Elementary My Dear Watson—Race Toward Politically Correct Totalitarianism

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This story is several years old, but fits in well today.  Nobel prize winner, co-discoverer of DNA James Watson was blackballed and contracts not renewed for employment and new offers dried up and his finances had cramped him and put his nobel prize gold medal up for auction--the first living recipient ever to do so... it was bought by a Russian billionaire for $4.8 million and then given back to him.  Why was Watson academically ruined...? Because he dared to express what the data indicated.  Blacks are not whites.  They cannot think like whites or fit into white society and to pretend they are equals when they are not is not fair to blacks.  These below links are well worth reading.  Some even called for his prosecution for “hate crimes” for such a simple, honest TRUTHFUL statement.






Nobel Prize winner Watson, co-discoverer of DNA... now at 90, in a nursing home from a car accident, his honorary titles have been stripped from him, and the institution LIES saying there is no evidence that genetics have anything to do with intelligence...!!!!!