It’s Not Over Till the Fat Lady’s Dead and Can No Longer Sing (UPDATED)

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I am not a quitter.  Neither am I delusional.  When I played sports in high school or college or even in pick up or intermural games, I had the advantage over the average person, not merely because I was fast and strong, but because I don’t give up.   It never was a thought in my mind, “I can’t get to that ball before it goes out of bounds, or before that other guy gets to it”.  NEVER.  And guess what...? —a good percentage of those balls, even times in what seemed miraculous, I got to, even when everyone watching thought I never had a chance of getting to in time (and many would even in amazement ask me afterwards how on earth I did it); whether baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, etc.  Even when I was 45 years old I had a college tennis coach declare to a small group of people, emphatically, “NO one covers a court like Bob Balaicius”.  I never in my mind competed against the other player... but against the ball, against myself, to do what was almost above the limits of what I could do.   One time playing second base (which was not a position I had played before) a line drive was hit, I positioned my body to catch it as it bounced, and it hit a rock, took a funny skip, missed my glove, glanced off my hip and passed me, going out into the shallow outfield about face level; instinctively I turned and ran, and the rest was like a slow-motion dream: I sprinted, I can’t remember how many steps, caught up to the ball before it even had a chance to begin its descent, I leaped forward, bare-handed it, turned around backward, and thew the runner out at second base (the short stop having shifted to the position).  I don’t know of many athletes that would have even attempted to run after the ball, thinking that it was a done play and the outfield’s responsibility.  But that’s not how God wired me.

I had the same advantage when I worked as a carpenter, which entailed heavy lifting, hard work (and I can work 14-16 hours a day, at hard labor, even in 100 degree weather, without a meal), digging post holes through clay and rock, etc.  I took each job as a personal challenge to complete as quickly as possible.  I did not merely punch a clock and stagger around and look busy.  I did everything the best I could, to God's Glory, which is one of the lost causes of America’s former greatness, referred to as the now extinct “Puritan Work Ethic”.  My friend who taught me carpentry, whose dad was a builder, taught me what his dad taught him: Don’t carry 1 when you can carry 2; don’t carry 2 when you can carry 3."  He was a 6’ 2” German-Norwegian from Brooklyn and weighed about 230 lbs.  I only weighed about 160.  He carried 2 bundles of shingles (80 pounds each) up the ladder to the roof one day.  I said, “If you can carry 2 I can carry 3.”  He said, “Prove it”.  I made it to the roof, slowly and gingerly, but indeed I did it, with 240 lbs. on my shoulder.

I’ve been in a 30-year struggle, from multiple angles, in which nearly everyone, once they hear of my trials, said that they would have given up.  An old acquaintence from high school got back in touch (about 8 years ago), and when he learned of my situation, and over a period of several months saw my unflinching resolve, he said, “If we ever go to war, I want you on our side.   You don’t give up”; and he referred to “the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—and Bob Balaicius”.   If what you believe is true, giving up is not an option.


Where now, are the men and women who won’t give up—when our life and civilization depends upon it? when it does not require grueling physical strength or stamina—but merely doing what is right, when they should do it anyway, even if the consequences were not a matter of life and death.  That is what this is.  Those who have not studied the Bolshevik Revolution are brain dead.  We will be like fish in a barrel, to be shot at their whim; to provide food for their table.  I have reprinted several booklets and books, for decades, that I have mentioned in dozens of Ruminations (inquire if interested) that show that between 66 and 180 million European Christians were exterminated by Bolshevism.  Greater numbers in China.  The same bloodbaths occur in African nations, by Africans on their own people or peaceful farmers.  It is all that they can produce.  Those who cannot argue the facts of any matter resort to emotionally vomiting all over you, and if that does not work (and even if it does, once your guard is down), they resort to violence.  The mindless Third-world masses who are the footsoldiers, the mass and enertia of this communist takeover (including the entire army of people on welfare, who are used to weaken the nation by being consumers and criminals, and not producers) will be “well repaid” by their masters: the majority of them will be told to get to work or starve to death; or be summarily shot.  There is no honor among thieves.  A plethora of movies (that I have mentioned in numerous other Ruminations) play out the same plot: that of the elite masterminds turning on their accomplices and confederates in crime, since “dead men tell no tales” and it is far-more lucrative for 3 people to share the stolen loot, than to split it 12 ways.  The billionaire elite think that the entire planet is theirs, and they have only used the immoral third-world and mixed masses to weaken the nation so that they can take it over; once they take it over, they don't want billions of “useless eaters” using up what they consider to be “their” natural resources (all of planet earth).

NOW is the time for every true American to do as I have made a lifetime habit of... to NOT GIVE UP; even in the face of defeat.  TO NOT take “NO” as an answer to the truth and to what is right.  To not accept a lie, a fraud, a crime, evil.  NOW is the time for over 80 MILLION Americans, those who voted for Trump—and even MILLIONS more who did not vote for him, who now that they have seen the outright leftist fraud, will realize that they were betting on the wrong horse—to STAND UP.  WE ARE THE MAJORITY (including many of those intelligent, third-world peoples who have invaded our nation*); and even if we are not, mercenaries who have nothing to lose will never fight as hard as those defending everything that they and their ancestors labored for centuries to produce.  Mercenaries who have no loyalty (like Biden, who sells his perverse soul to the highest bidder, jumping back and forth from one side to the other, depending on who is going to pay him and in which direction the political wind is blowing), who have no conscience and no moral anchor in their mind and soul have nothing to lose; but those moral people who are defending their families, if they are moral and godly, will not stand by and allow them to be raped.  Let not Christians listen to the Pied Piper’s of Babylon and the Antichrist into equating a communist takeover of Christendom as being “violence”.  Those attempting to overthrow Christendom, by any means (including voter fraud, swamping the nation with aliens, fragmenting society a dozen ways, such as with homoperversion, so that it cannot be cohesive and cannot stand together)—THEY ARE THE ONES GUILTY OF VIOLENCE.  The Bible is clear.  It is not violence to repel violence.  It is not violence to use physical force to repel evil.  If your preacher / Bible teacher is preaching that FIRE HIM or SIMPLY LEAVE AND STOP SUPPORTING THE APOSTATE CHURCH AND MINSTERS OF SATAN MASQUERADING AS MINISTERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

[* The majority of Third-world peoples abandoned their own nations because they were not worth living in... and they were not worth living in because of their own people.  Only our people are capable of developing a free, moral, prosperous society; and to the degree that we accept aliens and allow corrupt politicians to unconstitutionally declare that they have “equal rights” and the right to vote and hold office—TO THAT DEGREE OUR NATION IS DESTROYED.  Those people then set to work to turn our nation into their own nation—into the very type of nation from which they fled!  However, those who are moral and intelligent realize that this is suicide.  The more of their people who invade and takeover, the less free and safe our nation becomes.  It is like a lifeboat.  It can only hold so many people.  At some point in time, those in the lifeboat have to fight off those trying to get into the lifeboat, for in so doing they will sink the boat and everyone will die.  This matter becomes more clear if you realize that there had been two boats in the water, and the enemy’s boat was sinking, they then sabotaged the boat of the other people, and the lifeboat belongs to the other people whose boat the enemy sank, killing thousands of people, in addition to the millions of dollars of property damage.  Those enemy people in the water have no right to lifeboat.  Many intelligent and moral aliens who entered our nation realized FOR DECADES that they needed to work hard to get out of the neighborhoods of their own people—to get away from their own people in our nation.  However, this continual spreading of aliens out to get away from their own people, then the aliens in the already-destroyed neighborhoods, who are on an unconstitutional taxpayer-funded breeding program, continue to spread out more and more, and like a cancer the bad neighborhoods engulf the good ones; to the point that entire megacities are stolen.  Many aliens who are intelligent and moral voted for Trump—and many will even probably change their vote, if they voted for Biden, once they realize that the socialists have nothing to offer and they will throw under the bus all who voted for them; they will continue to step on all those who helped them claw their way to the top.]

Biden is not president.  All that remains is for that to be proved in a court of law—which the unlawful courts have refused to do; and in so refusing they have committed High Treason for IT IS THEIR DUTY TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AND THE REPUBLIC.  There is no statute of limitations on FRAUD.

There are still lawsuits, even some making headway—and all it takes is ONE to make a crack in the dike, to open the way for the dam to burst. All it takes is 80 or 100 MILLION people to say NO! and DEMAND the Law be obeyed, to DEMAND transparency, to DEMAND the FACTS be adjudicated.  All it takes is 80 to 100 MILLION PEOPLE TO STOP COMPLYING with UNCONSTITUTIONAL EDICTS, to stop paying property taxes if the schools are shut down (which their property taxes pay for)—and when the people realize that they have the real power, they will burn all of the communist propaganda textbooks and demand honest curricula, and take back control of what their children are taught, which includes putting an end to mentally deranged faggot story hour in the public libraries.  STOP COMPLYING.  STOP WEARING MASKS.  STOP THE SHUTDOWN.  STOP standing 6 feet apart.  STOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST by cowardly leaving with your tail between your legs when businesses say that you must leave because you are not wearing a mask.  These mentally deranged politicians required businesses in some areas to start building THREE bathrooms.  Therefore, it would be easy for stores to have a checkout lane for fearful, neurotic, communist-complying customers, and another checkout lane for normal people.  Just like putting in a handicap / wheel-chair ramp, they can install special lanes for fearful people who don’t feel safe even wearing 3 masks and fishing goggles and a snorkel and their “magic gloves” (which are “contaminated” by everything in the store, and every product they buy is then contaminated by “transfer”, which they then touch without their “magic gloves” once they are their car or back at home).  People can submit to anal swabs or anything else they want... and even submit or volunteer for a deadly “vaccine”.  THAT IS THEIR CHOICE.  What is NOT their choice, is to demand that everyone else submit with them and enter their mental delusion with them, or celebrate their perversion with them).  If the banks refuse to open back up—MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT, TAKE OUT ALL YOUR MONEY, and find a bank that wants to do business.  The same goes for every other type of business.  PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP.  MOST SURVIVING BUSINESSES WOULD FOLD if the majority refused to do business with them—and the majority of those businesses SHOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS... and those who do not willingly open back up should not then be “forgiven” once they realize they are losing business.  IF THEY WON’T DO WHAT IS RIGHT BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT... LET THEM BLEED OUT FINANCIALLY!  THEY DESERVE NO LOYALTY.  THEY HAVE NONE FOR YOU!  Business owners, restaurant owners need to get together and agree, “WE ARE GOING TO OPEN UP AND WITHOUT MASKS OR 6-FEET RULES OR ANAL SWABS OR ANYTHING ELSE”.  If people don’t like it then they are under no obligation to come.  If the city or the police (those bad, bad police who do nothing to protect the people from actual rioting terrorits, but who will shut down a peaceful business owner and threaten to cart him off in handcuffs)... if these prostitutes in blue with badges who will sell their soul and sell out all of the citizens of the city in order to keep their own paycheck and the all-coveted “health insurance”... then the people need to stand up and prevent it, and recall the mayors and governors who demand the shutdown and the true police brutality.  AND REMEMBER... NOTICE TO ALL POLICE, POLICE-TYPE AGENCIES, CITY EMPLOYEES, COURT OFFICERS, and other over-priced, glorified security guards with a gun, etc.:  “...but I was just following orders...” was NOT accepted as a valid excuse from alleged Nazi war criminals, who have been even to the most recent years been being hunted down, given a phony trial, and even executed.

NOW. I am not claiming that what I am about to say is a “sure thing” or that it is even in the works.  But Scripture says “Ye have not because ye ask not”... and that Christ did not many miracles in His own hometown because of their lack of faith; and that Christ said “be it unto you according to your faith”.  Faith does not originate in us.  Faith is a dynamic reality of the Holy Spirit in the elect of God’s people to believe and act upon Truth.  I am not saying that this is what is going to happen or that I have heard news that this is going happen. I am not saying to put stock in this.  But, Scripture says, “Where there is no vision the people perish”.

Imagine this.

Imagine if because 100 million people continue to DEMAND the evidence to be adjudicated, if they recall corrupt, treasonous representatives, have them tried for their crimes, and demand the removal of all judges, even on the Supreme Court, of all those who violated THE LAW and did not DEFEND the CONSTITUTION and who sided with the enemy, who refused to defend the Truth, and have them tried for the crimes of High Treason...
Imagine if Hidin’-Biden and Camel Hair-ass are REMOVED from office after litigation and investigation show massive vote fraud...

[and if your state is shut down and you are not at work... why the hell are you not out in the streets demanding that the nation open back up, and demanding that the courts review the evidence that practically anyone with a computer knows exists and that the level of fraud is unprecendented in history.  Why are all of you not out in the streets, blocking the streets, shutting the city down so that the politicians cannot even move about?  The politicians are not the law.  They are not the boss.  The Constitution is the Law and the true people are the boss.  All politicians and “government” employees are our servants.  THEIR ONLY LAWFUL JOB is to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AS WRITTEN AND DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF TRUE AMERICANS (not to defend spurious rights of aliens, not to provide the financial, medical, educational, housing, food, or any other needs of aliens or foreign nations).]

Imagine now the icing on the cake—99% of all politicians / Congress / Judges, including most alleged “conservatives” and leftists masquerading as Republicans have already OUTED THEMSELVES as TRAITORS AND LEFTISTS by siding with Biden, claiming that there was no voting fraud, and who then impotently sat still and quiet while he ILLEGALLY signed Executive Order after Executive order undoing 4 years of Trump’s administration.  THIS IS MULTIPLE LEVELS OF HIGH TREASON.  Nearly 99% of all judges and congress outed (and hopefully ousted) themselves, irremediably, as leftists and traitors.  You can’t stick that genie back in the bottle. You can’t unscramble that egg.  They sealed their fate forever.

Understand... the people CANNOT accept this fraud and “simply move on” — even if the current PSEUDO-ADMINISTRATION lifts the lockdown, which the only reason they would do such would be to allow the people to “return to normal” (briefly) and FORGET the FRAUD.  YOU CANNOT forget.  THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN be another honest election.  They will only make it harder to prove the fraud.  Now they want everyone in the US to be able to vote online!  It will be a communist, computerized dictatorship.

Biden and Camel Hair-ass and every member of Congress and every Judge who did nothing to stop this fraud need to be REMOVED and TRIED and SENTENCED for TREASON.  Even if Biden and Hair-ass were not actually involved in the vote fraud (which is extremely hard to believe)—the very fact that themselves they too did not DEMAND a FULL, OPEN, and HONEST investigation makes them party to the fraud and treason.  It shows that they don’t care about the truth; they don’t care about the nation.  All they care about is winning—at any cost (legal or illegal)—and then going to work to vandalize, destroy, and rob all they can from the very time after which they were ILLEGALLY declared President and Vice-President (WHICH THEY ARE NOT!  The Camel, even if there were no voter fraud) herself is ineligible, as a previous Rumination demonstrated).  The Rule of Law has been violated time and time again.  Any HONEST person would want to win LAWFULLY.  Anyone with integrity and a conscience would not want people believing that it was a fraud—nor would they accept the office, knowing it was a fraud.  Any honest person would not want the office if he did not legally win.  NO ONE on the left has that mindset because they have no integrity and they are not honest and that is evidence that they have no good intentions, but only crime, mayhem, and subversion (which they proved from day 1).  As evidence of his true nature, once in office, LIKE TERRORISTS OR THIEVES COMMITTING A FRANTIC HEIST ON A TIME LIMIT he set at work IMMEDIATELY.  Most politicians endeavor to do as little as possible, and the same Biden who was HIDING IN THE BASEMENT for the many months of “campaigning” (he was hiding because if he had open campaign rallies the world would have seen that he had only a few hundred people show up, while Trump had 40,000 at his rallies; and thus, no one would have ever believed the false scenario that Biden won)... and the same Hidin’-Biden who never made any real accomplishment after decades of growing wealthy as a career politician, now all of the sudden has such an incredible “work ethic” that in the first few hours he did more than he did in the past few years!

This article

reveals that a Virginia judge declared thousands of nonpost stamped ballots that arrived 3 days late to be invalid.  I left my comment at that site, about the author of that piece’s poor writing, but I also leave my comment on the comment of one reader who said just because those thousands of votes were not post-stamped and arrived 3 days late doesn’t mean that they were not honest votes or that it was not a post office error.

I replied, to this commentor:

“that is myopic and ignoring the clear pattern of fraud. Why were there only such ballots for Biden? Why no late, large bundles of nonpost stamped ballots for Trump? You see what you want to. It is not a post office error. The post office does not “forget” to post stamp THOUSANDS of FEDERAL ballots. You also ignore the fact that ballots were sent out to people that did not request them, that dead people voted, that unregistered people voted, that far more people voted than were on register of legal voters, that some people voted twice, that voter ID was not required, and a slew of other things that point to clear voter fraud on a massive scale, and actual testimony of those witnessing or committing the crimes.

“THAT is actually the fingerprint of the crime. It was a “tight race”—according to the “official version”. Therefore, there should have been EQUAL AMOUNT of “non-post-stamped, 3-day late ballots” for both Biden AND Trump. Even if 90% of America voted for Biden, there should have been 10% nonpost-stamped, late ballots for Trump. The fact that it was “one-sided” is the finger print of the CRIME. Only one side was committing vote fraud.”

My comment concerning the article itself was:

“ ‘According to WND, Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge has ruled that the state’s late mail in ballot law was in violation of state statute and has now banned that rule in future Virginia elections, as stated by an announcement made by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.’

“This is bad writing / conceptualization.

“The phrase, “banned that rule” should be “ENFORCED the Law against accepting illegal ballots in the future” or “banned ALL FUTURE ILLEGAL BALLOTS”.

“It was not a ‘rule’, it was a CORRUPT PRACTICE; actually it was not really a ‘practice’ either for it was only done in this election, and a ‘practice’ is something that is habitual over time. Since accepting those invalid ballots was in violation of the law, call it what it was: A CRIME. It should be expressed: “and has now banned that CRIMINAL behavior in future Virginia elections”. The ruling itself is a bit daft, because if something is actually illegal and violates the law there is no need to “ban” that behavior in the future—the law itself bans it. What needs to be done is arrest those who were guilty of violating that law, which violation is a FEDERAL CRIME.

“The correct intention is properly expressed in the article farther down:
“ ‘a permanent ban on accepting ballots without postmarks after Election Day and is a loss for the Virginia bureaucrats who said ballots could come in without these protections’.”

Again, 80 to 100 million people need to STAND UP and NOT TAKE THIS AS A RESOLVED ISSUE, but a BLATANTLY ILLEGAL CRIME and a FULL BLOWN COMMUNIST TAKEOVER.  Undertand, 80 to 100 million is the majority—and I seriously doubt that Biden even received half of the votes that it is claimed that he received.  Also, aliens have no right to vote, and children under a certain age do not vote. 

[Furthermore, though no one will address it, politicans and people on welfare (and those receiving government contracts, subsidies, etc.) SHOULD NOT have any right to vote, since it is a BLATANT CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.  As even the leftist George Bernard Shaw expressed, “Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on [the support of] Paul”.  Those on welfare, receiving government grants, government employees, people receiving subsidies, should have no right to vote, because what they are in essense voting for is HOW MUCH OF OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY they will be given as a PAY OFF for voting for that specific politician.  THAT IN AND OF ITSELF IS FRAUD.  That is why our Founders said that only LANDOWNERS (among other requirements) could vote or hold office.  WHY? —because those are the responsible people, who work hard to better themselves.  Someone who merely rents and is irresponsible in many ways does not really care vigilently about government corruption.  Even if his current apartment is condemned to be destroyed, he simply packs up and moves to another apartment.  He is, basically, a long-term transient without loyalty but merely makes decisions based upon convenience.  He most often frivolously lives hand to mouth, spending money on buy-now-pay-later, put it on your credit card everything (car, furniture, vacations, tatooes, Christmas presents, 4-wheelers, bass-boats—immediate gratification).  He has nothing invested, he is not concerned if the (fictitious entity known as) “government” claims everything as its own, because he owns very little (and most of what he thinks he owns he merely “rents”, as he mind-numbingly pays double, if he ever even pays off his credit cards or loans).  Someone who is not going to work hard to better himself, is not going to defend the nation, and is not going to vote properly—and the only proper vote is the one that DEFENDS the CONSTITUTION as established, which is the DUTY of every single judge and politician.

Now, of course, there will be exceptions to the rule concerning renters... however, the exceptions to a rule do not invalidate the rule.  Most all things follow the Law of the Bell Curve.  We are not talking about the small percentage of extremes on either end, but the majority... and is it merely a coincidence that the majority of liberals and leftists are the ones in the apartments in the large cities that have burgeoned to such massive populations (who can’t even feed themselves should there be a national emergency) to be able to outvote the rest of the entire state...?

What should happen, is those leftist mega cities should be declared not merely “Sanctuary Cities” but seperate states, so they cannot control the greater part of the State from which they should be amputated?  Or better yet, they should be declared NO LONGER part of the United States, since they declared themselves “sanctuary cities” (actually blaspheming the Word of God by even using that name) and they should have ZERO vote in the State or the Nation of which they are now an alien jurisdiction.  Or better yet, all of the leftists and aliens polluting those mega cities should be deported to an already-existing communist nation, or to their country of origin (or the country of origin of their ancestors who were illegals, since there is no statute of limitations on fraud, illegal ancestors can never have descendents who are legal; leftists and liberals may howl, but that is the law and if they don’t like it, they need to move to a communist nation and see if the red carpet is rolled out for them.  Pelosi and all leftist politicians need to emigrate to Mexico or China or Israel or Cuba and see whether those nations swoon over them as their saviours and as “political rock stars” or even as their kindred.]

80 to 100 million people need to stand up NOW. 

For a decade it has been reported that all U.S. “government” agencies (including those who have nothing to do with law enforcement) have been buying up TRILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, guns, automatic weapons, body armor, and military type armored vehicles and other weapons and technology.  This did NOT end during the Trump Administration: THEY ARE ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

Now that the phoney Covid pandemic has caused production of many things to stop, ammunition is very expensive (or even impossible to get), with a 1 or 2 box limit, because allegedly all the primers for the shells are made in Italy (and again, this shows the stupidity and Treason of the politicians / Big Business who closed down all our factories, shipped jobs overseas and then has enriched our enemies, while hamstringing us). 

Knowing that a corrupt, treasonous “government” has TRILLIONS of rounds of ammo (and this is not including the military), and knowing that it is getting impossible for citizens to buy more ammo for themselves (while the corrupt politicians try to limit the number of rounds that a magazine / clip can hold, and they are trying to declare it a crime for citizens to “stockpile” ammo themselves) — Biden is trying FORCE THROUGH UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TREASONOUS “legislation” in which every free person will be required by the defacto state to pay $200 for each gun (if he does not sell each gun back to the “government” in a “buy-back program”) for the “privilege” of owning each gun.  Of course that can be $200 per gun every single year, then $300 each, then $400 each—and any legislation is merely a foot in the door to balloon into something 10 or 100 times bigger.  It is all merely the lubricant on the suppository greasing the way for total confiscation of the guns owned by “law-abiding citizens”.  Understand: Once the masses have bowed to accept being charged a tax on their own property, that itself is an admission and submission to the state that the state owns it, and therefore, that the state can then make any demand that it wants; and the people will have to docilely comply, since that is what they did when they accepted the first restriction / tax / fine / raid against their neighbor, etc.  HOWEVER, it does NOT mean that the criminals won’t have guns or that the “immoral communist government agents” won’t have guns.  Realize also that even if a miracle happened, and the criminals no longer had guns, the criminal third-world savages will still have knives, machetes, baseball bats, lead pipes, bricks, incendiary devices, and they travel in packs.  Do you, possibly someone with health problems and who is aging, want to go up against superior numbers of conscience-devoid savages in their youthful prime who were raised on the streets and who have been in innumerable fights, probably already murdered more than once already, and who have criminal rap sheets and no concept of morality or a “fair fight”...?  Have YOU ever been in a “life or death” fight...?  Have YOU ever killed anyone?  Have YOU ever shot or stabbed or raped or run someone over, hit him with a baseball bat, brick, or set him on fire? —and then laughed about it?  Do you even realize all that is at stake?  Firearms are the great “equilizer” because even a petite woman or a child can fight off a savage gorilla.  ALIENS and CRIMINALS have no right to own guns.  TRUE AMERICANS HAVE THE INALIENABLE, God-given right which our Founders wrote into the Constitution and it CANNOT LAWFULLY BE ABROGATED...!

UNDERSTAND... the LEFT is winning because they are dedicated.  THEY are not tight with their wallet.  They will support those who are doing something.  They will stand up and defend those who are standing up.  THEY have not qualms about committing crimes, going to jail, and even dying.  They own nothing.  They want everything that you have.  But you are too lazy and immoral to even stand up.  You won't make a peep.  You won’t support those who have put their lives on the line, let alone stand up with them, let alone defend them.

You reap what you sow.  ”If God be for us who can be against us?”  But understand: God is NOT with you if you violate what He Commanded; if you do what He forbade.  God is NOT with you if you don’t repent of your sins against God and if you don’t even know what those sins are and if you don’t care what those sins are.

What does that all add up to?  The nonmilitary ”government” agencies stockpiling TRILLIONS of rounds of ammo, while trying to pass laws limiting how much you can have and how many rounds your magazine can hold, and trying to tax you out of Second-Amendment existence, while importing MILLIONS of savage aliens, putting them on a tax-payer funded breeding program, ignoring their crimes (like L.A. County saying it will not investigate or prosecute thefts under $800...!), and even letting them flee to “Sanctuary Cities” (that have been stolen from you) after they commit crimes, and then burn down your cities, loot, commit mayhem, assault, rape, and murder and the police and politicians do nothing...?  CAN YOU NOT CONNECT THE DOTS YOU DOLT?

Why do you think they put on that toxic circus of a farce of an alleged “storming” or “terrorist attack” on the Capitol Building, blaming it on “patriots”...? (when the culprits who were guilty were paid actors who have been photographed as supporters at BLM and ANTIFA rallies).  Only a fool believes that morons wearing Halloween costumes, casually walking around, carrying flags,  carrying a podium, sitting with his feet propped up on a desk, smiling and posing for pictures was a “terrorist attack”.  Look back at the REAL terrorist attack that resulted in hundreds of millions of property damage as our cities were burned, police cars and precints were burned, stores were looted of everything they had, windows were smashed, luxury car dealers had their showrooms and entire inventory burned down, people were assaulted and murdered... and the same corrupt politicians called that a “peaceful protest”.

Regardless, fools believe any scenario the corrupt media / politicans paint for them... and that FAKE ACTING JOB was used to scare the true citizens into compliance with the communist takeover because anyone who stands up for anything will be painted with the same fictitious brush and SWATTED or thrown in prison to rot.

And to add to the insanity...

Okay, got both your masks on...?

Now bend over, grab your ankles... and cough-vid...!

Fraudci says wear 2 masks.

W.H.O. (Gives A Damn) now says you don’t need any.

Now WU-who (Wuhan) says that anal, not merely nasal swabs are needed.

Does that mean that you need to wear a butt-mask—a real diaper on your butt...?

That means more money for the company that makes the adult diaper “Depends”.

New slogans:

Q. “Got Covid?”

A. “It all DEPENDS.”

The adult diaper (that really WOULD HAVE TO BE WORN OUTSIDE YOUR CLOTHING SO THAT EVERYONE—including the diaper police—KNOWS THAT YOU ARE WEARING IT, so that everyone around you can feel “safe”) can have printed on the back of it...

“Covid ENDS here... be sure to remain 6 butt lenths behind me....”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” —Samuel Adams (speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776)

“And how we burned in the labor camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive, and had to say good-bye to his family?  Or if people had not simply sat there, palling with terror, but had understood that they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up an ambush of a half-dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?  The cursed machine would have ground to a halt.  If, if, if!  We didn't love freedom enough.  We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitzen







You do it not for yourself, but for your family, for those who can’t defend themselves, FOR GOD AND CHRISTENDOM.

TO ANYONE WHO TRULY LOVES GOD THERE IS NO OPTION of giving up or not doing what is right.




STOP TALKING ABOUT 2024....!!!!!!






If they accuse trump of falsely claiming the election was fraudulent


then he gets to admit his evidence showing it was not


his evidence is then admitted, HOW THEN can Biden-Camel-Hair-ass THEMSELVES NOT BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE....?








Trump Will Play the Senate’s Game


Using the Democrats’ Chips




Mike Lindell - Trump Miracle Coming This Friday! The Pillow Man's Must Video


[pillow company the left has tried to ruin for supporting trump doubles down and is exposing the left


and his business is doing better than ever]


evidence china and voting machines flipped the vote... will be revealed Friday Feb 5


[STOP BUYING ANYTHING EVER AGAIN FROM LEFTIST ANTICHRIST ORGANIZATIONS that promote perversion, antichristian, communists.  LET THEM GO OUT OF BUSINESS.  PUT them out of business.  STOP buying from the below, and others like them, about whom I have written other Ruminations (chick-a-fil-a, barilla pasta, kelloggs, target, etc.)

Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s and Kroger have all cancelled American made “My Pillow” because of owner Mike Lindell’s support for President Trump.
All three retailers continue to sell loads of merchandise from Communist China.]
Don’t refer to him as “President Biden”—which is an insult to our intelligence, Fraud, Treason, and helps BRAINWASH people into accepting it... desensitizing them.
HE, like B-HO is an ANTI-president; a usurpor; a fraud.
DO NOT ACCEPT THIS.  DO NOT merely “move on”.
They have “miraculously” begun to open the economy, on the same day chinese run W.H.O. changed the criteria for what the MEANINGLESS PCR tests “declare” to be Covid positive; to make it look like Biden has saved the world when he cannot tie his own shoelaces or even remember where his feet are!
The Senate and Representative races were all just as fraudulent.  They orchestrated the “insurrection” (leftists wearing halloween costumes posing as “Patriots” carrying a flag and smiling for photos...! scary terrorists; and the Biden ANTI-administration is attempting to outlaw guns and crack down on white people, Christians, patriots, etc., while the did NOTHING while savages burned our cities costing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of damage.  They orchestrated the “event” at the Capitol, which interfered with evidence being presented to Congress of the fake election, as a self-fulfilling prophecy to then declare patriots “terrorists” and cower patriots into compliance and just roll over and accept the communist juggernaut as it steamrolls over them.
DO NOT ACCEPT THIS FRAUD, it is a COMMUNIST TAKE OVER.  NO EXECUTIVE ORDER.  NO BILL SIGNED INTO LAW BY THEM or any president / congress is valid if it violates the Constitution and NO ONE is bound to obey and no police / courts or anyone is bound to enforce it.