR TRUE RELIGION or OUR HISTORY or TRUE PHILOSOPHY or TRUE LAW.  They glorify the filthy savages and put them on a pedestal as equals (all evidence being nonexistent) and then teach us to grovel in shame because God made us higher than them.  They teach us to mongrelize ourselves out of existence so those who are inferior can “feel” better about themselves.  The Reformation, the American Revolution, and the Histories of the Christian Republics of Europe are no longer taught because it is essential that people do not understand truth; and it is essential that they certainly understand no notions of true “Freedom”.  The corrupt educational system, subverted “government”, and Talmudic media only teach / brainwash the populace from childhood unquestioned subservience to the MYTHICAL State (which does not exist without the true people, and which cannot have greater authority than the true people, and who are actually servants of the people) and teach the demoralized masses to enjoy the “relative freedom” when the all-powerful elite bureaucrats deign to let them enjoy a little, from time to time.

If only the majority of Danish and other European Christian policitians would stand up and boldy proclaim the truth, we would not be in the nearly inescapable, terminal predicament in which we find ourselves.

As Benjamin Franklin expressed, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety”.

However, Rasmus makes some very serious error, and some of those errors are so serious that they undermine his entire position, and undermine the very chance of the survival of Christendom.  His ignorance, however, is understandable, since Denmark (and all other nations of Christendom) have been suberted, and he was raised believing socialist propaganda concerning “Democracy” and other things.

First of all, it is naïve to think that the Third-world Muslims are flocking to Denmark and other nations of Christendom because they like our “money”.  They are flocking to Christendom for the same reason that seagulls follow a fishing vessel—or more properly, the reason that a flock of vultures follow a dying herd of caribou.  The reason that the herd of caribou are dying is due to Rasmus’ notions of “Democracy” and his sterile concept of “Christianity”.  The Third-world Muslims are invading Denmark and other nations of Christendom, because their false “religion” is one of world domination and subjection or extermination of all “infidels” (all nonmuslims).  They are flocking to Denmark and other nations of Christendom, because their people are incapable of developing civilization, and therefore, their plan is to steal the entire nation of Denmark, the entire continent of Europe and North America—all of Christendom, from the only true peoples of Christendom.  This is only possible because the true peoples of Christendom, having turned from God in their revelry of the blessings God showered upon us when we truly honored and obeyed Him, have been brainwashed by the Talmudic parasites that have gained entry to Christendom and now control the reins of power—and these Talmudists and other aliens who have been placed in positions of power with fake “degrees” and hailed as “experts” have brainwashed God’s True people into believing the nonsense that all peoples are the same and even all religions are the same.

Showing her ignorance and deception, this alien reporter attempts to bait and falsely accuse Rasmus of thinking that she is Muslim simply because she has brown hair and an Iranian name.  This is also embedded to brainwash further all ignornat persons who will swallow that poison with the bait, thinking it is true, because they don’t know how to scrutinize information and reject error.  Brown hair does not establish an adherent to Islam.  Having an Iranian name does not establish an adherent to Islam.  Indeed, brown hair and an Iranian name can be symptoms of that disease, and elements that predispose someone toward that disease, but they are not causative factors.  The simple proof: dye her hair blonde.  Change her name to a Danish name.  Does that change her identity or her nature?  OF COURSE NOT and only a fool would think so. 

However, RACE is the issue, not merely religion.  Likewise, having brown hair and an Iranian name does not “make” her nonwhite.  HER BEING nonwhite is why she has brown hair and an Iranian name.  Changing the hair “color” or name will not change her race or her religion.  God established the bounds of the nations; and not all descend from Adam or Noah’s sons—and the only ones who think so are those who have a very shallow and fragmentary understanding of Scripture and whether they realize it or not, believe in some form of evolution in defiance of all known laws of biology / genetics (and in denial of the facts contained in the Word of God).  God forbade mongrelization, hybridization, interbreeding (even among livestock and crops!) and God commanded “everything after its kind” and God commanded separation.  God declared that He separated His people* from all other peoples, even as He separated clean from unclean animals.  Understand, sheep and pigs did not descend from a common ancestor.  Neither did God’s people and alien peoples.

[* Adamkind, specifically through ancient Israel—who are completely unrelated to the people who call themselves Jews / Israelis, who are the Edomite-Canaanites who invaded the land of Israel en masse in 126 B.C. and adopted Israelite customs to “blend in” and eventually mongrelize out of existence the tiny remnant of true Judah who had returned.  See my booklet, God’s Chosen People, and my book, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance.

Mongrelization / hybridization is the attempted destruction of God’s Creation; the opposing of His Will and Plan and Order.  Mongrelization is antichrist.  Are God’s very children of less importance than cows and cowpeas!  Mongrelization destroys the Image of God with which He created HIS people—is it then any wonder that mongrelization is the enemy’s plan, and Satan who inspires them...?  See my book A Bolshevik Primer and the planned extermination of Christendom.  Some may MINDLESSLY claim that if alien races were of "another kind" than Adamkind, they could not interbreed.  They show their utter ignorance of biology and genetics in that evolution is impossible.  New kind don’t evolve out of different kind (the only thing that produces new kind, of sorts, is hybridization—but that is not a new kind, but a mongrelized, adulterated, perverted sub-kind.  Evolution is a myth; the only other change (than mongrelization) is adapatation or shaping within a given kind.  However, they show their ignorance of logic as well, in that God would not have FORBIDDEN interbreeding between different kinds WERE SUCH INTERBREEDING NOT POSSIBLE!  That which is impossible is no test of obedience and is an impassible barrier, not a “boundary” that should be respected.  Just because ALL kind cannot interbreed and produce viable offspring does not mean that SOME cannot.  And that represents not only the test of obedience, but the very method of Judgment in that we reap what we sow.  Even William Penn realized over 4 centuries ago that men are generally more careful of their breed of horses and dogs than their own children!  So it is even modernly with breeders of goats, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and everything else—and yet they believe the blasphemous lie that race is merely a “social construct” which is one of the greatest anti-intellectual false notions that was ever suggested.  If race is merely a social construct, you could not distinguish race merely by looking at someone; nor could you differentiate by DNA!  If race is merely a social construct, why is it that only the white “social construct” ever produced a viable civilization and why is it that all nonwhite “social constructs” are invading and trying to take our nations from us?  Socialism has brainwashed the majority of Christendom.  Socialism requires the abandonment of Christianity and race—because if we jettison those two things we no longer exist to pose an obstacle to their Talmudic goal of world domination!  The Talmudists themselves have opened the flood gates of our nations (but not the nation of Isra-LIE) to the Third World hordes, Muslims especially in the last two decades—for the expressed purpose of destroying us from within via “divide and conquer” and by creating so much diversion and various forms of terrorism (such as multi-cultural terrorism, multi-religious terrorism, and gender perversion terrorism).]

Alien, Third-world peoples have the “religion” that they have because that is what is specific to their race.  God, concretedly expresses through His Prophet, “Pour out thy fury upon the heathen that know thee not, and upon the families that call not on thy name: for they have eaten up Jacob, and devoured him, and consumed him, and have made his habitation desolate” (Jeremiah 10:25).  Is it not interesting that the Prophet Jeremiah—into whose mind and mouth God put His Words—did not declare that God would convert the heathen...!  Those who think that the savages can be “converted” are merely re-inforcing the problem.  God commanded separation—never “conversion” of aliens.*  God commanded His people, after they sinned to a certain point, to divorce all alien wives and send them and all children by them away... not to “convert” them.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is yet in the infancy of spiritual and intellectual understanding.  God is not double minded.  Morality does not change.  The only proper Biblical interpretation is to understand the harmony.  That is also how mathematical equations are solved.  You don’t “throw out” the previous 10 foundational formulas because you cannot make them agree with your “final answer”—if that is the case, YOUR FINAL ANSWER IS WRONG!  You must scrutinize and study the UNCHANGING FORMULAE until your answer is in harmony with foundational truth.

[* However, it needs to be realized that there are 2 types of “strangers” mentioned in Scripture: kinsmen strangers, pure lateral cousin nations, or actual Israelites who were raised in foreign lands and returned to the land of Israel (specifically those of the diaspora, but also including all those who may have been captured, kidnapped, sold as slaves, shipwrecked, etc., or raised in alien nations for any other reason, before or after the conquering and deportation and captivity of Israel and Judah between 722 and 586 B.C.).  Then, Scripture also refers to nonAdamite / corrupt, forever-cursed aliens and all hybrids (hybrids being every plant that our Heavenly Father did not plant).  The difference between these two entirely different types of people is determined by context and the harmonious, consistent intepretation of the Word of God, using the rules of logic that one would apply to reading any novel!  It is truly amazing that all logic and common sense are tossed out the window when it comes to attempting to understand the Bible—and the most inconsistent, self-contradictory interpretation is chosen.  This is because the wolves are in the henhouse instructing the hens on what hen-behaviour should be; and because the majority of the hen-pastors are in utter blindness; and they prophecy in the Name of the Lord—but the Lord has NOT sent them!

It is the polluted notion that Jews and Muslims can “convert” to Christianity that opened the floodgates for them to destroy Christendom!  God NEVER commanded His people to “evangelize” the heathen (even if they were kinsmen) whom God sent to destroy them as JUDGEMENT for their unrepentant sin.  The intention was for God’s people to repent and He would then dispense with the tools of Judgment!  God does not tell us in Revelation to attempt to “evangelize” or “convert” the flood that the Dragon / Serpent spews out of his mouth to DROWN us—but that God will cause the earth to receive (swallow up in destruction) that flood once it has served its purpose (that of driving Gods people to repentance—or culling out those incapable of repentance).  Initially, Jews (and later Muslims) were allowed entrance into Christendom if they “converted”.  Only those who “converted” (that is, those who feigned “conversion”) were allowed to have any position in society, in church, state, business, or industry.  That is what stopped many from being expelled from Spain or other nations—if they feigned “conversion”.  The majority NEVER “converted”, but practiced secretly their own religion, but pretended, generationally, to be “Christians” until they had enough numbers, enertia, and momentum to throw off the masque and show that they had never converted; or less honestly, some eventually declared that they “re-converted” back to their ancestral “religion”.  However, now that they have the numbers, they are flooding into Christendom—tens if not hundreds of MILLIONS of them—NOT because they “seek our God”—but because they are attempting to OVERTHROW OUR GOD, OUR RACE, OUR RELIGION, ALL OF CHRISTENDOM, destroy us and steal our nations from us!

Rasmus here shows his ignorance in his claiming / agreeing with the Muslim that the issue has nothing to do with skin color or race.  It has EVERYTHING to do with race (but as we saw, the notion of “skin color” or “hair color” is a diversion and are not causitive factors of race, but are merely some of the most-superficially noticable indicators of race.  Those middle eastern alien peoples (and those in Africa whom they, like the communists, have “converted” because they are easily controlled and fooled by emotionalism and grandiose false promises) believe Islam because of their race.  They don’t know Christ’s Voice because He was not sent to them.  “I am only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel”... and “as the Father sent Me so send I you”.  The first Great Commission was to God’s people locally under Christ’s direct supervision as He trained them.  The second Great Commission did not change the target, but merely the scope; it was what Christ had trained His disciples for: to seek out God’s true people wherever God scattered them throughout the earth.*  However, the majority of Gods people have apostatized and adopted a world-pleasing, perverted (antichrist) form of “Christianity” and think that they can turn tares, thistles, brambles and thorns into wheat and olive trees; and dogs, wolves, swine, serpents into sheep and dove—in direct violation of all that God commanded.  Satan is attempting to destroy God’s people through murder and genocidal mongrelization / amalgamation into Babylon (“confusion by mixing”).  God did not promise to preserve merely any people—but a remnant of HIS people.  If Satan can utterly mongrelize God’s people out of existence, God will have failed in keeping that one Promise, and that will prove God is not God (not the Omnipotent, Perfect, Immutable God that the Bible holds Him out to be) and Satan will then renew hopes that he can eventually defeat God altogether.  If God’s true people (the true peoples of Christendom) can be exterminated or mongrelized out of existent, then Christ will have no bride to return to, because according to the Law of the Kinsman Redeemer He can only redeem HIS people.  Also, according to God’s Law, Christ can only “marry” HIS people—kind after kind, within the true family as God Commanded.  Christ (God Himself) can only remarry the very same people that God had married in the Old Testament, but whom He divorced (who then, in whoredom / idolatry, married another).  According to the Law of God if a man divorced his wife and she remarried another, the former husband could never remarry her, even if the second husband had died.  God called that confusion and abomination.  However, a woman is bound to the Law of her husband for as long as HE liveth, but if he be dead, she is freed from him and that law.  That is one of the reasons that Christ died—to redeem HIS people and so that He could remarry His people (the husband having died; but then resurrected).  God said, “I will make a FULL END of all nations whither I have driven you [His people, true ancient Israel] but I will not make a full end of you!”  This is why all nations are set against white Christendom and the goal is to mongrelize us out of existence.  Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good!  God commanded of His people purity and separation.  However, the vile world claims that  ”racism** is the greatest crime a person could ever commit. 

[* Similarly, the ”adoption” spoken of in Scripture is not the bringing of an alien into the family—which Gods Word forbids!  It is the change of status of someone within the family (literally in the Greek, ”son-placing”), of various sorts: 1. the re-instatement of a formerly disgraced child to a place of honor (as is clearly taught in Christs parable of the Prodigal Son)—which is most likely what it is intended to mean in the passages in Romans Galatians, and Ephesians (even as Christs Parable of the Prodigal is a contrast between the conceited self-declared ”faithful” son, who represents the hypocritical remnant in the land of Israel, of the House of Judah who returned, who again, gave God lip-service while living in sin, and the Prodigal, or the Israelites of the diaspora who, when they heard the Gospel, repented of their sins and returned to God); 2. the coming of age of a child to adulthood, to sonship, maturing to a place of honor and authority (see Galatians 4:1-5); 3. the taking in of a child by the closest blood relative, to raise as his own, in the event of the death of his parents.  Similarly, the ”grafting / graffing” in is again in harmony with Gods Law of  ”Kind after Kind”—it is a wild [lawless] OLIVE branch (Israel of the diaspora, raised without the Law, in foreign lands) that is grafted BACK into a cultivated OLIVE tree.  The natural branches that may be cut off are again, the hypocritical remnant in the Land of Israel who thought they were better, simply because they lived in the land of Israel—but who in reality were disobedient and dishonrable, though they made the pretense of being obedient (see also Christs parable in Matthew 21:28-31, which explains this self-same truth).  Note well: It is not a banana, mango, coconut, or brazil nut branch that is grafted ino the Olive tree (which would violate Gods Law).  In Scripture, olives and olive trees represent Gods true people, ancient Israel; as do wheat, figs, grapes, etc.  God does not mix His metaphors.  Tares never become wheat; thistles never become grapes; dogs and swine never become sheep—and are never ”adopted.  Scripture clearly tells us what their fate is and those who invent their own narrative of what THEY, in their humanism, think is a ”happier” ending are antichrist.  For more details, see my Apologetic Expositions booklet series,* and my Sacred Truth Expository Commentary series, specifically, on Romans (758pp., pb., 40.00 + P&H).

{* - Isaiah 56; God’s Covenants have not failed; Promises God gave to Israel not generalized to all. God changes not. Neither does His Will or Word. He is Sovereign. We must accept what He declared--not misinterpret in light of modern liberal ideology. different Hebrew words for “stranger” clearly interpreted, as are different words for “man.” 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.
- Acts 13, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H. Gentiles were “Israelites in dispersion;” not  nonIsraelites.
- Acts 15, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H; Gentiles were the “Israelites in dispersion;” not  nonIsraelites.
- II Corinthians 3 (and detailed coverage of all of I and II Corinthians) showing that Paul nowhere says that the Law was abolished; 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.
- Galatians 3 (and detailed overview of the entire epistle) showing that Paul nowhere says that the Law was abolished and that the Covenants or descent from Abraham is not “spiritualized”; 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.
- John 4 - The Samaritan Woman at the Well and the Samaritan Leper —Israelites Living in Samaria, 46pp., 4.50 + P&H.}

** which ”vice is a myth; and of which they think that only white people can be guilty.  This itself is quite interesting: Only the pure can be guilty of thinking preserving purity is important.  Similarly, Colonial American preacher Joel Hawes expressed, ”Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own.]

God forbade homoperversion and commanded the death penalty for it; yet the antichrist world claims that those who oppose homoperversion are the real criminals.  Homoperversion is following the very same trail that race mixing followed and blazed for it, and both are in their militant (hateful, intolerant) stages with the goal of destroying all who are pure and who remain true to God.

[See also my booklets, Calling the Remnant... and Going Ape....]

The notion that it is not about “race” or skin color is not only mindless anti-intellectualism and falsehood, it is POISON coated with sugar and honey!  It shows a completely brainwashed mind that does not recognize the difference between vitamins and poison, and that does not recognize the difference between wholesome food and rotting carcases.

He should not have even given her a moment of air time... it is not her right.  He should have said, “If BBC or any other alleged news source wants to interview me, have them send a human being to interview me; someone who is a European Christian who understands European Christian values and history and society and who does not want to try to destroy it.” 

It makes no sense for the sheep to speak to the dogs or wolves and attempt to explain to them that they are not sheep.  Not only is it dangerous and counterproductive, Christ never told us to do so.  Christ told us to seek out the lost sheep of our own people whom God scattered throughout the world—which very people He said that He would one day regather.  He said He scattered His people as a farmer scatters wheat—and when the time of the harvest comes, the farmer does not gather tares, thistles, thorns, weeds, fungus, detritis, vermin, stubble, rocks, or garbage—but wheat!  If any foreign debris is inadvertantly drawn in, it is discarded! even as Christ showed in the parable of the fishes (after the parable of the tares) that the net draws in all sorts of fish but the putrid are discarded, and cast into a furnace of fire!  Christ, to the contrary, commanded, “give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast pearls before swine, lest they turn and TRAMPLE and TEAR you!” and “it is NOT meet [proper] to take the children’s [true Israel, God’s people] Bread [Christ] and give it to the dogs.*

[* Actually, in this passage the word dog should be translated “puppies”, for that is the specific meaning of the Greek word (koonarion), in its diminutive form, that used in this passage, and not the word dog (koon-on) itself.  The woman to whom He was talking was an Israelite of the diaspora, this so-called woman of Cana was a GREEK woman (the ancient Greeks descending from Israel) who was “a Syrophenician by nation, that is, geopolitically, by domicile.  Her daughter, for whom she was seeking relief was mixed and it was the daughter to whom Christ referred; the woman herself, understanding Scripture admitted that SHE KNEW that the puppies had no right to that which was the children’s inheritance, but that if they stay in their place, they can receive limited overflow of blessing.  Christ noted the faith of this woman—and faith originates in no person, but is part a gift of God via the Holy Spirit to the elect of His people wherewith they believe unto salvation.  Christ did not offer the child salvation or forgiveness of sins, but merely delivered the child from a demon, because of the faith of the mother.  We don’t know why this woman had a mongrel child.  We can guess.  I would guess she had been sold as a slave and her alien master had his way with her.  Regardless, the mongrel daughter had her physical needs met; nothing more.  The dogs are never to be seated at the table with the master’s children as equals or heirs—and the Master certain will not “smile” when He returns to find HIS CHILDREN BREEDING on top of the table with the dogs! —which is the inevitable result of disobedience to Gods Command to be separate and give not that which is holy to the dogs.]

He is right that she and others of her kind should relocate back to their own nations, but he is wrong to wish her all the best there.  These aliens are antichrist.  Scripture tells us that we are not to seek the peace or prosperity forever of peoples whom He cursed; and we are not even to love or do good unto our own kinsmen if they hate the Lord.  If any of Gods people do not obey what God commanded, if they reject His unchanging Law, they hate Him.  There is no “neutrality” in the war of God against evil.  Jesus said you are either with Me or against Me and if ye love Me keep My Commandments His Commandments were identical with God’s Commandments, for Christ did not come to do His own will, but that of the Father, and Christ was obedient in all things and He set the example for us to follow.  Christ said not one jot or tittle shall ever pass from the Law—yet the majority of “Christians” have been seduced by the voices of false shepherds into believing the very opposite of what Christ said, because they are not His sheep.  Christ said that His sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him and won’t follow the voice of strangers.  If you hate God’s Law you hate Him and your prayers are abomination to Him.  Christ said that when He returns He will command the angels, “Bring those Mine enemies that would not that I should rule over them and slay them before Me”.  If you hate His Law you are His enemies... and you reject Christs Rule because He will Rule by God’s Law—the only and never-changing Standard of Morality.  If you are friends with the world, if you reject God’s Law for man’s polluted notions you are God’s enemy.

[Note also: Those who are anti-intellectual will devise false arguments in order to turn Gods people from the truth.  Keeping the Law does not save.  However, that is irrelevant in terms of keeping the Law.  Breathing air does not save your eternal soul either—but you still breathe every second, dont you?  Simply because an anvil cannot be used as a pole in pole vaulting does not mean that an anvil has no purpose!  That is essentially the false logic used by the false prophets who claim that God abolished His Law.  The turning from this Law is what is destroying us; as God said—as God promised.  However, salvation is through the Grace of God alone, bestowed on the elect of His people, whom He in Christ chose before the foundation of the world... each of whom, according to the ordination and time-table of God, is regenerated by the Holy Spirit and then cries out in repentance unto salvation.  Keeping the Law has nothing to do with salvation.  It never did.  It never could.  It is the Moral Standard that God commanded that we follow.  It is the House Rules that He commands His children to obey.  Keeping the Law of God, obedience, is the demonstration of true love and is an evidence, a by-product of true salvation; not an element of salvation itself.]

Rasmus’ other self-destruction false notion is that there can be a “Secular-Christian” society.  Yes, there can—but only briefly until it self-destructs by turning from the true path and reaping the inevitable consequences of STUPIDITY and IMMORALITY and REBELLION against the LORD OF THE UNIVERSE and thus incurring God’s Wrath, by adopting every form of perversion and by absorbing alien peoples and alien religions that will only result in the destruction of the former Christian nation.  The nations of Europe were great BECAUSE they were once truly Christian, not “secular”.  They were great in their golden ages which was ushered in by the Protestant Reformation.  To the degree that individual nations of Christendom turned from the true faith, the doctrine of the Protestant Reformation (Calvinism / pure Presbyterianism as established by Knox, pure Lutheranism as established by Luther before its defection back to semi-Romanism, pure Swiss and German Reformed as established by Zwingli)—to that same degree they have degenerated morally, economically, judicially, and racially.  Only if we remain separate from aliens and obey what God commanded are we His people indeed; for when we turn from what He commanded and then eventually mongrelize, those mongrel descendents are no longer His people.  Morality does not change.  God established it forever.  Morality is every single time God commanded “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do!”

Rasmus shows that he does not understand what the true history and true law / government of our nations is.  This is understandable, since he was raised in a socialist school system and an apostate State Church that departed from the doctrine of the Reformation—and became essentially secular because they have no use for a “secular Christianity” (since, in reality, that is an oxymoron and impossibility) and the only thing “Christian” about them is a nostalgic feeling of their past.  AND THAT is what will destroy them and every other nation of Christendom without remedy!  When you forget that ALL morality is a COMMAND OF GOD (including racial purity) ONLY THEN will you preserve it as a matter of law and obedience to God.  Once that knowledge is forgotten, once it is considered an “option” sinful men will make excuses and erase the true moral boundaries and then pencil them in again to incorporate their own sinful polluted family until the entire nation / race is destroyed.  Imagine doing the same with family members who have AIDS, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, or leprosy!  God Himself commanded quarnatine of both physical and moral disease.

First of all, Democracy is a myth.  Democracy is an intermediary stepping-stone between a Constitutional Republic to Socialism.  Secondly, our nations were founded by OUR PEOPLE.  Our laws and nations were ESTABLISHED FOR our people.  NOT for aliens.  To grant “equality” to aliens (which is like claiming that a race horse is “equal” to a mule!), to bestow the myth of “equality” by delusional legislative decree upon people who are not merely dissimilar, but anti-thetical and diametrically opposed to us and who are our very enemies whose desire is to destroy and replace us—to grant “equal rights” to live in our society to those very people that will destroy us is immoral anti-intellectual, blasphemous suicide and an abandonment of our God, our ancestors, our religion, our customs, our nation, and our people. 

Aliens have the right to live in  THEIR nations, however they please (but I do not wish them well)... but they have NO RIGHT to OUR NATIONS and anyone who thinks that our ancestors and founders ever imagined such needs to be institutionalized and medicated for insanity or tried and sentenced for High Treason and capital offenses as declared by God Himself! 

DISEASE does NOT have “equal right” to MY BODY.  If you think it does in YOURS, then WONDERFUL FOR YOU!; but the ONLY WAY that you can exercise your right to commit suicide in YOUR BODY is in such a manner that it does not threaten MY BODY (which would be homicide, and on a larger scale, genocide)—and the only way that you can do that is not to invite DISEASE AND PARSITES INTO OUR NATION, but FOR YOU TO GO AND LIVE IN THEIRS...! 

GO and LIVE IN THEIR NATIONS and then you can also see how well they cherish the myths of equality, tolerance, acceptance, minority rights, luv, etc.  You can see whether they give you a welfare check, free health care, free government housing, free education, free groceries, free cell phone, let you vote, let you be elected to government AND CHANGE THEIR LAWS AND NATION TO SUIT YOU!  You will see if they pass laws giving alien minorities greater rights than their own people.  LET ME KNOW HOW THAT WORKS FOR YOU. 

You have NO RIGHT to invite aliens into our nation or offer them ANYTHING and you have no right to use OUR TAX MONEY (which THE ONLY LAWFUL USE IS FOR SERVICES TO THOSE VERY TAXPAYERS FOR very limited SERVICES that THEY NEED AND WANT BUT CANNOT PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES (which are very few, such as the nations roads, bridges, and national defense—most everything else is unconstitutional, communism, and treason).  You have no right to give even a penny of our tax money (or incur so-called National Debt for giving money) to aliens or to alien nations.  You can donate YOUR OWN MONEY as “charity” (but even then, if you so donate to an enemy of ours, that is called TREASON). 

[See my book, The Liberty Document, 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.]


Thomas Jefferson expressed, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and expects what never was and never will be”.