Modern “Government” “Logic”... or... THEY ALL Flew Over the Coo-Coo’s Nest... or... Modern Politically Insane Confusion and Dementia

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What about music?

If words can be spelled any way an individual wants... and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to spell any word...

if 2 + 2 does not necessarily = 4 and the (“non-racist”) “answer” can possibly be anything... [maybe 1 + 1 = blue...?]

if an individual IS as he “identifies” himself as being...

—does it really matter what notes a person hits on the guitar, violin, cello, piano, or with his voice while performing a specific piece of music that someone else wrote in a specific way? and what about key and tempo...?  Does any of that matter?

—and if not, WHO would pay good money to listen to a concert or a recording of such “music”...? 

“Well, I hit that note flat and sang it through my nose—but that is how I interpret the piece and to me b major is b flat or sometimes c sharp through my nose.”  

What about music teachers in college, for classes in which the student must meet the major requirements in order to qualify for a degree... can the teacher give him a bad grade because he sang c sharp through his nose instead of b major using only his vocal cords?  What about a hands-on test, an audio test, in which the teacher plays a note on the piano and the student is supposed to write on his test paper what note was struck?  What if one student claims,

“Well, the note that you struck on the piano, to me, in my head, in my way of thinking, as I identify, as I call it, is not a b major, but a c sharp, which I sometimes hear or imagine or sing as being flat and through my nose” ...? but it is the very same note that you played, YOU just call it something different.” 

Is the teacher wrong to grade that answer as “incorrect”...? especially since music is often considered an “art”, not a science—and the hell with music theory; what part of “theory” don’t you understand...?  I have a different “theory”...!  Who is to say that your theory is right and mine is wrong? Who is to say that there cannot be more than one right theory?  Who is to say that any theory is right or wrong?  Who is to say that good music only sounds the way that you claim it sounds?  Who is to say that a harp thrown into a tree mulching machine is not the correct way to play the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata No.14...?  Who is to say that Pachelbel’s Canon is better music than 100 harmonicas shot out of a Civil War cannon or some word-humping performed by Snoop Doggy Dog?

What then is even the purpose of school or college on any level?

What about obeying the alleged “laws” passed by corrupt politicians in violation of the Constitution...?

Who is to say that what they have mandated is “right” or “wrong”...?  Who died and made them king? 

Who is to say that one person saying, “I want Biden as President” does not actually mean, “I want Trump as President”...? 

Who is to say that I cannot obey the law against J-walking by actually J-walking, if in my mind, if I identify non-J-walking with actually J-walking? 

What if I identify with being a non-taxpayer? 

What if I identify with being the Pope...?

What if I identify with being GOD, and therefore, I am not under your (or anyones) jurisdiction?  Trump THAT...!

WHO is to say what a person may “identify” as being and may not “identify” as being? and what right does any person have to tell another person that he cannot so “identify”...? 

What if murder is part of someones “culture” and in his mind he identifies “murder” with “freeing that person so he can be happy”...?  Is he “wrong” or a “criminal” because he wants others “to be happy” and helps them achieve “happiness”; even if they did not realize that they were “unhappy” or what it actually requires to be “happy”...? 

If invading aliens in Europe are not prosecuted for rape because it is part of their “culture”—who is to say that spontaneous independent posses forming to execute invading rapists are not part of European culture...?  [It certainly would have been during the Viking Age.  It certainly would be according to Bible Law.  It certainly would have been a mere 50 years ago.] 

Who is to say what “culture” is and isn’t...?  Do not the founding race of a nation have the right to determine what their “culture” is...?  Does each person have the right to “identify” differently concerning what his “culture” is in his mind, even if that identification is completely in contradiction with reality?  What is reality? or as Pilate said, “What is truth...?”  The Politicians and snowflakes and liberals and socialists certainly don’t know—and they don’t want you to know either because it would set you free from them!

If there are (in a psychotic’s mind) 26 different genders (based solely upon what thoughts concerning “reality” are bouncing around that person’s vacant head and what he can imagine “identifying” as, maybe even as a pterodactyl or Sasquatch) and if there are 10 billion Hindu gods, then why can there not be an unlimited amount of jurisdictions in which I identify as being—none of them being under the jurisdiction of corrupt politicians or any other person...?