The Immigrant Antichrist’s / Apostate Church’s Canine Creed

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Someone emailed me:

Hello, Robert, This piece of error speaks for itself.... yet many probably believe this is the "essence of true Christianity!"  I though maybe you could do something with it to demonstrate that it is not only wrong, but downright evil.... something that deserves total loathing and rejection.

Sincerely, R.


The Immigrants' Creed

"I believe in Almighty God,
who guided the people in exile and in exodus,
the God of Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon,
the God of foreigners and immigrants. ...."
...for the whole mediocre literary attempt, full of blasphemy against God, His people, and His Word, see:

July 3 at 11:44 AM - The Immigrants' Creed

by Jose Louis Casal Director of World Mission, PC (USA)

(retiring this year; I guess this was his "Swan Song"; clearly he can't actually sing)


My reply:

This is what happens when dogs and swine try to explain sheep-fold theology.  They destroy everything they come in contact with... and such dogs / swine claim to know more about being sheep than a sheep does... and like robbers they force their way into the sheepfold, ignoring the door—going over or under the wall—(and the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent attempt to take it by force; Matthew 11:12) because they are brigands and pilferers (John 10:1).  Similarly, they force their way onto the Master’s table and declare themselves to be equals with the Master’s children and then proceed to give the children a lesson in sheepology through dogs’ eyes; and God’s foolish children, not even knowing the Commands of their Father, believe the dogs (even as Eve believed the lies of the Serpent) and think that the Master will be please when He comes home and find His children breeding on the top of the table with the dogs.  What an Abomination of Desecration!

No refutation for this piece of sub-mediocre tripe is needed... why even recognize self-analingus caprophagiacs when they speak?  What can come out of such a mouth or mind?  It is degrading for a sheep to attempt to explain things to a dog that thinks sheep and dogs are equals; and attempting to educate dogs or swine is disobedience to God.  Christ never told the sheep to lay down their lives for the dogs, swine, wolves, or serpents.  It is not the job of the sheep to explain to the dogs their own ignorance; but to seek out the lost sheep.  This is another reason why the dogs enter the sheepfold: to cause confusion, distraction from the real job; in addition to corrupting the sheep in every way possible, even slaughtering them to feast upon them, or breeding with them, destroying the sheep forever.  

Those sheep who cannot see through dozens of points in this canine blasphemy, well, they deserve the dogs... they can be “sheep-dogs”, that is, sheep that serve the dogs rather than follow the Shepherd.

This hispanic, it seems, is a director of an arm (a diseased, leprous, grangrenous arm, if there is any other kind of arm in an apostate organization) of the Presbyterian Church USA.  They enter such organizations / denominations to destroy from within... that is what they do once they get inside.  In this respect they are no different than jews or muslims, (after our sin against God in helping the heathen in any way, let alone inviting them into Christendom and giving them carte blanche) who then proceed to tell us how it’s going to be; that is, they lay down the new rules for us in our own nation, in our own churches!

“Blasphemy, it’s the new holiness” —if you speak dog. If you follow the dog-catcher instead of the Good Shepherd.  Christ said that His sheep know His Voice and follow [obey] Him (which includes “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, cast not pearls before swine...”) and Christ said the voice of a stranger they will not follow.  Why then, do most “Christians” follow the voice of a stranger...? —because they are not Christ’s sheep (and many of them are not even sheep, but wolves, swine, or dogs in sheep’s clothing: to those without discernment; to those who don’t know God; to those who think that “morality” is fluid and continually “evolving”; to those who don’t know the difference between a sheep and wolves, swine, dogs, or serpents).

Maybe they’d like it if white people moved to Mexico and told the Mexicans that they don’t know how to make a burrito the right way?  What else have they accomplished—IF they even invented the burrito and it was not “technology” invented before the pure Spaniards died out?  Like Africans, they destroy, they don’t build... so what does anyone expect when they are (illegally) invited into Christendom (by traitorous politicians and the Apostate, Antichrist Church) and given the keys to the church?  Christ told us what to expect when He commanded cast not pearls before swine: “Lest they turn and trample and rend you”.  That is not the only reason.  Other reasons are because God forbade it, because it is sin, because it is an abomination, etc., however, for Christ’s immediate purpose, the reason that He gave was its inevitable result in this world and the destruction of God’s family, His sheep, His people.  The city set on a hill is turned into a dung hill; the Kingdom of Heaven is perverted into Babylon (“confusion by mixing”).  God commanded separation.  Christ said that not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law and “THINK NOT that I am come to abolish the Law... I am NOT...”  Thus, those “Christians” who believe and practice the very opposite of what Christ taught follow a false christ (they are idolatrous humanists who delude themselves that they are “Christians”).  John wrote that if a man says he knows God and keeps not His Commandments he is a liar (he does not even know God) and the Truth (Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God) is not in him.

Finally, a singular note concerning ignorance spewed in the doggy fable above: Pilate was not a tyrant; anyone who says that has not even scratched the surface of Scripture or history... which I explain in great detail in my STEC on John 18-21, 800pp., in which I vindicate Pilate (understand: that does not mean he was converted).  I am surprised that this dog did not try to draw a more blatant parallel to Trump.  But dogs aren’t too bright and either the thought never crossed his mind or he could not make it work.

Regardless, What a literary, theological accomplishment!  Give the dog a gold star and another toilet bowl of water!

For those who were not on my email list, or for those who missed them, see my other Ruminations proving the very same point about the dogs and swine... it is all too common... they have formed a union to displace us... that is why the churches are being emptied, and all that remains in most are bats and lizards and serpents, like old cathedral ruins overgrown by the jungle.  Compromise on doctrine, the foundation is ruined, the walls tilt, the roof caves in, vermin take over.

—Preachers of Hate? Tae-kwon-DODO

—False Prophets — Serpents and Swine in Sheep’s Clothing: Disciples of Degeneracy, Apostles of Apostasy