"General Incompetence" — another sign of decay of civilization (personal experience and a little humor) and a tip on a good source for meat and other products

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I ordered a 5 gallon bucket of tallow from what appears to be a great company, with other great products.


$163.96 + 9.50 shipping.

[This works out, I think, to .27 cents / ounce; which is about half the price of the other brand, which was a good price, $15.47 + tax = guessing 16.50 / 32 oz. = .51 cents / ounce.  Their prices on meat, however, seem a bit steep.  Compare with D'Artagnan


which has an even greater variety of products and frequently has very good sales (up to 40% off) which makes things like lamb steaks even cheaper than what is at the grocery store—and far-better quality; fatless, boneless, natural raised; if you buy enough to offset the price of next day shipping (which is easy to do if you know several families who are interested and you all order together).]

Understand: God FORBIDS eating fat or blood.  We should not eat animal fat (mammal, bird, or fish), except the normal amount of interior fat that is in a piece of meat, which is so small that it cannot be cut off; but all external fat that can easily be cut off should be cut off and the tallow not be used to cook with for humans.  But it can be used for soap and candles, or, of course, fed to dogs, cats, and even the fat that can be rendered into suet, so rendered and then birdseed added and stored in the freezer until needed for the birds during winter.

However, tallow can be used to make soap and candles.  I am not that industrious at this point.  I am using it on the Keto / Ketogenic diet as a last resort for my dog for a massive abdominal tumor.  I've had her on it for 2 months, but she began refusing to eat the coconut and olive or MCT oil mixed in with either cheap hamburger, liver, or hearts and gizzards, or chicken that I buy when on sale at half price and freeze (just a little protein on keto diet, so maybe 4 or 5 oz. per meal) mixed in with chia, sesame, pumkin, and flax seed, and black peppercorns slowly cooked with the tallow, and sea salt; and I later add a little MCT oil, coconut oil, vit c, folic acid, vit d, turmeric, spirulina, kelp, bee pollen, chaga, lecithin, brewers or nutritional yeast, and sometimes some other things.

but until I got the tallow she began refusing to eat

I had ordered a 2 lb. canister of lard from another company and she loved it (back to wagging her tail when eating and actually eagerly awaiting to see what I bring her, rather than having to be called to the bowl and then approaching it as if something in the bowl was going to bite her, sniff the outside of the bowl, and then walk away.

so when this 2 lb. canister was getting within a week of being empty, I found this place online, great price and ordered it.

despite the delivery mishap below

this tallow had even better yellow color and fresh beef smell than the canister I ordered from the other company, which tallow was more whitish and little odor at all.

I will keep the open bucket in the cool basement until I have time to spoon the contents into plastic jars that I save and then rearrange the deep freezer.

it would most likely keep without problem unrefrigerated, but the company suggests refrig/freezing long term; wagon trains used to travel across the US with pioneers, and they had wooden barrels filled with tallow and kept the whole eggs in the tallow to prevent breakage.  However, the less change of rancidity the better and it seems like 2 lbs. a month is what I am going through, so this is several years' worth.

Below show the incompetence considered "normal" in the U.S.  Nearly EVERYTHING that I ordered in the past 15 years that comes via the post office, FEDEX or UPS is damaged, 20% of it so bad it has to be replaced.  I could go on at length... broken glass jars of molasses (imagine the time to clean that up and dispose of, with 2 or 3 32 oz. jars broken and the other 9 not), cans of beans that look like they were used in practice by the US hockey team; rectangular metal cans of olive oil that looked square when received.  People don't realize it, but a single dent in a can of food will cut YEARS, even decades off the shelf life.  I have had some things received with dents, stored in a cool basement, start to leak from those dents within a few years, when the shelf life should be a quarter century.

Someone recently sent me 2 paperback books as a gift.  He had them in an adequately sized box with 4 or 5 bubble wrap mailers wrapping the books and BOTH books sustained incredible blunt force trauma like having a safe dropped on them.

When I think of the US postal service, Fedex and UPS quality of employees and service, I am reminded of the old 1970s Samsonite luggage commercials in which they toss a Samsonite suitcase into a gorilla cage, or drop it out of an airplane, or tumble it down a few dozen stories of concrete steps in the stairs of a high rise.

So the below is just another testimony and a little humor.


Hi, order received

But could you please tell FEDEX of the continued incompetence of their drivers?

Last week they left a case of paper in the gravel outside IN THE RAIN 2 feet from the porch door.

Upon delivery of the replacement case, even though rain is in the forecast every day for the past several weeks (it is pouring right now)... they left the replacement case OUTSIDE ON THE GROUND 2 feet from the porch door... but I found it before it rained.

DESPITE your CLEAR LABEL on the product saying "PERISHABLE" and "LEAVE ON PORCH",  I just discovered that they left it out in the sun in front of a glass greenhouse level with the ground with a gravel floor.  NO WAY can that be considered a "porch" that they could leave it "on".

I checked 5 TIMES yesterday and this morning since I was expecting it may be very soon delivered.

Only by chance when I went to feed the animals this morning I glanced over and saw the bucket, exposed to the sun for maybe 6 hours and it rained all last night.

My vehicle is parked over by the FRONT PORCH, not by the greenhouse.

They really need to give their drivers IQ tests.

It is incompetence.  Maybe flash cards of what porches look like and where they are usually positioned on a house may help.

They should be informed of the classified secret information that the door handles on front porches are there on the door for the door to be opened (they don't open themselves, like the electronic ones at grocery stores) and that packages are to be left on the porch can only be left on the porch if the door is FIRST OPENED!

I realize this is not your fault; but you need to be aware of the company of incompetents handling your product.  What if it had been MORE perishable than a bucket of Tallow?  It was out there for 15-18 HOURS.  Fortunately most of the hours were at night.  However, it also could have been stolen or a bear may have ripped into it out in the open.  It was in direct hot sun for a few hours (the rain did not hurt it, but it is the added insult and I had to dry it off and all the labels smeared) and I can only guess that DECREASED the SHELF LIFE of my PERISHABLE product that an incompetent deliver person left exposed instead of on the porch as the clear instructions indicated on the top of the bucket.

One more thing

This gave me a hearty laugh

I was throwing out the OFFICIAL FEDEX TAG attached to the handle of the bucket


at the top of the tag attached to a 50-lb. bucket, they felt the need to have in boldface


Maybe the employee uniforms should have "Left hand / leg" "Right hand / leg" as well, and "Inside" and "Out" and on their underwear "wear under your pants, not over".  and on the socks "socks first, then shoes".

Maybe the delivery van should have signs "front" "back" "driver's seat" etc.
how do they stay in business?

I think the person who made the original FED-EX sign was dyslexic, and the name was actually "EX-FED" meaning they are too incompetent for working in the private sector.

They should merge with UPS (which should be named "OOPS" since they are just as incompetent) and the new company could refer to the customer satisfaction "FED-UP"

If the former Ex-Fed had been in the military, his name was probably "General Incompetence".