The Astronomical US (so-called) National Debt — How to slice up the debtors pie

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A little perspective

Substitute dollars for miles, and the so-called US National Debt is only about 4.5 Light-years from being paid off.  Got a Snickers...?

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The above site mentions the debt per president seems to have left out one important detail (unless I missed it).

When Obama took office Jan 20 2009 gold was $835/oz.

During his Anti-presidency, gold shot up to almost $2,000/oz.

It dropped back down by the end to $1210 (when Trump took office) by artificial manipulation, not in reality.  Gold should really be about $5,000 to $8,000 / once, since each time they counterfeit more fake money backed by nothing, it devalues the value of the money in proportion to the amount that they print.   However, the price of gold is artificially manipulated (sort of like democratic voting practices); because if gold was what it actually should be, world confidence in the dollar would drop to zero (including in the US) and nations would shed the dollar, the US would experience exponential rises in prices of everything through overnight hyperinflation, the US would collapse and the world economy would spin out of control and the oligarchs could not maintain their control over all.

The only way the price of gold could have dropped back down 40% would have been if the Treasury department burned $6.8 trillion dollars and did not print any more.

Thus, when Trump took office, the real value of the dollar was only half of what it was when Obama entered his first Anti-presidency.

Thus, Trump's addition to the national debt, though $6 trillion or so in 1 term was only the equivalent of $3 trillion to Obama’s over $8 trillion in two Anti-terms.