Embrace Covid...! Praise Evolution and Pass the Pathogens...! — & awaiting the Perfect Storm (UPDATED)

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It is truly amazing how utterly mindless and hypocritical are those who worship evolution (including most “Christians”, who either believe evolution outright, or who believe in a form of evolution in their polluted unbiblical notions of anthropology—most “Christians” are actually superstitious agnostics and atheists: if they truly believed in the God of the Bible they would not live as they do in violation of all He commanded and forbade; your god / lord is the one whom you obey).  Their very actions show that they do not actually believe what they claim to be true.

Survival of the Fittest / Natural Selection is the chief tenet of their religion of Evolutionanity.  If other races have not “evolved” to the point that ours has—it is a VIOLATION of their religion to interfere.*  “Don't Feed the Animals” are the signs we see in national parks... and we are told not to feed the animals for it will make them dependent upon man.  Yet one of the reason we are so many TRILLION$ of dollars in debt is because of unbiblical FAILED social programs** (foreign and domestic) and international aid (for daily living as well as natural disasters)—all in violation of what God commanded (under the spurious auspices of “Christian love”, and now that Christianity has been jettisoned by the majority, under the insuperable auspices of “humanity”).  Every single social program (which is communism) in the US and all Third World Aid is not only a sin against God and a crime against our people (in using our own tax money to destroy us) it is also a blatant violation of the core beliefs of their religion, Evolution.  “They want to get the most buck for their Bang” —but cannot do it without violating all they believe and showing their boundless hypocrisy and deceit and then hoping the ignorant masses to whom they have taught the false religion will not realize the blatant hypocrisy.

[* Maybe Evolution needs a good “Theme Song” to remind the Evolutionaries to obey the laws of the their own religion:

“It’s the survival of the fittest... only the fittest should survive... (yeah)

Natural selection is ‘the ticket’... oh do you catch my jive...?

Evolution is our mother... our father was the biggest Bang!

Don’t help shape the course of nature... or true progress you will hang!

Don’t act like a monkey’s uncle... leave the chimps to just evolve;

walk erect and move on forward... let others their problems solve!”

[Song copyrighted by Robert Alan Balaicius; not to be used in public schools, mindlessly sung by young children or anyone else, anywhere else without paying royalties (which I will use to print books exposing the fraud of the religious dogma of evolution, which is not “science”).  Considering all the simple and complex minds that believe in Evolution, hopefully my song will be sung as often as “Happy Birthday To You” and I’ll make a fortunte!

And... since Evolutionaries also seem to forget one of the foundational laws of REAL science, since they clearly seem to think that water flows uphill and that things on their own naturally “progress” I will have to write another theme song:

“Entropy... I’m not half the man I used to be; devolution is no mystery, it’s all I see...”  I'm just having trouble finding a word to rhyme with and match the cadence of “Second Law of Thermodynamics”.]

** or more properly “experiments”: experiments to see how long the STUPID host population will allow themselves to be robbed by the breeding of their enemies who will eventually destroy and replace them entirely!]

So it is with Covid!  If people actually believe in evolution, they should not be spuriously claiming that Covid is the most-deadly threat to human life on earth (even if it were a REAL epidemic and threat, which it is NOT).  They should recognize it as an incredible blessing!  Embrace the wave of Covid death!  Embrace the viral tsunami!  Even as lions and cheetah are “evolution’s” method of keeping the herd of gazelle strong and healthy, picking off the weak and sickly, so also Covid is evolution’s (for those foolish enough to believe in an unprovable religion, which is not science, but a faith, a dogma, propaganda) way of keeping the “human herd” strong and healthy!  If you believe in evolution you should EMBRACE COVID!  PRAISE EVOLUTION...!  Throw your elderly and sickly to the evolutionary volcano: It is hungry!

Like most nominal “Christians” (the VAST majority), evolutionists are HYPOCRITES who do not actually believe what their religion teaches!  They, like the majority of “Christians” (who are not Christians, but humanists) they pick and choose what they want to believe from their faith (and only when it suits them): They retain the “sweet” and “pleasant” parts and reject those that are not quite as pretty, and even sour or bitter.  Strawberry Shortcake Evolutionists!  Cherry Cheesecake Christians.  However, if the offerant / congregant is the one who can pick and choose what he wants to believe—what he wants “reality” to be—then he himself is his own lord and god.  This is why the majority are obese—75% in this nation—because of welfare programs, the interruption of the key tenet of their religion of evolution (or, in reality, a major Law of true Christianity, “You reap what you sow”) —because “their god is their belly”; they actually believe that they are their own god as shown by their actions.  Your lord is the one to whom you submit (Romans 6:16-19); and therefore, the god of most “Christians” is themselves (in those areas that they do not recognize the “government”—a fictitious entity—as god).  They pick and choose which tenets of their “religion” that they will believe and obey rather than actually submitting to the God in whom they claim to believe, as Lord—to whom they do not submit themselves to obey (only give token “lip-service”, which God in His Word condemns: Obedience is all or none; you are not obeying when you pick and choose what you will do: you are doing what you want).  They are humanists who believe man himself is god and they consider themselves lord of their own lives and therefore they refuse to submit to their religion of evolution (or “Christians” to God).  Yet again, hypocritically and mindlessly, they free themselves of the law of their religion or the True God and submit themselves to every wicked law of evil men who have no true authority!

The below problem has been reported to have been corrected (whether true or not), with https://www.truthorfiction.com/dubai-doesnt-have-a-sewer-system/ writing:

“Reports that Dubai doesn’t have a sewer system and that raw sewage has to be tucked to treatment plants were once true, but the issue was resolved by 2013... Dubai’s sewage controversy started in 2009. A YouTube video showing a long line of tankers transporting human waste out of Dubai for treatment at a plant went viral early that year.  Then, ABC News reported that despite being “filthy rich,” Dubai suffered from E. coli outbreaks because much of the city wasn’t connected to a sewer system.  Raw sewage was being dumped into storm drains instead of being trucked to treatment plants...”

However, whether it is true or not that they have fixed the problem somehow “overlooked in the planning” of such a mult-billion dollar project (oops) it shows the deadly potential that even a small disruption can cause; like the sanitation strike in NYC about 5 years ago (which, in reality, should be recognized for what it was, a “terrorist threat”). 

The masses, like hogs in a CAFO, have MINDLESSLY concentrated IN THE MILLIONS in large cities—cities that cannot feed themselves.  If the sanitation and sewage of any of those cities were shut down for only a few weeks... and if food and water were cut off... people would drop like flies.  Rats and insects would spread disease; the more rats eat the more they poop; disease spreads from their urine and feces and fleas and other crawling and flying insects that then transport all over the city what is in the streets.  Add to that the armies of filthy homeless people, who crap on the streets, with cities like LA being so overrun with “street aliens” that rats are such a problem they cannot even get them out of City Hall; where the streets are strewn with used drug needles and it is not even safe to walk on the streets; the homeless even camping out on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame! as well as the sidewalks, alleys, bridge overpasses, and the lawns and frontage of private homes and businesses.  Even a clean city, like downtown Philadelphia 40 years ago, with what was then considered a “normal” amount of unwashed, immoral homeless street-livers, the area around City Hall and other similar public areas smelled like a gas station bathroom...!  I cannot even begin to imagine the stench in such places today in which there are 1,000 times more filthy psychopaths living and freely relieving their bowels and bladder wherever and whenever they please.

[As I wrote in my notes in, The Trial of William Penn (1852) [from Samuel M. Janey’s, “The Life of William Penn,”] 31pp., plus 30 pages of “A Tribute to William Penn” [a cousin of mine] (with 21 illustrations added) by Robert Alan Balaicius; 5.00 + P&H,


“The above photo and those that follow show the statue to William Penn atop City Hall in downtown Philadelphia with the 37-foot tall, 27 ton bronze statue of William Penn on top (the tallest statue on top of any building in the world).  Other of the 250 sculptures within and without the massive “Second Empire” (of France) styled City Hall are 4 bronze eagles with 15-foot wing spans.  At 548 feet tall (including the statue) it is the tallest all-masonry building in the world; with foundational walls of granite and brick up to 22-feet thick.  With almost 700 rooms, it is the largest municipal building in the U.S and nearly the world.  Its construction began in 1871 and was designed to be the world’s tallest building and at the time of its opening in 1901 it was still the world’s tallest habitable building.  The clock faces, 26-feet in diameter each, on all four sides, are larger than those of Big Ben on the tower of Westminster Palace.  When it was installed in 1894 the statue was the highest point in Philadelphia; since City Hall was the tallest building in Philadelphia at that time.  Urban designer Edmund Bacon declared that no “gentleman” would build any building taller than “the brim of Billy Penn’s hat.”  That honor was recognized for  nearly a century, with no building plans in Philadelphia being approved for any building exceeding the height of William Penn’s hat—until 1987 (I imagine, bribes were involved).  When the building of One Liberty Place was completed in March 1987, the “gentleman’s agreement” was broken.  It remains the 16th tallest building in Pennsylvania.”]

THIS IS THE PERFECT STORM... MANY Perfect Storms, all lined up one after the other, like the Caribbean during Hurricane Season, as I have repeatedly pointed out.  The stage is set for another Bubonic Plague simply due to the alien invaders and their resultant “homeless” population, rats and used and discarded drug needles in L.A. and other places in California and other major cities that are now Third-World Banana Republics.  But all the massive cities—overgrown—in our nation, that cannot feed themselves, and the masses in which could not even evacuate in a timely manner in case of an emergency, and if sanitation and sewage shut down, they are sitting ducks for a plague.

The homeless are quite often a diseased population, and a population without moral conscience: They are psychopaths who think their chosen desperation waives their need to obey any law and that the rights of no one else matter.

In many cases, as I showed in some videos I sent out last year about the homeless populations in woods in Anchorage Alaska,* and also in the underground tunnels of Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Bucharest, Rumania** disease (AIDS and other sexually transmitted and other communicable diseases) are rife among these populations (over 85%).  In some cases, as the video on Anchorage showed, these diseased peoples, when they need money, may even get jobs working in food service at fast food restaurants in the food courts of malls or other places...!  

[Surviving Alaska: Down and Out in America's Coldest City - YouTube - 20:24 minutes  




** I can’t believe the investigative reporter... (I think this is the say guy that risked his life interviewing “General Butt Naked” in Liberia); here, AIDS and tuberculosis-infected drug users with other STDs in an underground “city” with cat and dog poop everywhere, and the reporter says, “I’d love a cup of coffee”, even though it is near 90o F. down there.

Roumania’s Tunnel underground 12min. 39 sec.




I believe this was the one in Liberia interviewing the leader of a guerilla faction that killed 10s of thousands of people.  This one is long, but also eye-opening... especially where all the townspeople, including the mayor, walk onto the beach, squat, and do their business, then wipe and leave the paper and poop uncovered (even CATS bury it)... and there is barely room to walk off the beach without stepping in it and the stench is unreal... and this is what we invite to our nation and why our cities are like this...!   Looking forward to a nice Liberian vacation; guarantee this is not in the brochure.


The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary) - YouTube (about an hour)




All three of the above are well-worth the watch.]

A veterinarian I know told me that many of the cases of salmonela, e coli, etc. in the food supply are not caused by rats, but by the Mexicans picking the crops or handling and cooking the food, who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  I have sent out other news stories and videos of a Muslim in France I believe, washing his butt with his bare hand in the public fountain after evacuating his bowels, then going back to working at the bakery or restaurant.

The majority of people in food service nationwide are aliens and young people.  They are not tested for disease.  THIS IS THE REAL EPIDEMIC and THREAT TO LIFE!  See also:


Someone I know who lives in a major city, whose job takes him into MANY restaurants, high and low end, tells me that a large percentage of well-to-do people are ordering all their meals and having them delivered, and the cooks and food preps and handlers in all of these restaurants are Third World peoples, who live in large numbers in unsanitary conditions—none of them being screened for disease—and then come to cook our food.  He says that now that they are all wearing masks, the food preparers and chefs don't even wear hats, and their hair and dandruff (or who knows what else) is free to fall into the food; and they also have their masks hanging down below their face, due to the heat in the kitchens, and not only are they breathing onto the food they are preparing, but he has actually seen their sweat fall down into the food!  And all the fools thinking they are safe by “social distancing” and masking up, and staying home and ordering takeout!

Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival, YouTube - Nov 18, 2018 - just over an hour long




Also, see:


Slab City






 Living in tunnels under Las Vegas




Inside Nancy Pelosi’s District: This Is Not What America Should Look Like
The Billion Dollar Homeless Scam

The more we spend, the worse it gets. August 16, 2018


As I reported in March of 2020, something like 70% of the youth in the US or 30% of the entire population have a sexually transmitted disease.  THAT is an EPIDEMIC.  THAT is a REAL THREAT.

[See my Rumination: Corona Hysteria Mysteria ]

The numbers of aliens invading our nation and breeding here have a large percentage of other diseases (leprosy, hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc. in addition to the STDs)—and some, due to propaganda, their conscience-devoid nature, and their religion, like perverts with “homosexual rage” believe it their right or duty to infect as many other people as possible with whatever disease they have.

Youth and aliens predominate in our entire food supply from the field to your plate.

THAT is a THREAT.  NOT not wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart...!

The below is just one of many threats, not only to mega cities, but any city... if the sanitation or sewage backs up, is not removed, is dumped wherever is convenient... disease will spread like wildfire.

—and yet the fools who have illegally gained the reins of power think people who do not get vaccinated or who don't wear a mask or stand sheepishly 6 feet apart and “toe the line” like good communist slaves... are the problem...!

This whole farce has been to push vaccines which are unconstitutional, immoral, have no science behind them, and which do not work.  If vaccines work the “professionals” would not say to get the vaccine 3 or 4 times.  If vaccines work, nonvaccinated people would pose no threat to those who are vaccinated.  The purpose of vaccines is to incubate and breed disease that will make the population sickly and make TRILLION$ for the drug companies and hospitals (and the army of health care workers).  Ideally they want the disease to fester and eventually erupt a few decades later, so it cannot be tied to the crime; but in following the law of the bell curve, to which most things submit, the majority will have the disease erupt in serious noticeable disease decades later, while still also suffering compromised health; while a small percentage will die outright or develop immediate disease on the lower end of the bell curve; and a small percentage will either develop no noticeable serious disease at all, or develop it very late in life.  How odd that in the age of the so-called greatest advancements in medicine, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases (and autism) are INCREASING despite hundreds of BILLION$ of dollars spend on vaccines and drugs... even as crime increases in direct proportion to alien peoples. 

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finally someone tells it like it is... let's see if they put their muscle where their mouth is.

2 minutes


Lockdowns, Silent majority will be sheep no more.


Finally, the “new outbreaks” of Covid are ACTUALLY CAUSED BY social distancing and the shutdown of society.  It the “new outbreaks” which are NATURAL and INEVITABLE are actually being deceitfully used as a spurious “self-fulfilling prophecy” that these two-bit street huxters (politicians and their phoney “experts”) then falsely interpret in the attempt to prove their false scenario.

The “new outbreaks” are impossible to escape since that is the natural path of the disease... social distancing prolongs their appearance and then are used as an excuse to shut back down.  All these fools and liars should be arrested, tried and sentenced for their crimes—crimes of such magnitude that the only fitting sentence is conficscation of all their wealth and their execution.  The number of lives they have ruined is inestimable, and their attempted destruction of our freedom and way of life is High Treason.

 How dangerous is Covid? -  A Swedish doctor’s perspective - by Sebastian Rushworth -  August 11, 2020



 Even the regular seasonal flu is a money-making hoax to enrich drug companies and have people incubate disease in their bodies:

Why you shouldn't believe anything the government says about vaccines and viruses