Kentucky Governor Bevin - Guns are Not the Problem - Corrupt Politicians, Media, “Educators”, “Entertainment” Purveyors, Drugs, PEOPLE are PROBLEM — Signs Bill Allowing Kentucky Schools to Teach Bible — Buger Shame & Other Signs of End of Civilization

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This is superb.

I would have hammered harder the dismissive person that asked the question; he remarked how shocked he was to find someone in a position of hers, to be so smug and insulting...  I would have asked, “Exactly which LEFTIST, SUBVERSIVE people and groups have actually hired you to be a consultant?”

This is an excellent presentation, except that he is afraid to use the word GOD—and that if we have removed the morality established in the Bible from society and our schools, why are we surprised that bad things happen? —you should be happy!  If you plant strawberries, you should be happy when strawberries come up.  If you plant poison ivy, you should be happy when poison ivy comes up.  But you are mentally delusional if you think that you have the right to be upset if strawberries don’t come up when you knowingly plant poison ivy!  Delusional people, people who are psychotic, are those who expect reality to conform to the fantasy in their own minds (and their violation of the laws of the universe).  All religions are NOT the same.  All do NOT have rights in the U.S. (though corrupt, traitorous politicians have, without authority, granted it to them).  The true (not the modern perverted form which compromises with every flavor of evil) Christian religion is the only moral code and it and the people who founded all our Christian republics cannot be separated from the blueprints because they are the FOUNDATION.  “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?”  All people are NOT equal.  All religions are not equal.  All genders are not equal.  When you pervert a chemistry formula or the laws of physics all hell breaks loose.  Such natural laws (laws of nature that God created) are not “suggestions”.  Screw with them and you will screw the world up.  You reap what you sow.  

If other peoples and other religions were equal to ours THEY WOULD NOT BE FLOODING INTO OUR NATION TO TAKE FROM US OUR NATIONS because they are incapable of developing their own. They can only destroy and kill.  Look at the former British or other colonies established by the nations of Christendom during the dreaded and demonized age of “Imperialism”.  Around the world, from Africa to India, the nations of Christendom (regardless of their motive) established LAW AND ORDER and the natives were FAR BETTER off under Colonialism.  Many nonwhites candidly admit this.  Oh, the liberal GOD HATERS  cry about “exploitation”.  Well, call it what you like—but CIVILIZATION HAS AS PRICE!  Every so-called “liberated colony” (liberated “to what” is anyones guess) is now a HELL HOLE that has reverted to barbarism and the law of the jungle (just like all our inner cities that have absorbed these savages).  That’s what “self-rule” by those incapable of rule results in.  Everything that was established and which was safe and prosperous has been destroyed.  WHO IS TO BLAME?  The truth-hating God-hating liberals (communists and perverts) will blame EVERYONE and ANYONE but those who are responsible.  

There have been over 70,000 murders in South Africa since it was “freed” from white rule.  The nation is a shambles.  Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) is even worse and they are begging whites to come back.  I say, DON'T GO!  They don't deserve help.  They will again kill the whites once things improve a little.  If you go back GO BACK ON YOUR TERMS (but you are a fool to go back under any terms—that era is over; you will never get the savage black genie back in the bottle).  “Blacks and coloreds will relinquish all control, submit to benevolent rule of the whites, invite all law-abiding whites from South Africa who want to start over.  All blacks and coloreds will stop reproducing and all nonwhite immigration (legal or illegal) from other nations will stop.  All violent crimes by nonwhites will be punished by death.”   THOSE should be the only terms for which ANY whites go back to Zimbabwe, which should be renamed, not after the immoral Cecil Rhodes, but after someone deserving of honor or simply Christian Boer Republic.  And that itself will be the ONLY thing that will assure success: The white South Africans themselves RETURNING to their CHRISTIAN ROOTS, not nominally, but in sincerity in every area of their lives.  Don't move back without a contract and international witnesses.  I GUARANTEE you if whites take over Zimbabwe there will NOT be a mass slaughtering of blacks.  You and I know and everyone knows that WOULD NOT BE THE CASE if the blacks totally take over South Africa like they want to.  Any white who goes back to Zimbabwe without the above contract and all the whites from South African covenanting to God and agreeing to live according to the Word of God as South Africa once did... any who go back “to help the poor blacks”, rather than reclaim the land that was stolen from them—are FOOLS and TRAITORS and you will be eaten!

Also, in Bevan’s reply, the word “kidding” in “kidding ourselves” is too WEAK.  He needs to say, “YOU ARE LYING to us! and I am not fooled and I do not appreciate it and I will do everything that I can to expose you and people like you who are pimping lies on the people and then with crocodile tears pretend to care about all the carnage that results from your lies and subversion!”

Also, all he had to say is that guns are not the problem.  Yes, there are more guns than there were 50 years ago; but there are also 3-4x more people; and they are not the same kind of people.  However, sadly, he would never say such a thing (he and his wife adopted 4 Ethiopian children!).

Look at a photograph from 1920 or 1940 or 1950 of downtown Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, LA, or any other major city (even in South Africa, like Johannesburg, Durban—do a web photo search) or even of the crowds and the players at high school, college, and professional sporting events.  Look at an identical picture on the same streets or ballparks today.  YOU tell me what is different.  Look at the PEOPLE.  Look at the way they dress.  Look at the billboards.  Look at the quality of life (the filth and squalor).  Look at the types of stores and what they are selling. Guns are not the problem.  More police, laws, and cameras won’t solve the problem.  IMMORAL PEOPLE (Third-world savages) are the problem.

He did excellent job denouncing abortion and euthanasia.  He could have hammered more on evil things being taught in the schools, immorality being promoted, gender confusion being promoted, crossing all moral boundaries being promoted.  He did well to mention tv, movies, video games—he missed bill boards and periodical and tv and movie advertising and also subliminals.  Every single direction a person looks there is suggestive pornography, race mixing and gender perversion; it is spammed all over the internet.  Predators email perverse photos—even on Facebook... even to those you would not think they would.  I think that such perverts send emails to some people just to attempt to compromise them or defile their minds or just as an insult if they stand for morality.  And FB allows it... despite all their filters and rules.

Violence in tv, movies, video games, and combining movies and video game violence with sex is BRAINWASHING.  He should have told the woman how IGNORANT she was and that she should see a psychiatrist if she thinks that all this bombardment from movies, video games, advertising, the internet, with sex and violence and bonus points for the more people you kill, even incapacitated victims is “normal” and if it is conducive to good mental health.  Ask the psychiatrist if all that bombardment of sex and violence from every source throughout the day does nothing to affect a normal human psyche—and then ask what it does to a developing confused psyche of a young child, to a hormone-imbalanced adolescent; or to a very low intelligence and / mentally unstable person...!  

He also did not mention the % of school children and young adults on Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs (most all school shooters are).  Blame the immoral perverters of society... blame the drug companies, doctors, and politicians and eductators and media and “entertainment” purveyors.  Don’t blame guns... they are the only thing that SANE PEOPLE have to protect themselves from ALL THE CRAZY, IMMORAL, DRUGGED UP refuse that are on tax-payer funded breeding programs.  Also, BLAME POLITICIANS and SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS for WELFARE PROGRAMS.  Those who have everything given to them, who are already low-intelligence and low-moralled, cannot control immediate gratification (whether stealing or illegitimately reproducing).  They don’t work (it’s not the government’s job to educate them or teach them a trade); they don’t want to work; they would refuse to work if it was offered to them (or not show up for work again after the 2nd day or 3rd day—or after the first paycheck).  When they run out of money and need more for drugs or sex or booze—THEY ASSAULT, MURDER, and STEAL.  They don’t belong in civilization.  Send them back to the jungle!


Gov. Matt Bevin publicly signs bill allowing Kentucky’s public schools to teach the Bible

Jun 28, 2017 - Matt Bevin publicly signs bill allowing Kentucky’s public schools to teach the Bible.  The bill allows school districts to offer an elective course on ...


Burger Shame and Other Signs of Civilization’s End

This is disgusting and shows the level of post-civilization depravity.  One Burger King restaurant put up a sign behind the counter: “You are only allowed one overdose and then you are banned from this establishment.”
Of the below links, the first may have been removed.

The media and the police were called in!

Burger King Corporation—not in these exact words—but in reality, in one form or another... so it seems...

Just as reprehensible were the comments of some locals who were shocked and offended by the sign, in the Burger King in Worcester, Mass., and could not believe that a business would be so “heartless”.  Truly amazing!  Then, the City Manager’s Office and their Crisis Management Team with the Police Department went to inspect the sign and asked them to remove it claiming it was incredibly insensitive!  REALLY...?  Someone working for the local government thinks people should be sensitive to people who are COMMITTING CRIMES in their business...?

This is a sign of the end of civilization.  There are other signs, as well:

- Businesses and government offices having to add a third bathroom for new mystery genders, or allow men to invade women’s bathrooms.

- Outlawing of plastic straws, Big Gulp-sized drinks, sodas in schools, etc. (and while I think people should never drink soda, it is not something that “government” has the right to regulate or outlaw).

- Calling a man “Mr.” or a woman “Mrs.” now can be considered a crime, with a fine up to a quarter of a million dollars (this is outright insanity).

- Merely talking about boycotting the State of Israeli for their international crimes, is being possibly legislated into a crime that carries a prison sentence!

- Doubting the historicity of atrocity propaganda is a crime in most civilized nations other than the U.S., but it is moving in that direction in the U.S.; with censorship of books taking place at Amazon (world’s biggest retailer of books), and blatant illegal discrimination taking place against people who do question or oppose such things, such as the homopervert agenda, multicultural agenda, Islamic infiltration and takeover of Christendom, etc. (and people are fired from their jobs, removed from prestigious boards, are not hired or don’t have their contracts renewed, have their reputations smeared, have their Paypal accounts closed, suffer acts of vandalism and even violent assault, etc.)—while real crimes commonly take place while police do nothing as Black Lives matter terrorists interrupt traffic, bridges, assault and intimidate people in college libraries, interrupt political candidates, and blacks play the “knockout game” or “Polar-bear game” (which is also a hate crime) and wear racist, violence provoking t-shirts in college, threaten white people not to come to class, etc.—and although it is a crime to question atrocity propaganda (which atrocities have never been proven, only propagandized—the evidence actually disproves them) being a crime of “defaming the dead”—hypocritically, atrocity propaganda defames the INNOCENT GERMAN dead (and the living); but it appears to be a one-way Zionist street called, “Anti-Christus”.  Similarly, with all the desecration, vandalism, destruction, and even removal of public monuments—WHAT IS THAT if not defamation of the dead...?  But that defamation is actually encouraged and endorsed by the traitors, cowards, and aliens who have usurped all political offices.  Atrocity new stories are blatantly faked on a regular basis in the U.S. ... lies have been told during every war, yet we are supposed to simply close our eyes to the facts and let others make trillions off those lies and get special privileges and defame and assault us freely in our own nations—and herd us and our children through cattle chutes to propagandize and brainwash (and then make the taxpayers pay for their own denigration and brainwashing).

Some sources are even whining about so-called Anti-semitic acts being on the rise—

—while ignoring all the rapes and other assaults and murders of Muslims against Christians in the nations of Christendom! —while ignoring the treason committed by Jews in positions of power within Christendom, and the financial crimes they commit, the defamation in their propaganda against white people and Christians, and also the crimes that are hushed up and dismissed with a mere slap on the wrist—

Papantonio: The Plot Thickens in the Dershowitz-Epstein Story - The Ring Of Fire

Excuse me if I don’t shed any tears or even care... since it is the Jews who are the ones who have subverted our governments and are responsible for illegally bringing in hundreds of millions of Africans, Middle-easterners (mostly Muslim), Hispanics, Asians / Orientals, etc. into Christendom... and then they blame our society for so-called Antisemitism or “racism”.

Furthermore, a plethora of so called acts of antisemitism have been committed by the jews themselves, painting swastikas on their own garage doors, graves (a good way to get taxpayer money to buy newer, nicer grave stones) and other places... this is historically documented.  The below collection is a quarter of a century old; a plethora of other hoaxes stages by Jews have been prosecuted, even at U.S. colleges; even against synagogues and rabbis themselves.

[See: Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, by Laird Wilcox, University of Kansas, comb-bound, 8.5x11, 15.00 + P&H.]

Also (quoted from, A Greater Miracle Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered—the Dead Six Million Uncovered, 554pp.,  30.00 + P&H):

“Haviv Schieber (1913-1987) was a Polish-born “jew” who emigrated to Palestine in the 1920s.  He was elected as the first mayor of Beer Sheeba (Beersheva) in the State of Israeli.  However, he soon became disillusioned and disgusted with the racist, discriminatory, and crooked politics there.  He immigrated to the United states after having lived for 27 years in Palestine.

“His crime...?  He spoke out against Zionism and the evil of his own people.  Some of his statements were:

“All the people of the world build monuments to their successes, their glories, and their heroes.  Only my Jewish brethren build monuments to their defeats and shame.”

“There’s no business like shoah business.”

“If there was no ‘Antisemitism’ in the world, my Jewish brethren would invent it.  They have to have it to survive.”

“[Similarly, the plagiarist, pseudo-scientist “jew” Albert Einstein declared,

“Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group.  The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world... the root cause is their use of enemies they create to keep solidarity.” (Collier’s Magazine, November 26, 1938)]

“Wim van Leer, a columnist for the (English daily) Jerusalem Post (May 1986) .... Van Leer was an engineer and a decorated pilot who had fought in the Spanish War; son of the Dutch-born “jewish” industrialist and philanthropist Bernard van Leer.  Wim van Leer went on to become a distinguished playwright, film producer, and journalist.  ... he volunteered as a pilot in the fledgling Israeli Air Force.  Wim married Lia, a Roumanian “jewess” whom he met in Israel: She went on to become highly acclaimed as the “First Lady of Israeli Cinema” and they both won many distinguished awards.  They are greatly responsible for the beginning of the cinema in Israel and they founded several film and philanthropic organizations (funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation).

“[Ironically, their cinema organizations were built in the old Valley of Hinnom (the former ill-reputed garbage dump of ancient Jerusalem).]

“They are both highly regarded by Israelis. ....The Israeli Film industry even has an award it gives out in Wim van Leer’s memory and honor: “In The Spirit of Freedom Award.”  Israeli high schools even have competitions in his name.  .... Van Leer also declared,

“Hatred became an indispensable prop for the maintenance of Jewish cohesion and identity, for whenever the cold eye of ostracism was mellowed by a kindly glint, whenever humanism and liberalism reared their ugly heads, Jewish identity melted away in the warm bath of assimilation.” [The New York Times (March 3, 1980), “In Israel, We Revel in Our Ostracism.”]”

Another story like the Burger King story:

60 more just found dead in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Heroin and fentanyl killed more people in Cuyahoga County in 2016 ...

May 24, 2017 - “... cocaine resulted in the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office confirming Wednesday a distressing ... The drug’s pervasiveness has risen dramatically in the past three years; fentanyl was involved in five ... Sixty-eight deaths were caused by a mix of fentanyl and cocaine, and 73 were caused by a ...”

Cuyahoga County hits record number of opioid-related overdose ...

These 60 deaths brings the total deaths from opium overdose to 109 this year for in this one small area of Ohio.  In 2015 in the U.S., “the opioid epidemic” claimed 52,000 and is killing more than 100 people each day and is the “worst drug crisis in American history”.

Hallelujah!  I say IGNORE IT...!  It’s not killing the decent, moral law abiding citizens, so don’t take away their guns so they can’t protect themselves, don’t spend taxpayer money to save the refuse from killing themselves; the drug addicts will do us all a favour and remove themselves from society and the drug dealers will have no one to sell to.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation.  Don’t spend a penny of taxpayer money to save criminals...!


This story is also perverse:

Tom Suozzi

First of all, this Democrat from New York, whom I can only guess is IN FAVOR OF GUN CONTROL and IN FAVOR OF INCREASED ALIEN IMMIGRATION

[but I don't know this as a fact, so if anyone knows the facts of his voting record please inform me and I will ammend]

now claims that citizens should use GUNS to overthrow Trump for VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION, which Suozzi probably daily uses in the toilet.  He has the unmitigated GALL to refer to “OUR” Founders—you can just get back on the boat and go right back to the Pizza Republic sewer from which you oozed because OUR FOUNDERS are NOT YOURS!  Your founders founded something entirely different, which has ruled NYC (and Chicago, and elsewhere) for a century.  Capish...? (or is that “Capone-ish”...?).

Is “his interpretation” of the U.S. Constitution that true citizens have no rights and that illegal aliens are the ones for whom OUR Founders wrote the Constitution?  The FBI should W.O.P. him on the side of his head and the courts should try him for sedition.  Trump himself was investigated by the FBI or SS for something that he said in the campaign that was not even 1/10 as serious—and only against a Presidential “candidate”; not against the actual president (of which, during those dark 8 years of our history, there was none—we had an African usurper, an Anti-president).  This one needs to be locked up along with the jewish “actress” “comedian” who did a “comedy” routine in which she cut Trump’s head off with a knife in a very reaslistic filmed production.

This bastard should be indicted and tried and convicted for being a traitor.  If he has ever voted against gun control and for immigration, then he just outed himself as a subversive traitor.

[Actually, technically, traitors can only be those who are of ones own people; so bastards like this an Obama cannot technically be guilty of treason, for they are aliens.  They are guilty of war crimes, infiltration, usurpation, impersonating a U.S. politician, grand theft, espionage, and crimes against humanity.]

Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine called for people to fight in the streets against the Trump administration—and he also should be locked up for inciting riot and for threats against the President.  I would not be surprised if HE is one responsible for the riots that led to the desecration of U.S. monuments and the violence that has resulted from it... encouraging violent aliens to disrupt lawful, peaceful demonstrators.

Aliens have rights in their own nations... not in ours... not even after 10 generations... no not ever... there is no statute of limitations on FRAUD and there is no statute of limitations on TREASON and these aliens would not be in our nation and would not have given birth to one single generation, let alone a dozen or more, were it not for TREASON and FRAUD in all levels of government.  Fraud never becomes legitimate.  No lawful action can arise out of fraud.  Fraud is always a fraud.  So says British and American Jurisprudence.  And for the record, consider these facts:

[And don’t forget—we just saw that the opioid crisis in the U.S. is claiming 52,000 lives a year.  Guns don’t kill people; Negroes and mixed-blooded people kill people, with guns, or anything else handy.  Those are statistics.]