Chick-Fil-A — Bird-brained Back-boneless Fillet of Soul and Plucking of Christendom (Updated PDF and text) & Hallmark caves in to homo-militancy and betrays its customer base to troll for perverts too (updated)

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A soul is a terrible thing to waste... you only get one and it lasts FOREVER.

[See attached 1-page PDF.]

It is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, the Judgment.

I was going to email Chick-Fil-A the below letter (2 characters short of their 1500 character limit) through their website, but in order to even send them a message you have to agree to a convoluted legal contract ( ); so this will be an "Open Letter" since they seem to want to hide behind lawyers and obfuscation rather than actually communicate freely with those customers who have made them wealthy and whom they "claim" to "care" about.

Hi, I am very disappointed to hear that Chick-fil-a has had a change in its moral and Christian stance and instead of supporting Christian organizations and causes is now supporting secular and liberal ones... I have been eating Chick-fil-a for as long as it has been in business, and even more every chance I got once I learned that its owner was a Christian, he even spoke at my Christian college*1 and I remember that under his leadership Chick-fil-a gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in scholarships to Christian colleges.  Maybe that gentleman passed away and his heirs don't truly know or care about God.  Maybe this news story is wrong: Maybe Chick-fil-a is not supporting these organizations and is still supporting CHRISTIAN organizations (and I DON'T consider the Salvation Army to be in that category*2).  If Chick-fil-a is not donating to the organizations in this news story, I would love to hear the info... but without that, I will have to ask all true Christians to stop patronizing an organization that started out so honorably, that has ended tragically in such disgrace.  You cannot serve, honor, worship, and obey Christ and Antichrist at the same time.  Are your owners the type that would fund BOTH sides of any given war just to turn a profit?  even when it didn't need a few extra dollars...?  He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

[*1 —over 30 years ago.

*2 Even in the past it has not been Christian, but humanist; but now, consider this: ]

I especially liked this statement at their "General and Marketing Suggestions" email form link at their website:

"We love hearing from our customers, but suggestions can be tricky. Because we respect your creativity and ideas, we have to ask you to agree to our Unsolicited Ideas Policy. If you send us your suggestion, you agree that (1) your ideas will become ours, without any compensation to you or anyone else, (2) Chick-fil-A can use the ideas for any purpose and in any way, but (3) we don’t promise to take any action with the ideas."

That is rather telling.  How, pray tell, can they actually "respect" someone elses ideas if they then claim that if those ideas are submitted that those ideas become Chick-fil-a's property with no compensation to the person who submitted the idea...?

Have they also hired the Devil (and his children) to represent them and give them advice for when they stand before God on the Day of Judgment?

How many true Christians are there?  Why are the pastors of the churches and the MEGA-churches not standing up in the face of daily evil... THEY will be held accountable before God for THEY have power and an audience... and yet they fiddle as Rome burns and live the good life of having fleeced the flock and not only have they not sounded the alarm when the barbarians / wolves invaded the sheepfold—they have been the ones to open the doors, invite them in, and encourge their flock to "mix it up" and get to know the invaders, marry their children to them, and be a friend of the world.  By their fruit ye shall know them.  Christ said MANY on that Day (of Judgment), who thought that they were Christians even doing "wonderful works" in His Name (which Name they don't even know)... they shall hear, "I never knew you; depart from Me ye that work INIQUITY (more properly, LAWLESSNESS, which is what the Greek word means—the violation of God's UNCHANGING MORAL CODE—NO compromise, NO "tolerance", NO "loving" and "doing good" to that which He commanded us to hate, eschew, and separate ourselves from).

With one-world, friend of the world multiculturalism plastered all over their website, gender perversion is next.

Legacy Lost
copyright Robert Alan Balaicius
November 24, 2019

What shameful epitaph we leave
     to ancestors who us conceivd;
and mock Creator, Lord, and King
     only for Hell us there to bring;
when once we turn from moral code
    to kiss a vile and warty toad;
so lusting after flesh that’s strange
    morality to re-arrange;
and sell our soul for shameful cash
    and on the rocks our souls to dash;
but know ye well your plans shall fail
    for all eternity bewail;
two masters ye cannot so serve
    your “worship” God shall not observe;
like Cain ever an outcast vile
    rejected, hated, e’er defild;
for when your soul a whore you make
    to sin with glee and shake and bake;
your conscience dead as rotten flesh
    such chaff from wheat Christ shall a’thresh;
and with the tares shall ye be cast
    down into Hell and ever fast;
all hope abandon enter here
    ye scoffd in pride and without fear;
rewarded shall ye ever be
    for having defil’d purity;
and scorn’d God’s Goodness and His Grace
   so now your Judgment firm embrace;
if perchance ye true repent
    before this life is fully spent;
fall on your knees fall on your face
    ask Christ your sins to clean erase;
then bring forth fruit repentant true
   and your vile work strive to undo;
stand up for Righteousness this day
    turn from each perverse evil way;
but if ye shan’t do what is right
    may God your soul require this night.

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Hallmark caves in to homo-militancy and betrays its customer base to troll for perverts too:

That's fine.  TURN IT OFF.  Don't turn the propaganda box on, don't let your children watch it; HONOR GOD.  Let Fall-from-Grace-Mark go out of business.  Perverts don't want to watch something wholesome; you can't spin the peverse image and they don't want to watch anything so boring and that is clear fantasy.  Don't turn the TV on or you are no better than Nero who fiddled while Rome burned...!  Don't support them.  Don't watch out of curiosity.  Don't by any product of the companies that are their sponsors.  They are open to ANY relationship?  You mean, they might produce a movie called "Me and my Horse on Our Honeymoon"...? or "My mom and I can finally get married"...?  Or "Me and my 2 husbands and our 3 wives"...?  or "Brotherly love never felt so good"...?  WHERE do they draw the line?  "Me and my blood-drinking cannibal, pedophile psycho killer lover"...?  They want to try to give respectability to perversion, but not be as blatant as Touched by an Angel (which teaches a bloodless, repentant-less "salvation" for all, "God loves you just the way you are; no need to change a thing").  They want to give Jesus a makeover, not because they believe in Him; but because they hate us and want to destroy OUR faith and OUR people.... to destroy us, because as long as we exist, our existence is testimony to their perversion, their evil, their immorality, their being unrespectable abominations.  They don't love Jesus.  They should invent their own religion, just like aliens should establish their own nation—but they cannot and want destroy us and take ours from us.



One good Christian ministry has formed this petition




My comment:
I don't think a petition to Chick-fil-a is rational.  They have proven they are not Christian.  They have proven that they cannot be trusted.  They have proven they don't love God.  They have proven they don't care about the millions of moral Christians who have made them wealthy.  They have proven that they don't care about their Christian ancestors who founded Chick-fil-a and held to Christian morality, who left them the wealth and legacy they have now polluted.  We don't need Chick-fil-a.  Let them change their name to "Sodomite Chicken and Bath House".  Let them go down in infamy and be put out of business; may all those involved in "chickening out" and "crossing the road" from Christendom to Babylon be put to ruin—personally, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, interpersonally, professionally, and corporately.  Their crossing the road of a major moral issue like this is not one that can be reasoned with; they burned their bridges behind them.  They made their choice.  They chose perversion over morality, they chose the world over God.  Does it really do any good to ask them to reconsider?  Will they simply make their decision based on the majority? the bottom line (money)? being "safe, inclusive, tolerant, luving, accepting, embracing, and championing" of every flavor of mental derangement / perversion?  This does not mean that people cannot repent... but these are not people... this is a corporation of people without morals who care only about money and being held in esteem by the perverted world.  They did not make this decision casually or without spending more money weighing all the options than the average person spends on buying a house.  This was not a light, flippant decision made hastily in error.  It was calculated.  They will never repent of such.  If the heirs of the founders were not involved in the decision or if they were against it, they need to fire everyone who spearheaded the decision and were in favor of it, for violation of the terms of their contract in damaging the reputation of the company and rejecting its core values.  Only then could the business regain its good name and ever be trusted again.