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Someone emailed
Some guy emailed me the below statement:
" I give instance after instance where the Bible is in contradiction to itself. Luke 1:14 talks about how John will be born with the Holy spirit even from his mother's womb, yet Jesus himself said in John 14:16 that the holy spirit could not be until his death. Jesus was said to be related to David by linage, yet Joseph was not his father by birth. There are too many to mention, in fact 63,779 contradictions have been recorded. That's not to say there are not more, just that's where I stopped counting".
Was Christ related to David through his mother Mary?
I dont see the passages he is citing as stating what he is citing.....
My reply:

This is a NOVICE with a SMALL MIND who cannot think logically and thinks he is a genius.  Personally, I believe he stopped counting imaginary sheep LONG BEFORE 63,779 because I don't think he can actually count that high... but being high might be part of his problem... maybe being high accentuates his "counting" and "finding error" ability.  His entire few sentences are disjointed.  He assumes too many things that are not factual.  He draws false inferences and invalid conclusions.  He said all those contradictions "have been recorded" (which is passive voice verb used commonly by nonthinkers who don't understand the English language, or people who use it purposely to obscure the meaning of a sentence so that the reader understands the main thrust, but not really who is doing the action)... thus, it sounds as if he is not the one to "discover" these 63,799 "errors", but then he says "that's just where I stopped counting".  He is either confused or dishonest.  If he had meant, "I have personally discovered 63,799 errors, and I am sure there are many more, that is just where I stopped counting" then why, in fact, did he not actually say that?

Fools who cannot deal with cognitive dissonance imagine there has to be an error because their tiny minds cannot see the resolution.  It is amazing they have learned to turn on a light switch; but then again, chimpanzees can be taught to do that.

This is the same in ALL literature, not merely the Bible.  If you can't keep up with the story or think post preoperational thoughts and can't understand logic... ANYTHING will be confusing.  He needs to top reading the Bible looking for errors and return to reading Mother Goose and find errors there, if he needs to find errors to make himself feel intelligent.  Does he know Hebrew?  Greek?  How many dozen translations, how many dozen lexicons, how many dozen commentaries, how many books on "alleged discrepancies in the Bible" has he actually read?  What makes him an expert without actually doing deep research and understanding what he is reading?  Why does he not instead build his own sailboat (with no experience) and attempt to sail it solo around the globe? or build his own rocket and go to the moon?  I would love to see the results.  But in reality, his blasphemy about the Bible which he does not understand anything about, will prove to be far-more costly.  God HIDES the truth from those unworthy of it... and being fools, they think they are so wise, yet only someone as stupid as they are think that their blathering prattle is intelligent.  They are like 5-year olds playing "House".  It would be comical were it not so tragic.

The Holy Spirit was not a "new" invention.  He existed in the OT with the Father and son and was active in creation, in Christ's ministry, in Christ's death and resurrection.

Jeremiah too was filled with the Holy Spirit from conception.  Samson and many others had the Spirit of the Lord come upon them.

This is nothing new to the NT, in which believers were specially filled with the Spirit for certain duties.  This is different than the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit, leading and teaching, regenerating, converting, renewing the mind, and sealing unto the Day of Redemption AFTER Christ's death and resurrection, which broke down the wall of separation between God and His people, and who could then access God directly through Christ and the Holy Spirit is the "alongside one" the "friend of the court" who empowers us and helps us understand the Word of God and also even helps us pray while Christ is there at the Father's Right Hand interceding for us at the same time.  This does not contradict that God uses pastors and teachers and prophets in a special way to help understand the Word of God and establish a hierarchy of godly authority, but as far as having sins forgiven, one does not need to go through a sinful priest and offer the blood of a slain animal, but Christ's Blood is applied once and for all for the elect of God's people who have repented and confessed their sins and confessed Christ and ask for forgiveness and then walk in holiness showing their conversion was real.

OT believers likewise were not without the Spirit, but the details in the NT are different according to God's Plan and Christ's explanation of the PURPOSE for which He would send the Spirit.  ONLY A FOOL cannot see that "Until I go away I cannot send the Spirit" DOES NOT MEAN that the Holy Spirit has never been on earth...!!!!!  Simple minds read or are told: "a = b = c", but they hear, in their minds they think that it actually means, "x - y never = z" — And then like Little Jack Horner who sat in the corner eating his christmas pie, he stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said what a good boy am I—tah dah... he thinks he has discovered an error based on the infantile confusion in his mind, which has NOTHING to do with the actual text....!!!

In the same breath Proverbs says, "answer not a fool according to his folly... then it says answer a fool according to his folly..."  Clear error and contradiction, right?  No, only to a fool who cannot think advanced thoughts beyond the training potty and the sandbox.    Fools often think only in binary, not contextual limitation or logical inference; and fools often take a specific, limited, relative statement and universalize or generalize it to apply absolutely.

Joseph's genealogy is given in Matthew.  Mary's genealogy is given in Luke (and goes backward, which is not the way genealogies read, so that is a sign that it is special, which is it, because women's genealogies are not given in Scripture, but this was an exceptional event).  The two genealogies are different (and even leave out some generations, which I explain and show in several of my books), though they have some similarity.  Both descend from David.  However, Joseph's line was cursed in that he descended from Jeconiah, no descendent of whose would ever prosper on the throne!  Here is my chart.   This is what real research and thinking looks like (from my STEC on Zechariah 4, with minor corrections of the same chart in my STEC on Ruth).

Fools take general statements that are not intended to be scientific or exact, but merely "ball park" and then think that they have "found error".  Christ said, "are there not 12 hours in the day?"  Technically, no, but Christ was not giving a college course on Meteorology!  In general terms, yes, there is night and day and more or less, 12 hours of each, though it changes based upon elevation and how close to the equator you are and if there are massive mountain chains that obscure your view... and it changes according to season as the sun sinks lower in the sky in winter toward the shortest day from the longest day in the summer.
Christ said the mustard seed is the smallest of seeds.  That is an expression.  He did not say, "The mustard seed is the very smallest seed of any plant on earth".  Furthermore, His intention of smallest seed is qualified and explained in the rest of His discourse, in that the type of smallest seed of which He was talking about was one that was indigenous and common to the area that everyone listening to him would understand (except, presumably, the fool whom you were debating on the internet) that grew up into a woody tree that was sufficient for birds of the air to build their nest in.  Of course oak and olive trees grow much larger.  But Christ did not mention those because they have much larger seeds—and maybe, just maybe there was a mustard plant (not like our mustard which is part of the cabbage family, but the black mustard which becomes a tree)... right there next to them while He was talking, and therefore, it was a PERFECT ILLUSTRATION because it may have been right there, with ripened seeds falling from it, and birds fluttering to and from their nests!  But fools can't think that advanced, so they choose to believe they found error because they have been sent psychosis from God that they believe a lie, so that they do not believe the truth, so that they are damned because that is the nature God gave them and like moths drawn to the flame they are drawn to Hell.


Updated note (September 29, 2019)

See these titles that I reprint:

- Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible (1902) Bates, 132pp., comb-bound., 10 00 + P&H.
- Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible (1874) Hayley, 452pp., pb., 22.00 + P&H.

They may contain some conceptual and doctrinal errors; but they certainly are not as bad as

- Difficulties in the Bible (1907) R. A. Torrey, 124pp., which I am reprinting with detailed, corrective notes, which, when finished may be near 400pp.  This is about halfway done and will be printed in the next batch, possibly in the Spring of 2020.