An Inconvenient Truth — I.Q. Reality

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Hard reality.  This has been an inconvenient truth since forever, now it is substantiated once again...

No wonder the trend is toward "virtual reality" and that in some court cases "The truth is not a defense" and in much of life, "the facts do not matter".  This is why our nation --all our nations have been flooded with aliens and our people dumbed down and brainwashed in the schools, churches, and media / entertainment... in the perverse modern minds "reality is established by majority vote".

Modernly, the majority probably think that I.Q. stands for "I Quit...!"

and we are supposed to "fall on the grenade" and absorb them so they can breed up while we commit national suicide.

Germany is now teaching young school children that if they marry a white person they are "racist" and that they have to marry a dark person; and they are giving young German school girls black baby dolls to carry around to practice mothering.  THAT IS A HATE CRIME AND A WAR CRIME IN AN UNDECLARED WAR AND IT IS GENOCIDE.

The difference between an IQ of 100 and 70 may not seem like much, but consider the Richter scale for earthquakes: A magnitude 8.7 earthquake is 794 times larger on a seismogram than a magnitude 5.8; though to someone who does not understand this, it looks like it is merely 2.9 degrees larger.  While the IQ scale is not actually exponential, it can be deceiving to those who do not realize it; for example, 100 is average among white people, but "gifted" begins at 125 and Genius level IQ starts at 140 (only about 1/4 of 1%).  However, the alarming thing is that people don't realize, at least half of those people in the US claiming to be white are of mixed descent who want to be considered white and thus ALL statistics that are in reference to whites have been contaminated and in the case of IQ lowered, or in the case of crime increased.  This is the wonderful benefits of "DIE-versity".

To also put things in perspective, some scientists claim that the highest estimated chimpanzee IQ was around 85.. Koko the gorilla supposedly ranked around 70-85.  The average chimpanzee IQ may be perhaps 50-60.  Thus, the "average" IQ of blacks being 70 is deceptive if one does not realize that according to the bell curve (as explained in the video) around 50% will be higher than this number and 50% lower.  Of course, the degree will be different, maybe only 10 or 20% being to serious extremes; that is maybe 10 or 20% with an IQ of 90 and 10 to 20% with an IQ of 50, with the majority between 65 and 75.

The above comments are not in this youtube.

One flaw in this gentleman's experiment in South Africa is that although he did have a control group of whites of the same age and grade level in the college in Jo'berg take the same test, what he needed to do was give the same test to a 150 common blacks in South Africa, as well as in Uganda and the Congo who had never been to college.  While he did demonstrate what the upper level average black IQ is, he did not demonstrate what the lower is.

He does, however, mention that 70 IQ is close to or possibly mental retardation.
More specifically:
75-70 is "borderline mental retardation"
70 to 50 is considered "mild mental retardation"
50 to 40 is considered "moderate mental retardation"
40 to 24 is considered "severe mental retardation"
25 and below is "profound mental retardation."

Also, consider:
Blacks in South Africa want science to be "decolonized" and all science scrapped and built from the ground up by Blacks, including such things as black magic.  A white who spoke out saying black magic was not true was shamed and forced to apologize.
Update: Some other related info:

Subject: Watch "Black Men...Take a lesson from Julius Malema!!" on YouTube


In the youtube above we see American blacks... the one doing the filming does not appear too bright, that's why he's in awe over the one he is filming and is impressed with anything nonimpressive that he says.

This ties in with the low IQ video above.

These low IQ, highly impressionable, highly emotional africans, it seems, like freshly hatched goslets or ducklings, imprint on whatever they first see--or in this case hear... and that becomes reality to which the rest of the world is expected to conform.  Never is any research done to confirm what is taught, it is "sacred muti" that sets the course of their lives forever and anyone who disagrees commits blasphemy and deserves to die.  Even if they read evidence smashing their fantasies, they would never believe it.  "The bug on their leaf" takes orders from no one and is programmed for life with ROM (Read-Only Memory).

read some of the comments at the video, some actually believe that the blacks invented everything--INCLUDING GASTRONOMY...!

[Also, remember from previous emails, that upwards of 50% of Muslims marry first cousins.  That does not help an already ailing IQ.

These books that I reprint give a good glimpse.  Schweitzer had to spend extra money and effort and time to build a storage room to lock up all the medical supplies because those he was trying to help would steal everything.  Blacks for several days walking distance would bring their old relatives to him and just dump them at his hospital and leave never to return and expect him to take care of them (it was that or dump them in the woods and let them die); they commonly poisoned each other, which was blamed on someone putting a curse on them.  When he required those wanting medical help to weave a few 1 foot square roof tiles out of palm fronds, to keep the hospital roof from leaking, most refused.

- On the Edge of the Primeval Forest (1922) & More From the Primeval Forest (1931) & From My African Notebook (1938) Albert Schweitzer, 426pp., 3 books in 1 pb., with Biographical introduction and photos added, 26.00 + P&H. [“More from the Primeval Forest” was also once printed as “The Forest Hospital at Lambarene”.] Very fascinating books, give glimpses into the courage and patience of this great man (his poor theology and misguided altruism notwithstanding), as well as glimpses into the minds and natures of those he tried to help. Including extra photos and biographical introduction added.

- Some Astute Observations Concerning the Peoples Encountered on an African Expedition while in Search of the Source of the Nile River (Excerpted from The Albert N’Yanza: The Great Basin of the Nile and Exploration of the Nile Sources) (c.1866) by Sir Samuel White Baker, edited by Robert Alan Balaicius, superbly shows the nature and character of the blacks, turks, and arabs, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.

- Back to the Long Grass; My Link with Livingstone (1923) Daniel Crawford 460pp., pb., 26.00 + P&H.  Sequel / Companion to “Thinking Black”).

- Thinking Black: 22 Years Without a Break in the Long Grass of Central Africa (1913) [reprinted by Negro Universities Press, NY, in 1969] Daniel Crawford [Daniel Crawford (1870 – 1926), also known as “Konga Vantu”, was a Scottish missionaryof the Plymouth Brethren in central-southern Africa], I began reading this to see if it was worthwhile, as someone had toldme about it. I find it very interesting, intriguing, enlightening, thought-provoking, entertaining, humorous, profound... to me, the book has a very odd tone of thought; if I can put my finger on it, I believe it seems as if he merely describes thingsand does not explain them; there is no explaining random chaos, there is only describing it... and that is all he can do withthe topic at hand... he was a missionary, but one with honest insight into the blank mind of those primitives he wasaround... the book seems to begin with no purpose, no explanation, you just awake and find yourself in his safari trekkingthrough the hot and humid bush... with his unique manners of description and humor and blunt insight. In the beginning he mentions the Portuguese he encountered in Mozambique at the first area from which he embarqued and noted how indolent the Portuguese were, and expressed that it was believed that they would not drink coffee for breakfast under the assumption it might keep them up the rest of the day. 504pp. + 20pp. photos, pb., 28.00 + P&H. Its sequel is Back to the Long Grass (see);

50.00 + P&H for the set]

The blacks in South Africa want to abolish all science and start over with only what the blacks can think up...! 

Some blacks probably think that some African invented the space ship and white people stole it and that is why Nigeria and Kenya and Somalia, etc. have never had a space program.

AND YET they keep flooding to our nation and using the technology largely invented and produced by those whom they hate.

They refuse to look at any evidence that the blacks had not migrated that far south, the whites did not steal the land from them, and that actually the blacks exterminated the khoi-san / Khoi-khoi / hottentots / bushmen.

Regardless, this black in this video ought to be arrested for inciting riot, theft, violence, torture, and murder—because that is what Malema is encouraging and this black says all blacks worldwide should look to Malema as their role model and do what he does...!

This violates free speech, he is encouraging GENOCIDE.  They think they own everything and that it is their right to take it.

THIS is what they are importing into Christendom, putting on a pedestal, putting on a taxpayer breeding program, ignoring the crimes, and teaching white children from the earliest ages to cohabit and breed with them.

Truth is often unpleasant.  To turn a blind eye because it is not happening to you INVITES it to happen to you.  You reap what you sow.  God declared, "Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor [vulnerable, defenseless kinsmen is the intention of the Hebrew text], he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard." (Proverbs 21:13)

Torture murders go on daily in South Africa and have ever since the abolition of Apartheid.  Around 70,000 whites have been brutally murdered to date...  the number of nonwhites murdered by blacks probably exceeds that amount; Apartheid protected all races. age and gender are irrelevant to the attackers... delighting in torture, believing the screams of their victims give them magical powers, especially if they eat part of the victim after the victim has suffered and screamed, the longer the torture the more the power.