I Just had to “Chime” in concerning Fools and Perverts Skating on Thin Ice and Pfizer Pfreak Show & short joke that applies to doctors, pharma drugs, and credit cards (UPDATED)

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And, I would like to point out the hypocrisy (concerning the anti-intellectualism, dishonesty, mental derangement as the news story highlights in the below video)... the leftists perverters of society will cry "trust the science" (though the science is against it) in regard to vaxxs, but, when it comes to BIOLOGY you are supposed to IGNORE the science... ignore the fact that even demented freaks who have a "sex change" operation—does NOT change their chromosomal DNA of every single cell in their body...  In such cases as "gender" (and race) you are supposed to IGNORE the science and trust the hype, the "feelings", the emotionalism, the abnormal psychology, etc.  The enablers are just as guilty as the actors.  The masterminds are just as guilty as the pawns.  Both are criminals.  They are accomplices in fraud and the destruction of Christendom.  This freak can't skate and this performance is a metaphor for the shakiness and instability of the entire gender perversion subversion.  This, of course, does not "empower", unless you accept the new "reality" in which black is white, white is black, good is bad, bad is good, talent is lack of talent, lack of talent is talent, male is female, female is male.

This reminds me of a commercial online I see for some credit card / credit builder called Chime.  This black woman who "has her own business", in which her "business" is to "empower women"... and she loves this credit card / credit builder because she hates and thinks "fees" for overdrafts are unfair... and this credit card does not penalize you for up to $200 in overdrafts.  REALLY...!  This black woman runs a "business" that "empowers women" and her "business is so booming" and she is so incompetent in simple mathematics, that her business bank account has a balance of negative $200 ...?  That is a real success story...!!!  how is irresponsibility and not being able to control your spending, actually provide a service to earn money, and not being able to do simple math "empowerment"...?


Here is the chime commercial I was unable to find a few months ago, it must have recently been uploaded.




The credit card also helps you get your paycheck 2 days early...!  (which is another form of debt; spending money you have not even worked to earn yet).  Another chime commercial shows 2 women, roommates, presumably lesbians, the white lez gets her paycheck 2 days early and is excited because she can get a massage or a puppy, and the mulatto roommate is the "responsible" one who is annoyed and said she should do something responsible, like pay her share of the rent on time.

[I could not find links to the specific commercials I mentioned.   Here is one of their commericials... which all appears to be geared toward blacks... and who pays for the overdrafts and failed businesses?  I would guess that some taxpayer slush fund pays for all the failures of incompetent, irresponsible people and their "buisinesses" because they were given a good credit rating (bad credit is now good credit).  How is this not fraud?

https://www.ispot.tv/ad/nET8/chime-peace-of-mind-for-people-of-all-kinds-featuring-black-thought ;

the credit card also helps you get your paycheck 2 days early...!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8unrk4WgwPM ; ]


short video by J. P. Sears

Transgender Finnish ice skater




It is amazing the perverse, immoral, and unstable people these companies put in positions of power and enrich when it comes back to bite them in the butt, it is wonderful; it is amazing how the mulatto pervert melted down and then switched to automatic blame white people and claim you feel unsafe mode.  Hopefully all can see through the sham and realize that jews and aliens and fags have overplayed that card he admits to being a liar, so why should anyone believe him when he said he was lying?  —and he was laughing and giggling uncontrollably through the entire interview while divulging crimes against humanity.  Anyone should see that hiring such perverse creatures is a liability.




This is what happens when immoral and unstable, perverse people are not only tolerated, but pedestalized and placed in positions of power to also enrich them. I bet he has an accident, dies of "covid", or commits suicide... and even as with all immoral, irresponsible people, it is always everyone else's fault... boo hoo. "Be sure your sin will find you out." Only other immoral people will "feel sorry for" someone perverse and evil when he is trapped in his own net.

Tucker Carlson reporting Project Veritas exposing Pfizer.  See it before it is taken down.



Dr.: "Here, try this expensive prescription, we'll see if it works."

...a week later

Patient: "No, it didn't work."

Dr.: "Here, try this one, then."

Patient: "Here try this credit card."

Dr.: "—It didn't work...!"

Patient: "Tough luck for both of us, huh...? Credit cards are not an "exact science" either...!"  RAB / STM