Ecce Non Homo-Homo! — of Vice and Men

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[“Ecce Homo” is the Latin for what Pilate said, “Behold, the man!”, after having had Christ scourged; hence, the subject title of this email, though not correct Latin, is a play on words.]


Someone emailed and asked:

Hey Robert,

In the current situation with the gays, at what point do you think a christian in his job has to refuse to take part, especially if refusing might cause them to lose their job? For example if a christian works for a moving company and they have to move a gay couple, or some packaging or advertising firm puts a Christian on a project like that gay snickers bar, or a Christian salesman is forced to deal with a gay couple, or a Christian actor / crew member is working on a movie when the director decides to have an explicit or even toned down reference to homosexuality. What are your thoughts?


My reply:

These scenarios that you offer all seem (at this point of the end of civilization) to be  “judgment calls”; “fielder’s choice”.  Each should pray for wisdom and guidance concerning what to do in each situation, as the ones you mention.

Ideally, I would have no part in anything as you mention; but, as times grow worse it will be harder and harder to not... if you own your own company you can choose which jobs to do, even give a much higher quote to someone you don’t want to work for and hope he goes somewhere else and hope if challenged you can justify the higher quote by claiming, such as moving furniture, that some items were heavier and looked like they required more care and that is the price that you determined.  If you have a Christian boss, you can ask if he can assign such a job to someone else without making a public issue out of it.  A Christian actor should be more choosy what roles he takes and makes sure the contract stipulates that he will not be forced to participate in anything that violates his conscience or religion / obedience to God and that he will not be discriminated against because of his religion.  We have the constitutional right to not only speech, and religion, but also contract.  We are free to contract with whom we want to and we are free to contract with whom we don’t want to.  In essence, the freedom of religion and the right to contract guarantee the right to discriminate.  Don’t others discriminate all the time?  What about those exclusive clubs for which membership is $25,000 / year...?  What is that except discrimination? in keeping out those who can't afford it?  What is membership of anything other than discrimination?  What is the Jews’ “boycott” if not discrimination?  Are not Christians discriminated against left and right in our own nation? 

God commands discrimination.  He commands separation.  He commands doing no good, not helping, not seeking the peace or prosperity, not even offering a verbal well wish to those who hate Him, those who have His Curse upon them; those who are His enemies by HIS Declaration.  The true church service is supposed to be a CLOSED, private service for CONFIRMED members only.  THAT is how you protect the family.  THAT is how you defend the sheepfold.  THAT is what the porters are there for.  Evangelism is to take place outside the church, to the lost sheep, not to the dogs or swine or wolves or serpents.*  Once converted, then discipled / instructed / taught, once they pass the test and are confirmed, having demonstrated their sound doctrine, confession of the faith, agreement to submit to the authority of the church, then they are granted membership and matriculate into the congregation and the regular services.

[* The true Christian Church / Body of Christ is not a pig trough.  It is not a “free choice”, self-serve buffet for God’s enemies.  It is Holy.  It is by invitation (God’s) only.  It is for members only.  It is for sheep only.  It is for regenerated sheep only.  For all the rest, Babylon is there for whatever they want.  The problem is, Babylon the whore wants to make a whore of the true Church; Babylon the melting pot of the antichrist world wants to amalgamate God’s people to the point they are no longer His people.  This is the plan of the Dragon spewing forth a flood.  This is the meaning of the statue with feet of iron mingled with clay (integration) in Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream-image, which represents the last Kingdom of this earth’s age.  Like a grisly game of musical chairs, Christ said that God will draw those last evil days short, for without doing so, no flesh of the elect of His people will survive, but be absorbed or eaten by the heathen.]

Of course, the problem of having perverts proliferating society exists because Christians have not and won’t stand up for each other or for Christ and hence, one has to wonder if they are even Christians; Christ said those who deny Him before men, them will He deny before the Father.  Confessing or denying Christ is not mere assent to or rejection of a “mere” name or historical fact—it is not truly believing what He taught; which is what it is if you will not stand up for it.  If you don’t stand up for it then you don’t really believe it.  Like the rich young ruler, you were merely “window shopping” and thought that it looked nice, but were not willing to pay the price to make it yours; and those who don’t make it theirs demonstrate that they are not Christ’s: for those who truly have been redeemed are owned by Christ and are to do what He would do, being about the Father’s Business, not being a “secret agent”.  If they were truly of Christ, they would be regenerated by the animating Presence and Power God’s Holy Spirit to give the person the desire and the ability to do what is right.

The less that “Christians” stand up in the face of evil, the worse it will get... you reap what you sow.  No cross — No crown.  It is not merely a question of men with backbone, but men who still have manhood.  There are no transgenders, transvestites, or effeminate in Christ’s army.  There are no compromisers or friends of the world.  There can be no divided loyalty, or Christ is not your Lord.  Can Christ be Saviour / Redeemer of those to whom He is not Lord...?  I am currently reprinting Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, and have reprinted (and read) many, many other titles on the Reformers.  The Reformers are our greatest heroes, and after them, the leaders of the American Revolution.  Those who have not studied the history, biographies, and doctrine of the Reformation don’t have a clue the price others paid with their lives—being tortured in a hundred ways and many burned alive, slowly, over the course of a whole day... and yet “Christians” will not stand up merely because some people may say some unkind words about them, or they may not get a raise, or they may get fired (which would be prime territory for a lawsuit for religious persecution; the pendulum swings both ways... what’s good for the gander who thinks he is a goose, is good for a normal goose and gander; they cannot pick and choose when they want to apply “equal protection under the law”—especially when, in reality, that equal protection does not apply to aliens, outsiders, enemies, perverts and criminals; it applies to the legitimate people, who are law abiding and moral).  Those who don’t study the doctrine of the Reformation don’t even know true Bible doctrine.  NO WONDER they feel no compunction to defend the faith—they don’t even know what it is; it is not part of them.  It is foreign to their minds.

Those who don’t study the history, biographies, and political philosophy of the American Revolution, don’t have a clue what others sacrificed to secure for us, and therefore, cannot appreciate or preserve it; and thus mindlessly piss it away, give it away to aliens and enmies of God and our people.  

Yet “Christians” will watch blasphemous, perverse, godless, Christendom-destroying, raping, assaulting, drug using, whoremongering savages play with a ball, or “sing” or play godless, perverse roles in the current blasphemous movies or tv programs—as if those “Christians” could not live without their carnal, godless additions, watching aliens and antichrists blaspheme God and mock us and our way of life; watching savages, antichrists, perverts, aliens who blaspheme God and blaspheme us who then use the millions they make off sports, music, movies, etc., and endorsements to further destroy Christendom.  Good luck explaining that one on the Day of Judgment.  The cliche “WWJD?” (What Would Jesus Do?) is true nonetheless (if you actually know Jesus and not the modern cotton-candy all-accepting modern false christ passed off as the real Christ).  Imagine sitting through the movie, sitcom, ball game, comedy routine, music performance (taking into consideration the type of person the performer is, how he lives his life, what the words of the song actually mean, all the godlessness in each performance, who’s making money off the production, the godless advertisers, every foul word, false doctrine, blasphemy, sin, innuendo) with Jesus sitting next to you.  By the time your eyes were unglued from the screen for 2 minutes, when the first commercial break arrived, would you even realize that He was no longer there?  Would you care and go look for Him and repent, or just go back to watching?

Isaac Watts (1674-1748) in his hymn, Am I A Soldier of the Cross, wrote:

Am I a soldier of the Cross—

A follower of the Lamb?

And shall I fear to own His cause,

Or blush to speak His name?


In the name, the precious name,

Of Him who died for me,

Through grace I’ll win the promised crown,

Whate’er my cross may be.


Must I be carried to the skies

On flowery beds of ease,

While others fought to win the prize

And sailed through bloody seas?


Are there no foes for me to face?

Must I not stem the flood?

Is this vile world a friend to grace,

To help me on to God?


Since I must fight if I would reign,

Increase my courage, Lord!

I’ll bear the toil, endure the pain, 

Supported by Thy Word.


As I have expressed in several books and Ruminations:

William Law (1686-1761), English cleric, divine, theologian, and author, in his, The Power of the Spirit,* wrote:

[* —originally titled: An Affectionate Address to the Clergy (1761); which Andrew Murray reprinted under the present title (1896), which was subsequently edited and reprinted by Dave Hunt (1971).  The Power of the Spirit, William Law, 189pp., pb., 11.00 + P&H.  This is an excellent book that I have stocked for decades.  Law was off on some points, including his incomprehensible notion that there should not be any separation of Protestant from Catholic, but other than that he offers some very profound thought.]

Law offers some very terse, but true words, in regard to the righteousness and obedience of professing believers:

“[The average Christian possesses] ... blind believism which imagines faith to consist of a mere idea rightly affirmed with the lips, but knows nothing of a real faith that possesses within the heart.  So men imagine that to believe in Jesus Christ is something that can be done apart from obeying Him, because they do not know Him as the Lord who reigns and lives within.  As well imagine that a command is only to be believed but not obeyed, or that a tree is not known by its fruit.  ‘I will show you my faith by my works,’ said the apostle; and if this is the only way faith can be shown, then any faith which is not thus one with its works is no faith at all.

“James said, ‘As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.’  Most pointedly this Scripture makes clear that devoutness and piety do not consist in a mere right understanding of these things that a man may profess without the fruits thereof, for works cannot be separated from its faith, or James could show his faith alone without its works.  He only is the devout man who lives no longer to his own will or the way and spirit of the world, but to the will of God alone.  He who considers God in everything, serves God in everything, who makes every moment of his daily life a real part of God’s will on earth by doing everything in the name of Christ; he alone can be called the pious man.  For if a man say he has faith, but does not evidence a life that produces the works of God, James tells us most emphatically that ‘faith alone’ cannot save him.* (pp. 180-181.)

[* ie. such a fruitless faith is counterfeit; not real (false life).  R.A.B.]

“....So it is that for lack of this basic intention to surrender all to Christ, the church today is an open fraud of mere lip profession to that faith and divine love that once burned as a fire from heaven in those who ‘turned the world upside down.’

“If you will but stop to ask yourself why your brand of Christianity is hardly recognizable as related to that which primitive Christians knew, your own heart will tell you that it is primarily because you never thoroughly intended to live as they lived and to die as they died.  You sing of your devotion to the same Lord, and profess to believe the same New Testament doctrines as the early disciples.  You have the same promises from the Lord of the fulness of the Spirit, the divine nature, and all that pertains to life and godliness.  You would never hope to get to heaven through a faith any different than theirs, but you have believed Satan’s lie that it is possible to have the same faith as the first Christians without manifesting the same works as they.*1  And if you are honest you will admit that this lie has been gladly received because you have not really had the heart intention to walk as Jesus walked.*2  Did you but have this intention to please God in all your actions, as being the happiest and best choice for life in this world, you would then find yourself as unwilling to deny Christ with your life as you are now unwilling to deny Him with your lips.  And would you but add to this intention a simple faith in the promises of God in Christ, you would find yourself living in the same denial of self and as contrary to the world as fishermen apostles did in their day.” (pp.,182-183.)

[*1 Understand, works do not add to faith... if it is true faith it will produce the works that God commanded.  Works, obedience are the true by-product of true faith.  If a newborn infant just lay in the crib and never moved, would you not begin to become concerned that there were no signs of life?  Works (obedience to all that God commanded)  are the signs of life of the true believer... if there are no works (the ones that God commanded, morality never changes), if there is no true sign of spiritual life, there never was any regeneration.  Where no fruit is evident the Holy Spirit is not Resident.  Christ’s Agenda is the complete opposite of the world / Apostate Church’s agenda and notion of “morality” and “goodness”.  If your concept of goodness and morality is that of the world and the Apostate Church, you are a friend of the world, and no friend of God’s—in fact, you are an enemy of God.  You cannot hold hands with God and the perverse world.  “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” (II Timothy 3:12)  “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you!” (Luke 6:26)  “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

*2 Wow.  Amen!  So many professed believers today are like the rich young ruler who went away sad, not wanting to sacrifice what he deemed more important in life, in order to truly follow Christ.  R.A.B.]

“....the question is not whether gospel perfection can be fully attained, but whether you come as near it as a sincere intention and careful diligence can carry you through faith in Christ. .... Can you really call yourself a follower of Christ without at least intending to follow Him all the way? .... Can a man who has this saving faith then fail to manifest those works which the Scripture so plainly tells us are the direct consequence of the new creation? .... that man who does not so much as intend to manifest in all his ways these works which God has ordained for him has denied the very faith which he otherwise professes. .... Works without faith is the dead and unacceptable offering of the sinful flesh; and faith without works is a fraud, a false profession of that which is dead because it does not have the life of God in it; and this is proven by the lack of fruit of the Spirit.  God holds out to our faith the blessing and power of the Holy Spirit as our all in all, filling us with the life of Christ, causing us to overflow with rivers of living water.” (pp.186,188,189)

August Francke wrote:

“...It is not at all good if one only hopes the best of himself, without reflection and is considered a Christian, but will not examine himself [as to] whether he bears the mere name of Christian or whether he in truth is a faithful, obedient, disciple of Christ and anointed of God and is a man graced by God with the Holy Spirit.  On the contrary, it is most necessary that everyone keep his whole mind upon the glorious meaning of the name Christian which he bears.” (God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good, Sattler, p.89)

[Returning to the main topic of dealing with people who have the CURSE of God upon them...] Christ also said that we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves; and therefore, it seems that we must choose our battles.  If one does lose his job, he needs to be sure to MAKE a public issue out of it, even sue—because it is a violation of his rights to be forced to recognize the complete opposite, even immoral beliefs of someone else.  

All are not equal if person or group A is forced to respect person or group B’s beliefs, but person or group B is not required to respect the beliefs of person or group A.  When the beliefs of person or group A and person or group B are diametrically opposed, the only way that person or group A and person or group B can not violate the rights of each other* is for person or group A and person or group B to HAVE ZERO INTERACTION WITH EACH OTHER and therefore, that means segregation.

[* —and it is a grand false assumption that both groups have equal rights; that is not how our nation was founded and it violates common sense and natural law.  When the faith, culture, political philosophy, morality, etc. of person or group A is what a nation was founded upon and then treasonous politicians import MILLIONS of persons of group B and then unconstitutionally grants them “equality” and lets them vote and run for office, what is going to be the outcome...? —chaos and then destruction.  This is speeded up when the treasonous politicians unconstitutionally inject SPURIOUS doctrines and beliefs and ideas (secular humanism, talmudism, islam, spiritism, hedonism, etc.) into the public school system and BRAINWASH the youth of group A (which is a hate crime, a violation of the Constitution, violation of not merely the freedom of religion but the defense of the true faith, and it is child abuse and contributing to the demoralization and delinquency of MILLIONS of minors.]

Again, I have written on this at length in several Ruminations.

—Modern Politics and the Manufacture of the Unrightful Pre-Eminent Right to be Offended and Display Intolerant Tolerance (Updated)

—Ruminate on this — Hard Sayings — Timely Truths — Democracy is Communism; Meaning of Words “Whosoever Will” / “World” in Bible; How Christian Bakers & Florists Should Handle Issues that Violate Conscience and How To Keep Politicians on a Tight Leash

Could a Christian force a Muslim or Jewish baker to bake a cake that says, “Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  Jesus is God”...? or “Happy Birthday Jesus, Son of God”...?  How many orthodox Jewish or Muslim bakers have homoperverts gone to and asked if they would bake and decorate a cake for their homosexual wedding?  Why are Christians singled out?  Why do these homoperverts not go to Saudi Arabia or Tel Aviv for their wedding?  How well do they think they would be received? (and yet Muslims and Jews dictate the policy of our politicians; and rare it is that any U.S. Congressman, President, Vice-president has not gone to the State of Israeli, been instructed by the Israelis what policies he should implement, and then with a yarmulke bowed before the so-called Wailing Wall...?).

The application of so-called laws of equality are themselves unequal, prejudicial, and violation of rights of group A.  Such laws violate common sense as well as the Bible, the Common Law, and the Constitution.  Things that are not equal cannot be treated as if they are equal.  See if a chemist can employ such mind-numbing stupidity and how long the laboratory lasts.  If he wants to blow himself up, that is his choice, but he has no right to blow up someone else’s laboratory / environment or other people in it.  THAT would be called TERRORISM.  That is what the treasonous politicians / statesmen / jurists have done.  That is what the invading aliens who have been granted the false notion of citizenship have done.  Aliens are not guilty of treason, for outsiders cannot be guilty of treason, which is betrayal.  But they are guilty of hostile invasion, terrorism, acts of war, hate crimes, assault, murder, theft, blasphemy, etc.

WHY WOULD a Christian go to a Muslim or Jewish baker?  Why would a Muslim or Jew go to a Christian baker?  [And again, this itself demonstrates the only solution is segregation, which is what God commanded—and since this is our nation and they have their own nations, they should leave and return to theirs.]  They should not and neither should homoperverts go “trolling for lawsuits” which itself shows BAD FAITH.  If you know there are 10 bakers who will bake a pervert-cake, why go to the 2 you know will not?  Such a homopervert is guilty of oppression and persecution of the Christian and such a person is ASKING to be offended; so if a person is asking to be offended and he wants to be offended, how is offending him actually an offense?  Why would a straight male go to a gay bar?  Whose fault is it then if he is insulted by perverse minds that cat call, make innuendoes, or proposition him outright, or even touch him inappropriately, which would be assault?  Why then should a homopervert be able to go to a straight bar, or any normal part of society, and expect to be treated as he wants to be treated?  It is irrational and it is actually a violation of the law to demand that people accept that which is in complete disharmony with their own nature, beliefs, conscience, and being.

Also, I would never refer to them as gays.  They are not happy, they are perverse.  If my phrase homopervert is too blatant for the situation, then queer or homosexual would be preferred words.  “Queer” is a word many homos once chose for themselves (and strange indeed they are, but it is not a mere abberration, but perversion).  It is terrorism and persecution on the part of the aliens and perverts to demand that we to refer to them by the names that they want us to use to refer to them--which itself is impossible, since they continue to change the words they will accept and then we grovel like fools to jump through their flaming hoops whenever they say “jump”.  They are not the boss.  They can call themselves what they want, but they have no authority over other people concerning what other people will call them.  That is the freedom of speech.  You cannot force someone else to use the words that you want them to use.  How did the interpretation of law become so perverse...? —Antichrist, Talmudic influence, and then oppression.  Again, as I have said before, “You don't need to ask the Devil for permission to obey God!”  Our Law, our Constitution PRESERVES OUR Right to OUR religion, not the “rights” of all religions; if others want rights to other religions, that is why those other nations exist.

GOD SEND A PESTILENCE ON THE PERVERSE AND THOSE WHO HATE YOU—and they are under delusion, who think they love You, if they reject YOUR DECREES (including morality, which never changes).


Someone else emailed:


I turned on the radio this morning, to get the news, and I heard the closing portion of Pastor David Jeremiah's presentation for the day.  It had to do with how God may use persecution to get reluctant people to "move on out" to fulfill the Great Commission.

After mentioning the facts related in Acts 8, he went on to say something like this:

God is doing the same thing today.  We (that is, all Christians) have not been going forth (to reach the WHOLE WORLD—everybody!!) as we should, so God has dumped the world on our doorstep, so that we can witness to them here.

[I suppose he had in mind, primarily the US, but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe.]

And this is supposedly one of the leading “Bible scholars” of “evangelicalism”!

Sincerely, R


My reply:

This putrid false prophet does not have the right to be called by the name of David or Jeremiah.  Both would disown him!  This millionaire preacher, does he live in the inner city among the alien flood that he thinks the children of God should throw themselves upon?  Or does he live in a wealthy section, with gated security, and even body guards?  God does not have the Dragon / Serpent vomit out a flood so that they woman and her child (God’s people) can “witness” to them, but to destroy the greater part of God’s people for their very sin in amalgamating with the heathen.  God did not send Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Syria, Philistia, Edom, Moab, etc., against His people in order for His people to “evangelize” God’s enemies.  Christ nowhere told the sheep to lay down their lives for the dogs or swine.  Christ said the VERY OPPOSITE.  This false prophet has sold his soul and is helping rape the bride of Christ, and helping destroy the Family of God.  May God take him in the flood, if God does not grant to him repentance of his darkest evil.  

I have written on this at length in many books and Ruminations. God commands separation.  The antichrist church / apostate church / communism / alien peoples champion amalgamation into Babylon, because it is a sin against God and it destroys us and strengthens them. GOD REMOVE THE BLINDNESS FROM YOUR PEOPLES EYES, HEARTS, and MINDS and TURN THEM to righteousness once again, and deliver them from such SATANIC delusion and blasphemy and abominations.  Robert